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Gerard Butler Flexes His Huge Bicep, Hangs with Rihanna at World Cup Final 2014!

Gerard Butler Flexes His Huge Bicep, Hangs with Rihanna at World Cup Final 2014!

Gerard Butler flexes his huge bicep muscle while having fun at the 2014 FIFA World Cup final match held at Maracana on Sunday (July 13) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The 44-year-old actor was joined by lots of celebs and pals in the stands including Rihanna!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

Germany won the match against Argentina 1-0.

Gerard has been enjoying the FIFA World Cup festivities for several weeks now. Just this past weekend, he hit up a party for the soccer event with Ashton Kutcher!

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gerard butler flexes his huge muscles at world cup final 2014 01
gerard butler flexes his huge muscles at world cup final 2014 02
gerard butler flexes his huge muscles at world cup final 2014 03
gerard butler flexes his huge muscles at world cup final 2014 04
gerard butler flexes his huge muscles at world cup final 2014 05
gerard butler flexes his huge muscles at world cup final 2014 06

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • I love Rihanna


  • http://gerard-butler-steps-out-out-gods-of-egypt-casts-more-actors/comment-page-96 CHOLITA♒

    risitas..!!..que gracioso se ve!!……..

  • Enjoy Riri

    Rihanna loves Brazil and Brazil loves Rihanna <3

  • Anastasia Beaverhausen

    I’ve made an executive decision. I Really adore his friend Freddie. No matter what rumor(s), lies, truths are spread, he seems so fun and loyal. •Team Freddie•

  • pg
  • ewwwww

    Cootie fest!
    couple of ho ho’s

    over privileged, over rated gits, whooping it up at the expense of the poor

    can’t stand either of them

  • Happy Happy Happy

    I love the pictures. Happy that Germany won and good company all around. Off to have a nice dinner and celebrate.
    I like Freddy too and hope he will be in LHF if they ever get a director. Think of him as jack of all trades.

  • Hmmm

    The photo of the two of them should be a PSA for…er…something. Several things come to mind.

  • Happy Happy Happy

    Do you ever have a thought about Gerard Butler that DOESN’T involve s.ex??
    Get your mind out of the gutter and enough of your posts about how much s.ex Gerard is having. You must be one of those phannie stalkers that hump their pillows dreaming that it’s Gerard.
    Never going to happen grandma.

  • Awesome

    Awesome pictures Looking good when trying to be a badazz and seems like Rihanna was happy to meet him. What a finale. Congrats to Germany.

  • Nicole
  • http://gerard-butler-steps-out-out-gods-of-egypt-casts-more-actors/comment-page-96 CHOLITA♒

    buen dia!!…uyuyui mas fotos de mi gerard en brasil..que chevere…la verdad que con mi familia apuntamos por argentina…fue emocionante la gente por toda la zona gritaba de la emocion.hasta los taxista se compraron televisores de pantalla plana pequeños y los adaptaron en los!!… final gano el mejor…asi que felicito a los alemanes por hacer un buen trabajo de equipo…

  • ?????!!!!!!!!

    @CHOLITA♒: alcohólico !

  • http://gerard-butler-steps-out-out-gods-of-egypt-casts-more-actors/comment-page-96 CHOLITA♒

    oiga lord margo deje de confurdirme con usted…yo no soy rusa…dsculpeme…

  • http://gerard-butler-steps-out-out-gods-of-egypt-casts-more-actors/comment-page-96 CHOLITA♒

    ya hace bastante tiempo usted trata de enredar este foro con sus tonterias.negativas …que paso en venus,?..que paso con sus amigos?,,,donde estan?…todos lo traicionaron?…

  • http://gerard-butler-steps-out-out-gods-of-egypt-casts-more-actors/comment-page-96 CHOLITA♒

    ya es hora de retirarme….no me quiero amargar el dia con ese señor troll ruso…porque es bien me puedo imaginar como se vestira diariamente porque el estado de animo influye bastante en el color de la ropa…seguro que adora la ropa pies a cabeza…bueno le sugiero que trate con el color amarillo….se vera mas reluciente a la vista…brillara…

  • ?????!!!!!!!!

