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The First Episode of LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian's Reality Show Has Got Us Hooked - Watch Now!

The First Episode of LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian's Reality Show Has Got Us Hooked - Watch Now!

LeAnn Rimes dons a floral dress while attending the LeAnn & Eddie Screening Party with her husband Eddie Cibrian Cibrian at The Attic Rooftop on Tuesday (July 15) in New York City.

“My responsibility is not to change people’s minds. My responsibility is to my sons and my husband and to my happiness,” the 31-year-old country singer shared during the screening. Watch the first episode of the show below!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of LeAnn Rimes

The day before, LeAnn and Eddie were spotted holding hands while jetting out of LAX Airport.

LeAnn Rimes – ‘LeAnn & Eddie’ Episode

FYI: LeAnn is wearing a Bianca Pratt “E” initial necklace.

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian promoting their new show during a screening…

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  • What?

    Those aren’t your sons you ugly ho.

  • Wow


  • kami

    what a crapfest this show is going to be. man that dude has aged since he’s been with this crazy woman. and she is contradicting herself. that’s what happens when a person lies. they can’t remember what the said from one day to the next.

    “My responsibility is not to change people’s minds[she previously stated that the purpose of the show was to change people's minds about her and eddie and make them see her truth]. My responsibility is to my sons [she doesn't have any sons. eddie and brandi have two sons] and my husband [she means keep a tracker on him and his phone to try and keep him from cheating] and to my happiness [her happiness is tweeting 24/7 and tracking down eddie and his side piece].”

  • justine

    i love this show! go leanne!

  • not your kids

    Those are NOT YOUR KIDS.. you are a step mom.

  • Country Girl Tammy

    Telling it like it is! Go LeAnn and Eddie!!

  • taco

    When this mess finally airs and is over will she shut the hell up and go away?

  • Angela

    I’m sorry, I’ve never really picked a ‘team’ but I’ve realised with all this press that she’s an absolute and complete b*tch. Today she claimed on Seacrest that her feud with Brandi is all one sided and then the same day she calls those boys her ‘sons’. I clearly remember reading once that Brandi has an issue with her boundaries and I don’t blame her. Love your stepsons? Great, that’s a good thing for them but RESPECT THEIR MOTHER. She carried them, she gave them life, she raised them and they will love her until the day they die. A stepmother can love her stepchild with all her heart but the reality is her role in their life exists only as long as her relationship with their father does and in Leann’s case that will not be too much longer!

  • lala

    HER SONS? last i checked she is not the one who gave birth to them…

  • Promo

    Promoted post!

  • guest

    To all of you moaning and groaning about what she said, YES they are her children too. Good to see a step-parent claiming children as her on. It is rare for a step parent to love a child/ren as his/her own. I think it’s great.

  • Natural Nia

    it’s bad enough they cheated, but once married, leann could have quietly focused on her new life and her career. instead, she kept running her mouth on twitter, etc. and that’s why people can’t stand her! i honestly think the damage has been done and there’s no coming back from it. as crazy as brandi is and as dirty as eddie is, leann is hated most of all.

  • Marie

    That is very weird to say that Eddie’s children are her sons. My brother is remarried and his wife is great to the kids, but the line is made very clear (by my brother) that she’s their friend not their mom. Leann must be so confusing to those children, even more so when she and Eddie break up. Which is inevitable.

  • Julie

    Its hasnt aired yet nutjob

  • Julie

    Go Eddie! Run as fas and as fast as you can fun Looneyann.

  • Julie

    Ummmmm ! You think? Two pinheads. Where is the respect for the mother.. Dont say Leann does not bring on this hate herself.. And, when Eddie leaves, she will have no right to these children what so ever..

  • allison

    Every step mom should treat and love her step sons like they are her own.
    So STFU those are her sons! Her boys!

  • minty

    Horrible choice of clothes. Looks like they’ve been hitting bargains at Dollar Store. Cheap, tasteless. They both look hungover.

    Brandi must be ROTFL. Seeing such swines become the biggest laughingstocks when their show is premiered. And cancelled.

  • allison (aka guest)

    Every step mom should treat and love her step sons like they are her own without overstepping boundaries.
    So Leann needs to STFU those are not her sons! Her boys belong to Brandi!

  • allison (aka guest)

    The Spotlight Seeker and The Compulsive Cheater

    infidelity 4[Blind Gossip] This award-winning performer’s husband has been cheating on her since the beginning of their marriage. In fact, he is cheating on her right now with another female celebrity. The identity of the mistress would probably surprise you.

    Wife knows all about the affair, but is reluctant to file for divorce. That’s because this marriage keeps her in the spotlight… which is the thing she craves more than honesty or fidelity!

    So she will do anything to give the appearance that things are fine, including arranging for daily affectionate “spontanteous” photo ops with the Husband to try to convince you that all is well. She calls her publicist first thing every morning to provide an itinerary of where she will be for the day. Her publicist then calls the paparazzi to ensure that they are there to “secretly” capture how devoted they are to each other and their family. Yes, it’s all done for the cameras.

    Spotlight Seeking Wife:

    Compulsive Cheating Husband:


  • allison (aka guest)

    Review: ‘LeAnn & Eddie’

    July 13, 2014

    Words cannot describe how little I care about the personal lives of most celebrities. I have a couple of close friends that are extremely well-known and if I’ve learned one thing from being around them, it’s the life they live in public (even in the tabloids), bears scant resemblance to what happens in private. I don’t care all that much if someone cheats on their spouse or is a terrible parent. Those problems are best left to the people they impact directly and it would be insane for me to draw conclusions based on what I read in a gossip column or TMZ.

    All of which was a problem for me when I approached the new VH1 reality series “LeAnn & Eddie.” LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian are both talented enough people, but why exactly would I want to watch a TV show highlighting their lives…or at least, the version of their lives they want to show to the viewing audience?

    Based on the premiere episode of the show, the answer is that there isn’t a reason to watch, unless you’re either an uber-fan of the duo or are a Brandi Glanville fan who has some need to keep count of how many times she’s referenced in the show. “LeAnn & Eddie” isn’t the worst entry ever in the “celebrity life” reality TV genre, but it is a pretty good example of why you shouldn’t allow the subjects of the show to have too much control over the finished product.

