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Ryan Reynolds Wraps Arm Around Katie Holmes on Set

Ryan Reynolds Wraps Arm Around Katie Holmes on Set

Ryan Reynolds wraps his arm around his co-star Katie Holmes while filming a scene for their upcoming movie The Woman in Gold on Wednesday (July 16) in Culver City, Calif.

The stars were seen the day before on set wearing vintage outfits while shooting scenes alongside Helen Mirren.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katie Holmes

Woman in Gold
centers on “Maria Altmann (Mirren), an octogenarian Jewish refugee, who takes on the government to recover artwork she believes rightfully belongs to her family.”

25+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and Ryan Reynolds on their movie set…

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ryan reynolds wraps his arm around katie holmes 01
ryan reynolds wraps his arm around katie holmes 02
ryan reynolds wraps his arm around katie holmes 03
ryan reynolds wraps his arm around katie holmes 04
ryan reynolds wraps his arm around katie holmes 05
ryan reynolds wraps his arm around katie holmes 06
ryan reynolds wraps his arm around katie holmes 07
ryan reynolds wraps his arm around katie holmes 08
ryan reynolds wraps his arm around katie holmes 09
ryan reynolds wraps his arm around katie holmes 10
ryan reynolds wraps his arm around katie holmes 11
ryan reynolds wraps his arm around katie holmes 12
ryan reynolds wraps his arm around katie holmes 13
ryan reynolds wraps his arm around katie holmes 14
ryan reynolds wraps his arm around katie holmes 15
ryan reynolds wraps his arm around katie holmes 16
ryan reynolds wraps his arm around katie holmes 17
ryan reynolds wraps his arm around katie holmes 18
ryan reynolds wraps his arm around katie holmes 19
ryan reynolds wraps his arm around katie holmes 20
ryan reynolds wraps his arm around katie holmes 21
ryan reynolds wraps his arm around katie holmes 22
ryan reynolds wraps his arm around katie holmes 23
ryan reynolds wraps his arm around katie holmes 24
ryan reynolds wraps his arm around katie holmes 25

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  • Meg

    Alexander Skarsguard ehhhh??

  • Jan

    So they got her a role playing a frumpy housewife type? Suits her.
    Hope the role is small so she can’t ruin this too.

  • Dee

    Blake has nothing to worry about

  • Terry

    How does Katie Holmes keep getting movie roles?? Everything she is in flops!

  • Alyssa

    OMG She is a terrible actress.

  • @5

    @5read the last thread on her.Harvey Weinstein is on a “let’s try and help pitiful Katie Holmes get a career” kick. It won’t last and it won’t work

  • sari

    @Meg: I don’t believe it for a moment!

  • @7

    It’s just pr for the movie. Start some sort of buzz around the actors or something.
    Only the low end sites are even picking it up. No one probably believes it either.

  • Katie’s IMDB

    So for kicks I checked her imdb to see what her “fans” were saying.
    The 3 top threads as of right now are:
    1) why does she look so old for her age
    2)very old looking now
    3)what happened to her looks.
    LOL! And no, I don’t post on her imdb page.
    Aside from those the last comments were from May of this year.

  • @ #9 and others

    Those horrible threads on IMDB are because the same losers who post here also post there. Try looking at the boards of others. None of them are very nice.

    To those who continuously post the nastiest things they can think of, please tell us what you do for a living and prove how successful you are. Also, a picture would be nice. I’m going to bet that most of you are ugly as hell and don’t have nearly as interesting of a life or career as Holmes. If you did, you wouldn’t be here day in and day out attacking a total stranger. I’m consistently shocked at how awful people are to Holmes. She’s a pretty girl, has an adorable child, and seems to do just fine with her career. She’s living her life. You guys who are so negative and nasty should try doing the same.

  • Katie’s IMDB

    Probably not the same people since if you read what they wrote it seems they use to be fans of her and are commenting she has aged badly.

  • @ Katie’s IMDB

    And?? Could still be the same people.

    I’m curious as to why you care so much that you’d check. Why do you dislike her so much? Did she do something awful to you?? I just don’t “GET” why anyone would negatively comment on anyone. Why take the time? Why rag on a total stranger, whether its Katie Holmes or anyone else? Didn’t anyone else’s parents teach them that “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”

    I think what we have here are alot of very unhappy people who are probably no successful in their careers or lives.

