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Gerard Butler Strolls Along the Beach in a Sleeveless Top

Gerard Butler Strolls Along the Beach in a Sleeveless Top

Gerard Butler shows off his super buff biceps while strolling along the beach in a sleeveless top on Wednesday afternoon (July 9) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The 44-year-old actor joined the crowd of people who watched Argentina defeat the Netherlands in the World Cup that day.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

Gerard was in attendance for a World Cup game the night before in Belo Horizonte, where he watched the hosting country get defeated by Germany in a big loss.

25+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler strolling along the beach…

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gerard butler beach sleeveless shirt brazil 01
gerard butler beach sleeveless shirt brazil 02
gerard butler beach sleeveless shirt brazil 03
gerard butler beach sleeveless shirt brazil 04
gerard butler beach sleeveless shirt brazil 05
gerard butler beach sleeveless shirt brazil 06
gerard butler beach sleeveless shirt brazil 07
gerard butler beach sleeveless shirt brazil 08
gerard butler beach sleeveless shirt brazil 09
gerard butler beach sleeveless shirt brazil 10
gerard butler beach sleeveless shirt brazil 11
gerard butler beach sleeveless shirt brazil 12
gerard butler beach sleeveless shirt brazil 13
gerard butler beach sleeveless shirt brazil 14
gerard butler beach sleeveless shirt brazil 15
gerard butler beach sleeveless shirt brazil 16
gerard butler beach sleeveless shirt brazil 17
gerard butler beach sleeveless shirt brazil 18
gerard butler beach sleeveless shirt brazil 19
gerard butler beach sleeveless shirt brazil 20
gerard butler beach sleeveless shirt brazil 21
gerard butler beach sleeveless shirt brazil 22
gerard butler beach sleeveless shirt brazil 23
gerard butler beach sleeveless shirt brazil 24
gerard butler beach sleeveless shirt brazil 25
gerard butler beach sleeveless shirt brazil 26
gerard butler beach sleeveless shirt brazil 27
gerard butler beach sleeveless shirt brazil 28

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Again?

    So many threads…
    so little happening.

  • Poor Spittle

    The way his mouth moves to the side and scrunches up gives me the shivers. What the hell is wrong with his mouth?

  • Just WOW

    Well, Hello!

  • GFW

    Thought bubble:
    “Is there anything more discouraging in the 21st century than an empty in box?
    I rather doubt Gerry has this problem.

  • Misscutiepie
  • laineytards present

    @Poor Spittle:

    He had surgery as a child that cut facial nerves. You are a complete idiot, laineycarpetmuncher. Get lost, as least come up with some other insult we aren’t familiar with you mindless parrot.

  • Just WOW

    @Poor Spittle: Gerry had surgery on his ear as a boy, and it did nerve damage to the right side of his face. He is mostly deaf in that ear. His face sags more when he’s overly tired. One of the men he’s pic’d with here is a top trainer in Brazilian martial arts. Gerry’s probably spending most of his time here training for LHF. He only parties conspicuouly anymore as a release valve for him working very hard. Gerry’s pal Novak is getting married in Montenegro this week. Maybe he’ll be off tonight, and fly back for Sunday’s big match. Busy,Busy.
    PS, Gerry can swap spittle with me anytime!

  • Just WOW

    @laineytards present: We’ve been trying forever to raise the level on these threads, hysterics over Pepsi cans notwithstanding. Your language was unnecessary. Try to be a little nice, it confounds the trolls. We were all newbies here once. Think of the non-lainey newbies who won’t dare post here if they are treated like that.

  • Poor Spittle

    Poor wittle Spittle had a boo boo on his fuzzy fuggly face.
    Go wag your mommy fingers at someone else.

  • Pamela

    Nice guns.

  • @sexythang

    Your comment on the previous thread about Carmella being attractive for average guys but not Gerry is spot on. I think she’s really cute and the Disney photos do not do her justice. She’s very pretty actually in some red carpet photos. But Gerry, like many guys at that level, like the girls who are a 10.

  • When it’ll happen to you

    @Poor Spittle:

    You won’t laugh as much! Could happen if you have a stroke. So be nice as karma can be a bitch!

  • Gaydolph Bughtard

    The dood is gay…gayer than gay. Even brought his widdle biddy Freddy boy along to Brazil so they could swap hotel room spittle and sweaty jock itch amongst themselves. Some here keep saying Freddy boy has a gf but funny no one’s ever seen her. She never goes on trips with the boys because she doesn’t exist. He’s looking quite old and yucko here too. Washed out, tired.

