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George Clooney & Fiancee Amal Alamuddin Step Out for Romantic Dinner at Harry's Bar!

George Clooney & Fiancee Amal Alamuddin Step Out for Romantic Dinner at Harry's Bar!

George Clooney and his fiancee Amal Alamuddin happily hold hands as they make their way to their car on Thursday evening (July 17) in Cernobbio, Italy.

The 53-year-old actor and his love made sure to exchange departing goodbyes and handshakes with acquaintances as they left Harry’s Bar after enjoying a romantic dinner together at the restaurant overlooking Lake Como.

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Last week, George was spotted taking a stroll with his Argo and Monuments Men producer Grant Heslov in Lake Como.

FYI: George is wearing Levi‘s Jeans.

15+ pictures inside of George Clooney and his fiancee Amal Alamuddin leaving Harry’s Bar…

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george clooney fiancee amal alamuddin step out for romantic dinner 01
george clooney fiancee amal alamuddin step out for romantic dinner 02
george clooney fiancee amal alamuddin step out for romantic dinner 03
george clooney fiancee amal alamuddin step out for romantic dinner 04
george clooney fiancee amal alamuddin step out for romantic dinner 05
george clooney fiancee amal alamuddin step out for romantic dinner 06
george clooney fiancee amal alamuddin step out for romantic dinner 07
george clooney fiancee amal alamuddin step out for romantic dinner 08
george clooney fiancee amal alamuddin step out for romantic dinner 09
george clooney fiancee amal alamuddin step out for romantic dinner 10
george clooney fiancee amal alamuddin step out for romantic dinner 11
george clooney fiancee amal alamuddin step out for romantic dinner 12
george clooney fiancee amal alamuddin step out for romantic dinner 13
george clooney fiancee amal alamuddin step out for romantic dinner 14
george clooney fiancee amal alamuddin step out for romantic dinner 15

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  • Alice

    pretty <3

  • jake

    Poor guy isn’t ageing well he looks as old as those jeans.

  • TinaBoBina

    Why is everything celebrity couples do, even mundane activities like eating, prefaced with adjectives like “romantic”? Nobody knows if it was a romantic dinner, looks to me like it was a business meeting with so many other people around. And both Clooney and his fiance look to me like they know they have cameras on them and so they do what looks good for the photograph. Perfect.

  • DanaJ

    She is beautiful.

  • Mariah Carr

    Awww… GEORGE CLOONEY POLLUTING the world’s senses with his Ugly TRANSVESTITE beard Amal Alamuddin.

  • party robot -not!

    @DanaJ: and you’re loser PR troll paid to say so. amal Alamuddin is Ugly & more drag queen than Frank’n'Furter from the Rocky Horror picture show.
    All the adornments and designer accessories cannot make this big nosed freak with a tiny pinhead look beautiful.

  • Tell It Like It Is

    Yep, PR teams try to sell her off as attractive & educated. She’s a grotesque looking Asian Arab Islamist. Amal Alamuddin’s family support Hamas & PLO terrorism.
    All she has is an education from Oxford & some work experience representing shady characters like Julian Assange the alleged rapist, terrorists & enemies of the USA like al -Senussi….& human rights abusers like the King of Bahrain.
    Her wart-faced mother Baria Alamuddin is a Muslim.
    Her father Ramzi has 2 WIVES , & is a Druze Islamist.

  • Drats

    She is supposed to be working full time as a lawyer, but she’s never at her job. She’s always in Malibu or Italy with her *cough* fiance.

  • Drats

    @DanaJ: Um, no she’s not.