  • archangelmichael


  • Alyssa

    @@ Katie’s IMDB: Calm down!! People are allowed to give their opinions, whether you like it or not. It’s a fact that her movies flop, and no one can figure out how she keeps getting roles.

  • say what

    A “frigid”? you mean she is cold or she is built like a refridge? (both probably fit).

  • got the time

    @@ Katie’s IMDB:
    so let’s see how many ‘happy’ people go and buy a ticket to see katie holmes in any film (the giver, miss meadows, lady in gold, whatever).

    the giver, if it does well, will be IN SPITE OF katie holmes.

  • to#16

    If the past is anything to go by, then not very many

  • Jean

    Her shoes are too small making the cankle crisis even worse. Is the costumer blind?

  • NG

    Tom Cruise’s box office. The bottomline is the $$$. The Internet really makes it easier to look up videos, pictures, data.

  • Wow

    I agree that Katie gets more flack than she should. Leave her alone. Send your attacks to the Kardashians.

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    disgruntled scientology nut cases. GET A LIFE LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MEMO

    NUMBER 21—you need an education. Go back and look at old Katie threads here from around 2008 to 2011 when she was a proud card carrying Scientology member. Guess what??? She got the same or worse flack here then.
    So who was it then talking about her?
    It wasn’t scientologist, was it???
    So she got flack when she was in and now when she is out. So maybe it’s just that people don’t like her.
    Not everyone suddenly loves her now that she left. Marriage or no marriage, cult or no cult it doesn’t make a difference.

  • Reality Check


    Reality check. It’s not about Scientology.

    Katie can’t act(.)

    The only disgruntled nut case is you and soon to be Harvey Weinstein.

    “I’ve always believed if we can’t get somebody established, we’ll find somebody new,”

    Looking forward to seeing Katie’s Oscar, Academy, Globes, or SAG speech.

    More than likely, if she accepts, it will be a Razzy.

  • DTBH

    @got the time: it will to watch the train wreck

  • DTBH

    She has EVERYTHING going for her: 1. So many successful people quotes were, “when people say you can’t, u believe in yourself and keep going. 2. The underdog. 3. A family rooted in Catholicism. 4. Resources to tap into AND experience all she needs to do is the leg work. 5. Believers/fans. When u have A-listers like Angelina, Ryan Reynolds, Tom Cruise, Anne Hatheway, The BAR IS NOT THAT HIGH:=o!

  • @25

    maybe but how long has she had those things and still not excelled? A long time.

  • V

    Another flop in the making.

  • DTBH

    @@25: I think I chose the wrong profession;)

  • Carolyn

    Katie needs a successful TV show or a cable series. Her one pilot didn’t seem to go anywhere, but maybe there’s something else out there that would be right for her. There are lots of average actresses doing very well on television.

  • sari

    @DTBH: Being an A lister doesn’t mean you can act well. A lister generally means someone who can open a picture, has power in Hollywood, and dominates tabloid headlines and can sell blogs/tabs. Meryl Streep is an A list actor, but not as far as a seller in the media and am not sure how much power and money she has to be a power player in HW. When Katie divorced Tom she dropped down because she can’t open or sell a film, doesn’t have money or power.

  • NG

    Note: This picture of Katie wearing a baby bump on her new movie makes her look good as a pregnant lady because when she was pregnant in real life she got huge based on the pictures that were taken of her at the time. Usually when making a movie, the actors remove all their personal jewelry. In this picture Katie is wearing a gold bracelet on her right hand that she recently begun to wear in real life.

    Katie Holmes Wears Prosthetic Baby Bump On Set of Woman In Gold: Picture

  • NG

    Katie should be flattered that whoever cast her in this movie Woman in Gold still felt she is believable to get pregnant because yes she is 35 going on 36 and women can still have babies at this age, but there are people saying that she looks older or not aging well. If you read the current Variety, there is an article with actress Judy Greer and she says she graduated from playing the best friend in the movie to someone’s mom to now a cool, strong mom. This actress Judy Greer (a likable personality) has a new television series this fall.

    Judy Greer has had a steady career and is a likeable personality. She appeared with Katie in her last Broadway show Dead Accounts and is 2 years older than Katie.

