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Bradley Cooper & Girlfriend Suki Waterhouse Hold Hands After Breakfast in Venice

Bradley Cooper & Girlfriend Suki Waterhouse Hold Hands After Breakfast in Venice

Bradley Cooper and his girlfriend Suki Waterhouse hold hands after grabbing breakfast at 3 Square Cafe on Tuesday (July 15) in Venice, Calif.

“We are clueless @georgiamayjagger,” the 22-year-old English supermodel wrote on Instagram the day before with a pic of herself in a green mask. Check out the cute pic below!

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In case you missed it, Bradley‘s upcoming Broadway show The Elephant Man has been delayed, due to scheduling conflict.

The Elephant Man will now open in December, instead of November.

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bradley cooper suki waterhouse hold hands after breakfast 02
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Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Instagram
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  • Hey

    Why is her hand on her head? Did she just realize that she is dating an old man!

  • Drake

    He wearing the same clothes from two weeks ago. What is going on with him. The gray hair just make everything more awkward.

  • Skye

    Love th

  • Tiny

    Cute but not very stylish.

  • ace11

    he’s still with her?

    Once again Creepy any way you slice and dice it

  • Wendy

    Becoming one of my faves!

  • Sorry guys

    She’s a beard. This guy likes drugs and getting down with dudes in his free time when he’s not parading around with his clueless beard.

  • sx

    @Drake: from two weeks ago… lol do you happen to throw away your clothes after 1 use?

  • Kerri

    I like them!

  • Lisa

    Is she wearing boxers with beer on them? They both look very sloppy and he has become very bizarre since dating her. He always seems dirty and appears to be under the influence of something with his glossy eyes. I am beginning to think he is very immature especially since he seems okay with her antics. What almost 40 year old dates a girl who puts a picture of cocaine on her social media. After Zoe’s interview and with what his ex wife says it appears he is disrespectful to women. However, this child has to take his behavior as his name is what is making her popular without it she would be a nobody in the USA.

  • Drake

    @sx: roll eyes. I’m not a setting up photo ops either. He know he getting pap why not wear a different set of clothes. He wearing the same clothes from the two London dinner and landing in l.a.x.

    Face it he look bad at glastonbury which was two and a half weeks ago he looked young and happy then him and suki started their July “we love each other” tour and he look tired, he graying and he look drunked. His eyes are faded.

  • Sorry guys

    Word is that he has a drug problem among other things. She’s actually not as clueless and I said earlier. Without him, no one would be talking about her at all. She should watch herself. He’s been known to go unprotected during some of his encounters.

  • Sara

    They look happy and normal. Back off them please.

  • Emma

    @sara what is normal about a 22 year old woman who is a supposed model going in public in what looks like men’s boxers and frumpy looking. I’m not famous but I at least clean myself and brush my hair before going out to eAt.

  • Sara

    @Emma: She’s not modeling when she’s going out to eat with her bf!

  • Poppy

    @Sara: It is the first “SUPERMODEL” that looks dirty with her boyfriend,on the street.

  • Oh Jared…..

    You forgot to tell us that Suki is a supermodel!!! You downgraded her to just girlfriend again. Expect a strongly worded memo from her PR. LOL

  • Erika

    She looks filthy !!!

  • Hit The Showers

    Why do these two always seem dirty and look like they smell? Yuck.

  • Rooney

    @Oh Jared…..: JJ AND DM They are the representatives of that girl $$$$$

  • Emerald

    Sorry guys @ 07/15/2014 at 9:16 pm

    Yes of course!! You know all because you have personal access to Bradley Cooper.

  • Tayra

    Thanks to JJ any girl is a “Supermodel”

  • Isabella

    OMG!!! Please they need to take a shower!! She looks filthier than him. At least his hair does not show up in the picture but hers!!! Does she know that there is a little “gadget” called brush??? And it is so greasy!! Thanks God she is not wearing the black Supergas, I do think they must stink!!!!

  • Selena


    Beer shorts. Ok. You are just one clever yankee, aren’t you?

  • Isabella

    No wonder the Italians can’t stand the American Tourist. They dress like street thugs in a 7-11 to visit Venice?