    Literally 75% of the premiere episode involves gossip and the press in some way, with much of the storyline built around Eddie Cibrian’s unhappiness with a tabloid story that claimed the couple was headed for a $50 million divorce. Now while I understand their frustration, seeing their frustrations played out on camera is like a whiney version of watching sausage being made. Will the couple respond publicly? What will the kids say? Will friend Mario Lopez ask them about it during an interview on “Extra?” The problem is that while this story matters a lot to LeAnn and Eddie, it’s not so compelling a story if you’re just watching the couple obsess about it.


    I’m probably not the target audience for “LeAnn & Eddie,” but it’s hard for me to determine just who the audience might be for a show that wants to offer up a different side of the duo, but is also self-obsessed with gossip and bad publicity. A writing mentor of mine once told me that just because you have a story to tell, that doesn’t mean it’s worth telling.

    And that, in one sentence, is the core problem with “LeAnn & Eddie.”

    “LeAnn & Eddie” premieres on VH1 on Thursday, July 17th, 2014.

  • allison (aka guest)

    LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian Take on Reality TV

    Next week will mark the premier episode of the new reality TV show “LeAnn and Eddie” on VH1. It is hard to imagine the word “reality” having any association with Ms. Rimes, but whatever. She is making a living, bless her, and since singing is clearly not working out for her, she is turning to television. Important to note that just about anyone can get a reality show so this is not a big deal in terms of accomplishments. It is a big deal however that her husband has managed to get a job. Nobody is interested in him of course, and will only tune in to see the trainwreck that is LeAnn Rimes. I will be watching and blogging all about it.

    LeAnn thinks my blogging about her show proves I like her. She not only tweeted me directly to discuss my blogging her show, but VH1 tweeted me directly and begged me to give the show a chance. It is quite funny as I have written about LeAnn a lot and not been shy about sharing my opinions of her. I have never met her in person, but my job is to write about pop culture and so she is on my radar. I am fascinated by not only her obvious mental illness, but her lack of decency or awareness of actual reality. She is mean spirited, selfish, simple, and laughing all the way to the bank. She is milking her 15 minutes dry.

    I could write about how she has countless accounts on Twitter trying to get her show trending. I could write about how she is friendly with hurtful and crazy people on Twitter. I could write about her delusions of motherhood to Brandi Glanville’s kids. I could write about her latest video announcing a Christmas tour nobody will attend and she will cancel more than perform. I could write about how funny it is she promotes hair products when she does not appear to ever wash her hair. Instead I would just like to say a few words about a subject few seem to mention, and that is her husband Eddie Cibrian.

    His is an interesting man. Well he is not interesting as much as his choices are. He cheated on his wife, married his mistress, yet seems to be repulsed by her. He rarely works, is supported by his wife, and wants us to think his children are not only his top priority, but he turns down work to avoid being away from them. Any man who would allow his wife to disrespect, mock, torture, and ridicule the mother of his children is not a real man. He is a coward and in the end this show will be the thing that shows his kids who he really is. When they watch this show they will have no respect for their father.

    Important to note that I have no vested interest in this couple or their show. I am writing about it because that is what I do. If it is a great show, I will say so. If it makes me laugh, people will know. If it makes me want to impale myself with my remote control and drink until I am so drunk I can’t see or hear them, then I will write that. It is nothing personal, just my opinion, and I am not the only one who will be writing about it. For some reason LeAnn Rimes has taken a personal interest in me and my work and that is both entertaining and unfortunate. It is also proof I am dealing with a loose cannon who is mentally unstable.

    The days leading up to the premier of this show are proving to be volatile on social media. Some people are writing about boycotting the show because they feel strongly about her. She is polarizing and oddly unaware the power to change public opinion is in her hands. Since LeAnn reads everything I write, I’d like to tell her that when your show airs you will put another nail in the coffin of your career. It is on you and not those of us who write about you. Don’t blame me for writing my opinion. Instead of rallying your multiple personalities and Twitter accounts to attack, take a deep breath and take the hits.

    The choice to go on reality TV is one you can never take back. You are putting yourself in the line of fire and no matter how prepared you are for attacks, you’ll never be prepared enough. If 50% of marriages end in divorce, and that number is higher for couples on reality TV, this could not end well for Mr. and Mrs. Cibrian. In an attempt to show the world how happy and in love they are, this may be their undoing. Either way, I don’t really care. I’m just a writer who is going to do my thing, while they do their thing. I am certain when it comes to Leann, Eddie, and me, I will be the only one keeping it real.

  • allison (aka guest)


    Left the room as Leann Rimes, Eddie Cibrian self-justified their reality show, but it didn’t improve while I was gone. #TCA14

    Not to damn with faint praise, but Nicole Richie certainly seems more worthy of a show than LeAnn & Eddie. #TCA14

    I understand that packs of paparazzi would be very excited to have LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian before them hyping new show. #NotMe #TCA14

    VH1′s “Leann and Eddie” is them presenting the real story of who they are blah blah blah just like every other celeb-couple show. #TCA14

    From the “Leann & Eddie” clips, which were shockingly boring, @BrandiGlanville need not worry. #TCA14

    Maybe I’m just grr today, but the LeAnn & Eddie trailer makes me stabby #TCA14

    As I’m writing the reviews, a few quick thoughts: really enjoyed ep of #TheDivide, but want to see more. #LeAnnAndEddie is horrifically bad.

    VH1′s “Leann and Eddie” is them presenting the real story of who they are blah blah blah just like every other celeb-couple show. #TCA14

    Are we seriously that desperate for entertainment that we’ll resort to watching that? Weren’t the Kardashians bad enough?

    #LeAnnandEddie reality series sizzle reel makes me want #DatingNaked back on screen #TCA14

    “Well, that’s obviously not what we’re doing,” says Cibrian when asked if the show is like #TrueTori. #areyousure #TCA14 #MTV #LeannAndEddie

    Not interested in #LeAnnAndEddie. Looks dumb. Especially juxtaposed with something as authentic and fascinating as #VirginTerritory. #TCA14

    Watching this clip for #LeAnnAndEddie makes me want to palate cleanse with a viewing of #RHOBH. That’s not a good feeling. #TCA14

    #confession I had to look up who @EddieCibrian was, and who his ex-wife is. not interested in seeing his life with @leannrimes. #TCA14

    Eddie Cibrian proudly lists #ThePlayboyClub as one of his major credits, fyi. #TCA14

    Leann Rimes & Eddie Cibrian are talking about the tabs spreading lies. So they DIDN’T hook up while they were both married to other people?

