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Keith Urban Performs to a Packed Crowd at 'GMA,' Thanks Fans as the Reason He's Able to Keep Going on Tour!

Keith Urban Performs to a Packed Crowd at 'GMA,' Thanks Fans as the Reason He's Able to Keep Going on Tour!

Keith Urban takes the stage at Good Morning America for their summer concert series held at Rumsey Playfield in Central Park on Friday (July 11) in New York City.

The 46-year-old entertainer performed his hits including “You’re Gonna Fly,” “Long Hot Summer,” and “Somewhere in my Car.” He was interviewed by Robin Roberts, who asked him about going back out on another tour after just finishing up his last tour.

“This. We do it for this!” Keith said, acknowledging his fans. So sweet! He also chatted about his kids Sunday and Faith and wife Nicole Kidman coming out on tour with him. Too cute. Watch his interview below…

Keith Urban — GMA Interview

Click inside to see him sing “You’re Gonna Fly”…

10+ pictures inside of Keith Urban at GMA

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  • Lioness

    Keith Urban is one awesome live entertainer!! To know what a fantastic artist he is…go to his concerts! Just awesome.

  • GerardButthole

    His hair is hysterical. Is he trying to be a member of the Goo Goo Dolls?

  • sheila

    He certainly is.. and how happy he is these days! Being a family man and living out his dream suits him very well.

  • Leila

    Keith is always fantastic. It’s great to have an actual country music fan like Robin Roberts do these interviews with the artists when they come on the show. Love both of them!

  • Love Keith, !!

    Ah wish his youngest daughter joined him on stage she loves to play the guitar with dear dad! Nicole said that her youngest always has her guitar
    Back stage when watching her dad Keith play! Playing for the fans!

  • http://comcast Audra

    My favorite entertainer, that great, talented Keith Urban. I was thinking the same thing about Robin Roberts, she loves country music and you can tell she admires Keith Urban also. Enjoyed his performance and he is so down-to-earth, lovable person.

  • http://comcast Ginnie

    OMG Keith is just GREAT !! I hate to say this but I do wish he would find a comb.

  • anonymous

    Robin is the ultimate aunt tommie azz licker.

  • Amy

    There is nothing like a new KU cd or seeing him live. Both have been great parts of my entertainment. He is AWESOME!

  • maggie

    i guess we can stop blaming the American Idol stylists for that goofy looking backcombed rats nest hairstyle. He IS a gorgeous human being,

  • Sage

    Great performer and human-being, love him.

  • Amazing

    Keith’s performance was spectacular this morning. He looks great and so happy. His body language says it all. I will be seeing him in concert this summer.

  • Louise

    Totally awesome talent and entertainer, and oh so easy on the eyes!

  • http://comcast Ashley

    All I can say about Keith Urban is WOW. Talent and Humble perfect mixture.

  • http://comcast Love Keith

    Adore this guy, so talented. Cannot wait for American Idol, love the show, like all tree judges especially Keith Urban.

  • 1urbanfan27

    Sweet Keith!!! Love that he arrived in the back of a cop car…Simpatico… :)

    Lovely performance…

  • Fran

    Yes, just imagine you were there with him. He keeps the variety going in your imaginary mind by showing up in a cop car. Lol.

  • Cory

    @1urbanfan27: LOL!!! Yeah…”simpatico” in your DREAMS, 27/47/72!! NO WAY has Keith ever been in a cop car with YOU! Wonder what your game plan is for the NEXT ten years, since Keith’s been with his WIFE and FAMILY for the past nearly ten years! Not one of YOUR fairy tales has brought you any closer to him! Can you not comprehend the words and actions from that man? What a wasted life you have!

  • PegLegPete

    Keith knocked everyone’s socks off with that performance. I thought the Cop Car arrival was a little bit…errr…tacky and immature for a man of his age…but to each his own. His hair is growing out, but I wish he would stop that comb forward with that zig-zag part thing he’s got going on. It does not look natural at all. He is one of the best entertainers around…country or not. Truly wish, though, that he would stop trying to be all things to all people and concentrate on the music, touring, and maybe playing The Opry (which he cherished becoming a member of…oh, that was then..this is now) sometime soon. AI and the tour crank soon, so his time will once again be limited…especially if the Mrs. takes to the stage in London. (Sounds like a re-run of her former marriage to me……)

  • Sorry

    The zig zag part is necessary to hide the weave he wears to cover his balding cranium.

