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Ian Somerhalder Gets His Heart Pumping With Nikki Reed By His Side!

Ian Somerhalder Gets His Heart Pumping With Nikki Reed By His Side!

Ian Somerhalder shows off his muscles while taking a jog with Nikki Reed on Saturday (July 19) in Los Angeles.

The day before, the 26-year-old actress was seen chatting on the phone while dropping by a friend’s house in the Hollywood Hills.

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Earlier in the week, Nikki looked chic in jeans while doing some shopping with a gal pal at Alice and Olivia in Beverly Hills.

In case you missed it, Ian‘s ex-girlfriend Nina Dobrev recently talked about him in the August 2014 issue of Nylon.

“I don’t like any kind of negativity. I try to be good to everyone, whether it’s a love, a friend, an ex,” Nina shared. “I’ll always try to treat people the way I want to be treated.”

20+ pictures inside of Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed enjoying a jog together in L.A….

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ian somerhalder heart pumping with nikki reed 16
ian somerhalder heart pumping with nikki reed 17
ian somerhalder heart pumping with nikki reed 18
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ian somerhalder heart pumping with nikki reed 20
ian somerhalder heart pumping with nikki reed 21
ian somerhalder heart pumping with nikki reed 22
ian somerhalder heart pumping with nikki reed 23

Credit: INFPhoto; Photos: Wenn, AKM-GSI
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  • Mimmi

    Awwwwww they are adorable <3

  • Helen

    Ian is so hot and she’s cute! Love them :-)

  • Amy

    OMG SOOOOO CUTE!!!!! They would make a beautiful couple!!! Just saying

  • Mel

    Boy’s been quiet on Twitter for weeks now. Definitely something going on. He’s spent a lot of time travelling to be with her.

  • Nikki

    Ian is hot, but that girl is so plain looking. This won’t last.

  • Danny

    @Mel: oh I hope so. They are sweet together.

  • Danny

    @Nikki: you don’t know that. They seem to have a very simular Lifestyle.

  • Gina

    Haha. Watch the no shame TVD/Nian fandom behave like a bunch of entitled bullies and idiots…and if Ian let’s them ruin another relationship for him like Meghan Auld…he’s an even bigger idiot. I love Nikki. She’s a beautiful, talented girl with a good heart and Ian also deserves to be happy. Good for them.

  • Vic

    OMG! they are so lovely & adorable !!! they both deserved to be happy !!

  • Susan

    Ian is a great man! Super hot, talented, kind, fun…he’s the perfect Guy imo. I don’t know much about Nikki but if they are dating I’m happy for them. They look very cute together.

  • mimi

    Adorable? Cute? WHAT? How about pathetic and weird? Um, Nina’s ex with one of her “best friends”? How betrayed she must feel right now! And let’s not overlook that Ian changed his TVDCON Jersey appearance to run to L.A. to be with Nikki! What a horrible thing to do to his fans. He’s not the same person anymore. He is sad and pathetic and apparently DESPERATE! He’s already been spotted 3 times between L.A. and ATL this week alone…way to conserve fuel Somerhalder! Stop spewing your “save the world/animals” garbage to us while your lifesyle shows you jaunting back and forth across the country to be with a yet undivorced woman while leaving your pets in the care of a sitter! All the while asking us to help with this, donate to that, buy my hoodie…blah blah blah! I have officially lost all respect for you Ian Somerhalder. Support your own foundation, because Nikki doesn’t! Wow, Ian belongs right where he is…Hollyweird! He fits right in with the rest of the shallow, immoral celebs there!

  • Timms

    Still bearding in 2014? It’s not like he has a big film career ahead. He may get another CW show once this tired vamp thing over?

  • ANX


  • Alice

    They look adorable and super hot together. If they are dating, I’ll be happy for them

  • Kahlan

    @mimi: Whoa stop with this shit. You are obviously a bitter nian Fan aren’t you? Ian does everything for his Fans, he’s been going to conventions since 6 years and he never dissapointed anyone. He’s the sweetest most down to Earth celebrity you will ever meet. And unlike others he didn’t cancel the con, he just switched days. That is Admirale. He held his own con in russia because they lost the Sponsor, no one came but Ian, FOR FREE! Just for his Fans. No one loves his Fans like he does and he proofed that many Times. So be careful what you say.

  • GFY

    @mimi Blah, blah blah, blah blah …. go back to your Queen Nina bubble …. talking about fans & cons. Have you seen Nina going to at least one?

  • Lisa

    They are beautiful and I HOPE THEY ARE DATING <333

  • Emma

    LOL. Looks like a test for possible “bearding” by the look of this post on JJ. Hahaha!

