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'Fifty Shades of Grey' Trailer Gets a Release Date - Details Here!

'Fifty Shades of Grey' Trailer Gets a Release Date - Details Here!

We finally have some details on when the trailer for the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer is going to be released – and it will be soon!

“In two weeks the trailer arrives,” read an image posted on the film’s official Facebook page on Thursday (July 10).

Fifty Shades of Grey stars Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson in the lead roles of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. The film will be released on February 14, 2015 to take advantage of all the Valentine’s Day moviegoers.

The movie, based on the bestselling book by EL James, was supposed to hit theaters on August 1 this summer, but it was delayed after star Charlie Hunnam dropped out of the project.

ARE YOU EXCITED to watch the trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey?

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  • on Dakota

    I really hope in some miracle they are going to make her a believable Ana. Honestly she looks way too old to be playing a virginal innocent 21 year old petite college student She looks way too old for this role. I was so excited for this book to movie adaptation when I thought someone as cute as Emilia Clarke or a Lucy Hale or Felicity Jones might play Ana. Even Imogen Poots.. but we shall see.

  • Cathy


  • Liz

    Even though I find these books incredibly stupid, cliche, cheesy and other bad things, and I believe the movie is not gonna be good, I actually can’t wait for the trailer!

  • Justin

    They need to release it as soon as possible. The hype of the book is over. No one cares for it anymore. They are taking too long and it only going to hurt them in release week.

  • tinathellama

    The director better hope she pleased the fans around the world or her career will be ripped to shreds. She better pray that husband of hers doesn’t hit his head and remember who he was, because they’ll be living off his salary if this trailer disappoints.

  • hey

    I Nvr thought of lucy hale that would have been a good choice !! Shes kindaannoying too like ana is

  • WTF

    The movie better be way more realistic and interesting than the book series because quite frankly, the writing was simply awful. I mean using the word wanton 27 times in the same chapter does not a competent writer make.

  • Jessie

    WTF @ 07/10/2014 at 8:11 pm # 7
    The were other words and phrases that were used over and over. Someone on Amazon even made a list of the most frequently used words and phrases in the first book and how many times they were used. That was hilarious.

  • planet earth

    Dakota looks doesn’t convince as ana and she is to tall and looks very experienced not innocent looking i think she should quit smoking so her wrinkles will go away and look more her age

  • JJ

    Thank God, that exist photoshop, they probably will erase the wrinkles and give some changes for the bad hair color of Dakota…Otherwise it would look awful on screen…seriously I think she was the worst choice in this film, she looks so old and her voice annoys me, she´s has that phony attitude I´m going to be famous and everybody will like me

  • Meh

    @JJ: Honestly I think she will still look older than her age even with photoshop. I watched her in Need for Speed, and they were able to take some of her wrinkles away. BUT, she still looked much older than she should have for only beng 24. Her co star who played her ex boyfriend was played by a 35 year old man, and they looked the same age in the movie. Its a shame that they chose her for this role since it could have been given to an unknown who would have looked more like the description from the book. Cute and innocent instead of tall and mature.

  • JJ

    Yes, you probably right she will always look really old and don’t forget she´s an awful actress too, this movie is going to be the worst…why they choice this DUMBKOTA for the role of Ana, seriously.

  • Optimum

    I think Dakota Johnson will just be find the way she is. She would portray Anastasia Steele perfectly. I have great faith that she would. She’s a great actress afterall. Just trust the director’s decision of choosing her guys, you see they may have seen something on her that’s why they chose her.

  • Optimum


  • micheharrison

    I just can’t handle women who criticize on Dakota. You have all read the book, you know what the story is about. She is going to be great in the movie. Stop bickering and let her do her thing.

  • judy

    @micheharrison: Doing her thing?? wake up? have you seen her act?? the women is a terrible actress she only got the part because her mother knew the director

  • Other more

    @Optimum: It’s good to read positive feedback about this girl, read so many hateful comments on each publication 50 Shadow frankly it’s too boring.@micheharrison: I agree.

  • Other more

    @judy: I don’t think she’s a terrible actress, are more terrible and cowardly people who speak ill of her, there are many examples here. I didn’t know that Melanie and Don tapeworms many influences. Have proof that you say is true? Are you there, or are you in production? Tell me I want to know.

  • Sophie

    @Other more: is it you Melanie??

  • Not sure..

    I keep reading all these statements about how they tamed down the sex, that Christian isn’t “exactly” they way he was written in the book. That they are not focusing on the bdsm, but more on a romance. All that combined with the awful casting of Anastasia, It might just be a big disappointment. I was excited because the character of Christian was my favorite and I couldn’t wait to see that character on screen, but they seem to be watering everything down. Why do the film if you are going to half ass it..

  • lol

    @micheharrison: Yeah we read the book which is why everyone is complaining about her casting, since she has none of the important features of the character. She is a dull actress from her previous work. They should have cast a complete unknown who looked the part who would have been a better actress.

  • http://@marypatryto MariaPatricia

    I can’t wait for the trailer! I like Jamie Dornan. :)

  • Steph

    @on Dakota: couldn’t agree more!