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Katie Holmes Rocks a Jumpsuit at Global Citizen Festival

Katie Holmes Rocks a Jumpsuit at Global Citizen Festival

Katie Holmes looks super chic in a black jumpsuit while posing for photos at the 2014 Global Citizen Festival Launch Party held on Thursay (July 10) at Milk Studios in New York City.

Also in attendance at the event was philanthropist Bridget Moynahan.

In the new issue of Glamour, Katie talked about her style and how she likes to get her clothes.

“I do like to buy my own clothes because I like to support designers,” she said. “I know the work that goes into it. I have a tightly edited closet. I like what I like. And I repeat a lot. But I’m always comfortable in jeans”I feel like I can really do anything when I’m in them.”

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes at the 2014 Global Citizen Festival

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  • Josee

    when will she stop with the pigeon toed stance????
    It just makes her look painfully insecure.
    That and the smirk are the first things that need to go.
    She looks like MaryJo Buttafuoco if you know what I mean.

  • Nathan

    Katie looks beautiful. she just keeps getting hotter with age.

  • assman

    Get Back With Tom, Hottest Couple Ever!!!

  • Amy

    I’d rather see what Suri is wearing. ;)

  • Cari

    This is the dreadful jump suit she designed for H&Y now in black.

  • Sari

    Whoa. This looks awful. Wrinkled jumpsuit. Shoes highlight her bunions. Needs a pedicure. So super chic wouldn’t be words I’d use to describe this mess.

  • @6

    Those shoes are very old lady looking. Don’t care if they cost a billion bucks they look like granny’s.
    She sometimes can scrub up ok but she will never be sexy. She carries herself and presents herself horribly.

  • liz

    she’s gorgeous. she has aged better than most actresses who are her age.

  • LOTF

    I honestly think she looks cute here. People are so prejudiced against her! But agree on the pigeon-toe thing…

  • annie

    I always liked that jumpsuit, and the shoes are cute. Very pretty!

  • Nolan

    she looks Great! like the jampsuit and love the shoes! simple look, yet beautiful.

  • http://verysexy,sexy!! sharyllee

    funny feet!!

  • annie

    Such cute pics over at getty images. Katie looks so young, and not tall.

  • Jimmy

    So glad she escaped the cult.

  • Gemma

    “I do like to buy my own clothes because I like to support designers,”

    Free clothes = not so free advertisement for the designer.

    But if the celebrity wearing the design(s) has a following that is inclined to mimic the style of the celebrity then the designer can say its worth it.

    Are there many Katie fans who want to mimic her style? Does Katie model the designs in a way to sale them for the designer? Will the designer get their money’s worth by providing designs to Katie at no cost for her to model for them?

    Side note – Does Katie have a problem with her feet? I mean has she mentioned it in interviews, like some models/celebrities -Brooke Shields as well as others? Some have mentioned that high heels have ruined their feet. If so, its unfortunate, because the pigeon-toe stance is noticeable and awkward looking.

  • Gemma


    Meant to comment on Bridget too, who looks great! casually stylish.

    Also, JJ why do you say she is a philanthropist? she probably is, in addition to being a regularly employed actress currently starring (main cast) on the series Blue Bloods, which is now going into its 5th season.

    I have always liked Bridget; beautiful and talented actress. I am glad things seem to have worked out for her, Tom and Giselle. Also, at 44 (not that it is old) she looks great, at least 10 yrs younger.

  • Dare to be Honest

    @Josee: She makes the perfect actress…. She reeks of condescension: while others ((Jennifer’s garner and aniston and Lopez) moan about papps, she loves it!. Her me, me, me is over the top. So leave her alone people.

  • Dare to be Honest

    @Gemma: my point, she if anything is very aware of these comments and most likely does that stance just for you. Serious! This lady is a functioning psychotic:(

  • Rodoletti

    more a leisure suit? than a jump suit?

  • Mary

    The jumpsuit is not a great style, but it’s fine. Bur her hair looks so flat and as a whole she doesn’t look well put together. She’s getting too old to go for the cutesy thing.

