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Lea Michele Remembers Boyfriend Cory Monteith One Year Later

Lea Michele Remembers Boyfriend Cory Monteith One Year Later

Lea Michele has taken to social media to remember her late love Cory Monteith exactly one year after his tragic death.

“We hold you in our hearts today, and every day we remember your smile. We will love you and miss you always,” the 27-year-old actress tweeted with a photo of Cory.

Cory was just 31 years old when he was found dead in a hotel room after consuming a toxic mix of heroin and alcohol on July 13, 2013 in Vancouver, Canada.

Our thoughts go out to Lea and all of Cory‘s loved ones today.

See what his other co-stars and friends are tweeting about him.

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  • m

    Wish People would stop glorifying addiction.

  • Living in a box

    I bet she wrote on her twitter while her gigolo boyfriend next to her.

  • beautiful

    It was a beautiful message

  • Pika

    @m: A bit more of sensitivity. He’s dead. I suppose it’s normal what his friends are doing.

  • Sara

    The sentiment is nice but she could of remembered him in private rather than all over twitter.

  • kami

    how long is she going to milk his drug addiction death? will she have a two-year remembrance? a three-year one? and finally a 20-year one? trying to keep herself relevant with the death of a drug addict is really sad.

  • JJT

    Yet within less then a year she already replaced Cory with a new boyfriend , yes Michell my heart bleeds for you NOT.
    She is still milking it .

  • JJT

    She will keep on throwing these Pity Parties whilst she will have new peace of meat( boyfriend) besides her. Shell be milking it forever.

  • suilly

    She killed Cory.

  • Pika

    @suilly: Perhaps

  • Anna

    Beautiful message and lovely photo. She posted an even nicer photo on Instagram. It’s a hard day for her and all his family and friends and it’s nice for fans to see them posting and remembering him like this. RIP Cory, you are truly loved and missed

  • Tiff

    Any normal, caring person would post a remembrance message online saying they are thinking about the friend/love/family member they lost. That’s the age we live in. She is NOT milking it, she’s remembering. And she has the right to have a new significant other and still remember Cory and love him. Just because you date someone new doesn’t mean you are over your last love. You people here are out for blood. You’ll hate on anything that’s more successful than you. Some of these comments are so f—-ed up, like the people who wrote them.

  • Anna

    @kami: she is not. Milking it. She is doing what many people do for loved ones and posting to acknowledge an anniversary, Cory’s fans and hers appreciate it. I beg you would complain if she didn’t acknowledge today so she can’t win

    If anyone is milking it, it’s Cory’s dad who barely knew him and given a TV interview, again!

  • Anna


    Very well said!

  • bloopy

    Can’t believe it is already 1 year.
    Seems like just 2 months.

  • bloopy

    @suilly: BLAHH!!! Go away!

  • hellforces

    She’s doing nothing wrong. She’s attending the call from Cory.

  • ERB

    @Tiff, Thank you, this is exactly what I’ve been thinking. The comments here are horrible. Shame on all of you, I hope you never have to lose someone dear to you because God forbid you want to post a rememberance note on twitter. I don’t understand why there’s so many harsh words being thrown around. There’s nothing glorified or flamboyant about grief, but yet some of you seem to want to tear it apart. What happened to respect? Or self-control? I just feel sad for those of you who don’t have the decency to keep your crude mouths shut.

  • ace11

    Here we go

    We have to deal with her blubbering in public again

    Do we have to deal with this every July 13 th?

  • Millie

    Wow some of you are really heartless…why do you feel the need to piss all over this? It’s been a year, of course she can remember him in public. People would totally crucify her if she didn’t even mention him at all. Damned if she does damned if she doesn’t.

  • Sara

    @Millie: this is the problem with the society we live in, all our lives have to be lived through the internet.

  • JJ

    I am seriously upset by a lot of these comments. I have sooooooooooooooooo many friends who post about the people they have lost. Because she is famous she is milking it?? I really don’t understand why you have to hate so much. My cousin just posted about her brother that died, I guess that makes her an attention seeker too. She has the right to post about someone that she loved so much.

  • JJ

    I also find it funny how everyone is supportive of his friends remembering him, but if Lea says something she is a fame whore. You guys are rude.