    @CHOLITA♒: usted mismo el cólera

  • Nutter alert
  • Query

    Does anyone know how to do a Facebook search for public posts? There’s no longer a public post option with their new graph search, so I was wondering if there was a work around.
    I was hoping to look up some Gerry news myself without having to come here anymore or go to the fan sites.
    Thanks in advance. :)

  • No LHF????!!!

    What is this about LHF? No director? Antoine jumped ship? Wasn’t G supposed to start filming on that this month? Why are you talking about anything else? This is huge news! Poor G!.


    Please do not engage the queen troll. Do not respond to her baiting. CHOLITA=GFW. Join the Boycott!


    @BOYCOTT GFW: You’re an idiot. Cholita and GFW are not the same and please stop telling people who they shouldn’t interact with here. You aren’t the JJ police. If YOU don’t want to engage GFW, then DON’T.

  • Embla

    @No LHF????!!!:
    Thought the filming would start in mid September in Bulgaria. As for Antoine Fuqua jumping ship, was he ever attached to this sequel?Didn`t think the director was ever announced?

  • Huh

    into my arms, oh lord -
    The couple make a great embracing photo.


    @IDIOT: You are wrong@CHOLITA. I can post here the same as you. GFW has ruined this site, which many of us have enjoyed for years. If you don’t care, just skip the post. It hurts you none. Ignoring the problem of GFW will only ruin the site more, costing us more good posters, and potential new ones. But a few of us are determind to do something finally about her ceaseless spamming, and being thread nazi to everyone else. If you are really so concerned about the integrity of the site, try Helping us. The BOYCOTT stands.


    There’s one troll who’s an even bigger problem than GFW, and would be YOU. You spam these boards day and night and you’re so obvious because of your childishness. Apply your advice to yourself, idiot.

  • green eyes

    @BOYCOTT GFW: I’m in.

  • More please

    Love the pics with Fred. They are beautiful together.


    @BOYCOTT GFW: Post 39 is right. You are far worse. The boycott stands?? HAHAHAHA that’s hilarious. Who? You and two others? What are you going to do about it? Ignore her? You aren’t going to stop GFW from posting. As a matter of fact, yes, go ahead boycott her and ignore her. Really you’ll be doing all of us a favor if you don’t respond.

    GFW I hope you’ll keep posting. You’re doing a great job. Keep them coming.

  • Team Fred too

    So tired of hearing about his muscles. Less muscle, more acting please.
    Notice he’s actually looking at Freddie. He rarely looks at the women that he poses with. Make of that what you will.

  • …Pants-on-fire


  • Gay

    I really do think he is gay. When he poses for pictures with women, he looks relaxed. His eyes are flat, or dead, with no real smile in them.

    But when he is with men, his eyes are all sparkly. I mean, not just friendly but all glowy. I noticed this in Australia with the football team, he was in the locker room, he was all flushed and sparkly, and with women, never.

    He should just come out. His phoniness is annoying.

  • Summer eyes

    @Team Fred too: First of all, you aren’t hearing about his muscles, it’s only a headliner for the thread and sure he was asked to pose in a few pictures. Second, when you pose with someone you look at the camera not at eash other. Good grief, why wouldn’t he look at Freddy. They’re friends, they went to games together, they talk to each other like friends do.
    Sure, make of it what you will but you insinuate and imply something different which makes me sick. You know nothing from a few photos made by paps and draw a conclusion and try poorly to make your point.
    When gerry looks at a woman in the face, she has his full attention and it is awesome to see. And you know this.
    I know this is a gossip site but people like you are small and spiteful of the heart.

