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Paris Hilton Makes Us 'Come Alive' in New Music Video - Watch Now!

Paris Hilton Makes Us 'Come Alive' in New Music Video - Watch Now!

Check out Paris Hilton in her brand new music video for latest single “Come Alive,” off her upcoming sophomore album!

“It’s all about love and how it makes you feel alive. So when I was coming up with the concept for the music video, I wanted it to be something that was very magical, ethereal, just very fantasy like, that’s why I wanted to have a unicorn in it because I just think they’re such beautiful, magical creatures,” the 33-year-old entertainer shared to E! about the Hannah Lux Davis directed video.

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In case you missed it, check out the lyrics for “Come Alive”.

WHAT DO YOU THINK OF Paris Hilton’s new music video for ‘Come Alive’?

Paris Hilton – ‘Come Alive’ Music Video
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22 Responses to “Paris Hilton Makes Us 'Come Alive' in New Music Video - Watch Now!”

  1. 1
    apple Says:

    This **** is garbage looks like a barbie dreamhouse come a live in nade a song.

  2. 2
    apple Says:

    @apple: @apple: made a song

  3. 3
    Yoyo Says:

    Would you hate me if i said that i don’t hate it ??

    On another note time for Paris to grow up and realize that she is not 21 anymore. Nicole Richie has matured and grown up into a woman, Paris still acts like she did in 2004.

    But seriously …. i kinda like the song.

  4. 4
    Kami Says:


  5. 5
    .. Says:

    This woman always needed a nose job, her nose looks too much like a birds with how long it is. Never found her attractive to begin with

  6. 6
    Wow Says:

    Lazy eye and bird nose. Paris releases these so she can supplement her DJing jobs in Europe, for which she gets paid thousands per session. Serious.

  7. 7
    Shannon Says:

    When is Paris going to realize that…. She. Can’t. Sing.

  8. 8
    apple Says:

    Paris already had a nose job

  9. 9
    M Says:

    How old is wonky eye? Seriously. If she’s popular among the Eurotrash elite can’t you just keep her off your site? Let them watch her, we think she is crap. She really should be more humble for a wonky eye.

  10. 10
    KFR Says:

    sorry luv , blocked in Germany by stupid GEMA copyrights , sound with stills avail on utube

  11. 11
    sad Says:

    The point of her nose is so weird. I suppose if she fixed it she would look even more artificial lol. That’s why she practically didnt have surgery there.

  12. 12
    Camden Says:

    As they say, ‘you can’t polish a ****’. No amount of money or autotune can justify this train wreck. Paris makes Kim Kardashian seem like an Oscar worthy, Rhodes Scholar…and that’s saying something.

  13. 13
    darya Says:

    Oh god, I actually like it…well the song anyways. Has that euro pop vibe to it. Video is ridiculous, she needs to drop the barbie look and be more edgy.

  14. 14
    Tonya Says:

    I think the song is boring & the music video isn’t great. I don’t think she’s in the top 5 djs she claims to be, but I’m sure she wishes she was. She doesn’t have 1 good song. As for the music video, all of the costume changes were unnecessary. Better if she just stuck with one outfit. It’s a fail in music & video.

  15. 15
    Maiderson Chrischon Says:

    She looks absolutely GORGEOUS! EDM Barbie <3

  16. 16
    blinki Says:

    Yes, has the Kyles sound except it’s for you, you, you – not i, i, i.

  17. 17
    kelli Says:

    i feel sorry for her actually. all the money in the world can’t get her talent. and her looks are below average, at best. she should try to do something with herself and her money, and not produce music when she has no voice. such a shame.

  18. 18
    Looselipz Says:

    This **** is an embarrassment to real talent everywhere. What is this? It’s not singing. It’s studio produced voice box auto tune crap. And the video? Omg, cringe worthy. Paris needs help with her career choices.

  19. 19
    HerestheDeal Says:

    Ok, so here is what could have made this video a zillion times better:

    1. Lose the wigs – wtf? She looks like Gaga and Ke$ha puked.

    2. Stop showing us your rhinestone nails in ever shot. We saw them – they are cool.

    3. Have one or two rhinestone nails – not ALL of them…sheesh! That ain’t cool – just a sign of excess which is trashy.

    4. STOP pointing when you sing “You” – like every time…just do it once or twice throughout the video. ONCE OR TWICE!

    5. Stop grabbing your neck to show your nails…it’s weird and forced looking.

    6. Stop stretching your arms out in almost every shot like you are getting ready for bed…are you tired? Did the shoot go too long?

    7. Get on your Unicorn – don’t just pet him…poor ‘lil Guy.

    8. Don’t stand awkwardly on the Moon…sit on it sexily…you’re Paris Hilton, GIRL!

    Love ya!

  20. 20
    Ange Says:

    Its a good dance tune, the video is cute and detractors just have to accept the fact that Paris is doing very well.

    The only negative thing I would have to say is that she should lose that wig.
    She looks better without it.
    But then again, this is all fun and fantasy.

    Her single Good Time last year was edgier. She is producing a little for everyone to enjoy and dance to.

  21. 21
    Ange Says:

    @Shannon: She can sing.
    Cash Money records is a multi BILLION dollar label which would never have signed her if she couldn’t sing.

  22. 22
    Candie Says:

    I like it too. It’s upbeat and positive which is just the right music for unicorns and rainbows and flowers.
    Her next drop will probably be a harder edge again if she pairs up with another rapper. She should keep going in that vein because people in clubs really like that. music too.

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