  • saoirse

    It wasn’t that long ago that a poster replied to me and said that the pronunciation of my name was like the noise a stroke victim would make during rehab. The poster was an angry and bitter sort. I can relate to your ridicule from Lainey and her minions, Gerard. Never let your ‘monster’ lay down my friend. No matter what happens to us. We must all learn to rise above…
    That said, I must comment on the pure joy that Gerard seems to find no matter where he is or what he is doing. I think that is why people love him so much. He can find joy in the simplest things on earth. He can relate to the valet driver or the wait staff as if they were the President of Fox Studios….and he is sincere. That’s why I love him. He is still in touch. Bless him!

  • Nobody cares!

    @Gaydolph Bughtard:

    It’s his life! If he’s gay and happy, good for him! If he’s not, don’t spread lies!

  • Just incase

    @Gaydolph Bughtard: you are not a troll, Freddie’s gf went on the trip to Mexico with the boys last year, and she has been seen at at least two premieres and an awards show with Freddie. Don’t know her name, but she seems nice, like Freddie. She’s not a media-wh*re, or a model type, but still pretty, light brown hair and glasses. Gerry is not gay.

  • Gaydolph Bughtard

    @Just incase: Where are the non-existent piccies then, mmm? Point them out or you’re a liar.

  • Can’tGetEnough

    Freddie Bosche doesn’t have a girlfriend. Everyone on Broadway knows he’s gay. He doesn’t have to pretend a thing. Nice guy too, met him and his friends at a gay bar once.

  • Just incase

    @Gaydolph Bughtard: Wouldn’t want to spoil your little fishing expedition. Google, hint.

  • Gaydolph Bughtard

    @Just incase: No, azzwipe. I don’t need to go hunt the pics that you claim exist…you need to prove they exist. I don’t have to prove they don’t exist. You’re the idiot who made the claim that you’ve seen him with a gf. So, prove it.

    You can’t. We’re all watching YOU lie. LIar.

  • Gaydolph Bughtard

    Even CGE knows he’s gay. Thanks, gurl. I knew you were smart.

  • Talking to iself!
  • Monicker stealer
  • Boolya

    So Ryan Gosling knocked up Eva Mendez and their baby’s due in September. We’ll never hear a story like that involving Butler. He’ll never knock up anyone. Heard he doesn’t like v-jayjays. Boolya!

  • saoirse

    Oh how I miss posters like Oy, Manny, Mr. Giggles, cora, Cor Blimey, cubedweller, Red O, niknoks (the one who educated us all) bystander (great outlook always). And the list goes on…..
    These were posters who always supported GB yet they still had a grip on reality and lent their perfect snark to the situation. Posters like these are the only way to get this thread back to where it once was and should be again.
    Like when Gerard made his triumphal appearence at the GG awards or something like it several years ago. He was over-the-top spray tanned and this lot joked about him wrestling a bag of Cheetohs in the back seat of the limo. Yeah, that sort of fun snark. I miss that.
    Please come back, snarky and amazing posters. Please!!

  • Just So You Know

    Madalina Ghenea has a small role in a Michael Caine/Rachel Weisz film. It’s filming in Italy now and the title is “The Early Years”. Some of us knew she had snagged another film role so good for her. I think she’s doing well and moving along in her career. Soon she’ll be leading lady material. She’s doing it right by taking acting courses and bit parts.

    Just So You Know

  • Don’t care!
  • Just incase

    @Can’tGetEnough: Not the real CGE, and Freddie is an LA based photographer, who acts.

  • Oy Manny niknoks

    Freddie prolly has some X stuff in his backkie if people want to looksee. He was a hungry gay po/rn actor when he met Gerry backstage somewhere.

  • Just because

    He doesn’t care, so we don’t care.
    Madelina Diana Ghenea is a lying, nasty, manipulative, childishly immature, ugly excuse for a human being. She will NEVER amount to anything but an “f” celebrity because she is evil, and the second her plastic looks fade, her last victim will dump her too, and she’ll go home to Romania, and no one will care there, either.
    But I wish her well, really. What , I don’t sound sincere? Me?

  • Prancing Pony

    @saoirse: Hi saoirse :) Yes, the list goes on…Ducky, emmmmm, Kali Orexi, C.A., Lyla, Autumn, Joie, laconfidential, Violet, nr007, mxm78, Southern Belle, toronto, angelsrock, cupcake, lolita, rosa, CGE, fromoz and many more….:)
    Thank goodness there still a few familiar faces like JS, embla and couple of new folks too. And lest I forget, the one and only, GFW. :)

  • Sonia

    He’s looking good but I really miss that sexy beard!!!

