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Zac Efron & Michelle Rodriguez Have a Healthy Influence on Each Other & Are Very Cute, Says Pal Gianluca Vacchi

Zac Efron & Michelle Rodriguez Have a Healthy Influence on Each Other & Are Very Cute, Says Pal Gianluca Vacchi

Everyone’s been talking about Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez since their kissing photos surfaced in Italy, and now, their pal Gianluca Vacchi is speaking about their romance!

In case you didn’t know, Zac and Michelle have been vacationing with Gianluca for two weeks in Sardinia where they were spotted making out on a boat.

“Don’t be concerned, Z and Mich have a mutual healthy influence each other and they are very cute toghether.” Gianluca wrote on his Instagram account. They totally are very cute together!

For more from Zac, be sure to check out these pics of him riding shirtless on a horse!

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  • GerardButthole

    Romance between these two? Oh, please. It is well known that Michelle is lesbian and has stated that herself, though she claims she is “bisexual.” Yeah, sure. She has “dated” other closeted actors, such as Vin Diesel. This is a publicity thing. Zac enjoys the company of men.

  • FC


  • lauren901

    hmmm sure whatever gv says its must be ok,,

    so hes ignoring that michelle still drinks and uses?

  • ryme

    i’m already tired of them !

  • Tracy

    High as hell, and bearding for each other & attention. They’re annoying as sh-t. Please, stop updating on their boring life.

  • FC

    @lauren901: Zac also still drinks and uses.

  • Teather

    Poor Zac! A user and then to have to beard in 2014??? It’s not likely he is going to get leading rolese or anything, he could easily come out,and keep his ensemble role career going.

  • Ethan T.

    Half the time she always looks like she just downed a half bottle of tequila and is ready to take a swing at something like your head. Down grade man. He had that goddess Vanessa and now this???? That’s like trading in a brand spanking new Lamborghini for a old Maserati with 100k miles on it.

  • Lauren901

    Based off what?

  • Ethan T.

    Straight up, this guy is really dumb!

  • Ethan T.

    Didn’t he just get out rehab? I thought Mrod had a few DUI’s. No bueno man.

  • ?

    Is that why she was pretty drunk and getting high or at least smoking when they were clubbing in Italy.

  • ????

    Hot mess of a couple.

  • pencil

    She’s too much for him!!

  • xvlmxx

    @Ethan T.: No he left in September 2013. As far as I know.

  • xvlmxx

    @Teather: OH delusion. OH DELUSION.

  • kami

    so he thinks they’re cute when when they’re all (including gianluca) stoned out of their minds? oh, he does think the whole world is stupid.

  • Roman

    This is so exciting! My life sucks so bad that I care about these two.

  • http://TWITTER.COM LU

    but… you are a lesbian, aren’t you?. i’m so confused.

  • Shannon

    This is going to be one epic train wreck. I like their cutsie nicknames, too….”Z and Mich”. Get the popcorn ready. :)

  • ????

    @Shannon: I know. This is like watching an approaching car crash in slo mo.

  • Sage

    Zac still uses, so I’m not believing this at all. Healthy my a55.

  • Scarjo

    “Healthy influence on each other? How stupid do they think people are? smh.

  • ?

    Agreed. You put two addicts together one in Michelle that has no intention of slowing down and it’s like a time bomb ready to explode. This could get very messy.

  • Scarjo

    Google those pics of her at that basketball game. Sorry, I don’t think that is the type of person that will keep you healthy. She looks a mess and there’s nothing attractive about a drunk woman especially at her age.

  • Tamra

    IDK. Something is fishy. IMO there’s no love but drugs between those two. She’s best friends with all the addicts in Hollywood.

  • Samu3el

    Name suggestions for their offsprings: Coca, Molly, Barbi, and Hennessy.

  • Scarjo

    I feel sorry for his fans. Maybe they should just throw the towel in.

  • Samu3el

    Oh and don’t forget, when they marry we know who is wearing the bridal gown. It’s not Michelle.

  • babe

    Yeah, so healthy. He is a former coke addict who STILL acts suspiciously (remember when he was beaten) and she is a known drug user and alcoholic. This disgusts me so much.

  • GAStinks

    2 closeted junkies

  • EL

    I don’t understand why the publicity blitz for this extremely odd couple, both with troubled pasts.

    This will only blow up in their faces in the days and months to come.

  • Blah


  • OK

    Healthy for each other as she holds an e-vapor. Not buying this at all is this a joke?
    Everyone knows how I feel about Zac but even I think he is a Bonehead to engage in this PR stunt.

