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Emma Stone Named Her Dog After Woody Allen's Alvy Singer, But He Doesn't Know It!

Emma Stone Named Her Dog After Woody Allen's Alvy Singer, But He Doesn't Know It!

Emma Stone braves the rain to say hi to her fans outside the Good Morning America studios before an interview on Wednesday morning (July 16) in New York City.

The 25-year-old actress was joined by her Magic in the Moonlight co-star Colin Firth.

During the interview, Emma revealed that she named her first dog after her director Woody Allen‘s famous Annie Hall character, Alvy Singer.

“He doesn’t know that. Oh God. He knows now,” she said. Watch the full exchange below!

Emma Stone & Colin Firth on GMA 7/16/14

FYI: Emma is wearing a Dior dress, Rupert Sanderson shoes, and Jennifer Fisher jewelry.

20+ pictures inside of Emma Stone and Colin Firth at GMA

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emma stone named dog alvy singer woody allen 01
emma stone named dog alvy singer woody allen 02
emma stone named dog alvy singer woody allen 03
emma stone named dog alvy singer woody allen 04
emma stone named dog alvy singer woody allen 05
emma stone named dog alvy singer woody allen 06
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emma stone named dog alvy singer woody allen 12
emma stone named dog alvy singer woody allen 13
emma stone named dog alvy singer woody allen 14
emma stone named dog alvy singer woody allen 15
emma stone named dog alvy singer woody allen 16
emma stone named dog alvy singer woody allen 17
emma stone named dog alvy singer woody allen 18
emma stone named dog alvy singer woody allen 19
emma stone named dog alvy singer woody allen 20
emma stone named dog alvy singer woody allen 21
emma stone named dog alvy singer woody allen 22
emma stone named dog alvy singer woody allen 23
emma stone named dog alvy singer woody allen 24
emma stone named dog alvy singer woody allen 25
emma stone named dog alvy singer woody allen 26
emma stone named dog alvy singer woody allen 27

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  • zzzz

    I used to like her, but she’s gross for associating herself with Woody.

  • magic

    I love Emma and I love Colin Firth so I will be seeing this for sure. The trailer looks great.

  • Carolina

    then you should say that for Dicaprio, Streep, Blanchett, Theron, and countless others who have worked with him. People on JJ seem to have deep hatred for Emma I’ve noticed.

  • Lannisters

    head to toe PERFECTION

  • macy

    Gosh, Emma is so beautiful! Looks like a high fashion star with that strawberry blonde hair, porcelain skin, slender figure and long legs. Colin also seems like a very nice person. The movie itself looks witty and entertaining, I’ll definitely watch it :)

  • Erin

    Emma Stone is so gorgeous, I literally can’t take my eyes off of her <3

  • Fercat

    At least Emma’s acting has gotten a little better. But she needs to do more mature, well rounded character roles. She can’t keep playing these young ingenues for long.

  • Ruby

    I really admire Colin Firth. He’s a charming British gentleman, and, in my opinion, one of the best actors working today. Emma is also a talented girl, she might even become great one day (and I agree, she looks stunning in these pictures). I’ m sure the movie is going to be pleasant to watch. Despite all the controversy over Woody Allen’s personal life, he’s an excellent filmmaker.

  • Girly Girl

    Haha, Emma’s adorable! I always enjoy watching her interviews, she seems so funny and down to earth yet really classy. Her outfit is lovely, too, I’m not fond of the latest Dior designs but this one is cute.

  • Veronica

    This girl’s body is perfect. Just… WOW! Okay, enough with the Internet, I’m going to the gym XD

  • Sara

    Emma please take off these extentions you’re not filming anymore you littel phony

  • Tiffany

    Is this really Emma Stone? OMG I always thought she was kinda cute but never noticed until this very moment how beautiful she is!

  • Girly Girl

    @Sara: I’m also wearing extensions now because I feel prettier and more confident when my hair is longer (I just had to cut it because I burned it while getting the new color). So it makes me a phony? God, everyone should be able to look the way they feel more confident and comfortable without the ‘real people’ like you criticizing them.

