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Kristen Stewart & Anne Hathaway Dress in Drag for Jenny Lewis' 'Just One of the Guys' Music Video - Watch Now!

Kristen Stewart & Anne Hathaway Dress in Drag for Jenny Lewis' 'Just One of the Guys' Music Video - Watch Now!

Jenny Lewis just dropped her music video for “Just One of the Guys” and it features Kristen Stewart and Anne Hathaway dressed in drag!

The video, which also stars Jenny and her band, Brie Larson, and Tennessee Thomas, features the ladies all rocking out dressed as both males and females. Check it out below!

“Just One of the Guys” comes directly off of Jenny‘s first solo album in six years The Voyager, in stores on July 29. Be sure to pick up a copy when it becomes available!

The video premiered exclusively on GQ.

Kristen Stewart & Anne Hathaway in Drag for ‘Just One Of the Guys’

FYI: Jenny is wearing a Aritzia suit.

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    KRISTEN !!!!!!YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • talia

    Love the video,looks like they all had fun shooting it.

  • Jay

    Love the song, love the video :)

  • Alice

    What the hell did I just watch??????

  • DanaJ

    I love it!)

  • boo

    Anne looks God-awful but Kristen oddly pulls it off. She’d actually look good as a boy xD

  • Lilly


  • larson

    ridiculous famewhore

  • winnie

    This is absolutely fantastic! Kris, Anne and Brie rule and Jenny is the best!

  • eve

    Jared why didn’t you post the pics of Kristen and her girlfriend Alicia from the weekend?? >>>
    Ok, fixed it for ya!
    Plus….this vid…I can see Alicia’s influence on Kristen!! LOVE THEM TOGETHER!

  • eve

    Media not picking up Kristen’s pics only means to me that they are trying to keep her in the closet as long as possible. WHY?????? She’s FINALLY ready to come out! Let her be out! I mean, this video says it all doesn’t it???!!

  • mika

    @boo: Oh yeah, and you’re totally not a KStew fan El.Oh.El.

  • lol

    shlt KStew, wash that d@mn hair girl!

  • Truthie


    Kristen looks exactly like Billy Burke who played her dad, Charlie Swan, in the Twilight Saga.

  • peach

    @eve: all you see in those pics is two friends walking down a street. kristen isn’t dating anyone but that said it’s nobody’s business if she is.

  • Rylan

    @eve: You people are ridiculous. It isn’t even the hilarious ridiculous, its the “your poor children” ridiculous. Seek help.

  • lila

    YOU are the ridiculous one, who is scared to admit there’s even a tiny bit of possibility for KStew to be gay. The fact you so rudely dismiss the possibility she might be in a lesbian relationship makes you a homophobe. What did that girl say really? That she thinks these two ladies are dating and she can’t wait for KStew to come out. And you dismiss it like she called KStew a bad name or sth. All she did was say that in her opinion KStew is a lesbian and in a relationship with another woman.
    Wake up damn it, it’s 2014. Open your mind, your pastor doesn’t know everything, educate yourself!


    Lying british lesbians with temporary US citizenship. Hathaway, stewart, lewis – lying britshit junk America hates and ignores as the unwanted enemy aliens they are. Their next move is permanently leaving America like lohan and going back home across that ocean never to make a sound and be heard from again.

  • jj

    I bet you have many guns in your house…

  • troll

    Kristin was fine dressing the way she usually does.

  • The Joker

    @Truthie: HAHAHAHAHA! She does!


    Funky Town Dittos.
    I must say, you do have a way with having fun with words. And I’m not being sarcastic here. I really do mean it.
    That said, don’t forget that this new tidal wave of sexy hat pix is an inspired reaction to the many role playing hat themes in The Unbelievable Lightness Of Being. Which was about old school Mormon polygamy.

  • jenny

    it is so funny!!!!!!!!!amazing anne and kristen together they are wonderful!