  • Amy

    Oh come on. At least try to be believable with your negative lies. Botox maybe. Highlights of course. Weave? I don’t think so. He has plenty of beautiful hair. It’s just the stupid cut/style that has hurt his looks lately. Still a beautiful, sexy, honorable, talented man. We can overlook a bad hair style. :-)

  • http://comcast Sandy

    Keith is so damn sexy, talented, humble, darling man. He certainly has it all !!!

  • http://comcast Joni

    @Sorry: You are a sick liar THE CRAZY ONE !!!!

  • 1urbanfan27

    @Cory: lol…And again…You haven’t a clue…

  • http://comcast Teresa

    Keith is soooo talented and sooooo damn cute !! Anxious for American Idol to start, mainly because of Keith Urban being on the show. Keith is a great judge along with his many other talents.

  • Cory

    @1urbanfan27: YOU are a joke!! YOU are the one who hasn’t a clue! You have no idea where Keith is at any time, except when he’s on stage, or from what you read on Twitter! Even when he’s in Nashville and with his WIFE, you have “no clue” until it’s posted on Twitter. He has NO CONTACT with you, and your silly messages to him are nothing more than talking to yourself. What a wasted life you have, and YOU “haven’t a clue” about Keith’s life at all, filled with his wife and family. You should be ashamed of yourself, but you’re too deluded to accept Keith’s REAL life! You’ll be old and still alone, and Keith and Nicole will be loving each other long after their grandkids arrive!

  • monica


    Doesn’t the thought of being alone for the rest of your life frighten you? Why would you want that for yourself? Leave the Urbans alone already. You have no place in their lives. Find your own bliss. They have found theirs.

  • llj88

    Sorry, a weave, iam in yhe beauty industry, I can tell you keith has no weave, plus with all the money he has why go with a weave, not hair transplant, men get them all the time and you can’t even tell if done right, just shows that people will blow smoke up their ass just to post dumb comments,

  • 1urbanfan27

    @Cory: You are the one who knows nothing…And that’s the truth…

  • 1urbanfan27

    @monica: YOU have NO idea where I have a place… :)

  • Cory

    @1urbanfan27: You do not know how to even recognize what the “truth” really is. You live in a total dream world, filled with numerology and imaginary ‘readings’ from the way Keith pronounces lyrics to his glances at a camera. For you to believe in YOUR mind that his “Nicole” tattoo has some symbol on it for you is totally PREPOSTEROUS and DELUSIONAL. You’ve lived in your own world of YOUR “truth” for so long that you can’t figure out how to crawl out of it. Enjoy your wasted life, while Keith and Nicole Urban ENJOY THIER LOVE!

  • Me3


    Your act is so freakin’ old. Innuendo. Never any facts. Your “place” is in your own mind. Why don’t you keep your evil, bashing comments about KU to yourself. You do him no favors by eluding to lies and cheating and unfaithfulness. Do you care how bad you try to make him look to his own fans? Your selfishness knows no bounds. Put lies out to the world where his kids could see? Is your fantasy more important than the feelings of innocent children? Get a freakin’ grip! You are hurting innocent people with your bullshit! How do you go to sleep at night? Do you justify it because you’ve been hurt? Two wrongs do not make a right. Will anything get through? The internet should not be used as a weapon, even against celebs. Either provide facts or stfu.

  • Fran

    It’s ok. Children of celebs know the lies. The trash mags do it for money. This one does it to make herself feel important. She “exists” as a home wrecker wannabe on internet message boards. Her claims of an intimate relationship are believed by none because she would have no need to post publicly if that were the case. This must give her life some meaning. It’s sad that she not only must need this charade, but that she has needed it for so many years. No progress.

  • Amy

    She can’t give anything concrete cos then she could be sued. She knows that.

  • monica


    She has nothing concrete. The only concrete she has is that which is in her head.

  • Amy


    well yes. I didn’t mean to imply she could provide facts. I just meant that she can’t even give a detailed lie for fear of being sued. They can’t sue her if she’s vague.

  • http://comcast Lynn

    OMG–Keith Urban is adorable, talented and damn good looking.

  • http://comcast Amber


  • http://comcast Brenda

    I just have to comment about Keith Urban who happens to be, in my opinion, the greatest country music artist in the world. Keith is unbelievable on guitar and is a stage performer like no other.

  • http://comcast Jamie

    OMG–Keith is so damn good looking and sexy. All that talent also, all I can say is WOW he certainly has it all, beautiful wife Nicole Kidman and two adorable daughters.