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Gerard Butler Named New Face of Hugo Boss Fragrance!

Gerard Butler Named New Face of Hugo Boss Fragrance!

Gerard Butler looks super suave while all suited up for a night on the town at the celeb hotspot Chiltern Firehouse on Thursday (July 17) in London, England.

The 44-year-old actor is back in the UK after spending the last week down in Brazil for the World Cup.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

It was just announced that Gerard will be the new face of the Hugo Boss fragrance Boss Bottled!

Boss Bottled remains loyal to the belief that success comes to the man who grasps life with confidence,” a Boss Parfums exec told WWD. “Gerard Butler is that man. His road to success is a constant, ever-evolving journey, but one that he approaches with confidence and drive.”

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gerard butler named new face of hugo boss fragrance 01
gerard butler named new face of hugo boss fragrance 02
gerard butler named new face of hugo boss fragrance 03
gerard butler named new face of hugo boss fragrance 04
gerard butler named new face of hugo boss fragrance 05
gerard butler named new face of hugo boss fragrance 06
gerard butler named new face of hugo boss fragrance 07
gerard butler named new face of hugo boss fragrance 08
gerard butler named new face of hugo boss fragrance 09
gerard butler named new face of hugo boss fragrance 10
gerard butler named new face of hugo boss fragrance 11

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Lyla J.

    @Can’tGetEnough: **GASP… **slow exhale… WHEW!

    Thanks CGE! That made the day a whole lot nicer. Hope you and everyone else is well and having a fun summer. Crazy busy world for me and loving every minute of it. Had to comment on the photo though. Gerard will always be the definition of masculinity. In fact, this photo should be placed right next to that word in Oxford’s. :)
    Take care!

  • Japser

    Thanks CGE!
    He will always be an attractive man. But the haircut he got for this launch is not good. It may just be the way they’ve styled it, but just no, no, no!
    Everything else is perfect. His skin, the suit, that half smile. That’s all great. But the hair is just….bad. No other word for it. Hopefully he’ll grow it out soon.
    Congratulations Gerry!
    When are the commercials expected to air?

  • Embla

    This autumn, I think.

  • Japser

    Thanks Embla : )

  • God Bless yoou all!

    “His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness.” 2 Peter 1:3

  • GFW

    I rather doubt he had anything to do with his look at all. That said, the man has eyes that show the bluest depths of his soul. His eyes seem to plead: take me to your heart.

  • Embla
  • Sexythang


    Why do you keep clicking on his links then?

  • Can’tGetEnough

    @Lyla J.: You’re welcome Lyla! Nice to see you! :)

  • Can’tGetEnough

    @Japser: You’re welcome Japser!

  • well…

    @Barbie and Kent:”Next James Bond.”

    James Bond is Scottish..

  • Japser

    I’ll take him to my heart any time he wishes ; )
    It seems that HB had a specific look in mind for this campaign. I wonder if they’re trying a different approach after the messy, unruly sort of style they had for Orlando Bloom?
    The suits don’t seem like a natural Gerry. It’s more like work-mode Gerry.

  • Ana Bella


    “…His eyes seem to plead: take me to your heart.’

    (april 2013.)

  • GFW

    @Ana Bella:
    A that time his cup of suffering was over-flowing. That said, I trust sad people. There is the deepest blue of his soul in his eyes mentioned before. Deep as an ocean.
    Good night all…

  • GFW


  • Lovely crickets ***

    Peace, and quiet. Let the sanity begin.

  • @Lovely crickets***

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  • busted LOL!!!!!

    We ALL know which poster loves to correct spelling mistakes don’t we?

    Fascist pig is right. She’s been around forever . HAHAHA, you are not the sweet fan you make yourself out to be.

    HAHAHA, I am shocked!

  • Learn to spell.

    @busted LOL!!!!!:
    And you react like the buffoon of a substandard education. I’m not surprised your spelling is atrocious.

  • Lovely crickets

    Does this make you feel less threatened? There you go. Big bad, scary, little tiny stars all gone. God bless you in your toxic dementia.

  • K Keyvani

    So terribly boring, the lot of you and my lug. He needs to find a good movie to star in and get noticed by the public again. He hasn’t done anything worthy since 300.

  • @Lovely crickets


    there….. do you feel better now thread mommy/teacher snob?

    l’ll just call you Webster, the queen of the phannies from here on in.

  • Lovely crickets

    tsk,tsk. Your “God bless you all!” sock will be shattered! ( wiping tears)

  • Lovely crickets

    “Learn to spell” & “busted lol” were not me. Poor vapid, paranoid, delusional old thing. Be a nice troll and google translate “Cholita” for us. Why don’t you try it in Farsi this time, just for fun, since you have nothing better to do anyway. ~ Um’Kay? But don’t tell us which sock you’re using, tee hee, let us guess!!!!!

  • Sexythang

    @Lovely crickets: you know how to sock too??? amazingly talented aren’t I????again, you are such a hypocrite.