  • Lena


    There’s been CDAN blinds on this a lot. Do they have matching tattoos on the arm? That singer sounds like Hope Sandoval of Mazzy Star. But the song is meh…..But I dont like pop. So, to each his own…I would MUCH prefer celebrities not LIE to the public with beards. It’s the fraud that disgusts me. Not homosexuality. And, what irritates me, is that Hollywood blames US for their fraud and cover ups. Most people know gay people. Even folks who go “gheesh gay sex…” know gay people, have friends, family who are gay. You can’t expect people to be “oh, gay sex, that’s cool” if they are not gay. People are people. They have their discriminating tastes, etc. We all do. Gay people probably go yuk at the idea of heterosexual sex. Whatever. That doesn’t mean rejection will occur on broad scale basis. I think it’s ridiculous for Hollywood to blame society for the need to beard relationships. I think it is way worse for PR scum to romantacize fake contract relationships for fans who suffer from celebrity worship syndrome and feel they bond with their idols. That to me is more harmful across the board.

  • mia

    @Lena: I agree with everything you say. And that’s the bad thing, young actors/actresses stay closeted and are advised to remain in the closet not only by their handlers but also by other gay actors. Truth is studios believe gay actors are not bankable. And there’s probably some truth to that…A heterosexual audience won’t follow a gay actor’s movies much, cause they can’t fantasize them sexualy. And a gay audience won’t follow much a gay actor portraying a straight all the time.
    Look at Ellen Degeneris (as an actress, not a host) or Rupert Everret. Especially Rupert, he’s been very vocal about gay actors staying closeted if they want a Hollywood career.
    Since Kristen is a girl, she can play the bisexual card, it’s acceptable for women, though not for men. In Hollywood, boys need to be 100% straight

  • Lena


    The thing is, they do fantasize about gay actors. They just don’t know it. That’s the bitter irony. I sort of also come from the school of thought that broadening celebrity worship syndrome to more than 300,000,000 people is not good for the world. But you are right. It’s about $$$ and greed. The thing is, before women got the right to vote, the idea of women voting was weird. Now it’s normal. Same thing with lots of other things. Transitions are hard. My point is that SOME of these gay folks have hundreds of millions of dollars and legions of fans. Elton John is still loved… It’s time to risk the end of the career and come out to bring about change. Not for the gay actors. But for the public good. I don’t like fraud. Contract relationships, beards, etc. It’s not fair to the goo goo ga ga naive consumer fans. It’s the public trust. And, these established in the closet gay actors can survive on $100 million and 5 million Facebook fans instead of 20 million. It doesn’t have to be the burden of just establishing actors who need income….I’m talking veterans of the industry. Bravery…

    It’s sad that this is one of those things where not only does two wrongs don’t make a right but two wrongs really make a big depressing wrong. The actors live lies. Who would want to go through life like that? The folks fantasize about people living lies instead of focusing on bonding with what’s REAL in their OWN lives. And the few greedy puppet masters are the only ones who benefit.

  • dee

    Not a huge fan of Jenny Lewis’ but this song is pretty dayum catchy. I see what she was doing here! Good move on her part!

  • AJ

    I just wanna talking about Anne Hathaway’s KILLLER EYELINER SLAY!!! Jesus! How can I do that!?!!??!

  • mia

    in the matter oh Elton John.. It’s acceptable for musicians to be gay, you like their tune, a pretty song, no matter their sexual preference. (Unless we’re talking rap/hip hop where no gay rapper would ever be successful,unfortunately) It’s not the same with actors because when people buy a ticket to a movie, if the movie fulfils its cause then it means people bought that story, that character and became a part of it. that’s the difference, cinema is successful when the majority of the audience believes the story

  • lol jenny lewis

    well Jenny, KStew is definitely one of the guys *coughsheisgaycough*

  • lol jenny lewis

    yes Hathaway looks GORGEOUS in this! KStew looks like a boy, per usual, but the song….it’s pretty simplistic, not very good tbh