  • Not on our watch

    Her whole family are wannabe Westerners. They’re gypsy Asian Arab refugees.
    Amal is desperately coping Angelina Jolie, but was just born too ugly.
    Her string haired, rat-tailed ugly sister Tala dumped her Lebanese Islamic husband Nagi Hamiyeh for a Mediterranean white stud moocher called Nico, who is more interested in George Clooney…
    Amal’s father Ramzi has 2 wives.
    And Baria the wart-faced Muslim mother is the biggest name-dropping, Arab gossip in the Occident. LOL
    Total scum…
    Then Clooney attends the wedding of SLAIN BULGARIAN MAFIA CRIMINAL Iliya Pavlov’s daughter Ventisislavaka Pavolva …who married Amal’s gimp bald cousin Tarek Miknas,
    Rumor had it, that uncouth Ventisilavaka (who’s always standing with her legs apart when posing for photos) didn’t inherit any of the wealth her Mafia boss father had stashed. But the evil stepmom Darina got it all…then had an affair with Silvio Berlusconi….
    So Ventisislavaka married the little fat bald fella for his money…

  • Provocateur

    Ugly chicken legs…
    Ugly face…
    Coarse hair like steel that need hours of maintenance….

    Clooney’s artistic creativity must be choking to look at so such an aesthetically unappealing manly woman.
    Salvador Dali like drag queens for a while…but his art was bizarre surrealism.

  • archangelmichael


  • Not on our watch

    (Edit) #10
    Amal Alamuddin is trying desperately copying Angelina Jolie’s slenderness ..but was just born with a terrorist Arab hump-nosed face. Tiny skull and lethal weapon massive schnoz.


  • Lola Pandora

    @jake: you’re right. He’s old…jaundiced…perpetually drunk. Can’t be happy.
    Guess his management don’t look after him enough.
    With this union…his popularity will fizzle out. She’s the ugliest person he’s ever dated publicly…
    Perhaps it’s her degrees he’s wanting to link to his sleazy image because they just look awful as a couple. As if other women aren’t the full package & have beauty & education. This one only has two university degrees…
    Nothing else. Not beauty…not personality…not charisma nor elegance. Even her voice is annoying & lisps with her buck-toothed mouth & pretentious Arab Oxford accent.
    Clooney is a loser.

  • Fifth dimension?

    I’m repulsed! I can’t stand him.

  • cowbulls

    It’s Year of the Horse and Clooney is into Arabian stallions.
    Or make that geldings. He’s had a few of those.

  • Sassypants

    I think she is pretty and I’m glad he’s settling with someone with more between their ears than air. But I must admit I think she has atrocious taste in clothing and its a little strange how similar she is to his friend Brad’s wife in both physical characteristics and philanthropic endeavors. Hopefully it’s purely coincidental and he hasn’t been lusting after Angelina lol…

  • co

    George is a loser. An uneducated, complex-stricken, controlling, deranged imbecile.
    He doesn’t seem happy.
    Just drunk.

  • *sigh*

    @Sassypants: well, of course you would say that, PR troll….but she is butt ugly & I have done Google searches in 7 languages in countries I’ve visited, most of which return “ugly” next to her name.
    Germany, France, Italy, USA, Mexico…
    Also, “gay” speculation is trending again about him….

    You IDIOTS keep trying to sell ice to the eskimos.
    Who cares who Clooney dates as long as it enhances his “image..
    Not this ugly Islamic Arab.

  • Ger

    @PR CRONE post 17
    with beautiful lips, a SMALL nose, green almond eyes, soft hair, only 5ft5 ” barefoot & has breasts…
    AMAL ALAMUDDIN is an Asian Arab
    with a buck toothed mouth, a MASSIVE HUMPED UGLY NOSE that takes over 80% of her rat face, & grotesque thyroid freak bug eyes. And awful hard frizzy hair that needs relaxers.
    Amal Alamuddin also has deformed freak big claw feet that should come with a warning sign before displayed in public.
    She’s also a tall giant of 5ft 10″ with an awful bone structure.
    Lucky she has an education because she is UGLY!!!
    Face it, there are no similarities between Angelina Jolie & the Arab tranny.

    But you desperadoes keep killing Brand Clooney,

  • Shamu

    I have no words after reading these comments. Either some mental institution has released all their patients or the same troll keeps posting with different name. And where the f**k did Angelina Jolie get into all of this?! She’s got not hing to do with Clooney. Just because you saddos are uneducated and unemployed with no money to buy your anti-depression meds don’t take it out on other, more accomplished women lol. :D

  • Lorene B

    Amal Alamuddin est moche!! Sale Arabe!!