  • Carey

    Her outfit is impeccable

  • Fercat

    @Girly Girl:
    That’s not really why some people think that. She had a different persona at the beginning. More likely her PR team’s idea. She eventually dialed it down because she couldn’t keep it up.

  • Girly Girl

    @Fercat: Well, I like her since Zombieland , often watch her interviews and she’s always seemed funny and outgoing. Over the years she probably has become more confident and relaxed in front of cameras as she got used to fame and attention. Pardon me, but I don’t think that gaining more confidence over the years should necessarily be equated to PR-crafted persona. Sure, in the end, everyone will still think whatever they want, but pointing out ridiculous examples like hair extensions to show how fake Emma is… Well, its pathetic!!! Plain and simple.


    Woody Allen is a Hollywood Icon

  • Kevin

    I never really liked anything about Andrew Garfield, but now I kinda wish I was him because he’s dating this gorgeous woman. She’s seriously flawless

  • Fercat

    @Girly Girl: Her PR-crafted persona was the goofy good girl Pollyanna type. Which is basically 75 percent of J. Laws current persona.

    There were also a bunch of PR casting news that were really not true. Not her fault but it comes back to her anyways. Like the Sally Bowles ‘Cabaret’ casting thing.

    The real Emma Stone maybe a lot more complicated.


    I know this sounds kind of stalkerish, but I fell in love with Emma Stone shortly after Lindsay Lohan had dumped me so publically.

  • Tracey

    @Fercat: You always seemed determined not to believe that Emma Stone is actually a good decent person and are always looking for strange evidence to support your theory that she’s just a PR creation. And now you’re saying she’s fake b/c she didn’t appear in Cabaret? She got the role, she met with Alan Cumming (there were pics) but ultimately there was scheduling conflicts. The show started during the month long Spider-man 2 worldwide promo tour so she couldn’t do it in the end.

  • Searcy

    Can’t stand her, but do think she is more talented than so many other actresses of her age.

  • Kat

    @Fercat: Next time come up with more concrete evidence why Emma Stone is a fraud and how you’re the only person who sees through her “act”. The thing with Emma is what you see is what you get. Ask anyone who’s worked with her or met her – they’ve all said that, you never hear a bad word. I know you find it incredibly difficult to believe that this girl could possibly be this cool so you’re constantly nitpicking trying to find a shred of thin evidence to prove that she’s some calculating evil woman trying to fool us all. I mean, how can anyone be that likeable? It’s impossible! And please don’t compare her to JLaw – JLaw always has to TELL us how awesome and normal she is, Emma doesn’t do that, Emma just SHOWS us. Big difference.

  • Helena

    @Fercat: She was officially attached to Cabaret, but she had to promote the Spiderman film. She’s going to Venice next month for Birdman and she has two Woody Allen and one Cameron Crowe film coming out. Not too shabby.


    What’s not to love?
    Emma Stone looks rather different than the rest of the pack?
    Not to mention that the kinky cutie odd ball just oozes, “Please kidnap me and throw me in the back of your old run down van and have your way with me!” [See Mulholland Drive for this kind of an example.]

  • Kelly

    @Fercat: As usual, you act like a know it all, but actually know nothing. All you do is look at pics & read headlines & make up stories in your head and state them as fact w/o doing any basic research. You missed the report that she got the role in Cabaret. Vogue & other outlets reported “Stone was ready to make her Broadway debut as Sally in Cabaret—she got the part after auditioning for Sam Mendes in London—but ran into scheduling difficulties with her Spider-Man obligations.”

  • Cate

    Her extensions look terrible

  • Fercat

    21, 24, 26,
    Well, you’re all just quoting press releases that was floating around. Emma doesn’t have the voice, power and training to handle that role period. All my crits are directed at her team not her.

    Weird stuff:
    The burn on her arm at a Leno interview. Baking accident, she made it sound like it was recent. It wasn’t. It was at an odd place though.

    Baking. When an interviewer pressed her on what she liked to bake. She had no answer because she doesn’t. Then what was the baking accident?

    That Tattoo on her wrist, one of which is strategically placed. She had it enlarged sometime in 2012. Why? Who knows?

    She was ‘not very nice’ to a (foreign) female interviewer, who’s father was killed by an Ex-Dictator.

    And then there are the rumors.