  • Lovely crickets

    Difference being, I do not deny it. I do not LIE about it. I do not spam the board talking to my own socks, page after page, trying to convince other posters I am actually popular and necessary to the thread. It is that which I have been trying to stop, as is everyones right who tries to enjoy posting on this site, and cannot because of one very sick individual. This is not the site it was even a few months ago, specifically because of this one objectionable poster. Veteran posters confront her, and one by one choose to abandon the site rather than try to get her to stop. She Has been-successfully- banned from EVERY OTHER GERARD BUTLER site. I did not do that. Why JJ has allowed her to infect this site, after numerous complaints, by many posters over a very long time, I cannot imagine.
    This site exists to promote GERARD BUTLER, and does so for a great deal of money. His team monitors these sights regularly, and feeds them. He will be very angry to learn he is not getting his money’s worth, because of this very obnoxious person, costing him fans. The hits on this site are not registered by moniker, but by their IP. One hundred hits by the spammer registers as only one. Revenue rates for advertisers are based on site logs. The spammer has effectively killed this site.
    You may not care about any of this. You may even be yet Another of her dozens of secret socks. But some of us have cared. It seems there are not enough comitted Gerry fans left here to fight for his site. There is at least still one.

  • Nicole
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    The drivel has to end pal.
    I will never understand how fans of a celebrity become more obsessed by other fans, than the actual celebrity themselves.
    I bet you know more about whoever it is that you’re referring to than Gerry.
    Let it go. Take a deep breath. Go outside. And calm down.

  • Nicole

    Gerard Butler is handsome in a black shirt while grabbing dinner at new celeb hotspot Chiltern Firehouse in London, England

  • @Lovely crickets

    @What are you on?: fu/ck off

  • @Lovely crickets

    I think Alan could be JJ’s next Crypt keeper when that stupid crickets phannie retires…(cough cough, like that will ever happen),

    god Alaine stop with the plastic surgery while you still resemble a dude.

  • What are you on?

    @@Lovely crickets:
    LOL! I’m guessing you’re sniffing it then.
    Good luck with that.
    And your obsession with Gerry’s fans.
    I’ve seen this before.
    Fans that realise they can’t get close to Gerry, begin stalking his fans. They find that it satisfies them because they get a reaction. Something Gerry will never give them.
    Sad really : (

  • Nicole
  • Nicole
  • @Lovely crickets

    @What are you on?:
    you’re the sad one phannie, why don’t you stfu and quit satisfying me then take your advice and don’t engage the troll?

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  • What are you on?

    @@Lovely crickets:
    Hmmm, you’re awfully angry and frustrated.
    Are you taking that anger out on Gerry’s fans, because you can’t get access to him directly?
    Probably a good thing.

  • @Lovely crickets

    @What are you on?: sure Lisa whatever you say, dying to get some gerry std

  • @What are you on?

    happy now . i’ll address your new sock..called it btw

  • What are you on?

    @@What are you on?:
    Well of course I fascinate you. I’m a Gerard Butler fan : )
    @@Lovely crickets:
    At least you admit it.

  • @What are you on?

    @What are you on?:
    sorry you’ve confused fascinate with nauseate

  • Ciggies

    In the pictures from last evening, the new ones showing Alan Siegal, Alan is holding a pack of Marlboro Red’s in his hand. Those happen to be Gerry’s usual brand, and Alan does not smoke.

  • Happy Day

    Very nice to see Alan Siegal, as always. I gather “September’” is in post-production now. The boys look like they’re doing well.
    On Gerard’s official fb it identifies him as ” actor/ director “. I knew he is a producer, funny that’s not mentioned, but what has he directed, other than that ” The Butt ” video? His work would be Amazing; passionate, and focused on perfection.
    He must be so happy for AJ, she’s really blossomed. Her key is obviously Brad’s loving support. What a great team! I think this is what Gerard needs also. His mother, his chums, Alan, and Amy all combined would not mean to him personally and professionally, what this person could. Some people are just meant to be in tandem. I think he knows it.

  • Happy Day

    Sorry, Siegel.

  • Hollywood 101

    @Lovely crickets:
    The site does not exist solely to promote Gerard Butler. Look around, JJ covers hundreds of celebrities.

    You mean revenue rates are based on unique traffic rather than traffic from one user but are we sure that is the deal with every internet site?

    At one time someone at JJ or Gerry’s people saw fit to have GFW banned once but her exile was not long. His threads at this site have been horrible for a long time so if they are monitoring these threads they either don’t care or are incompetent.

  • Happy Day

    If anybody gets the chance, look up professional event photographer Patrick McMullen. ( He has a treasure trove of really great pics from Gerry’s events, back to 2005. Many, I’ve never seen before. It makes me wonder why the ugly pics are the ones usually printed. Some of these were taken at events where other photos made it into the media, but the ones where he is absolutely gorgeous did not! Unghhh.
    Oh well. Have a Happy Day all.

  • crazee

    @Nicole: He must be getting paid to keep going to this Firehouse hotspot or getting freebies. I can understand the Hugo Boss launch but given London has thousands of incredible restaurants and bars, I would not be going to the same place each and every night.

  • GFW

    @Happy Day:
    It’s a smear campaign by jealous people, turned down people, people who might not have caught his attention somehow either on the red carpet, or at a party because they’re not ‘beautiful’ themselves just average Jane and Joe who work the print end of the business. This is why he needs to lead with kindness. One never knows whom they’re being introduced to, stand out waiting for their car for, and so on, the list is endless.