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Katie Holmes Surfs Into the Sunset in New York City!

Katie Holmes Surfs Into the Sunset in New York City!

Katie Holmes wears a sheer white dress while attending the ASP: World Surf League Cocktail Party held at the Jimmy at the James Hotel on Thursday (July 24) in New York City.

The 35-year-old actress was in attendance to support her pal Harvey Weinstein, who hosted the event to welcome a bunch of the world’s best surfers to the Big Apple.

Harvey‘s film studio The Weinstein Company will be releasing Katie‘s upcoming movie The Giver, which hits theaters on August 15.

The Giver was represented at Comic-Con that day with some of the film’s stars in attendance!

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes attending the cocktail party…

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katie holmes surfs into the sunset 01
katie holmes surfs into the sunset 02
katie holmes surfs into the sunset 03
katie holmes surfs into the sunset 04
katie holmes surfs into the sunset 05
katie holmes surfs into the sunset 06
katie holmes surfs into the sunset 07
katie holmes surfs into the sunset 08
katie holmes surfs into the sunset 09
katie holmes surfs into the sunset 10

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  • Goodness Gracious

    1) does anyone STILL ask why she is getting these small roles??? Harvey.Notice he hasn’t given her anything in a leading role.
    2) I think whoever said she dresses bad on purpose might have had a point.
    3) That dress looks like someone took a wedding dress and cut off the bottom.
    4) the smirk has to go. It really really looks like she had a stroke.
    5) I think there is only ONE pigeon toe stance here. That is progress.

  • Nathan

    Beautiful face and sexy legs.

  • April

    Well this is a d- lister event if there ever was one.
    A party for surfers in NY?

    Holmes has some hefty legs there. She should learn to dress to suit her figure.

  • Nathan


    Are you kidding me? Katie dose not have fat legs and she is dressed to suit her figure she looks great in these pics.

  • guest

    The dress is kind of pretty, but it is TOO short.
    Her hair looks like she has been in a wind storm.

  • jimmy

    beautiful as always katie!!! tom F’ed up!

  • guest

    @April: #3

    Holmes has some hefty legs there. She should learn to dress to suit her figure.
    I agree wholeheartedly.


    @Nathan: No, are you kidding? This dress looks horrible on her! She has thick legs and it draws attention to that. Some magazine voted her into the top ten ugliest feet for actresses and these shoes showcase bunions, corns and more. You must be blind in love. Not to mention her hair is mess. A comb through would have done wonders for it.

  • guest

    @jimmy: #6

    You must be 12 years old.
    Did it ever occur to you that they just did not get along, were NOT compatible. Maybe Katie effed up.
    YOU do not know what went on behind closed doors. Katie might be a b*tch to live with, for all you know.
    Looks do not make a marriage work. (Even though I do not think is no where near a beauty).
    It is absurd of you to say Tom effed up, when you do not know how Katie treated him, SO maybe Tom getting rid of her is a relief for him.

  • guest

    EDIT: (Even though I do not think Katie is anywhere near a beauty).

  • jimmy

    @guest, $@#% my d!ck

  • Nathan

    @Goodness Gracious:

    Harvey Weinstein lobbied for Katie Holmes to star in “The Traitor’s Wife” That is a lead role in a movie.
    Harvey Weinstein obviously sees that Katie has talent.
    Plus Katie has an A-list name People care when she shows up somewhere Katie is on the same level as Angelina Jolie so why wouldn’t Katie get parts in movies.?

    Katie has a presence about her call it charm call it charisma call it the “it” factor but whatever it is katie has it.

    Her presence is the reason she became famous in the first place.

  • Goodness Gracious

    1) no , they don’t care really. These days pretty much only the daily mail or JJ blog about her regularly.
    2) her lack of box office success (27M average) is pitiful and does not reflect someone that people will show up to see.
    3) A list??? That is just funny.
    4) HW can talk alot. Let’s see what happens. So far Katie is doing very small roles or indie roles. If she was “a list” as you say she would be offered and starring in A list type roles.

  • @Nathan

    Nathan even her other two fans that post here admit she is not A list material.
    They are the ones that harp on people for comparing her to A list or having that expectation.
    So next time that conversation comes up they can remember it was you who insist she is.

  • NG

    Harvey must be plugging this event and ordered Katie to be there and Matt Lauer was the only other celebrity there that I recognize and it looks half empty (of all people Matt was the one that got into that intense interview with Tom Cruise). He probably told Katie a funny remark off the record regarding Cruise. What a small world indeed. I don’t like the way Katie looks here. She looks messy like if she found out at the last minute and had someone send her a dress and shoes and she got dressed in a New York minute and rushed over.

  • NG

    If Harvey Weinstein is how Katie gets her small roles than she is going to jump when he tells her to. He is known to be abrasive.

  • @NG

    Maybe but I think Matt is over it.
    He has had an interview since then talking about it and he and Tom have spoken several times since then. He did bring up recently when asked what was his most awkward time and he said that one but he doesn’t bring it up unless asked.
    He said they get along fine and always had up until that moment so it seems he has moved on and I doubt he would make a joke to the ex unless he knows her pretty well. You never know how that person will take it.

  • @NG

    I bet he is hot and cold. If things go south in this new “friendship” she will know it!

  • NG

    For those that watched the HBO show Entourage there is a character in the series that was thought to be modeled after Harvey Weinstein, the role of HARVEY WEINGARD:

    It seems Harvey Weinstein doesn’t believe imitation was the sincerest form of flattery. After a foul-mouthed producer named Harvey Weingard appeared in season two, Connolly says he got an earful from the famously abrasive producer. “I’m at a party. Harvey Weinstein just came over and told me to tell my producers they’re dead. ‘Tell them if they ever mention my name again, they’re dead.’” Those lines made their way into an episode during a later season. Ellin said Weinstein called after the episode and said he enjoyed it.

  • NG

    #17 – You are right that Matt is over it but I think its because Cruise initated that change, he knew his career was on a downward spiral and he had to right the wrong and undo as much damage as possible with the celebrity he had gotten into an embarrassing moment with. After he apologized to Brooke Shields, he flew her over to Italy to attend his marriage to Katie, he reappeared with Matt on the Today Show cool and relaxed as a cucumber after that video of them went viral, he appeared on Oprah’s show and appeared subdued and relaxed in the comfort of his quiet and beautiful Telluride home (without a live audience) to discuss his over the top antics. Cruise and his team pulled out their check list and publicly tried to undue the damage with Brooke, Matt, Oprah, etc.

  • assman

    Tom Cruise is missing out

  • NG

    - It costs so much to make movies, find financial investors who are willing to fund the project. Alec Baldwin made a very interesting documentary called Seduced and Abanoned that gives you an insight to making movies.

    The documentary is about finding investors in Cannes called Seduced and Abanoned and Martin Scorsese and others make cameo appearances and talk about how difficult it is to make great movies.

    I read a lot on Hollywood history, studio moguls, actors and actresses that I can only imagine what actresses have to go through to get roles. Howard Stern tries to allude to a few things regarding the process for actresses and there are so many ambitious actors out there who know if they get a break out role their lives will change.

  • Looselipz

    Aw, I think she’s looking great lately. Much happier clearly. That said, she has never had a great sense of style. Unless she’s being helped, her choices are very dated. This dress just looks too bridesmaids to me and little girlish. As for her legs, I don’t see huge at all. It just shows how harsh and critical people have become…

  • NG

    I think men like Harvey Weinstein, Tom Cruise, David Beckman, etc., can appreciate when a woman looks well groomed, beautiful, confident, really put together. