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Katie Holmes & Ryan Reynolds Start Focusing On The 'Woman in Gold'

Katie Holmes & Ryan Reynolds Start Focusing On The 'Woman in Gold'

Katie Holmes chats on the phone while walking on the set of her upcoming film Woman in Gold on Tuesday (July 15) in Culver City, Calif.

The 35-year-old actress was joined on set by her two co-stars Ryan Reynolds and Helen Mirren.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katie Holmes

Woman in Gold centers on “Maria Altmann (Mirren), an octogenarian Jewish refugee, who takes on the government to recover artwork she believes rightfully belongs to her family.”

Last week, Katie showed off her shoulders in a black jumpsuit while hitting the 2014 Global Citizen Festival Launch Party in New York City.

FYI: Katie is wearing an Ella Moss black and white maxi dress

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and Ryan Reynolds filming Woman in Gold….

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katie holmes ryan reynolds begin shooting woman in gold 01
katie holmes ryan reynolds begin shooting woman in gold 02
katie holmes ryan reynolds begin shooting woman in gold 03
katie holmes ryan reynolds begin shooting woman in gold 04
katie holmes ryan reynolds begin shooting woman in gold 05
katie holmes ryan reynolds begin shooting woman in gold 06
katie holmes ryan reynolds begin shooting woman in gold 07
katie holmes ryan reynolds begin shooting woman in gold 08
katie holmes ryan reynolds begin shooting woman in gold 09
katie holmes ryan reynolds begin shooting woman in gold 10
katie holmes ryan reynolds begin shooting woman in gold 11
katie holmes ryan reynolds begin shooting woman in gold 12

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  • pgt5642

    what is she wearing??
    I don’t think that is for the movie.
    I think only Katie Holmes is capable of putting together an outfit that hideous.

  • Meiling

    Kate can’t act!

  • Parisi

    lol you mean Katie?
    Don’t worry she can’t screw up this movie too much she only has a small token role.
    Probably very little screen time like in the Giver.

  • Orphan Black

    Katie Holmes ‘fade to black’ next to Tatiana Maslany.

  • Cate

    Seriously how much are Katie Holmes’ PR people paying Just Jared?

    Ridiculous title and article when the amazing Dame Helen Mirren is right there actually filming and is the star of the movie! Katie Holmes’ movie only has a small supporting role as Reynolds’ wife and she only got that because of her relationship with Harvey Weinstein LMAO!

  • Project Katie Holmes

    Weinstein’s Project Katie Holmes

    The Giver
    Woman in Gold
    Miss Meadows (via eOne)

    luncheons and other appearances still ongoing for future project considerations.

  • hmm

    what is the VIa eOne connection? Does he have a part of that or something?
    Good luck to him trying to make her happen.
    He will tire of her though and see she can’t deliver kind of like Bobbie Brown did just one year into their 3 year contract.

  • Sari

    Wow, that is one hideous outfit. Hope it is for the movie, if not she has hit a new fashion low.

  • Katie Fan’s

    Just wait. Now that Katie is divorced she is going to get her career back and be the next big thing. she is the prettiest bestest actress in the whole wide world. She will win an oscar now. She is way more talented than any of her peers in Hollywood.

    Stop making fun of Katie having small roles at least is she employed. Who cares if she has 4 min of actual face time and 3 lines.

    2015 Prediction
    whatever happened to Katie Holmes?

  • eOne and TWC

    April 23, 2014 – Entertainment One (“eOne”) and The Weinstein Company (“TWC”) today announced the extension of their successful feature film output agreement in Canada to December 31, 2019.

    Following eOne’s acquisition of Alliance Films in January 2013, eOne released a string of hits from TWC including Django Unchained, Silver Lining’s Playbook and The Butler across all media in Canada.

    Upcoming Weinstein Company titles covered under the deal, which runs through December 31, 2019, include Paddington, St. Vincent De Van Nuys, The Giver and The Railway Man. (THR)

  • Nathan

    Harvey Weinstein wouldn’t waste his time and money on Katie holmes if he thought she was a talentless loser. Everyone knows that dude is first and foremost a businessman Plus he know movies and talent when he sees it he’s been in the business for years.

