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Mila Kunis Holds Onto Her Baby Bump & Ashton Kutcher's Hand

Mila Kunis Holds Onto Her Baby Bump & Ashton Kutcher's Hand

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher hold hands while leaving Giorgio Baldi restaurant on Sunday evening (July 20) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 30-year-old pregnant actress held tight to her fiance, as well as her baby bump while heading back to their car after a delicious dinner.

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Mila and Ashton were last spotted together a few days prior while grabbing a bite to eat at the burger joint The Counter. It was their second helping of burgers in two days!

FYI: Ashton is wearing a life/after/denim shirt. Mila is wearing a French Connection dress and ShoeMint sandals.

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  • Aly

    Aww, they look tired as well as quite tanned! Hang on there, you 2, coz at the end it will all be worth it:)

  • Kenneth

    Sensible, comfortable dressing on Mila’s part at this stage of her pregnancy: a long, flowy dress and flats. Cute couple:)

  • Lacey

    As much as I hate ‘douchebag/cheater’ Ashton, looking at the pix makes me wanna change my mind! Maybe, just maybe, he may have truly found the one, his soul mate, someone with whom he can spend the rest of his life with & raise a family. Maybe fatherhood will drill some sense of responsibility, maturity int him. Sometimes, he does come across as a changed, inspired man who’s finally grown up…

  • joyce

    they just arrived from Montana there were pics of them at a rodeo last Friday shared over twitter and instagram.

  • Anna

    It’s still so weird to me that “Kelso” and “Jackie” are in a relationship and having a baby, well sort of. Especially getting together years after the show ended.

  • 07

    Damn jackie I can’t control the weather!

  • mary


    Douchebag? lol he may be good playing dumb roles but he is a smart and very deep person.

    Cheater? Well we do not know what really happened with his marriage with Demi but it seems he thought it was over months before they officially separated. The age gap did not help too. I knew it then that there will come a day when Ashton realizes he should not have married someone who can no longer give him his own child.

  • courtney

    it’s not weird at all it’s the same thing as if Theo Dahl and Melissa Newman had dated when they were teenagers as his mother and her father had appeared in a movie together 1963′s Hud for which Theo’s mom Patricia Neal won the best actress Oscar on April 13th 1964 and Melissa’s dad Paul had been nominated for best actor but Sidney Poitier made history becoming the first African American actor to win the best actor Oscar

  • F

    Yeah, I don’t get why everyone thinks he’s a douchebag, he seems like a very shrewd businessman to me. Demi Moore could still have had kids when they first got together, but maybe he wasn’t ready then. That’s when the age difference truly factors in.

  • venmay


    I don’t find it weird. Mila has said in 2001 that Ashton was her biggest crush and in her latest interview in the new W Magazine cover story, she said she is marrying her crush. It only means there was an attraction all along and it did not go away. Ashton’s friends also said he used to have a big crush on Mila during That 70′s Show days. I believe they just stifled the attraction between them years ago.

  • venmay


    Maybe because of Dumb Kelso character in That 70′s Show he owned that character really well lol plus Dude, Where’s My Car which was a blockbuster movie lol.

  • fugly

    cheater!!!! These two are over in less than 2 years from

  • Sally

    @mary: ” The age gap did not help too. ” – Come on! he knew she was older than him since the first day! it wasn’t a secret that he found after years living together! plus she looked better and younger than him when they got married and she definitely looked better than Mila nowadays and before the pregnancy!
    ” I knew it then that there will come a day when Ashton realizes he should not have married someone who can no longer give him his own child.”
    Women are not walking uteros that became garbage after they grow older! I hope you learn that in the hardest way! maybe a man will dump you because he thinks that you’re too old to have his children! I guess that you’ll love that!
    I’m tired of this sexist and ridiculous “age gap” excuse for womanizers and cheaters like Ashton! You will see what this man will do to Mila: the same he did to all of his exes! or do you really think that a man who was partying for over a week in Brazil and left Mila alone in US in this stage of her pregnancy will be a good husband and father? LOL

  • Blooper

    Is she a dwarf?