    -”meds” or “psychology” or “jealousy”
    Anything to defuse the truth about the public deception of an alcoholic, passive-aggressive bisexual actor whose public image is SO controlled by a group of powerplayers.
    This defective PR network control all information online and we are exposing them.
    The network is hired by Stan Rosenfield.
    These PR trolls posing as “independent contributors” are:
    – Covert Operatives of the CIA, NSA and DIA; of the U.S. Corporate/Military Industrial Complex; also of the intelligence services of U.K. Spain, France Holland, Germany, and Russia.
    – Media, including Mainstream, Alternative Media and Internet broadcasting media who either front for, cooperate with, or are directly employed by intelligence services mentioned above..
    Active amongst regular civilians, operatives are employed as pr correspondents & “independent” contributors/ shills. to CONTROL & SWAY public opinion. Most claim they’re also involved in some (bogus) “career” as an alibi. For instance, as photographers, pro bona attorneys, technicians, event organizers, etc…

    They infiltrate media sites of high profile celebrities, monitoring, instilling & administering public profile strategies & information. And maintaining security & equilibrium.

  • Daisy Dukes

    Poor George! He looks so wasted. I bet he has liver damage. Polyps…
    He has to drink to tolerate lies.
    His management don’t care about him…

  • It’s Me
  • Mariah Carr

    @It’s Me: please! You are drunk…again.
    This one you post is much more feminine. Softer eyes…smaller nose…nice lips.
    The Rocky Horror one too is more “girlie.”
    Ok, I understand why you need to drink.

  • Kurt

    Way to go Goerge ! she looks a delightful woman.

  • #FACT

    Many Gay & Bisexual celebrities marry beards in Hollywood:

    And so it’s presumed that GEORGE CLOONEY is marrying a manly beard to diffuse the truth about his sexual orientation…
    The speculation has returned more than ever by the mere attributes of this Arab manly lawyer.

  • Kurt

    And she can peg you with a strap-on or even with her nose ! It is bigger than dildo.
    Way to go George ! You pick all rounder who can do all !

  • filthyPIG

    @Mariah Carr: jealous much?

  • filthyPIG

    @Not on our watch: you must be a Jew, no?

  • #FACT

    #FACT @ 07/18/2014 at 12:56 pm
    Many Gay & Bisexual celebrities marry beards in Hollywood:


    And so it’s presumed that GEORGE CLOONEY is marrying a manly beard to diffuse the truth about his “sexual orientation…”
    The speculation has returned more than ever by the mere attributes of this Arab manly lawyer. Mismatch in hell…

  • Not on our watch

    @filthyPIG: ARABS ARE FILTHY PIGS, scum PR troll…

    And FYI – Tala Alamuddin (the Arab camel sister with the stringy mess of Medussa hair) is engaged to her toy boy Nico the Mediterranean studhorse…BUT HE HAS A CRUSH ON GEORGE CLOONEY.
    They went working out at his gym …& sauna together.
    Men only.

    If Canning Tatum find out…he’ll be so jealous!!! He’s all excited about filming (& rehearsing scenes ) with George in Hail Cesar!!
    Remember that comment about Channing Tatum wanting to have sex with him and George retorted with “next year’s invitation to Como exxxxtended…” ???? Hmmmm….
    Bisexual & open relationship.
    Glad that Waldo Sanchez is so accommodating to his infidelities….


    @Shamu: LOL to you too, predictably obvious old fat crone. I’m wealthy.. Work at my leisure for myself… Young.. Attractive… Highly educated and very popular.
    You’re a loser who has to work behind the scenes, leeching money selling hogwash.
    And destroying the credibility of your only cash-cow commodity: a passive-aggressive, insecure, nail-biting alcoholic….with lies, deception, manipulation …then reverse psychology.

