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Michelle Obama Pushes for Arts in School at Grammy Luncheon

Michelle Obama Pushes for Arts in School at Grammy Luncheon

Michelle Obama waves to the crowd while attending The Grammy Museum’s Jane Ortner Education Award luncheon on Wednesday afternoon (July 16) at The Grammy Museum in Los Angeles.

The First Lady of the United States was joined by singer Janelle Monae, who entertained the crowd with an energetic performance.

“For so many young people, arts education is the only reason they get up out of bed in the morning,” Michelle said (via the Los Angeles Times). “Just like Janelle, they go to school each day because there’s an instrument they want to play, a musical they want to perform in, a painting they are dying to finish. So then once they arrive in those classrooms, that’s when we can teach them something else, like math and writing and science. That is the power of the arts for so many of our young people.”

FYI: Michelle is wearing a 3.1 Phillip Lim dress.

10+ pictures inside of Michelle Obama at the luncheon…

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  • Asa

    And where is the money to fund these programs supposed to come from? China?

  • offtheproperty

    This person has some kind of Ivy League law degree and she go around talking sh*t like she be being “blown away” by our troops and signifying about we “got their back.”
    People like this whine their way through school graduating with honors by virtue of lowered standards then represent the country as First Lady by talking like dumb thugs.
    This Ebola experiment has been a catastrophe for my country.

  • TinaWitch

    We need more math/science..arts farts..not useful in this economy.

  • Living in a box

    Doesn’t it bother American that Israel bomb Palestine using American product? The bombs, tanks, weapon all been supply by American government.

  • offtheproperty

    @Living in a box: Israel is defending itself against savages. It’s not Israel’s fault that “palestinians” and muslims of all kinds are so backward they can’t mount a modern army with even remotely competitive equipment, technology and regimentation. Because they’re uncivilized and incapable of advanced societal norms and they’re so stupid they keep attacking Israel even though they know they can’t defend themselves or their citizens.
    Dead-enders, losers, savages and pedophiles — who needs them?

  • @2

    You must be a tea bagger. They are the only ones stupid enough to see intelligence as elitism.
    She is a brilliant woman who is doing a tremendous job as First Lady.
    She understands that her job is to work for the people, and not just sit around smiling at her husband.

  • um no tina

    @TinaWitch: lol actually you’re wrong. we don’t need more math/science classes, we do need funding for arts programs so kids can actually look forward to learning liberal arts by not being 1000% consumed on academics. its not healthy neurologically speaking to embed so much left brained material for 7 hours a day, we need to cultivate both liberal arts and performing arts programs in order for students to be motivated to learn. and actually we don’t need more math/science classes, what we really need are more introductory career-oriented classes in high schools that inspire teenagers to actually have a more solid plan of what major they want to pursue in college. this way, young adults don’t have to be regretful on switching their majors because they realized they weren’t truly passionate in that particular field after all and it will save young adults thousands of dollars of tuition and loans instead of spending it and being in financial debt for decades on a major that really didn’t benefit them in the end. i do not like michelle obama in any way but sacrificing performing arts programs will be a step in the wrong direction. anyways, there are more than enough math/science courses, if you’re an honors/gifted/AP student you would know there are many courses in those fields and they’re actually quite useless unless you want to work in math or science related fields. not everybody is passionate on going in the medical field, not everybody is meant to be a doctor and not everybody is meant to predict the latest economic trends in the government. sorry that you’re too narrow-minded to understand that simple concept.

  • offtheproperty

    @@2: The country is descending into civil unrest and economic catastrophe. That’s how brilliant she and her dumb donkey of a husband are. It’s happening right now, all around you. It’s happening here — in Barack Ebola land.

  • Teeter

    When have they ever gone around ‘talking’ ( although ‘speaking’ is more correct if you like to nitpick at others) like thugs? Do you have the same sentiment regarding Bush’s Texan vernacular or even Jimmy Carter’s “just off the farm” way of speaking? Did Bush’s inability to properly conjugate verbs “lower the standards of this country?” I cannot think of a President or First Lady in the past 40 years who would be considered a very academic/ proper speaker- but you choose single out the Obamas; after all they’re Black so they must speak like thugs right. Ignorance is not bliss my friend.

  • blinki

    Competitions such as ‘waste to art’, art donations, artists supporting artists through sales of their work. There are a couple of art/science museums usually dotted around the country and interaction is the ‘fun’ key theme (like a questacon). Also public art and indigineous art museums are regularly populated.

  • blinki

    not ‘museums’, pardon I meant galleries (don’t forget museums).

  • @8

    The stock market is soaring, and millions of jobs have been created.
    Millions of people who never had insurance are now covered by the affordable care act. And Osama bin Laden is dead. Finally brought to justice by President Obama, not Bush.
    And civil unrest? Well maybe if the tea party hate mongers would stop lying about the president, the division would narrow. Those idiots still claim that he isn’t a citizen and that he is a Muslim terrorist in disguise. Why aren’t you blaming them for the unrest, instead of the man that they hate because of the color of his skin?
    President Obama was elected twice, remember. That proves that the majority of voters are able to see through your idiotic lies.
    The truth hurts, doesn’t it

  • debong


  • F.U. Everyone

    Nobody needs bulldung like “gender studies” to succeed in this economy. Everything you ever wanted to know about liberal arts, you don’t have to pay $200K to ask. It costs $0 on Wikipedia. And for everyone who complains that Wiki isn’t “accurate,” guess what: it provides just enough of an overview to be interesting at cocktail parties, and nobody with a life cares enough about arcane subjects to fact-check them. Instead we force EVERYONE to get a bachelor’s degree in “something” and churn out a bunch of over-intellectual baristas who know zilch about life but talk like manic Sheldon Coopers about Babylonian art. I believe Encyclopedia Dramatica has a whole category for liberal arts subjects under “Sh_t Nobody Cares About.” In fact, it sounds like the name of another dumb CBS show.

    Why doesn’t Michelle go out to the b-ball court where her husband is wasting his and every other American’s time and dime playing 1-on-1 with LeBron and tell him to push for a complete overhaul of the educational system that dumps these worthless hippie degrees and brings back the TRADES. You know, like they do in Germany, where if you demonstrate that you can’t “hack” it in an upper-level STEM degree, you get “tracked” into a trade program, where you can still make good money putting engines together for Volkswagen. Yes, this time around America would do well to take advice from the Germans. But of course, actually getting Americans to WORK for wages and not just suck free stuff out of the taxpayers’ wallets would defeat the goals of the Os’ pals Cloward and Piven, two radical commies who wanted everyone on welfare so as to defeat the whole concept of “working for ‘the man’.” Bite my left nut, you dumfuq “first mammy.” Law degree her fat booty and my left foot!

  • Mejay

    @F.U. Everyone:
    Wow! You sound like a 80 year old who has no idea how the world has changed.
    Trades are very important, but so are liberal arts. Not everyone is meant to be a tradesman or factory worker; liberal arts help create more well rounded individuals. Classes like ‘Gender Studies’ help people navigate through the world just as much as economics but in a more abstract way. Edification, growing and expanding one’s world view is not a bad thing. Do you not read books, listen to music, watch movies, benefit from the latest gadgetry or respond to advertising? These things are a huge part of the economy and a lot of people in those fields have degrees rooted in liberal arts.