    Eddie Cibrian talks about having a reality show like most celebrities talk about having a boat. “Everybody has one these days.” #TCA14 #VH1

    It’d be fun to have Lisa Kudrow (perhaps as Valerie Cherish) ask the questions in this depressing #LeAnnAndEddie reality show session #tca14

    Once, couples bored friends with home movies, today they bore whole nations with fake ones, cut with noisy music stings. #LeAnnEddie #TCA14

    @courtenlow @BrandiGlanville It seems highly produced. (AKA fake.)

    ZING!!! RT @TVGMDamian: Leann Rimes says tabloids lie and ruin lives. So do man-stealers. #TCA2014

    Can’t wait to see the impending divorce tabloid headlines about these two as I check out at the grocery store…sigh.

    Now #LeAnnAndEddie are joking “we wanted to ruin our marriage, so we’re doing a show.” #selffulfillingprophecy #TCA14

    Cibrian & Rimes talk about doing a reality show as if “yeah, it’s what everyone does.” Um, no, no, it’s not.

    Leann Rimes keeps saying that she doesn’t take herself seriously. Or, apparently, the sanctity of marriage. #LeAnnAndEddie

    Leann Rimes mentioning “any tabloid fodder that may have come from [Brandi]” has me taking off my earrings. #TCA2014

    So Leann Rimes says she doesn’t pay attention to social media @etnow. Someone tell her twitter is social media. #TCA14 #lie

    #EddieAndLeAnn was produced by The Gurney’s — also EPs of Duck Dynasty — which is apt since both shows make me want to die #TCA14

    In the 1st ep of #LeannAndEddie they do bad talk Brandi. They are saying on this panel that they do not, but I watched the episode… #TCA14

    I stopped watching my screener of LEANN AND EDDIE when they were making fun of his kids’ mom. Gross. #tcas14

    And now, the panel for LEANN AND EDDIE, exactly the gossip-rag faux-record-clearing kind of show I dislike most. #tcas14

    There are boing-boing sound effects on WIPEOUT that are more authentic than LEANN AND EDDIE felt to me. #tcas14

    Time for #CandidlyNicole with Nicole Richie, a far more palatable personality. #vh1 #TCA14

  • allison (aka guest)

    To all of you moaning and groaning about what she said, YES they are NOT her children AND LEANN NEEDS TO SHOW SOME RESPECT TO BRANDI too. IT IS NOT Good to see a step-parent claiming children as her on BECAUSE SHE IS USING THEM TO PROMOTE HER REALITY SHOW. It is NOT rare for a step parent to love a child/ren as his/her own. I think it’s great THAT EVERYONE SEES THAT LEANN IS USING JAKE AND MASON AND THAT SHE DOESN’T LOVE THEM.

  • allison (aka guest)

    LeAnn Rimes Claims Brandi Glanville Feud Is ‘One-Sided’ – Denies Her Role Even Though She Starts Most Fights!

    LeAnn Rimes and Brandi Glanville have been embroiled in a feud for a long time, but LeAnn is now claiming that the feud is ‘one-sided’.

    She and her husband Eddie Cibrian spoke to Ryan Seacrest earlier this week to promote their new VH1 reality show, and LeAnn discussed her feud with Brandi, explaining , “It’s a very one-sided feud. [Brandi's] been fighting with herself for a long time. I keep my mouth very shut about a lot of things, and there comes a time when I do have to stand up for myself. Trust me, I ignore things way more than I probably should or could have. I could have gone absolutely nuts, but I don’t want to do that.”

    Tell that to her Twitter account, which still has evidence that this feud is decidedly NOT one-sided. If anything, LeAnn has been the instigator more than she has been the victim, and she’s often the person to re-ignite the feud with jabbing tweets and comments about and towards Brandi. Also, there hasn’t been a single incident where Brandi has said something where LeAnn has kept her ‘mouth shut’. It’s actually the other way around, where Brandi has tried to stay out of the feud recently, which is probably why its died down so much. This is clearly LeAnn’s way of pretending as though she’s the bigger person, but anybody that’s been following her for the past year knows different. Now, I’m not defending either of them, but they’re both equally to blame for this feud. LeAnn can pretend as though she’s the one who backed off and she’s the one who stopped needling Brandi, but she’s shown us her true colors a long, long time ago in that arena.

  • allison (aka guest)

    LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian Live Interview: Special Advance Screening of ‘LeAnn & Eddie’ – CDL Exclusive (VIDEO-PHOTOS)

    CDL was invited to a special screening of LeAnn & Eddie in NYC on July 15 followed by a meet and greet with the stars of the VH1 reality show, LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian. The event was hosted by Noah Levy of VH1′s ‘The Gossip Table’ and allowed for a robust ‘no holds barred’ Q&A session.

    Everywhere you turn now – there’s a new reality show – now there is ‘LeAnn & Eddie.’ But what some of these “celebrities” ,and in case the quotations signs weren’t enough let me just say I’m using the word celebrities lightly; don’t appear to understand that while doing a show can clear up some of the rumors out there which is the number one excuse to be on TV – it also tears down that third wall. No more hiding from the paparazzi and saying your private life should remain private. Because once all of it is put on live TV then everyone’s going to have the right comment. If you didn’t want them to then you shouldn’t have aired your dirty laundry!

    But secretly we’re all glad you did!

    And before I start in – let’s be honest with what really happened a few years back. LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian‘s divorces from their respective spouses was not cleanly done. These people trampled over the vows and then proceeded to ride off into the sunset together. Beautiful wedding included.

    Their beginnings were and still are tabloid gold. Everyone at the time, and I am adding myself to the equation, had hoped they would crash and burn. Though they’ve surprised us by so far maintaining what it looks like a healthy relationship. Somehow despite our initial misgivings and horrible example courtesy of Tori Spelling and Dean what’s his face – LeAnn and Eddie are going strong. And in doing so they’ve won back so much earned respect.