  • @Lena

    @Lena: lol CDAN is FOS everyone with a functioning brain knows that. He had blinds about Ryan Gosling ditching Eva & Kanye planning to cancel the wedding few months ago and we all know how that turned out. Stop pretending to be some rational gay right activist and go hump Edward Cullen pillows

  • @staphitloserr
  • Beth

    @lol jenny lewis: spoken like a true retarded Rpatz fan. Stay presse

  • Beth


    Before lame trolls take over the comments section I’m going to say – I loved the music vid it’s great to see these ladies try to be one of the guys haha

  • Stefy

    I love Kristen in this vid

  • Katie

    @AJ: I KNOW right??!?

  • mj

    LMAO two of the most hated celebs in hollywood!


    Kristen still looks like a trailer trash even as a guy.

  • AshleyLove


  • Lena


    I’m not a gay rights activist. Never said I was. I don’t particularly care about the emotional sensitivities of celebrities, gay OR straight. As I have a hunch they don’t particularly care about me as a faceless consumer…..only my money. As individual humans I wish them well as I do all humans but that doesn’t mean I approve of deception of these humans in their business roles as celebrities chasing profit and financial gain. They are in a business. You have to be tough mentally in business.
    I am a CONSUMER rights supporter yes. My heart is with the masses. In this case, the masses make minimum wage and worship these folks. I don’t think they should worship these folks. I think they should focus on bonding with those in their real lives. But if that’s going to happen, and the fans are going to give their last pennies to these millionaires, then I say at least don’t defraud the fans. I think they need to stop fronting. It’s not fair to the people who believe in them, right or wrong. Or in the alternative, I say cut off all efforts to try to PULL people in to buy tickets through personal info, and PR schemes to “connect” to the lonely and vulnerable fans, an increasing number of whom come from broken families, and sad circumstances and who want to find something or someone they can believe in. etc.
    The bottom line is that these folks rake the money in by making people believe that they personally know them and that they have a personal bond with their idol. So, if that’s how celebrities want to lure fans and make $$$$$, I think they have a duty to do it honestly. So as not to toy with folks….
    I can’t think of any other business other than Hollywood and entertainment where people are given the green light or are actually encouraged to defraud the public to extract money from them. In any other business this would be condemned. Although I have seen lawsuits where people have sued studios for falsely advertising movies. For instance there was that Manning case in Connecticut where the Attorney General sued Sony because executives created a false critic to prop up several movies that were really bad and consumers went to go see those movies based on those bogus critic reviews by the critic that didn’t exist.
    If celebrities are marketing themselves as BRANDS and not limiting themselves to a movie or song, and are asking people to support them as BRANDS in general, why do they get to deceive and use beards and contract relationships to create false images etc?

    Golly, is it really THAT hard to be honest, or behave? Seriously…
    By the way…
    If you don’t like what I have to say @Lena;you are free to disagree, ignore, etc. It’s all good…

  • Music Views & Reviews

    Grotesque and unfunny british mock-rock. Extraordinarily unattractive and difficult to watch. Thankfully, few will ever see this horror, this utterly horrendous and unwatchable excrement.

  • liz

    it’s kind of weird how much Kristen looks like a guy naturally. with all the others, you can tell very obviously it’s a woman (esp. anne) but with stewart, it’s hard to tell

  • Helen

    Loved her , what a sense of Humer and she was so funny, I feel sorry for all the lesbos here who are commenting like desperate fools cause they so want her to be gay lmfao….

  • Damnx

    @liz: but u gotta admit that Kristen looks pretty cute as a guy ( in quirky way) and she is damn funny in this


    @jj: THE HOUSE OF AMERICA has many tools IN EVERY HOUSE ACROSS ALL OF AMERICA and will use them on you and all and any enemy from nowhere.

  • Robin

    Kristen Stewart is awesome. <3

  • LULYl

    WOW KRISTEN tiene mucho talento que nos falta por conocer mi actriz favorita por siempre ella es hermosa y talentosa