  • Layla

    I think really ridiculous people complaining because Ian cancelled one con. Ian goes to all cons, always, he barelly sleeps to be able to attend all the cons and ISF work when he is not shooting. While his co-stars can’t go to all the cons like him, specially Nina Dobrev that only shows up for Comic Con and don’t give a sh*t about her fans. God forbid Ian to take a couple days for his personal life. And Nina was dating Derek Hough (that was friend with both NIna and Ian, they even take a pic together the three of them in Ian’s birthday when they were still dating) so yep, you tell me about how pathetic, weird is dating a friend of your ex hahahahaha Nina did it first and if Nikki and Ian are happy, I’m sure Nina won’t care, since she likes both of them and I like to think that she is not a beatch that don’t want Ian anymore but also don’t want him with another person. She is not a child.

  • GFY

    Ian is a good man. I’m happy if he is happy. Nikki is a gorgeous girl. Definitely an upgrade from his ex, Nina.

  • Tina

    @mimi: oh dear, isn’t Ian dating who YOU want him to date. Newsflash: they are all friends in hollywood, they all know each other. If I was Nina, I wouldn’t of dated by best friends brother (Derek Hough) either, but so be it…
    Nian broke up 15 months ago, get over it. What do you expect, Ian to sit around pining, drinking bourbon and crying at Nina’s photos?

  • Jenna

    Ian is a very handsome awesome Man, who wouldn’t want to date him?! Nikki is a lucky Lady.

  • Paula

    Calm down People. No need to fight. No one knows what is going on between them or what was going on between Nina and Derek. Ian is amazing, he knows what he’s doing, and if he likes Nikki I’m all for it! :)

  • Teyla Windsor

    Finally! The paparazzi got pictures of Ian and Nikki together. It was only a matter of time. Ian is no longer single and he is certainly not going to mingle! Ian and Nikki make a cute couple….They have been spending a lot of time together in Atlanta and in LA. They, at least, appear to have a lot in common. I wish them both the best and hope their relationship has a chance to last.

  • BooHoo

    @mimi: Fan Entitlement Syndrome mixed in with “how dare you spend time with a female who is not Nina Dobrev”. I somehow don’t think Ian and Nikki care about brats, their tantrums and opinions. Seriously, grow up. Ian Somerhalder goes above and beyond when it comes to fans. He’s been taken for granted obviously, as they now expect too much of him.

  • Rose W.

    So happy for Ian! …. Nikki is a wonderful person! Good luck to them both they make a beautiful couple.

  • Gabi

    @Teyla Windsor: well said. I think they are very cute and I saw nikki’s instagram pic and she really has a lot in common with our Ian. I would be so happy for them. Both beautiful People in and outside.

  • Hillary

    Just because the man is jogging with her does NOT mean they are in a relationship! They have dated before people. Leave the poor guy alone. Who he is intimate with is NONE of anyone’s business. Geez!

  • Rose W.

    @mimi: Get over yourself Mimi, the NIAN ship sank over 15 months ago. Ian didn’t cancel his appearance at the NJ TVD convention. He just rescheduled the day, which he is entitled to do.

  • Ellie

    @Hillary: we are just saying they would make a great couple!!! ;) no one knows anything for sure! But gah they are adorable’! Love them already <3 haha

  • mimi

    @Kahlan: WRONG! I have met him, and he WAS wonderful, but not anymore! He has changed for the worse and this stunt shows his desperation. If he’s so awesome now, why does he have to go after his ex’s friend? Why did he never date Nikki years ago when he knew her? And to correct you, I’m not a Nian shipper at all, but he works with Nina and she now has to be at work forced to see her ex who’s dating her “friend”. But they’re so wonderful! You all are blind to the fact that lately, Ian has done nothing for his fans except disappoint and beg for support. While in Barcelona, he was even refusing to take pics with fans due to Meghan Auld. I guess he was embarrassed that he had to stoop to the level of trying to rekindle with an ex. How miserable!

  • Dana

    Ian&Nikki cuties! <3

  • Rayne

    Ian is so HOT…. Nikki is Gorgeous and together they make a Beautiful Couple. *does a happy dance*

  • mimi

    @Tina: I expect him to raise his standards and not date someone who looks like Nina, acts like Nina, parties like Nina and has the same EXACT friends as Nina!

  • Vessy

    Ian and Nikki have know each other for quite some years now. i do not know if he would fall for her now. Jogging does not exactly scream dating. Nina was going to the gym with a colleague from her last picture and they are certainly not dating. Nikki i think has something to do with what Ian is working on now too. I am a Nian shipper and i love them in all the postie ways i can but time will tell what it turns out to be.
    We are not in their lives. Ian and Nina are so cool with each other, and who knows what the situation is there too. Nikki is frinds with both….what goes backstage in the private life arena…..only they know. I really, really do not want hate towards ether of them. So far i have not seen any of them being negative people or rude or deserving hate.
    I just do not get all the NINA hate. You hated her for dating Ian, you hated her and blamed her for a break up, and now you hate her for Ian jogging with a third person???? Make up your mind peeps. Are these sites visited only by some dumb pimpled teens and lonely, sexually unsatisfied, middle aged cat ladies??? What the hell?