  • Just sayin’

    I can’t believe I’m gonna say this (I’m not one of those people,), but in that picture he looks so gay… :D :D I’m not saying he is. Two different things.
    Who am I to judge. They both separately are of the rails and together it may become one heck of a train wreck. I’m not buying that they both they are sober. Especially Michelle. But who cares. As long as they don’t have babies it’s not that bad. Right now they’re not hurting anyone. Ok, my eyes. They burn seeing that Efron went so low (no offence to Michelle). I always thought that he is a sweet guy deep inside and he would find a nice girl. But for at least five years, only chicks he will meet will be gold digging’ sluts. he’s so ”that guy” and don’t deserve loving relationship right now. I guess he doesn’t want it either. So it’s win – win.

  • Lo

    I can’t believe I’m gonna comment here… But I don’t think this was a pr stunt because let’s face it, what good would it bring to him? To her? She has a serious fan base and he well, he is also known but it’s awful to see him this low… How this all started, what was he afraid of? Teresa, Victoria, Taylor, maika…

  • Kidding right

    What a joke. Two addicts cannot be together it spells disaster. Even if Zac was clean (not likely) she wasn’t and anyone that has been in the 12 steps knows you can’t socialize with a partner that is drinking .You taste them when you kiss and smell them ,it brings all the temptation right back. If she truly cared for Zac she would have been clean,and sober as well. She wasn’t even the paps they called said she was all over the place drinking like mad until 4 AM. Fu*k Buddies whatever or whenever they want but now making him go back to drinking and drugs . Now your a enabler and possible destroyer. They are adults and she can do what she wants , him too but it’s sad he throws out the finger to the fans who know about her ,his ninja friends and that he is back with them when he said he gave up all his bad influences. Makes all his pleas of wanting to get better and change his life to boring a lie. This man I’m sure had fun , alot of fun with these two do he would never say anything bad. I hate Perez and Wendy but even they know she hasn’t gotten of that party train. this old guy hab;t had this much attention ever and he is using Zac to keep it going . Did anyone read that love letter Zef sent him , like what the H*ll did that luv you stuff mean? All I can say it must have a a huge fu*k fest since no love was involved. Just friend with benefits or F*ck Buddies

  • zacfan

    two addicts in love.

  • Frankie

    Dude is kidding right? She was clearly drinking and not a good influence. Cute couple what is he in junior high? People love Zac , they want him happy but not dead from a OD find better friends Zachary

  • Man o man

    they both have a type she looks like a butch V and he looks like a butch Cara.

  • Samu3l

    Till coke do us part.

  • ……

    Stop posing, you morons.

  • OK

    @Just sayin’ Like to know what in a pic. makes a man look gay?
    Zac’s not gay but he is stupid doing this. TBH I would rather see him with a sober dude than this party girl.
    Not a doubt in my mind he is straight and this is all a PR stunt to help Micelle soften her image.

  • Just sayin’

    @OK: Hey,hey, I like him as an actor and like I said, I’m not saying that he’s gay. He’s straight as hell.But all that picture…the hair, his body, that smile… he looks so unrealistic… it feels like he should be next to the unicorn.. :D

  • OK

    @Just Sayin’ see what your saying Looks to good to be true. In my fantasies he rides that unicorn up to me. LOL
    unfortunately for me he is straight.

  • javita

    TE AMO ZAC ♡ ERES SIMPLEMENTE EL MEJOR :) la verdad, la verdad creo que simplemente son amigos con beneficios está super claro! LÁSTIMA TENER QUE LEER COMENTARIOS TAN OFENSIVOS DE GENTE QUE NO TIENE IDEA DE NADA. El cometió un error y lo reconoció, pero todos se regocijan de eso y lo crucifican. EL QUE ESTÉ LIBRE DE PECADO QUE LANCE LA PRIMERA PIEDRA. Dejen de derramar odio y preocupense de su idiotas. SÉ QUE NADIE VA A ENTENDER Y QUIZÁS NI LEA, PERO LOS COMENTARIOS DE TODOS ESTOS IMBÉCILES SIN VIDA ME COLMARON LA PACIENCIA.


  • Hmmmm

    That Italian Stallion is creepy. What is he doing hanging around being best buds with such young friends?? Rich Italian playboy, no less. “They’re cute?” Seriously. He is wining and dining these two, and that is downright creepy.


    Kill it Michelle. Kill it with fire!

  • Claudia

    It’s not like they’re going to read your comments.. Specially, them! They don’t care what people say.. Deal with it! They know what they’re doing. If they screw it up, then they’ll have to learn..

    Love you, Zac <3

  • Rachel

    I love Zac but I find this couple so odd mainly because she is know for partying and drinking and those two things are what he needs to stay away from.
    But I don’t think this is PR. What will they both gain from pretending to be a couple?