  • Isabella

    I’m glad she was able to escape from the Cult and Cruise.

  • sure nathan

    sure nathan
    that is why he gives her such small roles when he has the authority to get her much bigger and meatier roles.
    if she was great talent she would get bigger and better roles.

  • NG

    If this is being filmed in Culver City, she must be at Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City. I think this movie is scheduled to film in London, Austria, Los Angeles, and another location.

  • NG

    I wish her well. I think there is an interview on a YouTube video where she talks about living in Los Angeles and New York and says she loves living in New York and the time she lived in Los Angeles served its purpose. I think living in Los Angeles would be too close for comfort for Katie. Yes, its the entertainment capital of the world and many major studios are in Southern California, HOWEVER the church of Scientology celebrity center is located in Hollywood and they have satelite centers around town and the Gold Base is in Hemet, California about 60 minutes from Los Angeles. Yes, New York is better for Katie and its a short plane ride away from Toledo, Ohio where her parents live. And Tom Cruise main home is in Los Angeles.

  • NG

    With the exception of young actresses like Jennifer Lawrence and Shailene Woodley (who I think has a long & successful career ahead of her), Lupita Nyong’o, & Melissa McCarthy, Cate Blanchett, etc., there are very FEW actors or actresses that have a lot of movies green lit. If you go to and type in the name of big celebrities like Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Tom Cruise, etc., you will find VERY FEW have movies in pre or post production. Tom Cruise has MI5 in preproduction and Jack Reacher 2 (announced) & Tom Gun 2 (announced), so he’s going for his hits and depending on his laurels (IM5, Jack Reacher 2, Top Gun 2), so really nothing fresh and new for Cruise. There was talk of the Man from UNCLE but that seems to have been put on the shelf. Looks like younger women actresess with HITS at the Box Office are ruling the studios green light projects. With the EXCEPTION of HUGH JACKMAN who has 6 MOVIES in the pipeline. He is 46 years old and in his prime. He is the ONLY ACTOR with that many movies that are committed through 2017. Wow! The rest of the male actors have 1 or maybe 2 announced movie projects (and I’m talking about Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Matt Damon, Jeremy Renner, Robert Downey Jr. etc). Goes to show you how difficult and competitive it is to get movie roles. A lot of $$$$ is put on the table and those investors want to see a profit.

  • NG

    Per the IMDB, right now the busiest male actors are Hugh Jackman (with 6 movies in the pipeline) and Johnny Depp (with 7 movies in the pipeline). The rest like Mark Walburg, Will Smith, Ryan Reynolds, Gosling, etc., are busy but not like Hugh and Johhny Depp. Even Tom Cruise just came off a slew of filming movies back to back but he doesn’t seem to have much lined up in the future. I think a lot was riding on the outcome his movies but I think he’ll be fine. He’s had a successful career already. Bet Katie Holmes is happy to be a working actress even if she is getting small parts but she’s out there.

  • annie

    Katie has miss Meadows coming out in the fall. These roles like The Giver, and Woman in Gold are different sort of roles than she’s done before. In the Woman in Gold, she plays the wife of a lawyer( ryan reynolds) , who knows nothing about art, but seeing the real life wife of the real life lawyer owns an art gallery , she must be the one doing the research for him in the movie, so this also sounds interesting.
    Kate Hudson said that the big movies havn’t been knocking on her door, so NG is right in what she/he is saying about Katie working in I ndies and big movies.
    These pics are from the movie, and she looks great!
    People like Weinstein don’t do anything from the kindness of their heart.
    Before she hooked up with TC, Katie said she didn’t like LA and that’s why she went to live in NY. but Tom seems to be spending alot of time in the UK now, and will be filming there or overseas probably for the next 6 months. He always makes such a big deal about how important his family is , they follow him from set to set. Maybe Suri is not considered part of his family anymore, like Bella and Conner are.
    I’m sure he skypes her, and pays for her, so all is well( in his world).