  • Goodness me

    is she a pygmy?

  • Goodness me

    is she a pygmy??

  • EM?

    Where did he meet her, Munchkinland?

  • Lisa

    @mary:He cheated with at least 2 women. You seem to justify his cheating becaue of the age gap. Based on that logic- given that he is 6 years older than Mila does that entitle her to have some minor cheating?

  • atl1909

    She always looks like a troll. Unfortunately for her, this cheating douchebag will realize that one day (if he hasn’t already).

  • Theo

    Actually, not he did not party in Brazil. He actually went with Mila’s Dad there. There are pictures of them all over the net.

  • Trish

    @Sally: Well, do you know the amount of plastic surgery Demi has gone through to maintain her youthful looks??? Even now, at 50-plus, she refuses to age gracefully. Maybe Mila doesn’t meet your high standards of beauty, but what she clearly has is way more important than mere looks: self-confidence, a big personality & a wicked sense of humor!

    @Blooper/Goodness Me/EM: Mila’s 5’3″-5’4″. You three are clearly fans of style over comfort. Who wears heels during pregnancy??? Maybe you 3 are jealous that you can’t get your hands all over Ashton, so the next best thing is to just bring Mila down, I guess.

  • therese


    Obviously you are a fan of his ex cougar hahahaha

  • therese

    Do you know why Demi and Bruce daughters are all not beautiful? Because Demi’s face is FAKE. Plastic Surgery product!

  • therese


    Hi there bitter cougar fan

  • therese


    How ignorant you are! He went with Mila’s father to Brazil. Mark Kunis was with him at all parties he attended. There are a lot of picture evidence while your accusations are all nothing but words.

  • mary


    LOL you only showed that you are blabbing and hating without any concrete basis you do not even know that Ashton was in Brazil with Mila’s dad Mark Kunis. There are pictures of them together over the net. Mila opted not to go for the baby’s safety and gave her tickets to her dad.

  • divine


    You are the douchebag you judge and accuse Ashton without any proof. You believe in rumors in cheap tabloids.

  • bella

    Haters are unhappy people who don’t want to witness other people being happy. Many of troubled depressed people vent their anger and frustrations here in the internet where they are incognito.

  • Teresa

    @mary: Mila shared all that with you? I think you are a bit too involved in her life.

  • Mila fans are mean

    @therese: I think it is so mean of Mila fans that people have to bag Demi.

  • Demi fans are mean too

    @Mila fans are mean: My name says it all…
    @Teresa: The fact that Ashton went to Brazil for the World Cup with Mila’s dad is all over the net. Don’t act /pretend like an ignorant fool!!!

  • milafansaremean2

    Who says that@Demi fans are mean too: iwhovsays that it is demi fans saying that – idiot.

  • Mac

    I just love these 2 together. It looks like these 2 have found each other’s match.

  • lol

    Cute. Usually they look like they both smell so this is an improvement

  • really?

    How JJ knows it was a delcious dinner? Did Ashton or Mila talk to JJ reporters after havign dinner and told them the dinner was delciious so JJ can post that as front news today???

    yeah right!

  • troll

    Something tells me Demi and her filthy children use their freethenipple charity money to pay these paps to stalk and give Mila a rough pregnancy.

  • Jonathan


    Wow. how tall is he and how short is she? She looks like she has the heartburn in major fashion…

  • Trish

    @Jonathan: It’s the camera angle although she’s naturally petite. Probably around 5’3 or 5’4? The fact that he was walking ahead of her when this shot was taken made the height difference more pronounced than usual. It’s not that odd compared to Hayden Panetierre and her giant bf. I think Ashton and Mila’s height difference is quite adorable.

  • Angel

    @Sally: I agree 100% with your comment