  • Dare to be Honest

    At least she’s employed. Some rainy weekend, watch the movie Brady Bunch. She is Marcia. Especially coming out of her backyard. I say let her go. Back some 50 yrs. ago, actors were regarded as much as a circus act or a sideshow ???? (Can’t remember what they were called). The fact that $ propelled them into this delusional spotlight does not change who they are, only ours and their perception. When the delusion dissolves, u have the Phillip Seymour Hoffmanns,Judy Garlands etc. When you see the feet or the smirk or the psychotic laughing on the streets of NYC, don’t loose perspective. The fact that she us still employable is one less mental case on the streets that we have to worry about or unemployed that we have to take care of.

  • Bob

    Man she is SO hot!

  • @Josee

    @Bob: you have got to watch the movie, Brady Bunch!

  • Free at last

    KHo’s posture is really weird. The way she stands in these pictures makes her upper body way longer than her lower half. It looks that she has long arms and torso , while her legs are short.
    Luckily, she learns to cover up her line-backer legs. KHo, listen up, wide pants are your friend.

  • lillian

    Katie looks youthful. Free and easy comes to mind. That photo of her with the man and woman is lovely.

  • Free at last

    Totally agree with your take on Bridget.
    Super talented and beautiful. She really rocks the hat, too. Vivid contrast to KHo’s Yoko Ono look the other day.

  • ??

    you love Jessica Simpsons legs, don’t you?

  • *katie*

    Used to follow Dawsons Creek back when, don’t think I ever saw pictures of her standing like that. I’d remember if I did. As a matter of fact I went to investigate and she didn’t! What happened?
    Katie Holmes don’t stand like that!

  • J123

    She is so not sexy. She oozes bordom.
    I predict 2015 is going to be worse for her than 2014 as far as work goes.
    In 2014 she lost her Bobbie Brown job, her fashion line closed shop and her attempt at TV fell through. She released an indie film so she has something on her imdb but no one in the general public actually saw it.
    Weinstein’s mercy gigs will only last so long unless she pull something amazing out a hat with her limited roles she gets from him.

  • Missy

    @Free at last:
    I’m surprised you’re not hating on Bridget for not being A-list. ;)

  • Free at last

    Why? You tell me what not to like about Bridget.

  • Missy

    I have nothing against Bridget. It was just a joke because people on this site are constantly slamming Katie for not being an A-list actress. They make it sound as if you’re not A-list then you must be a complete loser. So it was funny to see people gushing about Bridget in a Katie thread, when she is not A-list either. But perhaps you are not one of the critics who are obsessed with being A-list.

  • wtf

    Missy if her hand full of fans would stop going off about what a great actress she is then the critics will probably stop pointing out the obvious to them which is that great actresses get cast in leading roles and great roles. Not bit parts. Especially those with her contacts.

  • Missy

    Well obviously her fans think she’s talented, but I don’t think anyone saying that she’s this “great” actress a la meryl streep or cate blanchett.
    Bridget’s fans were gushing about how talented and gorgeous she is. So following your logic, she should be A-list as well. Hence, my joke.
    There are plenty of talented actors who are not A-list for whatever reason even with a lot of exposure.
    And Katie does get lead roles, but apparently her critics feel that indie films are worthless or something, which is funny because so many great films are indies.
    Oh well I don’t want to have yet another debate about Katie’s career. It’s clear we’ll never agree.

  • wtf

    Actually some of her fans here to try and say she is oscar worthy or in the league of those you mentioned.
    And yes, I disagree and think there is a very obvious reason she is not cast in leading roles in films that are watched by the public at large.
    If she was a great beauty or great actress she would be featured.

  • Missy

    I can only think of one fan who says that, and while I like him, I think everyone can agree that he tends to be OTT:)
    I guess I don’t get why her critics even care about her career or whether or not she’s a-list. It would be one thing if her fans were the ones complaining about her not getting bigger roles in bigger films. But like I said before, she seems to be happy and her fans seem to be happy with her career. So why not just live and let live? * shrugs*

  • Poor Suri
  • Sari

    @Missy: I just can’t understand how she keeps getting parts. I mean really–if you compare her track record to other actresses with the same list of failures–you don’t see them getting hired over and over and over. Personally I think she is an awful actress, but kudos to her for managing to get plum parts!