    LeAnn was a child star that did good (no drugs or DUI arrests) and Eddie continues to be a TV and film heartthrob (it’s those dimples). So, yes, they’re work should get some acknowledgement however that’s not what their new show is about. From what little I’ve seen, they didn’t do the show to fight ugly rumors, they did it to capitalize on them. They filmed the first episode with Brandi in mind.

    Her name came up way too often in the premiere episode (even for my liking). And though they claim everything is Kumbaya with their co-parent – that didn’t stop them from making their little digs now did it.

    You know how I can tell their digs are just that – I’ve seen Brandi do it better on her own reality show. That girl doesn’t pull punches. She says what she thinks loud and in your face. Her ex on the other hand plays a more subtle game. During the Q&A, which was so tame it would have made Wendy Williams scream in frustration, all Eddie and LeAnn could say about their decisions on being a home-wrecker was that they were unhappy back then.So unhappy as a matter of fact that they didn’t want to risk having regrets.

    They then went on to dig the knife a little deeper by saying they didn’t know what love was really like until each other. And, hey, what a nice a way to crap on a marriage that at least meant something to someone else if not you.

    All this talk about what to getting away from the ugly rumors and yet they manage reignite every nasty thing I’ve ever thought about them. Some of which has been dormant for years. They are tactless. It’s been years since the incident and they still haven’t found a way to not hurt other people. Like his children who came from the regrettable years.

    No one was expecting “I’m sorry” from them. After all they shouldn’t have to apologize for what they do behind closed doors but the last part is where the problem is. Those doors aren’t close anymore and this couple took their showboating too far with both the show and the press tour.

    When they were discussing his children’s reaction to their dad’s divorce from their mom and LeAnn used her own experience of how relieved she was when her parents announced their divorce to her – all I thought about was what Brandi was going to say next.

    I, as a third party could see how her words could be misconstrued. I am an adult while Brandi however remains in the in-between stage. So when she said it – I winced at the faux pas. But when Brandi hears it and reacts. I’ll be sitting back enjoying the show.

    If these people wanted their privacy then they should have had their work and not the scandal sheets do the talking for them. This show is only going to make their lives worse so I hope the quick buck they’re earning from this was worth it!

  • allison (aka guest)



    Irene Sybil @irene_sybil · 3m
    @carriestrand89 @giuvalentino @BrandiGlanville Deane wants nothing to do with her kind


    Retweeted by Irene Sybil
    Terry Essence @AmeriTerry · 43m
    @christannah @theviewtv @CUSHNIEETOCHS @leannrimes @LeAnnEddieVH1 I screamed out :Its About Time they had their say! I am proud of both!


    Irene Sybil @irene_sybil · 2h
    @theviewtv @leannrimes Leann is the best. Love this couple


    Irene Sybil @irene_sybil · 16h
    @LRozRocks_11 @LeAnnEddieVH1 @EddieCibrian @leannrimes truly wonderful and the show surpasses my wildest expectations. Floating


    Retweeted by Irene Sybil
    Faux Reality Ent @FauxRealityE · 16h
    .@LeAnnEddieVH1 OMG! @EddieCibrian loves @leannrimes!!! and on a side note bitter nuts throughout twitter had to be talked off ledges


    Sassy & Sweet @SassyAndSweet · 16h
    So sweet!!!! 😍😍 RT @LeAnnEddieVH1: “We are a team, and I’m so happy to have her as my teammate.” – @EddieCibrian to @leannrimes 😍


    Irene Sybil @irene_sybil · 16h
    @LeAnnEddieVH1 @EddieCibrian @leannrimes been waiting literally years to hear Eddie utter those words about Le…I’m thrilled to the marrow


    Retweeted by Irene Sybil
    LeAnn And Eddie @LeAnnEddieVH1 · 17h
    “We are a team, and I’m so happy to have her as my teammate.” – @EddieCibrian to @leannrimes 😍


    Retweeted by Irene Sybil
    LeAnn And Eddie @LeAnnEddieVH1 · 17h
    #LeAnnAndEddie are taking questions from the press tn in the heart of NYC! Stay tuned for coverage from the event!


    Retweeted by Irene Sybil
    Donna Freydkin @freydkin · 24h
    I’m at a famous hotel waiting to talk to @vh1LeannEddie and it’s gonna get real up here on the 4th floor


    Retweeted by Irene Sybil
    Donna Freydkin @freydkin · 22h
    “We pick on each other in every shoot,” jokes @leannrimes


    Retweeted by Irene Sybil
    Donna Freydkin @freydkin · 22h
    Last minute touch ups with @leannrimes

  • allison (aka guest)


  • allison (aka guest)


    LeAnn Rimes Cibrian @leannrimes · 5h
    @christannah @kikicaldas you’re heeeeerrrrreeeee yay

  • allison (aka guest)


    LeAnn Rimes Cibrian @leannrimes · 16h
    Fun night of a no holds bar event! So fun! @LeAnnEddieVH1 #LeAnnAndEddie

    LeAnn Rimes Cibrian @leannrimes · 14h
    @Kelcie_W @LeAnnEddieVH1 bar barred same difference

    LeAnn Rimes Cibrian @leannrimes · 14h
    @Kelcie_W @LeAnnEddieVH1 I from the south we say everything differently lol


    LeAnn Rimes Cibrian @leannrimes · 4h
    Mr Man got to sleep in this morning #lucky #jealous sometimes it sucks being a girl lol #hairandmakeup #LeAnnAndEddie

  • allison (aka guest)




  • allison (aka guest)


    Oh, how nice. LeAnn Rhimes and Eddie Cibrian on @theviewtv in an attempt to soften the subject of infidelity and trickin’. Nice..

    @theviewtv @EddieCibrian @leannrimes Adulterer and a man stealing…click….

    LeAnn Rimes is singing what shld be a ballad like it’s an up tempo song. #odd #TheView

    Did anyone else notice that LeAnn Rimes passed over greeting Whoopi and Sherri on the View?

    No one danced, or even moved, while LeAnn Rimes performed on #TheView this morning. They just stood there and stared

    I have perfectly working ears & can say that @leannrimes doesn’t sound too good… @theviewtv #sorrynotsorry

    Cleaning and listening to the @theviewtv please get @leannrimes off the stage she’s awful!

