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Leonardo DiCaprio Wants Autographed Pic Of Himself & Nelson Mandela

Leonardo DiCaprio Wants Autographed Pic Of Himself & Nelson Mandela

Leonardo DiCaprio enjoys the view of the blue ocean on a boat while spending some time with his friends on Tuesday (July 22) in France.

The day before, the 39-year-old actor was spotted keeping a low profile while catching an international flight out of Miami.

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It was recently reported that Leo is asking for a personally autographed picture of himself with Nelson Mandela be given to him after learning that the picture is being auctioned for $25,000 by website Moments in Time. The photo had the words “To Leo DiCaprio, Best Wishes, Mandela, 9-8-07.”

“As I told his lawyer, he’s welcome to buy it,” owner of the website Gary Zimet shared. “It’s the only way he’ll get it.”

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio relaxing in France…

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leonardo dicaprio wants autographed pic of himself nelson mandela 01
leonardo dicaprio wants autographed pic of himself nelson mandela 02
leonardo dicaprio wants autographed pic of himself nelson mandela 03
leonardo dicaprio wants autographed pic of himself nelson mandela 04
leonardo dicaprio wants autographed pic of himself nelson mandela 05
leonardo dicaprio wants autographed pic of himself nelson mandela 06
leonardo dicaprio wants autographed pic of himself nelson mandela 07
leonardo dicaprio wants autographed pic of himself nelson mandela 08
leonardo dicaprio wants autographed pic of himself nelson mandela 09
leonardo dicaprio wants autographed pic of himself nelson mandela 10

Photos: Bauer Griffin
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  • Amy

    LOL @ this pic:

    It reminds me of the story Tobey told about meeting Leo at an audition on Letterman.

  • amanda

    Wasn’t this stolen from his house? Pretty sure you can’t auction off stolen items

  • ####

    Love the karate chop!!! LOL

    he looks good, nice and tan in a white T!!!

    On another Leo thread, wasn’t someone asking about who a guy was that Tobey was eating lunch with in a pic on a JJ thread from a couple of days ago? Is that the guy behind Leo, the older looking chubby guy, the same guy from the Tobey thread???

  • also…

    @Amy: I just wanted to post that photo. What is he doing? LOL! No German giraffe yet?
    @amanda: You mean from Mandela’s house? I don’t think there’s info how that website got it. It could have been stolen…

  • Violet

    How did he get it?

  • lol

    lmao, awww. poor guy can’t have a break from the paparazzi lol

  • wtf
  • Kate

    If this was personally autographed to Leo, how did this nobody get hold of it?

  • @wtf

    I think it’s his publicist Shawn Sachs behind him on this pic.

  • Amy
  • @wtf

    And Danny A is also there.

  • @also…

    Maybe Toni was still working in Mallorca today. On the pic she posted on IG, her hair and make up were done so maybe she was still shooting.

  • sugarbaby

    Leo the boy who will never grow up!

  • Zzzzzz

    Hi ladies! Leo looks great in these new photos!

  • Drats

    Isn’t that weird cap of his dirty by now?

  • ####

    Here is the pic with the guy that I think Tobey was having lunch with the other day and JJ had a thread of pics of him and Tobey. Someone asked who the guy was and I don’t think anyone was able to answer but this looks like the same guy.

  • also…

    @####: It does look like the same guy. I never saw him around Leo before.
    Another thumb down for dlisted / Michael K. He posted the link to Lainey’s Leo-Matt article and it’s a letdown again.
    It seems like Dave and Irmelin are not going? I base that on Dave’s IG since he hasn’t posted anything from St Tropez yet.

  • also…

    Who emailed Lainey that IG pic? It was just posted last night. LOL! Her hate for Leo must be real strong because jesus she made an entire post about something that she didn’t even bother verifying if it was true. I took it as a joke. I bet Leda sent it to her. They probably email each other love letters. Wouldn’t surprise me since she worships Lainey. She’s probably got a shrine of her in her bedroom.

  • Zzzzzz

    @also…: Hi! That would be really strange if his mom didn’t go because I believe she is the head of his foundation, or something like that. Maybe they will be arriving later today or early tomorrow. I agree, it is odd that Dave hasn’t posted anything.

  • ####


    Shocking that irmelin wouldn’t go.

