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Ian Somerhalder Smooches a Mystery Gal in Front of Nikki Reed!

Ian Somerhalder Smooches a Mystery Gal in Front of Nikki Reed!

Ian Somerhalder gets close to a mystery woman after leaving the Farmer’s Market to head to his car on Sunday afternoon (July 20) in Los Angeles.

The 35-year-old The Vampire Diaries actor gave the woman a kiss on the cheek and then tenderly brushed her hair out of her face.

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While he shared a moment with the woman, Nikki Reed was standing right there with them and the three had a quick conversation after.

Earlier that day, Ian couldn’t keep his hands off of Nikki as they wandered around the vendors at the market.

10+ pictures inside of Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed with the mystery woman…

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ian somerhalder kiss mystery girl nikki reed 01
ian somerhalder kiss mystery girl nikki reed 02
ian somerhalder kiss mystery girl nikki reed 03
ian somerhalder kiss mystery girl nikki reed 04
ian somerhalder kiss mystery girl nikki reed 05
ian somerhalder kiss mystery girl nikki reed 06
ian somerhalder kiss mystery girl nikki reed 07
ian somerhalder kiss mystery girl nikki reed 08
ian somerhalder kiss mystery girl nikki reed 09
ian somerhalder kiss mystery girl nikki reed 10
ian somerhalder kiss mystery girl nikki reed 11

Photos: FameFlynet
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  • Dani

    That is nikki’s friend! Awww they are all so cute <3

  • Mel

    I wish that Girl was me. OMG

  • Byebye

    This guy is a grade a DOUCHE

  • tvd

    I hope he stays at that farmer’s market and away from ATL. Malarkey can definitely pick up the slack. Peace out you self indulgent “activist”.


    Lucky Ladies. Wish Ian and Nikki all the best <3

    @tvd: hahah sorry but Damon/Ian IS TVD. Without him = no TVD! It’s a fact.

  • Tom

    @tvd: wow what has he done to you? He’s just shopping and kissing nikki’s friend good bye, that’s all. Seriously no one needs your negativity and bitter self here so go away. Thanks

  • Kar

    lol it;s a friend

  • Komal

    OMG, JJ, you’re such a troll. This is truly pathetic. Check your LAST article on Ian and Nikki. She’s in pictures with them. A FRIEND. He is kissing a friend goodbye. It means NOTHING.

  • Jennifer

    I’m so jealous. Ian is so hot *-*

  • Daniela

    She’s Nikki’s FRIEND. He’s wishing her goodbye. Kiss on the cheek. Some men do it. You know?

  • Kelly

    YES PEOPLE THIS GIRL IS A FRIEND. Ian is with Nikki <3 they are really cute! I'm very happy for them! :)

  • sarah

    Ian seems to have agendas when he dates. Nicki Hilton, got his picture taken when he was with her. Maggie Grace, she was a big star on Lost, again his picture taken. Ashley Greene, at the height of Twilight, got his picture taken. Meghan, he needed her intelligence to start his foundation. Nina, when he wanted people to watch that vampire show, got his picture taken. Now Nikki, hype and picture taken. I mean it’s obvious by the ratings of the vampire show that this will be the shows last season. Got ruined when they made it the Delena diaries. Besides, Nina is moving to bigger and better. She is a MOVIE STAR. Ian will remain with the cw. He looks pretty. But lets face it, nobody watches his “acting” ability.

  • Effy

    I honestly do not understand why people find him attractive. But who cares who he is dating? It’s his life.

  • Channtal

    @sarah: I’m laughing at this. Ian is the one that made Nina famous, he is invided to all the important Events and he took her as his plus 1. after they broke up she’s not even invided to Partys anymore. Ian doesn’t need Nina but she needs him…that’s why she’s still using him. She can’t even sell her Cover shoots without involving Ian. He IS the Star if you admit it our not. BYE now!

  • alice

    she is marina gravani, nikki’s friend, he is kissing her goodbye. she was in the market with them. cool it JJ

  • Layla

    @sarah: omg sarah you’re so bitter, I can’t stop laughing, I’m sure neither of your thirty cats like you

  • JBiebs

    Another Hollywood 3-some Sex Tape in the making.

  • Matt

    that kiss looks a bit too ‘intimate’, not a friendly goodbye. I say they had a 3 way lst night.

  • .

    @sarah: Ummm…..No. Nina is not a “MOVIE STAR.” Maybe down the road, but she still has to prove herself, among other things.

  • bish say what?

    This guy gives me the creeps. Is he high on “E”? He seems to be all over everyone.

  • Jen

    My mom saw these pics and brought up a good point…she thinks he’s just effin’ with the paps…throwing an arm around one girl, kissing the other…just to mess with the paps. I wouldn’t be surprised. I would play games with the paps all the time just to trip them up.

  • Traci

    OMG, he beards like he has an actual career to protect. Delusional like his tween fans.

  • Kelly

    The woman is Nikki’s stylist and friend. Move along… Nikki and Ian are an item no doubt about that.

  • Mandy

    Threesome, go put this on your twitter page instead of all your fake ness. Trying too hard too be straight Ian. I knew he was never in love with nina and that was all pr for the show, so don’t call me a nina shipper because I actually hated that pr because I knew it wasn’t real. But this is even worse, he tries too hard to be straight. Just come out Ian.