  • mimi

    @Rose W.: To go to Nikki’s BBQ?? Not everyone has $$ to throw away like Ian and Nikki do. Some fans spent alot of money to meet him and get pics with him AND Paul together! Him rescheduling to go to a picnic in LA with his new STILL MARRIED lady is NO EXCUSE to let down fans! Especially since she just left ATL on the Fri before to go to Nashville and SPEND THE NIGHT with her HUSBAND! This Ian/Nikki thing had ugly and dirty written all over it! And, I didn’t like him with Nina either. I think he needs to take his little #GMB thing seriously and choose to be with a grown woman!

  • Vessy

    @GFY: She does not go probably because of a**les like you! Good for her! Do some research before going on a hate tour.

  • Tina

    @mimi: Ian has known Nikki Reed since 2009. Long before Nina, Nina, Nina, everything MUST be about Nina.

  • mimi

    @Vessy: Thank YOU! Perfectly said!

  • Sophiria

    lmao, Ian is the only one of the TVD cast who does the best for his fans. Give him a break, he doesn’t owe you anything. Don’t be a better Nina/Nian fan.

  • Kahlan

    @mimi: you are so wrong! You have no idea of how close Nina and Nikki are. Or how close Ian and Nina really were. All this is just speculations. You don’t know this People. The same could be said about Nina and Derek btw…they took a pic with ian and only a few month later Nina and him were dating! How is this any different? And Ian is all over the Place meeting Fans every Year. He does more cons than anyone else and no one ever said something bad about him….so how dare you to say he doesn’t love his Fans? You seem like a bitter Nina Fan…sorry

  • Floh

    They are sweet! I totally ship it! Haha

    @mimi: calm down okay…who are you to tell Ian who he should date? Get a life troll.

  • Eli

    they look nice. are they dating?

  • LOL

    @Vessy: Now we have Vessy. One of the delusional dozen and the biggest Nian/Nina shippers. She’d go lesbo for Nina. Oh Ian wouldn’t look at anyone else because the sun shines from Nina’s ass. She thinks “none of them have been with anyone else since May 2013″. Dream on. They don’t drink, fart, smoke or swear either. Pure perfection and devotion to each other only in YOUR eyes. Why aren’t they still together then? Deep down you know they are not. Things are very different from your cooing days back in 2011/2012. It’s work only now for them. Let them be happy with others. At the end of the day, there is nothing you or your delusional friends can do about it. I think you’ve been making excuses for about 60 weekends now… Celibate souls Nian are.

  • Tina

    “He moved on with HIS life after 15 months. What a disgusting pig of a man!!
    How dare he date someone the fans don’t want. What an A-Hole!!
    He should be at home alone and working, until Nina is ready. The B!!
    I’m not watching Vampire Diaries anymore, Delena isn’t real because of Ian!!
    I want Nina, I want Nina, I demand Nina!!!! Date Nina, screw you Ian!!
    This is BS. He better put Nina first. She’s his secret girlfriend after all!!
    He belongs with Nina. They looked at each other, she gave him a fry. OMG they are still in love!!
    Nina wears a ring and no one knows who gave it to her and Ian a family necklace, so he’s not dating Nikki. They’re all BFFs, it’s not possible. I KNOW!!
    He can’t date Nikki bc her name starts with N. Their ship name would be Nian. So no!!
    It’s all about shipping, cute, perfect…..damn it”.

    *rolls eyes* Yep, just a typical day with the children on Twitter. I don’t know why I think Ian deserves more and needs to move on from TVD.

  • Vessy

    @LOL: Did you see me being rude or disrespectful towards any of those celebs? i admit i ship Nian and that future will show what it really is. Am i being hateful and offensive to folks like you? Why do hateful people enjoy stuff like this?? Karma will get you know! Maybe soon! I do not know what happened in your life to be so bitter but if you change the tune and let happiness in your life, things will be different, i promise! Try eating less rotten peaches, and you can see a rainbow after rain some day!

  • archangelmichael

    SHE’S TOO FUGLY FOR HIM. OKAY, WHICH ONE OF YOU ARE @Also, ###$, you know you lesbo ‘s stick together @blacksharpie go eat some fish pie.

  • Vessy

    @LOL: The saddest thing about you and people like you is that no matter what happens in the future and who will either Ian and Nina date, i will always love and support them. And you will die with your hate! Congratulation! So sad, so sad!

  • http://justjared Ana

    Wow so Ian is dating nikki. Ian and Nikki will use each other for fame well that’s for sure. you know its hollywood. Ian is so hungry for fame . Remember when he did not get fifty shades of grey LOL . This year he said he would not date in hollywood, and now he is dating an actress. IAN IS SO FAKE AND HYPCRITE . Nikki called PAPzz .WHAT A PR Couple. They wont be last

  • Vessy

    @Ana: Ian fake, hypocrite, do you even know what he has done, besides his acting career???…, you really know nothing of this man, do you, i mean nothing. Do some research, it will take 5 minutes. If you have a brain, when you get back here you will take all this s***it back!