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Justin Theroux Talks Two-Year Engagement to Jennifer Aniston & His Upcoming Birthday Plans!

Justin Theroux Talks Two-Year Engagement to Jennifer Aniston & His Upcoming Birthday Plans!

Justin Theroux sits down with Robin Roberts for an interview on Good Morning America on Thursday (July 10) in New York City.

The 42-year-old actor talked about his new HBO show The Leftovers. He also dished on his upcoming 43rd birthday next month – two years ago on his birthday, he proposed to his fiancee Jennifer Aniston!

“This birthday, I think, will be just cakes and, you know, who knows? We’ll see,” Justin said on the show. “It’s hard to top after the proposal. We’re also loving the engagement as well.”

Justin Theroux on GMA
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  • coco

    what’s the point of a 2 year engagement unless a) you’re underage b) saving up money c) not sure if she/he is the one

  • Free at last

    I think he wears way too much makeup. Why? He’s not ugly.

  • Jaffa

    I don’t think they’ll get married. Or if they do, it won’t last. I don’t say that to mean, but who gets engaged for two years? It makes me think of Pam and Roy from The Office lol. It’s not like Jen and Justin can’t afford a wedding and neither of them work a lot (so they definitely have the time). Plus he seems a bit full of himself and not at all the marrying kind. I hope Jen finds love!

  • thatsit

    @Free at last: cuz he’s a shallow metro…

  • Kylie

    @Jaffa I agree with you about the working thing. Actors notoriously have TONS of time in their lives. They usually have several months between projects. That wouldn’t be an excuse so it must be that they’re not feelin it.

  • Erin

    He’s SOOOO groomed all the time it’s obnoxious. I could never date a guy who puts this much time in to his appearance!!!

  • yup


  • Right

    I agree with all of you. What is the point of being engaged for such a long time. I mean you either are not ready to committ or u are saving money (which I doubt they dont have). So my guess is that neither one is ready to get married and they just ar having fun as a single couple and they will stay taht way for a long time so no point of being engaged that long if you are good now.

  • yeah

    He is quite attractive really. Intelligent, well spoken, funny, and youthful. Why all the negativity? He doesn’t seem all that “groomed” or to be wearing makeup at all. That is delusional. Seriously, just let them be happy. You people don’t know their reasons for waiting to be married, least yet about how much they work. I’m happy for them with whatever they choose to do, and I like seeing them, so I hope they both keep working.

  • cake

    Just cake.

  • chelsea

    Gay ..good mascara justin

  • georges

    makeup, mascara….ok the man is gay !

  • allison

    He wears such tight pants with thin legs. If he had nice muscular thighs than those tight pants might be ok.

  • meiii

    I read they r getting married on his birthday…..this august….same day they got engaged….hope it is true….love them together….sorry there r haters on here……..i can see they r happy together…..

  • $talks

    He’s handsome and doesn’t seem as psychotic as Aniston. She must be paying him to pretend to be her “fiance”

  • Gee

    Let’s see knowing boring Jen it will be Mexican food and guacamole and maybe a trip to Cabo. AGAIN.

  • YOLO

    They both seem so into themselves and their looks and not much else.

  • cake


  • cerial

    Good for him! The Brad and Angie trolls have shown up. Observer2,Phool, and Passing Through. Show your names we all know it’s you. You’re bashing on a guy who takes care of himself as well as Brad does and you don’t seem to mind that. So what if they been engaged for two years Brad and Angie have been together how long? And with a billion kids and they barely got engaged. You hate on people that have done nothing to Brad and Angie, if anything it should be the other way around Jen is the one that got hurt in the process.

  • LOTF

    @Jaffa: I agree…no one says it’s “hard to top the proposal” unless they’re not really serious about getting married….
    and yes he looks like a stick insect; why skinny pants all the time?

  • yep

    Wishing Justin the best with The Leftovers……

  • ann h

    I watched 2 episodes of the leftovers. He’s a good actor but I’m giving up the show. IMO it’s too slow, boring and kinda stupid. Why do some people have small notepads and others have large ones, and why not write on both sides? Even if that is working up the ladder, whether it’s following the book or not, it’s not interesting for me.
    His voice is irritating. It sounds like he needs to have a good cough.

  • The ring

    Never weeding! Split!

  • paris

    I was engaged for 3 years before I got married. And now I’ve been married for 5 yrs

    Where are these trolls in brad and Angie posts saying this crap!

    Justin looks damn good here and in his photoshoot.

  • Troll

    Although stupid people will always say a piece of paper makes it more important…but jen has a dirty past,with many,many mans..She is a good partner for red carpet,but Justin love´s your freedom! .Jen in agonya,cause she knows:It will never happen..Hahahahahah!I

  • Mike

    Why are people so confused as to why people have long engagements. It’s none of your business. For that matter why aren’t people saying the same about Branglina? They got engaged around the same time.

  • Coat tail rider

    @yeah: tranny MANiston his so called fake fiancé is waiting for Brad to marry Angie… Yes mam, skinny jeans Freddie Munster will THEN marry his transvestite princess.

  • Coat tail rider

    Just like as soon as when Brangelina got engaged!

  • geez

    The Leftovers is horribly bad. He is too old for skin tight skinny pants/jeans. Also, Brad and Angelina aren’t advertising their engagement or taking cover stories from Oscar winners to say their marrying soon/or giving fake wedding details through so called “sources”. They did not announce their engagement to the tabloids. Aniston pays big pr dollars for her fans to believe she is getting married to this little guy. The other couple don’t and could care less what anyone think s about their private lives.

  • dame betch

    @geez: Really now? you must live in Brangelina world because i remember your dame bitch talking about her engagement and saying George Clooney will have his first. Oh yea i also remember it being announced all over the tabloids. Jen Aniston isn’t the only one paying for that kind of publicity you airhead. Take a break from Brangelina land will you.

  • devil’s advocate

    RE: post #30

    Dame Angelina most certainly merits her formal title. Jennifer also
    merits her informal title of sportsf$uck.

  • slstevens

    I don’t believe they will get married, even more so after I read his DETAILS interview. He is definitely a New York guy and will not transplant well into California. He is not going to change, and he’s determined to live bi-coastal which will never work in a marriage.

  • Ivermom

    Love Justin and Jen together but come on…just get married already!