  • NG

    #18 – The movie Mission Impossible 5 will be filming in London so Cruise will definitely be over there and now that its been 2 years since his divorce I doubt he will be spending a lot of time Skyping with Suri. Of course we will never really know otherwise. There is a “time difference” and although Suri’s on summer vacation (I think) it might become harder to be in touch with her everyday. I think I read that Isabella lives in London so she might be returning to a more closer relationship with Cruise than before Katie came into the picture. I think Cruise always felt his family was his mom and his sisters and possibly THEIR children and then Connor, Isabella, and Suri were an extension of his family. Of course we will never know but one thing you can say is that Cruise’s mom and his sisters (and their kids), uproot their lives and leave with the circus caravan when they go out of town. No, I don’t know this for a fact but you can see random videos or pictures of Cruise at premieres where some of his sisters are in the background. I think that is what gives him a lot of comfort and security as he travels the world for his career. And surely some family stays back home keeping up the forte. I think that is something Katie could never over come the fact that his family was always around and they were NOT going to go anywhere they were most likely on the payroll. She was wife no. 3. I think Cruise will now keep his personal image low key from the public and focus on his movie career. Two years have past and the drama of his divorce is water under the bridge especially after that lawsuit with Life & Style magazine was settled. I don’t think Cruise wants to revive that and the gossip of “does he see Suri or not” so for him the further he gets aways from June 2012 divorce date the better. I personally do not think he is Suri’s biological father but I don’t think it matters anymore because he has publically claimed her but I think if she was his, he would not have walked away so easily but the best thing he did was stay out of the public eye and let the gossip die down.

  • NG

    By the newspaper Daily Mail reports, Tom Cruise seems to enjoy London. I think he loves being in Europe, Japan, Spain, etc. because his movies do very well oversees and he is still considered a big movie star over there. He is big in the United States but overseas his movies do better and like all actors who get a percentage of the movie gross that means a lot. He was once considered one of the biggest box office movie stars in the world and I bet he would love to have that title again. I think he really, really loves the filmmaking experience and when he’s making a movie he becomes involved in every aspect of it, especially since he’s one of the producers of the movie. He didn’t become this successful by phoning it in. I’m sure these type of successful people love their children but you can only talk on Skype for so long about certain things and then there is not much more to say especially when Suri is now doing things that Cruise was against: like going to school, seeing her cousins, friends (non scientologists), and who knows what else. So I think for publicity sake they will say they Skype and speak daily so he doesn’t look like a bad, absentee father, but logistically and realistically speaking I think its very hard to maintain a loving, and strong relationship with each other. I doubt we will see Isabella and Connor hanging out with Katie Holmes especially after there were reports that right before the split, Katie fired Isabella as an assistant in her Holmes and Yang fashion line. What we can all agree on is that Cruise is being financially responsible for Suri’s child support and that is a big help. In my opinion, I think he did open career opportunities for Katie but her career did not take off and make her an A list actress like a Cate Blanchett or Kate Winslet, Amy Adams, etc but she’s still alive and well and appearing in movies even though the roles are small but she’s still there. Time will tell what kind of career she will have. As for Cruise, like a reviewer of his movie Edge for Tommorrow said “Warner Brothers is okay with the box office for the movie but they were expecting better and his last movies have proved he is no longer bullet proof.” But that goes for every actor out there. I think Cruise still has good roles ahead of him and he’s had a successful career and he’s learned a lot of lessons so we can just wait and see what happens to these three, Tom, Katie, and Suri. Good luck to them. If their movie career begin to fade we will not be writing about them on Just Jared that’s for sure.

  • Not Gonna Happen

    Harvey Weinstein revealed in an interview on Howard Stern’s radio show Wednesday, January 15, 2014. ” … I’ve always believed if we can’t get somebody established, we’ll find somebody new,”

    Katie Holmes ….not gonna happen.

  • Not Gonna Happen

    @Not Gonna Happen:

    I recommend finding someone new Harvey.

