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Zac Efron & Michelle Rodriguez Kiss & Dance Extremely Close On Italian Getaway - See the Pics!

Zac Efron & Michelle Rodriguez Kiss & Dance Extremely Close On Italian Getaway - See the Pics!

Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez share a kiss and keep extremely intimate on the dance floor on Monday (July 7) in Sardinia, Italy.

The 26-year-old actor and 35-year-old actress went horseback riding earlier in the day. Zac looked so hot while riding through the water on his horse shirtless!

The duo looked very happy together as they looked at pictures they took on their camera.

The Internet went nuts when the first pictures were released of Zac and Michelle kissing on a boat over the weekend, sparking rumors that they are dating.

10+ pictures inside of Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez getting up close and personal in Italy…

Just Jared on Facebook
zac efron michelle rodriguez make out on the dance floor 01
zac efron michelle rodriguez make out on the dance floor 02
zac efron michelle rodriguez make out on the dance floor 03
zac efron michelle rodriguez make out on the dance floor 04
zac efron michelle rodriguez make out on the dance floor 05
zac efron michelle rodriguez make out on the dance floor 06
zac efron michelle rodriguez make out on the dance floor 07
zac efron michelle rodriguez make out on the dance floor 08
zac efron michelle rodriguez make out on the dance floor 09
zac efron michelle rodriguez make out on the dance floor 10

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  • bree

    Such an obvious PR. He always was private…and now he’s so open? ling or not but this gets pathetic

  • sweetness


  • jack

    maybe they’ve bonded over their struggle with alcoholism.

  • Lauren901

    I guess Jared doesn’t know thst Michelle is back in la filming fast seven and who knows where zac is, but they both left Italy on Monday, form us weekly issue they are saying thry are friends with benefits and apparently have been for years ?

  • Lauren901

    Also these pics are from over the weekend, not monday(

  • mean

    He getting some action from her, like sex. Don’t think these pair. Don’t even know what she does for a living or never heard of her before. are they really dating?

  • notbree

    why you call it pathetic? they just enjoy themselves, who knows, maybe it’s really love?

  • Lauren901

    You say this in every post yet your commenting on it? Google her

  • Lauren901

    You say this in every post yet your commenting on it? Google her and see who she is

  • Lauren901

    Some think its pathetic because we never ever see zac being so open and public and now he is ,also if anyone knows any thing about Michelle all she has bad reputation with drugs and booze and DUIs so u think zac being seen with someone like her is good for him and his sobriety? And I doubt it’s anything but love

  • Anna

    Zac and Michelle’s excellent bearding adventure continues. But where is Zac’s rich Italian sugar daddy?

  • Amy

    What a lovely day for a FAUXMANCE:

  • Sayer

    Publicity stunt whores.

  • lauren901

    i saw that, blind gossip isnt already reliable per say, but who knows.

  • Wow

    I love Zac and i love those pics, they are hot and Zac at the horse is gorgeous. Staged or not, couple or not those two seems to have a lot fun. Zac looks happy. This is what vacation have to do. ;)

  • anna

    @notbree: lol please they have been friends for years, seen together quite often and in the space of two days looking drunk and all over each other is NOT in love.

  • Cumguzzler

    Zac is GAY GAY GAY. Fake PR romance.

  • PR stunt

    I guess Zac is squeezing Michelle to the max, for sure. He loves the sex that cougar is giving him and he is acting like a teenager with his new toy I guess it is pure PR since many photos are leaking out lately of those too and they seem not to mind the pics being out there for everyone to see.

    If they wanted their new relationship to be private they could have done anything possible to achieve that but now they do not mind people seeing him, more power to them.

    What a bunch of loosers!!

  • Derpina

    Now they are promising “stunts”, “drama”, “messiness” and “destruction” from this relationship, this is very dramatic, but considering Blind Gossip promised a lot of “fake dates”, “red carpets”, and “paparazzi” photos from the “fake” Zac Efron and Lily Collins relationship, there is a chance for Zac haters get disappointed again

  • lauren901

    @pr stunt
    how is this a pr stunt when they dont have anything to promote at all? if this happen around next year when fast 7 is coming out then yea, they been friends for years actually and apaprently been hooking up on and of but who knows, yet it seems no one know they were even friends till days ago.

  • OK

    Zac looks better with the horse. Zac is 1005 straight but this is a fake relationship to help Michelle. This only makes Zac look like a bonehead.
    He is an idiot to go along with this.

  • Maddy

    I look at all these pictures and I’m so confused because I would have never put the two together. But it is nice seeing Zac so happy and with someone because he hasn’t been seen with anyone romantically since Vanessa. And that’s been like 4 years. So I’m just glad he’s happy.

  • Meme

    This is getting embarrassing. Shirtless horse riding? Purleeeease and all with the paps in tow. They’re both obviously desperate. Ew.

  • Fruitfly

    @OK: Wow! Et tu, Brutus? I agree with you, btw, but I’m shocked you’d acknowledge it. Let your post be a wakeup call to Zac that even the diehard defender has called him on this performance.

  • leelee

    I didn’t think those boat pics were staged but these pics are so obvious.