  • Selena

    Suki, darling, you need to learn how to handle men. :)

  • sx

    @Isabella: LMFAO this is california

  • Selena


    This is geography class?

  • cellophane

    gramps out with his nursemaid

  • Hmmm…

    Why is he grinning at the pap and she’s trying to hide her face? Oh no! Did Suki have an acne attack? Don’t worry honey, photo-shop can fix EVERYTHING. Except making Bradley look younger. That’s a lost cause, but you knew that already didn’t you Suki? LOL

  • l

    The comedy loser tour has started again

    Getting bad Bradley press lately is that why you are hanging about with sado’s who cannot dress her self

  • l

    Suki is playing bradley games again, later they both where buliding sandcastles in the sandpit in Bradley backyard and today they will be selling home lemonade in front of his mom house

    Thought Suki was finishing off her crap movie in Chicago, that must a very very small role

    Mind Suki and Bradley movie is coming out, they have been seen together, how sad to plug a movie

  • l

    Maybe Suki has her hand as she realized that not the cardboard cut of Bradley, that she ordered (was bit upset about it) as she wanted to be famous like Danielle Davies

  • l

    What happened to the rings, they all suddenly disappear by magic, no flipping the photos this week in the press


  • Helen

    Who knew Bradley had such wacky fans?? I feel like I’m in a Leo thread. Haha.

  • Selena

    Suki, don’t listen to these haters. Make that man your dirty little whore. Let him know who’s the real boss.

  • Anita

    Okay guys Suki was known in England before him. It’s obviously brought her into the spotlight a bit more but don’t forget that she already had a career when they started dating.

  • Bradlifer

    @Anita: hahhah lol you are to funny. This was her carrier before him and this would have still been her carrier without him. She is a slat using him
    To become famous nothing more.

  • Selena

    What happened to spelling in this society? Carrier? Fed ex or UPS?

  • Selena


    Wow, do you know how pathetic you look? Just take a stab at it. I don’t know for sure if you really insulted me. Was that a real sentence?

  • Bradlifer

    @Selena: aww look at you playing al cocky hiding behind al your names like a little scared girl. Get lost pathetic loser suckypr, go suck up to suckys big fat ass like al your other friends on Instagram begging her to notice them. Hahaha loser sucky pr.

  • Selena


    Aww. Look at you playing *all cocky hiding behind *all your names like a little scared girl. Get lost pathetic loser Sucky PR. Go suck up to Sucky’s big fat ass like al your other friends on Instagram begging her to notice them. Hahaha Loser Sucky PR.

    – It’s spelled *all.
    – You have some serious run-on sentences.
    – Use periods.
    – Capitalize proper names and nouns.
    – Apostrophes are your friends.

    YODA says, “That is why you fail.”

  • Selena

    Of course, if you are talking to someone named ‘al’, my sincerest apologies.

  • Bradlifer

    As I said slaty sucky pr you have nothing to do but to correct other peoples spelling. Get lost sucky pr go suck up
    To your sucky whurehouse and ask her to notice you.

  • Selena

    No, no hate here. I think you’re cute. I want to pat your head and throw sea biscuits at you. I better go…

  • Anita

    @Bradlifer: Only one of those photos is Suki haha

  • Bradlifer

    @Anita: all of them are sucky whurehouse darling she posted them on her own tumblr and anyone can see that it is her with that ugly face and big nose.

  • Why?

    Why did their PR pay Jared to headline these pics at the top of the page? They want people to click on the story to read accusations that Bradley and Suki look dirty and the posters having crazy fights???


  • Selena


    Boredom can be an ugly thing.

  • Bradlifer

    But any who I love this new set of staged pr pics that came along just as zs made an interview trashing Bradley as a boyfriend. Lol! And I also love that their pr payed jj to highlight this non story. These pics are so bad it is funny. Bradley pays more attention to the dogs then the slat. The slat looks like she needs a scrub and looks really disturbing in that outfit whatever it is espouse to be. And their so called hand holding is just to laugh at, it couldn’t look more fake and forced.