  • http://gerard-butler-step-out-as-gods-of-egypt-cats-more-actors/comment-page-83 CHOLITA ♒

    oh parece que la negatividad se comio todos mis mensajes…espero que no te de indigestion mi positividad…ja,ja,,ja…buen provecho…..

  • http://gerard-butler-step-out-as-gods-of-egypt-cats-more-actors/comment-page-83 CHOLITA ♒

    mi gerard butler se que somos del mismo signo gallo…no te preocupes amorcito….las chicas del signo gallo no se rinden tan facilmente por los seres negativos de venus….un beso como siempre nos vemos!!……


    @…Pants-on-fire: You’re an obsessed idiot.

  • The grandmas are his age


    But can’t get laid.

  • Summer eyes

    @Gay: I’ve come to a few simple conclusions on the two of you. Either you are both to old to remember what guys are like when they get together or just have a hard time coming up with dirt. My suggestion would be to stop in the closest pub and listen to the banter among men. You want to see eyes sparkle, you’ll see and hear more. Back away from your damn computer and live a little.
    Don’t you think he gets bored senseless by women trying to come on to him. Sometimes I feel sorry for him and he always manages a smile. Don’t know how he does it.

  • Gay

    Summer, I was being sincere, because I like him anyway. It doesn’t matter to me if he is or isn’t.

  • Summer eyes

    @Gay: He should just come out. His phoniness is annoying.
    No, you lie to yourself and put it in print. You know nothing about him. You come to conclusions by a selfie and that makes you untrustworthy. Why? because it would not be good for his career or his rep. and you enjoy that and that’s the truth. A jealous person would do that sort of thing. Change your way of thinking and you will be happier than you are now. But right now, I don’t like you or trust you.

  • bud lite

    @pg: Looks like Butler was on the same yacht as Beckham.

  • bud lite

    @Query: Nope Mark Zuckenberg sucks.

  • Delusional Phannie

    @Summer eyes: You seem to be the only person who knows the truth about him *roll eyes*. Who are you to tell other posters to change the way of their thinking ? Get a life yourself.

  • Yearright

    And that’s exactly how a gay man would look -or drool over in his case- at a woman’s derriere…NOT.


    GAY? You have to be insane. If you can’t tell by now that Gerry is a Lady’s man, you have serious gender identification issues. Any REAL WOMAN can tell a REAL MAN. Call it “gay-dar”. Gerry is a very physically affectionate man, a rarity, and I am sure most women he meets have an agenda, but he could not be more heterosexual. And no one knows the rumors about him better than he does. At least he is man enough to laugh them off, in public.

  • Sexythang

    @Summer eyes

    Why does some random on a message board need you to like or trust them?

    These threads never improve.

    He looks good. I want to burn that shirt.

  • Sexythang


    LOL… Thanks for that. Perv! Then he tries to act casual when caught.

  • Summer eyes

    @Yearright: HA, got that right. Glad you posted that .
    @Delusional Phannie: Yep, I am a fan of his and think I have a life the last I checked but will again just in case I goofed being delusional and all. The reason I said that was because I really detest people coming to conclusions from a snapshot. By the sparkle in his eyes? Come on get real. You have to admit that’s pretty lame. I don’t know squat but I do read his interviews and would much rather trust that than someone who looks for a sparkle in a selfie and tries to spread rumors. That’s about all I have to say on that subject. Thanks for your reply though. Will try harder in the delusional department…if gay and team Fred would do the same.

  • Team Fred too

    @Summer eyes: Wow I love how a simple comment brings out the raging screeching defensive name-calling phannies, like you. How overly invested are you in this guy, that you have to defend his manliness by ripping into other posters? Your opinion is not the only opinion – shocking, I know. Some people here think Fred is his soulmate, and welcome that idea, because he seems very happy and content when he’s around Fred. Why don’t you fetch yourself a cold towel and lie down for a bit, until your fit subsides and the foam and bile stop spewing from your lips. There there.