  • NG

    #30 – I don’t know that I agree with your statement about A listers. Yes, Meryl Street doesn’t always open big with her movies, however, the picture gets financing to get made in the first place because she’s in it. And Meryl Streep has broken records as the most nominated actress in Hollywood history so she someone Katie doesn’t have to worry about. They will never be in the same leaque. This is NOT a knock on Katie but if you have ever seen Meryl Streep’s biography (I have) she was preparing to be a bonafide actress from a long time ago. Meryl Streep is unique and her movies (most of them) are successful. Katie’s claim to fame is Dawson’s Creek, Batman Begins, and Pieces of April. And then Tom Cruise’s wife and Suri Cruise mother. Now she’s trying to move forward with her career after this messy divorce and marriage. Whether people want to admit it or not, she’s had a lot of exposure and career opportunities and so far has not delivered the goods, a great, memorable performance. Even though they are divorced I must tell you that marriage and her & Cruise allowing Suri to be exposed to the paparrazi the way they did, did not sit well with a lot of people. It made her look like a person that would sell her most precious possession or whatever you want to call it, to get publicty. The good thing is that Suri is getting older and does not like the paparrazi so she’s not going to be easily manipulated like when she was a toddler and walk right into the cameras of the paparrazi.

  • sari

    @NG: I agree totally about Streep. She has worked much harder than KH to define and prepare as an actress. Katie, herself, said she made some rather poor film choices. But that said, KH lacks the talent of Streep or even a Jolie, Lawrence, Kidman or Blanchett. She also doesn’t have the charisma of say Aniston or Bullock (who are decent, but average actresses). She, not that we know of, doesn’t use the casting couch method to get films. So kudos to her for being able to work in such an industry with her average talents, lack of charisma and no-go on the couch! If you look at her BoxOfficeMojo stats they are really poor compared to most on the list and that combined with her lack of talent has me bedazzled that she CAN get parts. For instance Gillian Anderson has a very low overall score, but she can act and chooses to act in indies and BBC type productions and does a suburb job (i.e. like the Falls with Jamie Dornan). I must admit watching Mad Money I cringed in embarrassment for her and her lack of skills. Why she choose this over Batman II is a mystery, but I believe her and Tom’s antics had her fired from Batman II. Those were the first reports that came out–she wasn’t asked back and then Tommy’s PR firm went into overdrive. Their antics strained his relationship with Spielberg for years because industry analysts thought War of the Worlds would have made at least $100 million more than it did if he hadn’t gone off the rails. I think that time period and her marriage derailed KH big time. She is trying to make it back, but I don’t think she can. She has a rep of being unfriendly to fans (you can google this and find dozens of examples), she lacks charisma, she lacks talent and is still tabloid fodder. Although she is supposedly decent in Miss Meadows, the film itself got trashed for being uneven. The Seagull isn’t getting good advance buzz. Most blogs and things I’ve read about the Giver don’t like the trailers and many have singled out KH as lacking in the part of the mother. So who knows how this will all turn out. If nothing else she probably has enough material to blackmail Tommy boy for the rest of his life.

  • To Sari

    “…. that combined with her lack of talent has me bedazzled that she CAN get parts”

    again her last few gigs were due to Harvey and they are small roles.
    If she doesn’t do something great with him now she will fade out.
    She was given a million chances and nothing has come of them really.
    If Harvey would not have stepped in her imdb would be empty now.

    Agree with Batman though- no way she is even dumb enough to turn that down and for all Tom’s many faults I think he wanted her to be a success even if it was just because it reflects back on him so I don’t think he didn’t “allow her” to do that.

  • NG

    #34 – Totally agree with you. Well said.

