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Zoe Saldana Almost Quit Acting After Her Role in 'Pirates of the Caribbean': 'It Was Very Elitist'

Zoe Saldana Almost Quit Acting After Her Role in 'Pirates of the Caribbean': 'It Was Very Elitist'

Zoe Saldana is surrounded by comic books on the cover of THR‘s latest issue.

Here’s what the 36-year-old pregnant Guardians of the Galaxy star had to share with the mag:

On almost quitting acting after Pirates of the Carribbean: “It was very elitist. I almost quit the business. I was 23 years old, and I was like, “F— this!” I am never putting myself in this situation again. People disrespecting me because they look at my number on a call sheet and they think I’m not important. F— you.”

On rumors that she only knew her husband a few months before their wedding: “No! I’ve known my partner for five years. I knew of his work. I knew 
of him. Then we met. And months later, we both made the decision 
to do what we both individually vowed never to do – to get married…. And as soon as we decided we were going to get married, we didn’t wait. We did it three weeks later. That part was very, very quick.”

On Hollywood and race: “I don’t want to spend my life thinking about all the impossibilities I face when I wake up in the morning. But the reality is, I’m a woman of color in America. That itself is enough for you to wake up and go, “Oh, f—!”

On plot details of Star Trek 3: “All I know is that the producers
 of Trek 3 called the producers
 of Avatar 2 to find out when Avatar will finish shooting.”

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FYI: Zoe is wearing Todd Reed rings in the third image.

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  • dunwik

    Was the paycheck elitist, too? Or did she donate it to a worthy cause? Of course not.
    “People disrespecting me because they look at my number on a call sheet and they think I’m not important. F— you..”
    Yet another sh*tty celeb who thinks they’re better than everyone else. Here’s some news: get a real job and you WILL be a number. Idiot.

  • Falala

    She really is doing the f****** most these days.

  • go go

    She comes across as a total ahole, prob why she gets the same treatment

  • go go


  • smh

    @dunwik: hey, you clearly don’t get where she’s coming from from an actor’s perspective. Just because she wasn’t the highest billed actor on the call sheet, doesn’t mean that you have the right to treat all actors with small parts like they’re good for nothing. I’d be pretty P.O’d too if you saw obvious preferential treatment at a workplace other than the special treatment of Johnny Depp which is understandable and I’m pretty sure she was understandable that he got the best treatment, nothing b!thcy about that. Trust me, big budget films such as PotC don’t treat their supporting actors or extras very well, they treat them like they’re invisible until their part comes in and are considered a “prop”. Don’t be quick to judge when you have no understanding of how these big budget productions treat their employees. Zoe has had to grow thick skin in this industry for many reasons so yeah she may come out hard headed out of this but this is her passion and she stuck with it for many years despite facing obvious adversity in this industry and now its paying off and I’m pretty sure that becausse of the treatment that she’s had, if she decides to do movie directing in her future, she will be much kinder to the actors that work for her due to her past experiences in this industry. You don’t get the best parts in the beginning but producers like to take advantage and be sh!tty to whoever they believe is the lower to them on their power food chain, especially women, and especially actors of color, its unfortunate but it happens alot.

  • elsa

    lol, she was on pirates?

  • Stanley

    Hahaha….This jealous comments here :D…

  • WhiteLatina

    She looks like a skinny black man in a wig.

  • chriss

    she’s beautiful and smart enough. i like how passionate she seems to be.

  • UGH!

    She certainly isn’t a Latina she doesn’t look at all Latina. And also, she insist on playing African American roles but they don’t like her either there is no place in the world for Black HIS-PANICS like her. So sad that she insist on being African American and taking on the roles of their heroines when she should be more concerned about Black Dominicans and the horrible poverty in their skin-color obsessed country. She wouldn’t even get a commercial in a Spanish speaking country…unless they were doing a public service Ad about feeding starving kids in Africa.

  • Antonio

    @UGH!: Don’t be stupid she can’t play a Latina, Latinas are white and she looks really old.

  • N

    loved her role on POTC, I actually thought the film with Penelope Cruz would feature her (cuz she was on fire with those few lines she had, I remembered her)

  • S

    Penelope Cruz is a beautiful Spanish lady, Zoe on the other hand, well, she can’t help the way she was born GAWD did it.

  • Jessie

    That was the best role she ever had, the others were meh.

  • Huh?

    “No! I’ve known my partner for five years. I knew of his work. I knew 
of him. Then we met. And months later…” — got married.

    So she knew of him for 5 yrs, right?

  • Teeter


    What do Latinas look like?

  • reba

    @UGH!: Hey White Latina! I see you have a new alias! Talk about skin color obsessed? White Latinos come here and realize they are NOT white either – how does that make you feel, dark? lol. Dominicans are of predominantly African decent, but that does no’t mean they are not of Latin Culture. Black Americans have just as much right to be ‘American’ as any other American. American, is NOT a color and neither is Latino. Get over it!!!

  • reba

    @Antonio: sorry, Latinos are only white in their countries; not in America. Most of you don’t look like Nicole Kidman or Alexander Skarsgaard. Poor you; you will never feel good enough, will you?

  • oh lord

    @UGH!: are you seriously debating on whos a latina based on skin color. oh stfu, im a white latina and i never learned spanish (that was my parents choice) and zoe is no more latina than i am but she is in fact very fluent in spanish and could pull off doing BOTH hispanic and black roles and combination roles, did you forget about her movie “Colombiana”? sit your a$$ down, you are a complete effing ignoramous and if you are latina by any means, you’re making us look bad. for instance the only representation that we have of a mainstream successful spanish singer in america is shakira who is a white latina that isnt even really latina that dyes her hair incessantly blonde to please her american record execs and she sounds like a dying goat and shakes her a$$ to her distract her audiences with her sh!t voice. the only reason why american recording companies keep her famous and not let any other latina women get the same amount of exposure and recognition as shakira is because she makes the hispanic community look bad by making americans believe that all of us latinas sing like untalented dying goats which is the farthest from the truth when we have the greats like marc anthony and cristian castro that blow shakira out of the water. id rather have someone as strong, passionate, and truly talented as zoe being a representation of being a latina and i hope many more latinas of many skin tones that are genuinely talented see the light of day in hollywood because theres 7 billion people in this world and we all deserve honest and fair representation and the media is a big reflection on how we view society. zoe has gone through hell and back with being discriminated and she stuck with it and now shes getting rewarded and she actually deserves it so good on her. and i actually liked her part in pirates of the caribbean, i was actually curious as to why they didn’t use her for the next installments of the movie tbh, maybe she didn’t want to be involved with another jerry bruckheimer and co. production but they couldve made her character much bigger especially with the will turner love story angle that they had in the movie which wouldve been great.

  • GradBoy

    @reba: Reba, your two comments make you seem like an American racist. A lot of white people that are not Latin American Hispanic do not look like Nicole Kidman or Alexander Skarsgard. Are they no longer white to you, or do you only hold the Kidman/Skarsgard ideal for Latinos? Everyone knows that the American racial classification system is stupid, and it only matters how the Latinos feel.

  • GradBoy

    @WhiteLatina: I typically do not like your comments, but this one made me laugh.

  • Lorie

    nice to see how just jared commenters being racist and gross as usual
    stay classy guys!

    btw, latin people come of all the races and some people here should spend their time educating themselves about this stuff instead of losing it on the internet to say dumb racist things about black latinos.
    I’m laughing at the thought of some of you meeting an asian latino. You would probably tell them that they don’t know what they are