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Avengers Unite! Chris Evans & Jeremy Renner Hit the Town in London Together!

Avengers Unite! Chris Evans & Jeremy Renner Hit the Town in London Together!

Chris Evans follows behind Jeremy Renner while exiting the Chiltern Firehouse after having a late night dinner on Thursday evening (July 10) in London, England.

The guys are currently in town filming their movie The Avengers: Age of Ultron and took a break to enjoy some fun time together.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Chris Evans

“Happy Independence Day!!!! Feeling EXTREMELY homesick!!!!” Chris tweeted last week while spending the Fourth of July holiday abroad.

10+ pictures inside of Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner out for dinner…

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avengers unite chris evans jeremy renner hit the town in london 01
avengers unite chris evans jeremy renner hit the town in london 02
avengers unite chris evans jeremy renner hit the town in london 03
avengers unite chris evans jeremy renner hit the town in london 04
avengers unite chris evans jeremy renner hit the town in london 05
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avengers unite chris evans jeremy renner hit the town in london 10

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  • Liz

    Seriously is there not ANY other restaurant or bar in London other than the Chiltern Firehouse? What is the deal with this place? Do celebrities go there intentionally to get photographed, or just because papparazzi are camped outside every night it just seems that this is the only restaurant everyone goes to?

  • Summer

    @Liz: at least isn’t another pic of renner and his chicken legs coming out of the gym

  • FOS—t

    whose the chica sitting next to renner in the car? new hookup? he is known for having “companionship” everywhere he’s filming.

  • Kim

    Chris Evans looks weird. His age is really starting to show.

  • meh

    Damn, where’s Chris’ hairline runnin’ off to in such a hurry?

  • Jimmy

    Is Hawkeye sinking his arrow into Captain America now?

  • lilly

    Evans got swagger! Such a shame is hair is receding badly though. I’d still lick his body top to bottom.

  • Shamu

    The lady has wedding rings, so she’s not with Renner. Stop trying to make his heterosexuality happen.

  • Misty

    Aww Chris looks so tired ! probably because of his back to back shooting he need a break.

  • Rita

    Chris evans ♥

  • Tina

    Wow, Chris Evans looks have really gone downhill lately… and where is Jeremy’s baby mama?!

  • Zac

    i don’t think his hairline is receding.he’s just busy in Shooting for AOU he don’t get enough time for gromming himself.i recently saw a picture of Chris evans in Samuel jackson Charity event he looks totally perfect in that.

  • Georgie

    Renner has rings on his wedding finger – it means nothing.

    But of course they aren’t together, anymore than he and Evans are. Renner seems to be Hollywood’s king of platonic relationships and if you read anything into who he is photographed with or who he hugs then you are wasting your time – the list would run into hundreds this year alone. He has details of his personal life on lock down and it is pointless to speculate. One day he might announce he is married and it wouldn’t surprise me if it was his baby mamma, some woman who nobody knows he is dating or his male business partner, but definitely not any other man and not some woman he is casually photographed with. It also wouldn’t surprise me if he is married already.

  • Summer

    @FOS—t: you wish. Senior Renner is gay.

  • Georgie

    It seems like Renner’s baby and her mum are living in LA., since he flies back most weekends. He has been in the UK for several months, but he is hardly ever photographed. I guess the same will happen when they start filming Mission Impossible, they will just swap Chris’ and Tom’s names in the blind items.

  • Lola

    @Kim: You and I, both. I don’t understand this mess at all. B-tch needs his beard back….so I’m just gonna ignore this set of photos like I did the last ones. I refuse to accept this reality. I blame the flash….at least we still have his old movies.

  • jules

    Chris either looks amazing or a complete mess. He doesn’t seem to have an in between. Look at how red his nose always is from snorting too much coke.

  • Angel

    Chris evans is so beautiful . I love him still my Favourite.

  • Well Wisher !

    Chris,please stop eating junkie food & take complete bed rest.You’re in the best phase of your Carrier Captain America & Snowpiercer both are outstanding.

  • barry

    @jules: lmao ouch. I hope his mom doesn’t see this. You know she be lurkin’.

  • Bella

    Stop judging Chris on the basis of few Photograph. Chris evans is Camera shy guy. he looks so pretty in His interview ,movies and event photograph.

  • Hmm

    Well, both him and his lil bro do love their nose candy. Can’t srsly use the ‘just caught a cold’ excuse in mid-July, lol.