  • Jessa

    First of all, that Blind Gossip blind is pure bullshit. Neither have anything to promote. His last movie did well, extremely well, so there’s no need to jump into a PR stunt relationship. The only part of the blind that makes sense is that his team probably hates it and will prob light into him when he gets back to L.A. He’s def not gay and she is bi and loves the one she’s with whatever the sex may be. Michelle doesn’t need PR, doesn’t give two shits about what anyone thinks. Her niche are in those action movies and her people don’t care who she’s with as long as she shows up and stays out of jail. They’ve known each since 2011. I think he hooked up with her not long after his breakup with Hudge (which was hard on him). He digs her and probably likes that she is his type and is also a free spirit. She’s cool but she also can be an out of control mess. He needs to stay sober to keep his career in tact. He’s had a rough few years and he’s been extremely lucky to be able to come out of it in one piece with a successful movie. He doesn’t need to f*** that up.

  • lauren901

    you pretty much read hollywoodlife’s story that reposted from us weekly has out this week, michelle is back in la filming fast seven and god knows where zac is at the moment, E! reported since 2012 so E! is prolly more trusty then us weekly,

  • april

    Some of you guys protest way too much everytime Zac’s photographed with a girl. Can’t the poor guy date a girl without raising questions within his own fanbase? Jeez. Let your Zanessa fantasies go and accept the fact he can date other girls too… You guys just won’t move on.

  • lauren901

    actually alot of fans have moved on from that relationship? apparently u dont see the problem here that someone like zac who is willing and try to be sober and clean and hanging out/ hooking up with someone like michelle who has a history of dui’s, jail and domestic abuse, is good for zac? michelle clearly likes to party and isnt going to stop, so u think this is good for both?

  • OK

    @Fruitfly Yes me too. No one loves Zac more than I do so I have to call it as I see it. believe me he will know how I feel about this soon enough.
    BTW I meant to say 100% straight
    Have to run a few errands. Later.
    BTW Zac looks so hot on that horse!!!

  • Jessa

    @lauren901: Lauren they have been friends with bens for a few years. Whether it turns into a full blown relationship or just a vacation fling who knows? At least he looks happy.

  • Jessa

    I hope he keeps his sobriety in check whatever the case may be.

  • april

    lol don’t pretend as if you’re not one of a few delusional Zanessa fans. These fans are not just worried about Michelle’s influence on him, They are in denial Zac might genuinely like her and think of dating her because they want to keep their Zanessa fantasy intact.

  • Wow

    @OK: Oh,oh, you must be really upset if you call him an idiot ;) but maybe sometimes this is the only way friends wake up.

  • Truth

    Bottom line is they are both addicts. She is not clean and sober at the club she is high., him? Not sure but him letting his inhibitions go down the drain for such a private guy this leads me to think he fell off the wagon. Sure he is having sex and a great time. Who wouldn’t they are in paradise but at what cost to his sobriety? Rule number one you can’t be around that stuff that your addicted to or the people who party with it.
    Good luck Efron I hope he came back and is in a AA meeting right now.

  • lauren901

    i’m not actually but whatever, actually alot of fans are worried for zac and his well being and also mostly iffy on michelle also? no one is in denial? people know they been FRIENDS for years but apparently your the one who keeps mentioning the ”zanessa fantasy intact, so why dont you just drop it?

  • Jessa

    @april: Oh please, this is 2014 not 2010. I doubt his true fans care who he’s with as long as he stays sober and out of trouble.

  • lauren901

    you think if they been friends for bens for years and constinly hooking up on and off you think theres a reason its not working all these years if thats actually the case?


    fake couple

  • troll

    He’s gay and she looks like a man, there i said it.

  • april

    I was originally talking to OK, who’s always the first to comment “IT”S PR! HE’S TRYING TO DISTRACT FROM HIS ISSUES” everytime Zac is seen with a girl. He doesn’t care if it’s a good girl or a bad girl. His responses are the same. Funny he’d rather believe he’s relapsed than he’s in love.

  • lauren901

    let him think what he wants but in all honestly who cares what some fans think, let them think what they want if its current or past? is what they do affect you in any way? you really think he’s in love?

  • april

    Oh, really? Then why did some of his fans claim he was faking a relationship when he hung out with Lily Collins? What was so wrong with her?

  • Jessa

    @lauren901: I really don’t know.

  • Fruitfly

    I’ll add that I don’t know if Zac is straight, gay or bisexual, but riding shirtless on a horse is the last thing he should be doing if he wants to be perceived as straight. (Where’s Jakey-poo when you need him?)

    That said, can we all agree he’s smoking hot on that horse?

    And for the record, I’ve given up hope for his sobriety/cleaness. I no longer expect him to not use. Thus, I am no longer disappointed.

  • Jessa

    @april: Because it was obvious that he wasn’t in to Lily.

  • april

    I doubt anyone thinks it’s more than a summer fling. As for what some fans think, it’s hilarious their reaction towards Michelle Rodriguez is the same as when he stepped out with Lily Collins. They don’t care if he’s hanging out with a good girl or not. They just want him to be single or back with VH. Poor Zac… some of his fans refuse to believe he’s not Troy Bolton in real life..

  • april

    Was it obvious? I don’t know. Still, there’s nothing bad about him hanging out with a good girl with a clean image. Yet, his fans reacted with the same way as they’re doing now with this Michelle thing.

  • Sexythang

    I am really in shock over this, even though I shouldn’t be.

  • sweetness

    Why would these two need PR? Zac is already famous has a successful career. Michelle is an established actress and part of a money making franchise so where does PR come into play. I have nothing against either and think they look hot together but still I would not race to see a movie they are in, especially if it does not hold my interest so please explain in this instance it’s all about PR?

    As for saying they are gay or still doesn’t matter because they were getting it on during this vacay. It still doesn’t take away from them looking hot together.