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Tim McGraw Opens Up About Slapping a Woman at His Concert

Tim McGraw Opens Up About Slapping a Woman at His Concert

Tim McGraw is opening up about the highly publicized video of him slapping a woman at his concert last week after she grabbed onto his leg.

“Sometimes things can lose context and perspective. I reacted in an instinctive, defensive way from my perspective of what was going on,” the 47-year-old singer told ET Canada.

“I think it was an unfortunate situation I think all the way around. But it happened, it happened in a split second, it was pure instinctive reaction, I think you just got to move on,” Tim added. “It is one of those things that happen, nobody feels good about it, but there’s nothing that could be done about it. You are in that position, you are out there, you are vulnerable, things happen and sometimes you react. There’s nothing to be said about it.”

Tim McGraw Slaps a Woman at His Concert
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47 Responses to “Tim McGraw Opens Up About Slapping a Woman at His Concert”

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  1. 1
    mick Says:

    I don’t see why TMZ and all sites are even reporting on this. If someone had grabbed at Beyonce’s pants and ripped them and she instinctively slapped them nobody would even care. The person would have been thrown out of the concert and that would have been the end of the story. Tim did nothing wrong.

  2. 2
    Roberta Says:

    He is way out of line! He could have at least apologized to the woman. Some fans do get a little crazy, but in my opinion, from the video, she just grabbed him, on the legs I think, and he went back and slapped her.

  3. 3
    Lynne Says:

    There’s nothing to be said about it?? Wow, you blew it Tim McGraw. How about a simple apology, or do you think an overzealous FAN actually deserved getting slapped upside her head by you just for grabbing your leg??

  4. 4
    megan Says:


    She didn’t just grab him. She was holding him back so much that his pants were ripped. You don’t want to be slapped then don’t grab someone like that. I don’t feel bad for her at all.

  5. 5
    Rach Says:

    @mick: LMAO Beyonce was pulled off stage by a crazy fan and afterwards said it was alright and shook his hand. Beyonce was also slapped on the ass and told the guy that she would have him escorted out… she has yet to slap a man or a woman for inappropriate behaviour. Tim should be ashamed of himself. He probably slaps his wife when she gets out of line.

  6. 6
    Micky Says:

    First off how do we know she just grabbed his leg and ripped his jeans? What if her nails dug into him and he simply reacted to the pain whether it was intentional or not on her part. Just because you are a fan does not give you the right to act like a wild animal. Scream, clap, and if he reaches out for you hold his hand for a quick moment but don’t go grabbing on people as if you’ve got no sense. Was it right that he slapped her, no but as he said it was a natural reaction, instinct. He never sought out to do it and until you’re in a situation as such keep your opinions to yourself.

  7. 7
    Roberta Says:

    @Micky: Well, if his first natural reaction is slapping, then maybe he has done it before. The problem is that it was at his concert, and some fans do get a little crazy, like I said before, so he could’ve held it back. I(f this is natural reaction, he needs to learn to control them, especially in public.

  8. 8
    Roberta Says:

    @megan: I still don’t understand why he slapped her. He could have handled it better. There are so many artists who have dealt with this kind of overzealous fans, but they never resorted to slapping the fan.

  9. 9
    Jay Says:

    Disrespectful fans should expect the unexpected!

  10. 10
    Roberta Says:

    @Rach: I was going to say that. The time she was almost pulled off stage from a fan, was last year when she came to Brazil. The guy was so struck with emotion that he wanted to hug her. He did and, you can see in the video, she lost her balance. Security was going to escort him out, but she stopped them and let the fan stay. And she shook his hand. She didn’t slap, and that was way worse than what happened to Tim Magraw. Ten times worse.

  11. 11
    Odd Says:

    He looks angry, not vulnerable. Too much red meat. Cut down on the animal products and see the aggression decline.

  12. 12
    VEe Says:

    I was at one of his concerts this summer, and the fans go crazy, so yeah, I can see why he would react when being grabbed. People should not touch celebrities, because for one thing, they have to always be a little on guard for someone who might want to hurt them.

  13. 13
    Wow Says:

    Wouldn’t be suprised if he was on steroids to help with his physique. That sh it makes you aggressive and angry.

  14. 14
    Niko Says:

    That’s what I call equality.

    Do you want the same treatment? Here you go.

  15. 15
    dee Says:

    Meh, the fact that his reflex and first reaction was to slap her?? Says more about him, its completely alright to defend yourself against an overzealous fan and whatnot, but its another thing to slap them because theyre grabbing at you…theyre your fans, she paid good ass money to be in that pit, everyones excited…..but thats what you have security and bodyguards for. Thats it. Thats all.

  16. 16
    Amber Says:

    I am a bit surprised to see him handle the situation like that. Here goes a big lawsuit !!!! I have seen Keith Urbans whole body grabbed at a concert, he just laughed it off.

  17. 17
    kelly Says:

    celebrities are a bit ‘different’ than us in the sense that people are often out to do them harm. he doesn’t know what her intentions are. but maybe he shouldn’t put himself in the middle of rowdy fans like that? both are to blame a bit.

  18. 18
    chriss Says:

    seen walking down a thin part of the stage, shaking hands with several of his enthusiastic fans.

    About halfway through the video, an overeager female fan dancing close to the stage appears, reaching her hand up. She slaps the star’s behind several times before grabbing at his pants, ripping them and nearly knocking McGraw off the stage. The clip shows that the singer is visibly annoyed.

    McGraw goes back to swat her hand away, seemingly exchanging a few choice words with the fan before continuing the song. A security guard almost immediately grabs the woman and escorts her away from the stage while she argues with him. McGraw stands on the stage watching as she is taken away

    Read More: Video Shows Fan Touched Tim McGraw Inappropriately |

  19. 19
    jessica Says:

    If this was a black man bigoted conservative republican scum would be in hysterics but because it’s an ignorant redneck hick piece of s-h-i-t , it’s okay.

  20. 20
    Judy Says:

    Remember to never feed or pet the animals in the zoo. The fan got carried away and acted as if McGraw was there to give her a private lap dance. Torn jeans & loss of balance probably surprised him and threw him off. Instinctively you probably would have reacted too.

  21. 21
    Roberta Says:

    @Judy: But he decided to slap her?? that was his first reaction?? He slapped her after she had let to. He swatted her hand and then he slapped her. Doesn’t strike me as a reaction, it was more like an action.

  22. 22
    Dana Says:

    He slapped her across the face, there is no excuse for that. She didn’t hurt him in any way, (I have watched the video several times) she was just having fun. Also, she paid a lot of money for her ticket, she evidently WAS a big fan. I know I think less of him now.

  23. 23
    Richard Says:

    I don’t see why these people are acting like the man is a criminal.I bet John Lennon wishes he could have slapped Mark David Chapman or what ever his name is.The best way to get your point across to him is don’t buy his music or go to his concerts. Simple as that

  24. 24
    lol Says:

    Its so unlike him. There has to be more to this story

  25. 25
    Kate Says:

    So no apology then? This isn’t going to look good, here’s betting she’ll sue!

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