  • Gemma

    Niether of these guys photograph particularly well. They are both very bright, very physical and have very expressive faces, all of which needs a moving image to show off properly.

  • hey bae

    UNF! Hooded leather jackets turn me on so bad.

  • Sam

    I don’t care what anyone says about Chris he’s always be my Favourite actor.

  • Linda

    I never understood Jeremy Renner’s appeal. He looks like a dried up old prune to me, no matter how fancy the suit. Someone needs to put a bag over dat potato face asap. But Chris can get it, he’s so damn fine and adorbs, my body is ready.

  • Pooh Bear

    CHRIS EVANSsssss You Freaking Meatball.

  • Sam


    Linda, from the way you write I estimate you are about 13. That is ok! Renner is a 43 year old man, leave him to the grown ups, we know what to do with him.

  • Linda

    @Sam: F-ck you, I’m not 13. You and your horrible taste can keep him b-tch. I guess wet pugs need to get laid, too.

  • Kendra

    Boy, does Chris Evans look sad. I remember reading that when the first Avengers was being filmed, Chris would try to get the cast to go out to bars and clubs, but they would always decline because they’re all married with kids leaving him flying solo.

  • drooling

    Just take your shirt off Chris.

  • Crazy town

    @Linda: you got a taste of the crazy fandom. I don’t get the crazy possessive female following both two guys and Bradley Cooper. Yum picture all three of guys rolling around a big hotel bed. Meow!

  • Sam


    Linda, I am so sorry, 13 is a special birthday and something to look forward to. On a more positive note, you express yourself clearly and use imaginative language. In order to progress, I suggest you work on complex sentences, as it will improve the flow of you argument.

  • Kim

    Chris is HOT!

  • Bourne

    Closet case Jeremy

  • latoya

    Renner’s worn those rings for years. Long before the black widow stripper baby-mama came bite him in the nuts. He’s aged badly since his mistake with trash. Chris needs to learn how to Vogue it baby for the cameras – he’s got the looks and can nail the lady watchers (of all kinds) all the time. Did they ditch the restaurant for a local strip club? Sounds about right. you know the exclusive type. Well endowed, pricey but with nose candy.

  • Well

    They both are bisexual.

  • @well

    @Well: Renner is gay not bisexual!

  • latoya

    I’ll take em both. Bit by bit.

  • latoya

    @well – let Renner decide and declare (if he wants) what he is. Its not up to you. Oh yeah, he did – “I’m not f******g gay” statement. And – he don’t need to tell you sh**.

    Cue the strip club, 20′something stripper bimbos and baby-mamas.
    Go get’em boys. They maybe trash hos infested with every disease known but hell…

  • Cyntia

    Chris evans is Just gorgeous.I love his just Cute and refreshing smile.

  • Cyntia

    Chris evans is so gorgeous ♥

  • @well

    @latoya:So, it’s ok for him to be trash ho infested with every disease known but not gay.

  • Katie

    Good going Chris.i recently saw a snowpiercer and you’re totally outstanding in it.please take care of yourself.Tight hug from your biggest fan

  • Cara

    Chris got herpes from $tinka Kelly and Jeremy is gay as sh!t.
    No thanks…. I’ll pass on these two players.

  • lolita

    Chris is just gorgeous and he can act: Snowpiercer is one of the best movie of summer!!

    Renner on the other hand… yuck.
    And he almost destroyed the Bourne Franchise.

  • Jenny

    Renner is a great actor – 35 award wins and 28 nominations including 2 oscar nominations, Golden Globe and BAFTA. Chris does have 2 wins (MTV and Scream) and 14 nominations, but he is young and a good actor, so I am sure he will get a lot more.

  • lolita

    Renner is a closeted gay who has absolutely zero appeal as a leading man. As someone said above: ‘dried pruned face’ is a very apt description.

    But you are right, Chris, in addition to being gorgeous and a great actor, will get in time the material/scripts he finally deserves!

    And I suggest you start, ‘jenny’, by watching Snowpiercer unless you are too busy trolling the internet to count renner’s ‘nominations’. (He’ll get another one soon for ‘best outed gay role model’ by GLAAD, lol!).

  • blondie12

    Snowpiercer was FANTASTIC. Chris was amazing in it.

  • Becky

    I don’t find Chris Evans attractive anymore. His struggle hairline, weak chin and paleness repulse me. He got old fast. Him being into untalented famewhores and the persistent rumors about his “health problems” also give me serious douche vibes.