  • NG

    Do you notice that Cruise no longer publicly proclaims his beliefs of Scientology, or shows off his latest love interest, or tries to project an idylic family life? After the divorce, he did a 180 degree turn and is now low key and focusing on making his movies, seeing friends (like when a fan photographed him having a beer with David Beckman, looks like he kept the friends in the divorce), and trying NOT to appear on celebrity blogs only to promote his movies. Yes, it is possible for a celebrity to be wealthy, live their life, and not be photographed and hounded by the paparrazi. With Katie and Cruise we saw both sides of a publicity machine, one that was putting their clients out there in full force and one that is now allows their client to be seen periodically and to specifically promote a project. For those of us that followed Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and Suri when they were labeled TOMKAT I think we have been vindicated because many of us would write that they were out there (being surrounded by the paparrazi) because they wanted to be out there to be photographed regardless if Suri appeared in distress & if they really wanted to disappear they could also do that. Also, according to the New York Post, Tom Cruise sold the New York apartment in the American Felt Building that they lived in when he was married to Katie Holmes. He also listed it privately so no one could photograph it and then sell the pictures to the media. I think this chapter in his life, TOM KAT, was life changing and one he would not forget so easily, it shook his core. I believe it was a charade and was meant to improve his family man image like David Beckman, Ben Affleck, Will Smith, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, etc., all good looking men with good looking wives and children and all successful careers, only the Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes marriage was more controversial then it was worth. I don’t think it did what it was suppose to do for his image and the further Cruise gets away from the memories of that marriage the happier he will be. He probably CRINGES when he sees himself jumping on Orpah’s couch professing his love for Katie Holmes and little did he know what lay ahead for him and his career after that appearance on the Oprah show. The same for Katie Holmes. Boy, hindsight is something else.

  • NG

    This is the Howard Stern interview with Harvey Weinstein, go to 27:05 in this video:

  • Rita

    In The Gift she was not bad at all. She is one of the few truly beautiful actresses: beautiful shiny, thick hair, nice body and face and – rare for an actress – superb skin.

  • wow ng

    Wow NG I really hope you enjoy just talking and “speculating” to yourself. There is no way anyone is reading all your post.

    #RITA= is your middle name ANNIE by chance? LOL. Delusional. Just scroll through the threads here and any thinking person can see her hair is average even when brushed and her legs are like horse legs. Her face? lol she looks 45 these days.

  • pity party katie

    I read other sites and no one ever says she is a good actress.
    The only pro Katie post are “So glad she left that church”
    “aw, she walks with her daughter . what a good mom”.
    “Hope the ex cult girl makes it ok”
    But NO ONE says she is talented or can act.

  • NG

    # 26 – Thinking of starting my own celebrity blog. What do you think?

  • Rita

    @wow ng: No, my middle name is not Annie, and I maintain what I said in my comment. I see that you consider yourself to be among the (negative) thinking persons. You are indeed.

  • wow ng

    not negative just live in reality.
    unlike her delusional (few) fans who think she is something special in looks or talent.
    if she was she would be shinning but she isn’t.

  • NG

    27 – that’s true, people are generally stating that’s good she left that marriage which says something about Cruise too.

  • pity party katie

    point is NG that is the only reason they talk about her. No one says she can act but only gets the pity vote.

  • Searcy

    @NG: Go for it, but remember most folks have the attention of a tweet these days. Keep it short. But try not to be as inane as JJ.

  • NG

    #33 – Thanks!

  • annie

    What pity vote?
    Never has K come across as poor me, doesn’t even mention his name.
    Doesn’t talk about their relationship at all, and gets on with whatever she does.
    Never has she said but.. my life was like this or that, but I loved him, and he loved me but…
    She didn’t jump up and down publicly punching the air with her fists when her divorce came through or says his name in every interview.
    Not to mention whatever his 1st wife said publicly about him.
    Can’t see any pity card on her side at all.!

    So as far as I can see there is no pity me party going on at all.!

  • pity party katie

    learn to read Annie
    It was said the COMMENTERS say that. They view her with pity.
    that is all they talk about with her on other sites.
    No one says she is talented or a good actress but only ” I sure hope the ex cult girl does ok”.

  • ANNE