  • also…

    @Zzzzzz: That’s what I said the other day. His mom is part of the foundation so I would assume she is definitely going. I just found it strange Dave hasn’t posted yet. I mean he did but not from France.

  • also…

    @####: I just said that because Dave hasn’t posted or Dave is not going? That’s also a possibility.

  • also…

    Leda is so desperate for Lainey’s love she stays up late emailing her info about Leo. What a joke. LOL!


    Hey,I just really learned what this means – lol. Really begining to believe this because they are never alone and she always goes where he is. Why is never seen with her friends in different places. I will admit jealous with all the traveling but something is strange about the relatilnship. Any thoughts? When will this end. At least Bradley with and seen with his 22 years old GF.

  • also…

    Lainey even mentioned Leo in her post about Blake’s preserve. LOL!

  • also…

    And she even mentioned Leo’s name in Cooper’s post. LOL! WTF? What the hell did Leo do to her?

  • Great

    Yacht today, tomorrow raising money for environmental causes.

  • also…

    She alluded to them being gay because Matt Damon makes a joke about Leo being rough in bed in that interview? LOL! It was clearly a joke. This woman is unbelievable. Leda that’s your lover. You’re both two sides of the same coin.

  • I bet the German toothpick is not too far.
    She sure wouldn’t miss to be seen on a cruise ride with the aging modelizer.

  • Charade

    @BEARD: But anyone still believes that this relationship is real when they have their publicists constantly giving explanations and details to proclaim or convince everyone they are a “couple”?

  • Amy


    This time his publicist in on the yacht with Leo so they can work on their St. Tropez strategy.


    @Charade: Explain why he went to Mami- lol


    @Amy: Explain why the Mami trip-lol.

  • poor leo

    @Amy: Now his wild and crazy holiday in St Tropez are turned into work.

  • also…

    @poor Leo: He went to Miami and NYC for some fun and now it’s work.


    @poor leo: Trust me the Bread will show her you know what- soon.

  • also…
  • Charade

    @BEARD: The “girlfriend” will be there when she needs to be spotted there.

  • LOL

    He looks excited LOL

  • From BZ

    On my way to LA two weeks will let you know if I see LD. By the way, new to the scene.Good Night.

  • Zzzzzz

    From BZ: Hi! Great photo! Did they say when and where it was taken? I recognize Kevin, Danny and Lucas. Not sure who the guy next to Kevin is though.

  • Zzzzzz

    @Beard: Hi! Welcome! Where in LA are you going? Should check out the sports bar Goal on 3rd. That’s where Leo has been known to hang out and watch games there. Obviously, 1Oak on Sunset, which can be hard to get into.
    Comment 42: Meant @From BZ

  • From BZ

    @Zzzzzz: Was allegedly taken in 2007 when he produced the movie “Guardian of Eden”.

  • Zzzzzz

    @From BZ: Thanks! It’s only been seven years, but he looks so much younger in the photo.

  • also…

    @Zzzzzz: Probably on set of the Gardener of Eden. Leo produced it, Kevin directed it and Lukas and Danny A appeared in the movie.

  • #37


    Do you ever notice how everyone ignores your posts! LMAO

    Everyone knows you’re the fake also and they ignore you now just like archangelmichael/Sexyback bc you 2 are a joke on these Leo threads. No one cares to acknowledge you anymore. They don’t even pay attention when you post something about Leo. Your trolling of also backfired and you and archangelmichael or whatever he/she goes by are actual trolls that everyone ignores now. Good job!!!

    Now shoo fly!!!

  • also…

    @47: FAIL! You just responded to me. You must be stupid. LOL! THanks for the laugh. I clearly matter since you just responded and I see everyone continues to talk to sexyback so I don’t know what you’re talking about. And by the way I know you’re Leda. You’re “ignoring” me by not responding using the “also…” name but I noticed everytime you use the “#” username that its clearly you. FAIL AGAIN LEDA! You’re so F*cking transparent B*tch. LOL!

  • also…
  • #48


    Keep thinking everyone is Leda or also. I think you’re just jealous bc you don’t have your own lapdog!! LOL. The LOL is just imitating your stupid posts!

    all your supporters ditched you when they realized you were nuts! Enjoy talking to yourself!!