  • Mariah Carr

    @filthyPIG: pr troll much, KatieButtPlug/ Emerald/ Goldenshowers????
    Bitter much that you were exposed using sleeper agent’s identity posted in Conrad Maldives of Katherine Anthony?? Because you useless defective scum do not have an iota of intelligence, even if you pose as “online security intelligence” with a plethora of spyware hacking software… And along come independent investigators who expose the sham???
    Bitter much?
    Who would be jealous of Amal Alamuddin when George Clooney cannot even stand her and calls her “Conchita ” behind her back or plays her???

    Messing with your work, PR LOSER???

  • nJ nJ nJ

    George seems rather ill. Like maybe he has liver problems like polyps..or cirrhosis or pancreas.
    Sad to see him so drunk.

  • LMAO

    @Truth…if you’re so wealthy, young, attractive, single and popular what are you doing spending your every waking hour here and everywhere else on the internet that posts stories about Clooney, raging about CIA conspiracies and his interchangeable girlfriends. I would think you could make better use of your time since you’re so popular and all. LOL


    @LMAO: who says the posters are all the same? Trying to diffuse a situation to strengthen yours? There are several ah, but you know it.
    You losers are so obvious.
    It’s a known fact that Online monitoring for high profile individuals is done by CIA linked “publicity hackers.” LOL to you too, ACERBIC OLD FART with your defective syndicate….
    People leak the truth…get over ot!!

  • Loves gossip

    @Not on our watch: Could you please elaborate on Waldo Sanchez. I’ve tried to find pics and information on the web about him but have not really had any luck. (and yes I know gossip is for brainless….I have no neuron cells……I have no life….. Etc. etc.)


    @LMAO: 5 minutes here & there distributed throughout a day to mess up your defective & incompetent PR network outfit doesn’t take up my WHOLE day… Unlike your 24/7 global operation of strategized shift working damage controlling online gnomes.
    Provides a nice diversion from my real work…
    And I’m not the only one. Many with different agendas that clash with yours.
    I mean, your prized commodity does it too. Awww…poor G had to deactivate his Disqus accounts yesterday cos I compromised 3 of them…Awww… Broke protocol & head hocho will get vexed again.


    Conspiracy theories about the PR network?
    Oh, I think not!

  • Not on our watch

    @Loves gossip: oh, you poor dear…
    Go read up about MH17 …and the prequel MH370.
    Say a prayer for those unfortunate people.
    Interpret the meaning of “sanctions imposed against a nation” & other countries propelled to join in due to this act of terrorism (whatever it is)…

    Google the Gaza conflict & those displaced & casualties on Day 1 …

    Watch a repeat of Germany Vs Brazil or Argentina…& rejoice!! :D
    It was the most televised program… EVER!!!
    Great if your neuron cells are gone from hours of gnomic monitoring..etc…etc….
    Sorry, I cannot indulge you with idle gossip.

    Oh, dear! :O
    We’re off topic!!!

  • DavidaRochelle

    @Not on our watch: How do you know this info about Nico?

  • Emerald

    Mariah Carr@ 07/18/2014 at 1:38 pm

    Hello Alsmarmot! I see you’ve come up yet ANOTHER moniker to post under. Yes dear, we all know the party line. Everyone who disagrees with your dictates is a PR troll. That must mean that all the people that I and friends have shown your less than intelligent posts to are also PR trolls working for Stan. After all these people, like my friends and I, have all completely discounted you as a seriously deluded individual who is fixated on George Clooney. So fixated in fact that you have created the mythical “Anna” who George keeps close to his heart.

    As I’ve said before, I look forward to September. Nothing would make me happier than to see George and Amal get married. Your reaction, and that of your other monikers, will be priceless. I continue to pray every day that Amal is actually pregnant; your reaction would be hilarious. You would continue to insist that she wasn’t pregnant even after the baby was born. Can someone please film your reaction if George and Amal do get married and then post it on you tube. That way the whole world will see as you really are.