  • Jen

    @Kelly: That is not Emily Current, Merritt Elliott nor Lindsey Dupuis Bledsoe…all three of them work with Nikki for styling. Two of those women have hair too short (and straight) to be that curly and long twisted into a bun beside the fact that that isn’t what either of their bodies look like..and the other woman is MUCH shorter with bright blonde hair. Nice try though.

  • Jen

    Meritt*@Kelly: Of the three that could only be Lindsey, but it’s not because that’s not her hair, but even if it was…I doubt her new husband would want Ian running his hands through her hair and kissing her.

  • Kelly

    @Jen Um, I suggest you research a little more, she is a stylist and friend of Nikki’s. Nice try though. ;) This is her -

  • Rach

    I don’t know what it is but something annoys me and creeps me about this guy, he is always all over and touching everyone. I bet he has only ever been in love once in his whole life WITH HIMSELF

  • Guys

    Guys I think this is serious and he is in love, you can tell how friendly he is with her friends, they are serious. My boyfriend said to me “this looks serious, you don’t get that affectionate with your girlfriends friends unless you are very serious” I think he’s in love.

  • somereed

    @Jen: That’s Nikki’s long time friend Marina Gravani. Nikki has a different stylist but Nikki is friends with Marina. Even her brother follows her on IG.

  • somereed

    Am i the only one who sees it? The girl’s head is turned away from Ian? It looks more like he’s blowing into the girl’s away.

  • maria

    @tvd: lol! without iIan.Damon there is no vampire diaries and the show would cease to exist.

  • maria

    @sarah: I like Nina, but Ian has 3 times the Fan base Nina has, He doesn’t need Here, but She has always needed Him and got exposure hanging on His Arms, going with Him to Events ,that She would never get in without Him. She has been using Him to sell Her cover in Magazines, her 5 minutes in a Movie,, even though i am sure Ian did not mind helping, there Friends and He is a niece Man. Ian is all over the place ,invited to all the mayor talk shows all the Time, is on Magazine covers and so on and never mentions Nina. He has conducted himself with class and grace since the breakup over a Year ago and I think He deserves to be happy and move on.

  • Jen

    @Kelly: I don’t need to do research…that is not her stylist, she’s a makeup artist. I was correcting someone who called her Nikki’s stylist….and I’m right, she’s not. I still think the kiss is friendly, but don’t try and pass her off as something she isn’t and she’s not Nikki’s stylist. Nice try though.

  • Jen

    @Kelly: correcting you* for calling her Nikki’s stylist. She’s not even Nikki’s steady makeup artist…Nikki rotates.

  • Jen

    @somereed: Yep. :) I don’t doubt they’re friends, I don’t doubt that she’s a makeup artist, and I don’t doubt that the kiss is just friendly…I was just telling Kelly that she is not Nikki’s stylist.

  • What?

    @maria: shut up? They have the SAME fanbase, minus you delusional Ian stans who hate Nina purely for existing. If anything, Ian is the one who uses his “partners” for publicity, being that he’s damn near an old man (in Hollywood) and stepping on the heels of irrelevance.

  • HOT

    He’s so hot

  • My opinion…

    @Matt: I agree with Matt (#18) that is not a friendly kiss if you all want to see it that way. That looks more intimate for just being a friend. You dont brush your friends hair that way if it is just a friend, you do that when you have more of a thing with the person. Hidden body language is very powerful people!!! You can tell how someone is behaving just witn no words.

  • Peter

    @What?: no they haven’t. And if you want to see fact than just go and check Twitter follower….Ian has almost 400.000 Followers more. And Ian gets a lot of Publicity for his work. Nina is the one who was rumored with all these different guys… She only gets press when a Guy or Ian is involved.

  • Kamile

    He looks gorgeous, that’s all it matters, the rest are not my business.

  • Teyla Windsor

    The lady that was hanging with Nikki and Ian for a short time at the Farmer’s Market in Studio City was Marina Gravani, who is a stylist and friend of Nikki’s. It was no big deal. The big deal is the fact that Ian and Nikki were showing PDA at the Farmer’s Market. They have been dating for almost a month.

  • I guess

    @Teyla Windsor: they had been dating for a month now?? Wow that was fast for Nikki, I mean she hust finalized her divorced 2 months ago!! I bet she was waiting to finalize her divorce to keep dating Ian with more freedom and who knows if maybe they were even datring when Nikki’s divorce was not even finalized yet.

    Ian you are a handsome guy and I like your dedication to help the world with your causes but to date one of your ex best friends so soon after the lady just finalized her divorce,, really? I thought you were better than this and wait for a while.

  • cherie

    @What?: I do not have to shut up and I can state the facts. look it up Yourself , Ian has 3 times the fan Base from all Ages, on FB and growing every Day, I am I also a fan of Nina but I will speak out when somebody says , he needs Nina , He most certainly does not,, Ian got all His fans that love him ,and admire him, by his hard Work. The fact is, that Ian gets always dragged in ,when Nina has a magazine to sell or promote something else, and Ian does not talk about her in His magazine cover or talk Shows, that He always gets invited to, where He mostly talks about ISF and his Work. , not His private life.Old Man lol, He is 35 looking much younger and gorgeous and has a lot going on in His life.

  • Bella

    He’s so precious

  • KiKi


    I agree,messing with the paps. Phony stuff IMO

  • karen

    Ooo godd no wayyy ian

  • karen

    Ooo noo ian i iam so angry about nikki what a friend is like be sorry ian but iam not with you this time