    Why is this a remix? Why? Leann Rimes just slapped country music in the face. #theview

    #leannrimes didn’t acknowledge .@WhoopiGoldberg on .@theviewtv
    Viewers could see tension
    Whoopi pointed out L and Ed hv control over content

    Umm… Can somebody tell @leannrimes & Eddie, they brought the things they’ve “been through” upon themselves. Cheaters never win. #TheView

    LeAnn Rimes just snubbed Whoopi. #theView

    What’s with Leann Rimes walking past Whoopi and Sherry and hugging Jenny on the view, a little prejudice there Leann?

    So @leannrimes & @EddieCibrian essentially has a Reality Show to swap Digs with @BrandiGlanville. Ain’t nobody got time for that! #TheView

    Sad. I just realized I used to be a HUGE LeAnn Rimes fan. She used to be known as a SINGER. #theview

    @christannah @theviewtv @11am @leannrimes Keep applying the spackle!!!!

  • gwen

    “My responsibility is not to change people’s minds. My responsibility is to my sons and my husband and to my happiness,” the 31-year-old country singer shared during the screening. Watch the first episode of the show below!

    Sociopaths do not always have a covetous nature, but when they do, a fascinating and frightening picture emerges. Since it is simply not possible to steal and have for oneself the most valuable possessions of another person ie: beauty, intelligence, success,or perhaps a strong character the covetous psychopath settles for besmirching or damaging enviable qualities in others so that they will not have them, either, or at least not be able to enjoy them so much. Here the pleasure lies in taking rather than in having.The covetous sociopath thinks that life has cheated her somehow, has not given her nearly the same bounty as other people, and so she must even the existential score by robbing people, by secretly causing destruction in other lives. She believes she has been slighted by nature, circumstances, and destiny, and that diminishing other people is her only means of being powerful. Retribution, usually against people who have no idea that they have been targeted,is the most important activity in the covetous sociopath’s life, her highest priority.Since this clandestine power game is priority number one, all of the covetous sociopath’s deceitfulness and tolerance for risk are devoted to it. For the sake of the game, she may devise schemes and perform acts that most of us would consider outrageous and potentially self-destructive, in addition to cruel.And yet when such a person is around us in our lives, even on a daily basis, we are often oblivious to her activities. We do not expect to see a person direct a dangerous, vicious vendetta against someone who in most cases has done nothing to hurt or offend her. We do not expect it, and so we do not see it, even when it happens to someone we know or to us personally. The actions taken by the covetous sociopath are often so outlandish, and so gratuitously mean, that we refuse to believe they were intentional, or even that they happened at all. In this way, her true nature is usually invisible to the group. She can easily hide in plain sight among genuinely intelligent, professional people.When people do not provoke in the sociopath a desire for something they have, or for something they are, then she does not target them. To the contrary, she may be especially charming and courteous when she believes that certain underlings, as she thinks of them, are useful in maintaining her sheep’s-clothing disguise, a disguise that includes a presentation of herself as an extraordinarily nice, caring, responsible, and pitiably overworked person. Sound like anyone you know? Beware…

    2) Sociopaths live to exploit others
    The ultimate purpose of every sociopath’s life is to do whatever it takes to get what he or she wants at that moment. Since they do not understand love, they view other people as objects to be obtained, used, and then discarded. And so in all their interactions with others, they follow a particular pattern—idealize, devalue, and discard—over and over and over again. They are constantly scoping out potential targets and assessing them as sources of supply; they might want money, a place to live, sex, a cloak of normalcy, or a short-term thrill. They often throw people away suddenly and brutally, ignore them for days, months, or even years, and then contact them again as if no time has passed and all is well. Their desires change unexpectedly and abruptly, and nothing stops them from pursuing those desires in any way they can.

    Antisocial personalities don’t really care about anything but self-gratification. They don’t care about anyone other than themselves, and they don’t even care if they are caught and punished for what they do. Consequences for wrongdoing simply roll off their backs, and they continue on in life, which is something they consider to be nothing more than a little game of putting one over on people to get hold of things they want. They don’t think about you, they don’t think about society, they don’t think about whether someone is getting hurt or if something is fair (except when they need to in order to figure out how to get around people who have such sensibilities.) Beneath the fakery, their attitude in life is summed up by thoughts like, “Who cares”, “It’s (the victim’s) fault they got taken”, and “I’m gonna get just what I want; watch this brilliant move…ha ha…the idiot fell for it!” All the while, playing innocent and sweet to prevent being caught.

  • gwen

    Jodi Rimes and Eddie are so much in love that Jodi Rimes spent another day on twitter maniacally tweeting. Jodi Rimes is so busy doing interviews and eating that she cranked out another 40 tweets today. That’s the power of Adderall and gag orders.

    1) This is awesome!! Very cool to be on the chart w/ all these great dj’s
    Thx everybody who’s preordering -LR

    Considering that she gave the audience on The View free CDs, the mostly likely reason it’s charting in “pre-orders” is because Jodi Rimes and DB are padding the numbers.

    2) Mr Man got to sleep in this morning #lucky #jealous sometimes it sucks being a girl lol #hairandmakeup #LeAnnAndEddie-LR

    Translation: Eddie spent the night in another woman’s bed. Eddie is wearing make-up, so what is Jodi Rimes even talking about?

    3) Getting ready for @theviewtv @11am EST – be sure to tune in today!! #leannandeddie #glamtime @leannrimes -LR

    Then she has the nerve to insist that it’s the media who is writing her story for her.

    4) Tmrw night #LeAnnAndEddie @LeAnnEddieVH1 9:30cst/10:30est
    Talk shit and tune in…. You know you wanna lol

    Why would people tune in to watch when it’s been on ondemand and online for a week now?

    5) @Crzy4LeAnnRimes @LeAnnEddieVH1 @theviewtv help me make it through the night REMIX-LR

    Because the only way for Jodi Rimes to make it through he night while Eddie is with Lizzy is to manically tweet and then blame the tabloids for writing her story for her.

    6) Singing for my fans this morning #LeAnnAndEddie @LeAnnEddieVH1 @theviewtv man it’s early #jetlag -LR

    Seriously? She has jet lag and the first thing she does is manically tweet and post photos? For someone who travels a lot, why does she always have jet lag? She doesn’t. It’s just another means to get sympathy because her husband spent the night with someone else.