  • NG

    I also think Tom Cruise really wanted Katie Holmes to succeed while they were married because that would make him be part of a successful, power couple. When they were married you suddenly saw her going to dance and exercise classes, and opportunities opened up to her while they were married. Who can forget this dance number they did for charity. If you go to 1:36 where she is belting out the song Whatever Lola Wants it makes you CRINGE. Surely she was surrounded by yes people that were afraid to tell her you do not have a great voice and your dance moves are NOT there. I say this because Katie somehow had gotten a role in Eli Stone and had a dance and song number too and then another dance and song number on So you Think you can dance and sang Happy Days Are Here Again. All done while married to Tom Cruise. Sorry, but whoever thinks she did NOT have career opportunities opened to her while married to Tom Cruise is delusional. Katie has had a lot of opportunites to BREAK OUT and put out memorable performances but although she had done some decent acting she is NOT a great actress, NOT a great singer, NOT a great dancer. I’m NOT being hateful or mean. You have to have that “IT QUALITY” to be likable, to make the audience want to pay $14.00 to see you in a movie, or $150 to see you in a Broadway play. I am not supporting Tom Cruise but while she was married to him she had so many opportunities to strike it big on Broadway, the big screen, television, fashion industry, etc., the one thing she hasn’t done is write a book.

  • NG

    This video where Katie Holmes sings Get Happy was for her appearance on So You Think You Can Dance. Katie did this while married to Tom Cruise. Before Tom Cruise she was NOT known to be a dancer or singer. Yes, she sang one song on Dawson’s Creek which you can see on YouTube but no one had really extended an opportunity to Katie to sing and dance. So for those posters out there that say “What opportunities did Tom Cruise open for her when they were married?” You can really see Katie had carte blanche to TRANSFORM her physical body (exercising and private dance lessons), THEN CAREER OPPORTUNITIES to DANCE and SING, THEN acting jobs, countless appearances on television award presentations, MOVIES, on BROADWAY, FASHION LINE, etc. this is a very competitive industry where you can make a lot of MONEY but at one point you have to DELIVER the GOODS and have a LIKABLE QUALITY to you where audiences will RESPOND. They do that you will be on fashion covers, magazines, everywhere. If NOT, you will fade away into the sunset but have experienced something a lot of people will never live.

  • NG

    Yes, I work but I love to WRITE. I don’t feel sorry for Katie. She was a grown woman when she married Tom Cruise. She knew what she was getting into and was ready to walk right in. When you listen to actresses like Judy Greer describe how hard it was to survive (pay rent and the bills) in Hollywood before she made it you understand that Katie is having a different experience, Katie is having it much easier because she is living on the child support for Suri and previously lived with Tom Cruise and before that when she was single Katie Holmes she lived with Chris Klein for 5 years so she wasn’t struggling to pay rent but she also wasn’t wealthy. Marrying Tom Cruise increased her bank account and now she is living in New York at a $12,500 per month apartment and doesn’t have to worry about money but inspite of not having financial worries or stress she is NOT a big movie star or Broadway star.

  • annie

    Seriously you people are weird. Do you disect every actress on JJ like that or only KH?

  • as if

    Oh Annie, don’t ever call anyone weird when you take the cake writing essays on Katie’s horoscope. That is weird and creepy.

  • sari

    @NG: A couple of folks on here are having a dialogue, what is weird about that? You’ve certainly written quite a lot over the years and some your posts have been long too. So what is the big deal? You are a super fan which is fine, but many of us can’t understand how someone who has had a string of box office failures and non-starts can get the parts she is getting. Believe me if this was Tara Reid I’d be just as dazzled. More so.

  • annie

    I actually asked a simple question, do you guys dissect other actresses, or comment on other actresses, or should I say non Alist actresses, like you do Katie. There are hundreds of them, and heaps of them everyday on JJ.
    Tell you what tho……she sure knows how to keep you interested!

    @as if
    bet I could tell a lot about you in your horescope.

  • popeye

    I’m assuming that @NG has this obsession on Katie that he/she knows a lot about her and translates it into essays. Katie is not like any hollywood celeb out there who are either cocaine addicts or party animals. She is grounded and level headed. She knows her priorities, what is important. And she lives by that. . Go, go, Katie!!!

  • Bianca

    they probably don’t because the people that follow Katie have followed this story and not necessarily other celebrities but those other celebs have people that follow then and discuss their career.
    Why is that so hard to understand?
    It is funny as heck to watch you make excuses since you were the lead cheerleader saying how the Homely one was going to be some great actress “any day now” .

  • annie

    but Bianca you are not a fan, you just go around being negative, of course posting under 100 different names helps for the fun of putting someone down.
    as for being a” great actress”, never said that…..i said her best work is coming, and that we’ll see, how it turns out.