  • Girly Girl

    @Fercat: EVERY celebrity has casting rumors on several points of their career and ALL of them might have bad days, even the most gleeful ones. If people can’t tolerate this, then what’s the point of them visiting websites like JJ? And people at least based their arguments on actual sources whereas most of yours are based on your own speculations. I’d say that official articles (PR-embellished or not) are still more trustworthy than one individial’s bitter opinions, lol.


    Total mega dittos of course.
    I would only ad that girls with unusually wide big mouths are much more comfortable with the idea of guys doing them hard and long in the mouth.


    Are you per chance a paperback romance novel writer?
    If not, you might try your hand at it.
    You’re pretty good with words.

  • Renee

    @Fercat: Oh give it up, you know how stupid you sound? Why is it so hard to believe she could be in Cabaret? She does have a singing & dancing background and took lessons as a kid. You don’t have to be a professional singer or dancer to nab a role like that. You don’t think producers would want a big name on the marquee to sell seats? And you can’t make up stuff like that and have major publications print that without it being true. The people at Cabaret and Michelle Williams would I’m sure have something to say if it was lies. And you’re arguing about baking? Seriously? Yes, the girl bakes. It’s not that hard. The cast & crew of Spider-man have talked about how she would bake & bring food to the set. And I have no clue what you’re trying to say about her tattoo. And that “not very nice” to foreign female interviewer, are you talking about the crazy Kris Aquino? Again, you just read headlines, did you actually watch the interview. Watch the interview and come back and then tell me Emma was rude. She wasn’t. Kris Aquino is an attention whore and everyone in the Phillippines hates her and was appalled by her interview with Andrew Garfield. The whole country was embarrassed & ashamed by her behaviour and The Manila Times even wrote an open letter to Andrew apologizing for the interview. Just google it. Kris Aquino is a complete nutjob and was probably upset Emma didn’t suck up to her

  • Heather

    @Fercat: I’m pretty sure you just read headlines and didn’t watch the actual “not so nice” interview. Maybe you should before using that as firm evidence that Emma is evil. Just google Kris Aquino Emma Stone, first link is the full interview. You make it sound like Emma was pulling a Mila Kunis, but Emma was FINE.


    Your postings are well written and read like someone who has at least an undergraduate English Lit BA degree from Austin U.
    I give you an A+.
    Plus,I’ll bet that you are an A+ in the sack too…

  • Deanne R

    ok Fercat, you’re losing crediblity (not that you had any to start with) but using Kris Aquino as a source? bwahahahhahaaa that lady is a joke. All of the Phillipines were apologizing to the cast of Spider-man for her interviews with the cast, if you want to see “not very nice” check out her “not very nice” behaviour in her interview with Andrew Garfield! That man deserved some kind of an award for sitting through that and not smacking her for being so rude!


    I got your back.

  • curious

    im surprised people don’t ridicule her for not having bigger breasts. every time there’s an actress or singer with small breasts, commentators on gossip sites always say “she has the body of a boy, not womanly enough” blah blah blah but somehow emma gets away with it all the time without being insulted by others and the girl does have small breasts and she most likely isn’t gonna get implants because of her connection with her mom and everything. i mean thats great she doesn’t get put down for it which would make small breasted girls feel better about themselves but why is she the exception and not other small breasted actresses? she’s one of the very few that never gets a scolding by the booby police and i noticed that about her and how people have commented on her over the years. maybe there is hope for us smaller girls :)

  • Deanne R

    @curious: Because she’s gorgeous, intelligent, talented, has an amazing personality and a wicked sense of humor and has a sexy confidence and that trumps everything. Even useless D cups.

  • Jake

    @Erin: Yup

  • David

    i’m sure that’s just one fan who’s absessed with her who’s defending her under different names !! Pathetic Emma is TRASH deal with it

  • steve

    Hey Kevin! Andrew is not dating anybody. However, Emma does have a boyfriend.

  • Olivia

    Or maybe it’s you, David, who talks trash about this girl with different names and then accuses fans for doing that because you’re so immature that cannot deal with the fact that someone you dislike might actually have quite a few fans. Who knows LOL

  • Clara

    Ugh. Too beautiful, haha… Hope the movie is good!