  • ToSari

    It’s Harvey
    He got her the last two jobs in Giver and this new one. Both small roles though.
    He is part of the “poor Katie joined a cult and now she is out” team trying to make her happen.
    I read a comment on the Daily Mail saying Give will be her first movie out in 4 years since Jack and Jill. Is that true?

  • @Missy

    ‘gushing’ about bridget? completing her beauty and talent doesn’t equal gushing. besides it was only a few commenters. bridget has stayed gainfully employed as a main character on a tv drama for almost 5 seasons (4 years) and done films that have been released in theaters (Ramona and Beezus, Battle Los Angeles and Small Time) at the same time.
    Katie has done (acting wise) what that has been released that anyone (i.e.. general public) has seen in the last 2 years?
    Nothing to put her in A-list actress direction/lane whereas Bridget could be considered viable based on her consistent body of work in that last 4-5 years as consideration only, but yet neither could open a film solely on their presence alone to national and /or international numbers as cate blanchett, sandra bullock, meryl streep, angelina jolie, halle berry, and more.

  • @Missy

    correction: ‘complementing’ her beauty and talent…….

  • Missy

    Oh for the love of God, I made a flippant little joke about the obsession some people have with the a-list. Not trying to start a long-winded debate.
    Anyway the films that you mentioned Battle LA and Ramona& Beezus were from 3-4 years ago and Bridget had supporting roles in both. I don’t watch Blue Bloods, but my impression was that she has a supporting role in that as well. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but people get on katie for doing supporting roles.

  • Free at last


    I don’t know about you but I like\appreciate\admire plenty of non-A-list actors and actresses.
    I even started to like Tom Cruise after watching his Jack Reacher. I like him not because his A-list status, but for him being a hard worker. I appreciate\admire that.
    KHo only married to an A-lister for a few short years. The rest is simply NAH….

  • Not About You

    The movies were 2010, 2011 and 2014 respectively, NOT all 4 yrs ago.
    And I didn’t mention whether her role was small or large, but only that she was in films at the same time she was doing her tv series as a main character. Also, that the films were released in a theatre for the general public (not film festivals).
    The comparison was to Katie who has films done in the last 2 (3 yrs for Days and Nights) that have seen the same venue and a tv series that didn’t make it past pilot, and current releases, now that you mention ‘size of roles’, she will only have a small role in (The Giver – little screen presence).
    Whether you watch Blue Bloods wasn’t the point.

  • Not About You

    @Not About You:
    correction: haven’t seen the same venue…..

  • Not About You

    “Not trying to start a long-winded debate.”

    Feel free not to comment on my comment(s).

  • Nathan

    @Not About You:

    I think Katie’s part in the giver is a big part because she was filming almost as long as the rest of the cast.

    as for Bridget Moynahan I’m sure she’s great but I’ve never seen or heard of her until now.

    Oh and Katie’s movie Miss Meadows is coming out this fall. Katie Holmes’ Actioner ‘Miss Meadows’ Gets U.S. Distribution.

    “Entertainment One Films has acquired U.S. and Canada distribution rights to Katie Holmes’ action vehicle “Miss Meadows” for a fall release.”
    Go Katie!

  • Not About You

    2 movies – The Giver and Miss Meadows – in the theaters this year (outside of film festivals).
    I am curious enough to want to see both films. I haven’t seen any film of hers that I thought she did well in, but I am open to being proven wrong about her acting chops.

  • Not About You


    Just from this Miss Meadows clip alone her acting doesn’t seem much different from what I seen before – stilted, boring and unconvincing.

    But, it was a less than a minute clip and I am open to being proven wrong about her acting (growth & range).

  • annie

    Actually, she has gotten very good reviews for Miss Meadows so far and her role in Days and Nights is apparently quite meaty as well.