  • just a thought

    Nice to see him looking good and enjoying himself. Also nice to see Freddy with him. No matter what goes on between them everyone should be lucky enough to have a best friend like Freddy. Gosh how you guys love to hate. I bet you are all upright people too. I know I have enough stuff that I would not like the world to know.

  • Sunshine Daydream

    @Prancing Pony: You forgot about me. Hahaha! Guess I’m not memorable enough. Maybe that’s a good thing on this board.

  • Prancing Pony

    @Sunshine Daydream: ARGH! I’M SUPER SORRY, Sunshine Daydream!!!!! :) Great to see you here. :)
    (btw, it’s a great monicker and I’m kicking myself for forgetting you. i’m sure there are couple of others i’ve forgotten as well :()

  • @The Maddie Lover

    The “Just So You Know” poster is clearly in love with Gerry and spent the better part of 2012 and 2013 pretending that she was Madalina.
    This is why the poster cannot let go of MG. She NEEDS to mention Madalina, because she has to feel like she (the poster) still has a chance with Gerry.
    Obviously, the poster is pathetic and a fantard. Anyone that was a genuine MG fan (yes, apparently those do exist), would be on HER thread, not Gerry’s.
    Go to therapy and explain to someone who cares why you’re desperately in love with a man you cannot have and why you’re choosing to pretend to be some Romanian woman.
    It’s weird.
    Very, very weird.
    And the makings of a stalking creep.

  • Sunshine Daydream

    Has everyone seen HTTYD2 yet? I don’t want to ruin it for anyone so if you haven’t seen it STOP right here…
    Like you read my posts anyway. Mr. Butler was at his absolute finest in this role.

    Hiccup’s Mum was absent for his whole life. That resonates deeply for me and hit a fiery nerve. It made me cry my eyes out especially when Stoick gives his life to save his son. I have spent my whole life fantasizing about a sugar-frosted perfect reunion with my own Mum who ditched us all when I was 6 yrs old. My Dad is Stoick. Maybe not the Vast part, but all of the rest inasmuch as he was/is an amazing parent playing both Mum and Dad to us all. Stoick’s passing stirred so much in me that I cannot even put it into words. The parallel for my life. My Mum’s never coming back. I know that. Life isn’t like the movies. But it’s a welcome escape now and then. Thank you Mr. Butler for putting your heart and soul into it just like my Dad has done. And the song…oy, don’t get me started on his love song to her. Great film! Bring the tissues.

  • Sunshine Daydream

    @Prancing Pony: You’re just fine love. No worries at all, Prancer! I was being cheeky more than anything. I have issues no doubt. Nobody wants to fuss about that. But you were one of the very few who has recognized me in my posting and for that I am truly grateful. Thanks for being so cool and accepting all the time.

  • JS

    I didn’t manage to log on yesterday and there’s another three threads when I do. They’re coming fast and furious now.

  • JS

    @Poor Spittle: I, and probably most people here, was brought up never to mock people who had some kind of deformity. Remember the old saying,
    “there, but for the grace of God, go I.”

  • JS

    @Prancing Pony: “Thank goodness there still a few familiar faces like JS, embla and couple of new folks too. And lest I forget, the one and only, GFW. :)”

    I’m still here PP, we can’t let the idiots drive us away, though they’ve been trying very hard to do so. Hope all is well with you.

  • JS

    @Sonia: “He’s looking good but I really miss that sexy beard!!!”

    I don’t Sonia, I like the clean shaven look. I always think very few men suit a beard and, to me, the unshaven look just makes them look scruffy. But that’s just me.

  • BFF Freddy

    Looks like Freddy suffers from a rare disease on hands and feet. Maybe psoriasis or some pigmentation disorder like Michael Jackson did. He is actually a nice looking fellow and being different to others would definetely put him on top of GBs friends list. Good for him :)

  • A Question

    Anyone who the guy in the green hat is. The one walking with Gerry in images 5 & 6.

  • @JS

    Perhaps you’re one of the “idiots” you speak of.

  • Fountain of all Knowledge

    @BFF Freddy: You mean vitiligo?

  • Fountain of all Knowledge

    @@JS: No. She’s referring to you.

  • An Answer

    @A Question: A poster on the other thread said he’s a Brazilian martial arts trainer.

  • Beats me

    @A Question: Good question, but they are sharing the vip section so I guess they know each other. Friend, bodyguard, guide, I don’t know.