    By the way, how do you think your campaign to convince the people on IMDb that you actually do “know the truth” and that your mythical “Anna” does exist going? You should know that some of the people who are now reading your posts on how Stacy was responsible for the black widow spider being in your laundry and others are long time members of IMDb. They’ve been there longer than you.

  • DrKrakus

    Now I am sure , Amal is pregnant ! Congratulation George, I am sure you will be a good husband and father .

  • Newsflash!

    @Emerald: stop adding numbers to your self to strengthen your statement, gnome. You and the other operatives condemned to online monitoring…. Or you and your alter ego usernames???
    How’s the online fake persona of KatieDot doing the in her new post in Vietnam?? Eliminated???? Exposing a field agent’s cover to use a cover-up… And once again Alsmarmot is the patsy.
    Just like you idiots “killed off ” the fake online persona of Cindigirl on COH when she was identified walking with Stan Rosenfiled at the VFF in 2011. Days after she was exposed you PR gnomes killed off her character by stating she was terminally ill & the you phased her out…
    Ahhh…. The cyberworld sagas of George Clooney’s useless pr monitoring gnomes…LOL….Does “Cindigirl”. post under two different useranames nowadays? Or just 1??

    Complain, protest, stamp your feet all you want, idiot!! But even the slightest revelation plants seed of doubt to anyone reading.
    And that is your objective to conceal.

  • Newsflash!

    I have stated I know nothing of an ” Anna” only that George himself created that name as an illusionary figure.
    He also has to drink as much in the presence of Amal Conchita NoseWurst as he did with Stacy Keibler & Elisabeta Canalis just to tolerate their presence… He LOOKS so drunk in these photos!! Barely standing up and his liver damage has rendered him OL’ YELLOW….
    Amal Alamuddin, like any fameho, is getting paid well for her role in this fiasco. Maybe she hopes to straighten him out tooo. Though I bet he played her so well, that she doesn’t know about all the male lovers….
    Or maybe it’s part of her agreement. Turn a blind eye for fame and fortune. After all, as an Islamic woman, it’s indoctrinated in their culture to share their husbands with many other wives & concubines & eunuchs…

    Katie Holmes, respected B-list daughter of a physician was selected too to become the surrogate mother of Tom Cruise’s sperm when his management decided. She got compensated well for it….
    And turned a blind eye to all his boyfriends….

  • Emmanuella

    Does George wear incontinence diapers? Explains baggy jeans. Suppose his bladder is hard to control with all that alcohol.
    He needs (AA) Alcoholics Anonymous for urgent detox.

  • Der Genealoge

    @DrKrakus: oh but feel sorry for poor baby!
    Then the gene pool!! How misfortunately ugly offspring.
    Eurasian fusion gone wrong.
    George has very manly features: rough, bulging droopy eyes, heavy bush brows, average nose, no upper lip, asymmetric HUGE chin….
    OK he’s a man. Very macho.
    Needs soft, feminine and opposite for breeding….For balance.
    Amal Alamuddin is more manly exaggerated features. More masculine than George:
    Heavy eyebrows, more droopy, thyroid bulging eyes, a massive humped nose on tiny skull…square jaw too & a horrible Buck tooth upper palate.
    If baby cursed with bush pubic black hair on cranium….and freak feet or terrible bone structure of Tootsie mother… Oh, dear….
    Ach du liebe Zeit!

  • *eyeroll*

    Oh, my. Brad Pitt goes from strength to strength with the most beautiful partner who completes him. He made her shine even more.
    Born so blessed with gorgeous features, Angelina with her milky white Caucasian porcelain skin, green almond-shaped eyes, natural full pout & tiny retroussé nose, sexy petite 5ft 5 body…Perfection.
    And Clint Eastwood called her the most beautiful woman in Hollywood…
    George Clooney is a total loser by comparison.
    A string of art-house film flops like Monuments Men …The Good German…Leatherheads….& others.
    So he has to model to make supplemental income. + prostitute his fake private life.
    And to add insult to his misery, he has hooked up with the ugliest, most manly looking anteater faced Asian woman he could find as an alibi…

    Yes, George is the man …is the man…is the man…