  • Gina

    Her tweet was very generic IMO for someone who lost the supposed love of her life just a short year ago. Perhaps she didn’t want her new boyfriend to get jealous, the boyfriend she decided to parade around with close to the anniversary of Corey’s death.

  • ERB

    @Gina: are you kidding me? Like someone who commented previously, she’s damned if she keeps quiet, damned if she posts something. Who are you to say if the message is adequate? Back up and reevaluate whether or not you’d want YOUR grief criticized before you open your mouth and spew nonsense. Ridiculous.

  • Gina

    @ERB: No, you’re the one who needs to back up and see the bigger picture. My criticism stems from a series of suspect behaviour from Lea, not just this tweet alone. This tweet is just one piece in a bigger puzzle of Lea’s shady behaviour. By shady I mean milking Cory’s death to sell records, her moving on so fast, acting like an entitled attention hungry diva throughout her career, behaving badly towards her castmates, not to mention the persistent rumors that her and Corey were just a PR stunt. Because of all those things I have every right to critisize her. So no, I’m not ‘kidding you’

  • Hollyweird

    Considering they were boyfriend and girlfriend, i would say that was a careless message. I’ve known people who have lost their boyfriend and girlfriends and every time they post how much they miss them it’s with heart like they really cared and loved them.

  • Sasha

    I uded to be a Mea michele supporter in this. Not anymore.
    I now agree with all mean comment about her.
    On the day of the anniversary of his death, she was spotted kissing passionately her new boytoy. On any day, i would not have say a thing, but it’s clear she doesn’t miss Cory at all. Too bad JJ didn’t post the pictures.

  • ERB

    @Gina: and again with everything you’re saying being nonsense. 1) She was supposed to release her record early summer of ’13 but then Cory died and SHE WAITED 9 MORE MONTHS to release it. You mean to tell me THAT is capatilizing on his death? Nonsense. 2) I’m sad for you, that you buy into rumors. 3) I’ve met Lea and other cast mates multiple times, never once has an interaction been negative. No, I don’t worship the ground she walks on- I am more than capable of recognizing and not glorifying a mistake she makes. So don’t get me wrong. 4) I wish there were words I could say to explain that the relationship was not PR. Lea and Cory were so private, they didn’t even go public until over 6 months into the relationship. But I digress.
    Regardless, Lea is a PERSON. A person. Forget that she’s a celebrity for a moment. Who made it your job to judge her (based on biased reports and the media, no less)? Have some compassion.

  • Gina

    @ERB: Compassion? Oh, I have plenty of it for Cory and his family. And honey, the only thing that’s nonsensical is your failure to see through the bull. 1) The main reason she waited 9 MORE MONTHS (as you so ludicrously emphasized it) was in order to add songs which would directly capitalize off of Cory’s death by hinting at it in a not so subtle way. Plus, I’m sure she also waited because releasing it close to his death would be in poor taste 2) Well of course she was sugary sweet when she met you, she has an image to protect, I never said she was stupid just an opportunist. I’m sure Lea is sad over Cory’s death, but since I don’t believe they were an actual couple (just pretending to be to promote the show and cater to fans who wanted them to be a couple) I think she is sad in the way one is sad when they lose a friend, just like the rest of her castmates are.

  • Elaine

    I think posting on twitter and instagram isactually NOT keeping it quiet. She’s posting because fans expect her to and also for publicity. She making headlines with her posts.
    I’m not saying she did not love him or isn’t grieving his loss. Life continues and she has found love again.
    Instead of the posts I would have loved to have seen her QUIETLY visit Vancouver, the place Cory loved most…and where he died at the Fairmont. Or maybe just to be there grieving with his mom and brother.
    Instead she’s hanging out a pool with her girlfriends and is putting the I’m head-over-heels in love with my new boyfriend (and EXCEPT it!) in our faces… She has a public role and a publisist to handle her image, but I personally do not like how she handling Cory’s memory!!

  • Roy




  • Nanie Gonzales

    Agree w Elaine and Roy. I thought that too, meeting w Ann Mcgregor in Vancouver and quietly spending that day would have been appropriate. To think that the still grieving mother spoke well oif her in the tv interview in Good Morning America..don’t know much about Ann but she seems like a dignified and beautiful woman, though grief and sadness is all over hER face. Losing a child through addiction is obviously more painful.
    For Lea she has moved on and feels why grieve….get over it and live.