    7) @christannah @kikicaldas you’re heeeeerrrrreeeee yay-LR

    Translation: Eddie hates being alone with Jodi Rimes. Who is she kidding? Kiki was already in NY with them, hence why she was manically tweeting while on the plane.

    8) @WildAngel92 miserable is blissful-LR

    So blissful that Jodi Rimes has cranked out 76, 300 tweets! Isn’t she so busy doing LOTS of interviews? Why is she on twitter manically tweeting? What else is she going to do while Eddie is having sex with Kiki, Lizzy, or he waitresses?

    9) @ohsilverrific @christannah @kikicaldas we willz 💋-LR

    Translation: Jodi Rimes is going to spend the entire time on twitter manically tweeting and posting photos while Eddie parties with Kiki and her fake sister.

  • gwen

    Jodi Rimes was so busy doing promotions yesterday that before, during, and after the screening she was manically tweeting:

    1) @Kelcie_W @LeAnnEddieVH1 I from the south we say everything differently lol-LR

    Translation: Eddie ditched Jodi Rimes.

    2) Fun night of a no holds bar event! So fun! @LeAnnEddieVH1 #LeAnnAndEddie-LR

    Translation: The screening turned out just like the TCA event, tons of negative feedback.

    3) “My responsibility is not to change people’s minds. My responsibility is to my sons and my husband and to my happiness.” – @leannrimes

    Did I miss something? When did Jodi Rimes give birth to J and M? If her responsibility is to her “sons” and husband, then why does she have over 76,300 tweets? Leann is a covetous sociopath who is being ignored by her husband, so her responsibility is to herself.

    Jodi Rimes can’t keep track of her lies. Isn’t the entire premise of the VH1 show to show a side of her and Eddie’s life that they haven’t seen before and to tell her and Eddie’s story?

    4) “We are a team, and I’m so happy to have her as my teammate.” – @EddieCibrian to @leannrimes 😍

    So much so that Jodi Rimes spends her days on twitter cranking out over 76,300 tweets.If they are a team, why is Jodi Rimes always tweeting about how she does everything? From packing the kids clothes to making their Easter baskets to planning their birthday parties?

    To be a team, Eddie would have to be home. Based on Jodi Rimes late night and early morning tweets about Brandi’s kids, Eddie is rarely home. Eddie isn’t happy to have Jodi Rimes as his teammate, hence why Jodi Rimes spends the entire marriage SWF Brandi, Lizzy, Scheana, Elisa, or any woman who comes in contact with Eddie(Josie Davis, Melissa Desousa, Amber Heard, Jane Leeves).

    5) It takes a village lol -LR

    Because Jodi Rimes is so addicted to twitter that she can’t even put down the phone to get dressed.

    6) @mtrlguy I want to get that trending along w/ #LeAnnAndEddie-LR

    Translation: Jodi Rimes is going to create more fake twitter accounts.

    7) Today we have been eating and interviewing, multitasking lol
    Busy day, but great! One more little get together tonight

    Not according to her 76,300 tweets. Jodi Rimes manically tweeted all day long. If her day was so busy why was she able to crank out all those tweets?

    8) @SMediaStyle @NaomiCampbell @lindsaylohan all have great taste-LR

    9) @LRozRocks_11 @LeAnnEddieVH1 I do love him-LR

    For someone who claims that she doesn’t see the hate, why is Jodi Rimes always tweeting to people who harass Brandi?

    10) @RussMChilton seriously! Us too-LR

    Too funny. If Jodi Rimes was as busy as she claims, there is no way she would be on twitter manically tweeting. I checked Nicole Richie’s twitter account. Nicole made 1 tweet on July 11, 1 tweet on he 13, 4 tweets on July 14, 4 yesterday, and 1 today. Compare that to Jodi Rimes who made over 100 tweets yesterday and that doesn’t include Jodi Rimes fake accounts. With every tweet, Jodi Rimes destroys the premise of her Ted Bundy reality tv show.

  • gwen

    1) The First Episode of LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian’s Reality Show Has Got Us Hooked – Watch Now!

    Didn’t Jodi Rimes and the blog owner have lunch March 1, 2013 and then was invited to a listening party for Spitefire in June? Are they hooked because they really think the show is good or because they are hooked on the rewards Jodi Rimes gives them? The feedback isn’t positive.

    The interviews and the show remind me of this:

    2) LeAnn Rimes dons a floral dress while attending the LeAnn & Eddie Screening Party with her husband Eddie Cibrian Cibrian at The Attic Rooftop on Tuesday (July 15) in New York City.

    Which one of Eddie’s mistresses did she SWF this look from?

    3) The day before, LeAnn and Eddie were spotted holding hands while jetting out of LAX Airport.

    It was a staged photo-op. AKM-GSI took the photos.

    4) There are so many things wrong with these photos where to begin?

    The first thing that comes to mind is how contrived and forced Eddie and Jodi Rimes look. She is desperately clinging to him, photos 4 and 6.

    Eddie has the strange mannerism of putting his hand in front of his man parts, photos 4 and 5. Why? Is it because he is itching or is that his way of showing the world what he really thinks of Jodi Rimes?

    Eddie looks old and miserable. What is up with his foreheard wrinkles? Why is he always so orange? The strangest part is how Eddie has on a layer of make-up.

    Jodi Rimes looks so old. If she is so happy with Eddie, why is she going out of her way to look like Brandi?


  • gwen

    Yet ANOTHER ex friend of Brandi, Michelle Harvey has gone to LeAnn’s side! Glanville has broken the girl code and is sexing up Michelle’s exhusband while Michelle wants to get back with him! BRANDI, YOU ARE A FIRST CLASS SLVT!! No wonder all of your friends run away from you, slvt!

  • lisa clark

    I just watched a clip of Leann and Eddie out of curiosity and I will not be watching. To be fair, I hate Leann so it was inevitable that I would have these feelings. First thought is this show is a train wreck, all they are doing is bashing Brandi which isn’t hard to do but they could have taken the high road. Leann you are ugly inside and out and very insecure (totally shows) seriously the whole world knows Eddie just with you for your money and when that’s gone he will be also. I don’t doubt that he is cheating on you because to be honest who wouldn’t your so boring (evidence in this clip) and from seeing you on x factor finally your talent is gone. I don’t know if your on pills or just really mentally unstable? I had that aha moment when your mom stated she had problems getting pregnant and you could also, that’s why your so focused on calling your stepsons yours. I know how much you love to read everything that people say about you and then play the poor victim ( so sad) so I’m really hoping you read this YOUR SHOW is A JOKE go away No one cares about you or Eddie, your hated by most because your CRAZY very unstable. By the way Brandi has every reason in the world to talk crap about you and Eddie she was cheated on by you two home wrecker. What goes around comes around and I can’t wait!!

  • meiii(aka gwen impostor)

    Yet ANOTHER ex friend of Brandi, Michelle Harvey has gone to LeAnn’s side because Leann paid her to do it! Lizzy has broken the girl code and is sexing up Michelle’s exhusband Eddie while Leann wants to get back with him! Leann, YOU ARE A FIRST CLASS SLVT!! No wonder all of your friends run away from you and I have to use Gwen’s name to make nice comments about you, slvt!

  • meiii(aka gwen impostor)



    40 gwen @ 07/17/2014 at 6:28 am
    37gwen @ 07/17/2014 at 6:27 am

    45 gwen @ 07/16/2014 at 3:03 pm

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  • meiii(aka gwen impostor)


    @WendyWilliams @leannrimes love your show Wendy but wont watch with her on it she broke up a marriage and is a compulsive liar


    @WendyWilliams @leannrimes You would have to give away her album it sucks #shitfire


    @WendyWilliams @leannrimes I’m not entering if L.R. album is the only give away; no ma’am, I don’t even know that lady.


    @WendyWilliams @leannrimes Please think about how the 2 little boys feel about your show with Leann 10 years later. You are partly at fault


    @WendyWilliams @leannrimes Nope, didn’t watch, can’t support homewreckers and you shouldn’t either!


    Anddd off goes @WendyWilliams. @leannrimes and Eddie are nothing but trash. #vomit


    @leannrimes @WendyWilliams sweet Jesus these two are still at it?


    @WendyWilliams @leannrimes should be called the Brandi show as much as they talk about her #teambrandi


    @WendyWilliams @leannrimes haha! That’s funny because all questions regarding Leann’s blatant SWF’ing of Brandi are ALWAYS off limits.

    @WendyWilliams @leannrimes she’s such a moron I absolutely hate those two why give them time of day?


    @WendyWilliams @leannrimes -Please be respectful Wendy, I know you “in my head” lol #BostonFan


    @leannrimes and her dumb ass husband on the @WendyWilliams show can’t wait to see them make an ass of themselves and bloggers go crazy


    @WendyWilliams @leannrimes she is a joke


    @WendyWilliams @leannrimes Who are they now!!!


    @WendyWilliams @leannrimes Wendy: click….


    @WendyWilliams @leannrimes Wendy: what more can you tell the world about an adulterer and a woman stealing….(3)


    @WendyWilliams @leannrimes Not for me Wendy but i am looking forward to the rest of your show.


    @WendyWilliams @leannrimes Wendy: fans know they are pitching their new reality show. Most fans are not interested. (2)


    @WendyWilliams @leannrimes Noway.


    @WendyWilliams @leannrimes Wendy: double hell no!


    @WendyWilliams @leannrimes Wendy how wud u feel if mistress was calling ur son hers and taunting u!! I thought u were real??


    @WendyWilliams @leannrimes Of course no ? is off limits but ur guests are incapable of being honest. No thanks! #BrandiWins


    @WendyWilliams @leannrimes @VH1 why don’t u ask LR why she from the beginning has posted photos of BG ‘s kids knowing it hurts brandi


    @leannrimes @WendyWilliams will u discuss how on ur facebook over 2700 commented on leann / ed & over 95% hate them, these r wendy viewers.


    @LeAnnEddieVH1 @leannrimes @WendyWilliams ask leann y she’s calling Brandi’s sons her sons? y so vile? hasn’t she hurt brandi enough?


    @WendyWilliams @leannrimes @VH1 Mmmm…I think I’d rather drink battery acid.Fumigate the studio after they leave#nasty


    @WendyWilliams @leannrimes @VH1 love ya Wendy but can’t condone their actions, won’t be watching tomorrow.




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  • meiii(aka gwen impostor)



    LeAnn Rimes Cibrian @leannrimes · 4h
    Thank you so much for a amazing dinner last night @BatardNY



    Retweeted by LeAnn Rimes Cibrian
    Wendy Williams @WendyWilliams · 4h
    Don’t forget we have @leannrimes and her hot husband Eddie on the show today. No question is off limits! Tune-in! #LeAnnAndEddieOnWendy



    LeAnn Rimes Cibrian @leannrimes · 3h
    We’re ready for @WendyWilliams #scared LOL #kidding



    LeAnn Rimes Cibrian @leannrimes · 2h
    @RutledgeWood @EddieCibrian awww so good to see your face! We are!

    LeAnn Rimes Cibrian @leannrimes · 2h
    @Rendeekay @vh1LeannEddie this sucks I’m sorry babe



    Retweeted by LeAnn Rimes Cibrian
    Chrissy @christannah · 3h
    Watch now: @WendyWilliams @leannrimes @LeAnnEddieVH1 #LeAnnAndEddie



    Retweeted by LeAnn Rimes Cibrian
    Chrissy @christannah · 3h
    Ready for @WendyWilliams! Top: @FKthelabel Shoes: @Prada #LeAnnAndEddie @leannrimes @LeAnnEddieVH1



    LeAnn Rimes Cibrian @leannrimes · 2h
    Hanging at @SIRIUSXM



    LeAnn Rimes Cibrian @leannrimes · 2h
    @Rendeekay @vh1LeannEddie that could be sexy



    LeAnn Rimes Cibrian @leannrimes · 4h
    Loving wearing some of your fab pieces this week @FKthelabel



    LeAnn Rimes Cibrian @leannrimes · 5h
    @CafeSmom @LeAnnEddieVH1 thx love!



    LeAnn Rimes Cibrian @leannrimes · 5h
    @KarlaHoffman Yes, I do! I dunno. Maybe something cool to do for the holiday season.



    Thursday, July 17, 2014 – You face an uphill battle now as you try to figure out why your recent plan went wrong. You may be struggling to unravel the complex factors playing out in the present moment, but it’s apparent that you must make a mid-course correction or you won’t reach your destination. Nevertheless, it’s not wise to make changes too quickly. Overreacting is even less constructive than doing nothing at all. Don’t waste time looking back to uncover your mistakes; instead, look ahead and plan for your future success.

  • meiii(aka gwen impostor)

    LeAnn And Eddie Episode One – Fifty Million Ways To Leave Your Lover Recap!

    Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes are taking a cue from Brandi Glanville and realizing there are better ways than Twitter to tell your story and repaint the picture that is your life: reality TV!

    Their reality show LeAnn & Eddie premieres tomorrow on VH1, but the network released an advance screening. The show is a so-called inside glimpse into the little known world of LeEddie. “Everyone thinks they know us,” Eddie saucily tells us, “but there’s two sides to every story.” I wonder how long it took Sir Genius to come up with that one?!

    The premiere, titled “Fifty Million Ways To Leave Your Lover,” confronts allegations that the couple is headed for a $50 million dollar divorce because Eddie is cheating and LeAnn is crazy. They don’t expect us to believe that. But, um… too bad – cause we do! Because they are really trying to use this show to put on an act about how happy, in love, and honest they are.


    With LeAnn clinging to Eddie’s leg like a dog in heat in nearly every interview shot, they’re ready to tackle the tabloids, rumors, and misconceptions head-on.

    Eddie and LeAnn seem to be under the impression that everyone cares about them. They spend an exorbitant amount of time complaining/gloating about the tabloids’ interest in them and pretending everyone asks questions about their marriage. LeAnn laments that Eddie never addresses the rumors in the public eye, leaving her to do all the talking on their behalf and thus appearing like the obsessive stalker nightmare who is fixated on Eddie’s ex-wife. They argue about this. Like 10 seconds into the show. But they’re not getting a $50 Million dollar divorce y’all, because neither one of them even has $50 million to begin with!

    On their way to a premiere for Eddie’s movie, they discuss what he should do if asked about the whole $50 million dollar divorce story gracing the cover of a tabloid currently. I think they even hired paparazzi to question them on the red carpet. Eddie refuses to answer, but LeAnn wishes he would just speak up for her sake. Because she’s tired of looking like the trashy harlot she is.

    And, of course, there is the dreaded Brandi issue… “We have a third party in this issue that’s just a mouthpiece,” whines LeAnn. “It doesn’t matter if we don’t say anything because she’ll just keep on blabbing.” Well -I have to agree with LeAnn there. Eddie does little to hide that he’s over it and would rather be sexting his sidepiece. Scheana? Call me! “I think people are smart enough to realize what she’s doing and why she’s doing it,” Eddie retorts.


    “Cause it’s not like we do that for our job or anything,” snipes LeAnn, acting as if her ass is NOT on a reality show. Although credit where credit is due, Brandi’s only job (besides “author” and drunken lush) is reality star, whereas LeAnn actually does sing. Eddie on the other hand… well, he’s acted here and there!

    LeAnn tries to dispel rumors that she is, or ever was, obsessed with Brandi by stating that all the rumors, lies, and gossip was “super difficult” and “really took its toll” on her in the beginning. Hence the trip to Twitter-Rehab. But now the couple is laughing at us just as much as we’re laughing at them! They’re so playing us y’all!

    The other storyline is that after 20 years being trapped in a record contract that she signed at age 11 and making an estimated 14/15 records LeAnn is finally free. And it feels like rebirth. Eddie and LeAnn go out to dinner with their besties Liz and Dave. And if you think Brandi or LeAnn has too much plastic surgery they look downright natural, like precious little buds compared to Liz who is rocking Taylor Armstrong lips and a face as taut as shiny plastic! There was a glare from the sun reflecting off of it.

    To celebrate LeAnn wants a new ‘freedom’ tattoo. Eddie argues with her, and we see a small snippet of his controlling side when he demands she get a small one. “Tattoos and boobs – they’re like bank accounts… they can never be too big,” quips LeAnn.

    During the tattooing, LeAnn makes moany sex noises which… just no! They talk tabloid rumors that refuse to go away – much like these two! Even Mason apparently wants Eddie to comment – one time he read a tabloid that said mom and dad [Brandi and Eddie] were getting back together and Mason allegedly said, “I for sure know that’s not true,” to LeAnn.

  • meiii(aka gwen impostor)

    LeAnn And Eddie Episode One – Fifty Million Ways To Leave Your Lover Recap!

    LeAnn and Eddie then host a charity skydiving event for wounded veterans for a program called Wings of Inspiration. More accurately Eddie will be skydiving and LeAnn will be singing the National Anthem to avoid “pooping her pants” mid-air because she is afraid to skydive. Mario Lopez is on hand to broadcast the event and is prodded by LeEddie’s producers to ask about the tabloid rumors so they can further this storyline of the tabloids that haunt their perfect marriage. duh-duh-duuuuh!

    In the end, Eddie decides to comment on the tabloid rumors and LeAnn decides to skydive. Awwww… look at that y’all: teamwork! They’re so in love! So in sync! They’re so together! I was impressed that LeAnn jumped out of a plane in heels – in Rag & Bone boots no less!

    I have to say, and I hate to admit this, but LeAnn came across as kinda likable and pretty fun, but still STOP TALKING ABOUT THE TABLOIDS and LET IT GO! But Eddie came off as trying too hard and fake.

  • meiii(aka gwen impostor)

    You think you don’t want to watch ‘LeAnn & Eddie,’ but you do

    I know there are a million reasons why you think you won’t enjoy this show, but I can convince you otherwise. Here are the very best reasons to watch Vh1’s LeAnn & Eddie

    Eddie and LeAnn are giving the best acting performances we’ve ever seen (or probably ever will see).

    Although this show is billed as a reality show, we are a cynical enough audience to know that it’s really not. That said, Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes are pretty good at acting like they are a normal couple—except when they are constantly discussing their paparazzi problem or comparing a record contract to a lifelong jail sentence. It’s worth the 30 minutes to see them pretend how normal their regular life is. They’re practically breaking a sweat at the effort. It’s easier to watch them pretend to be themselves than to suffer through their movie, Northern Lights.

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  • meiii(aka gwen impostor)


  • meiii(aka gwen impostor)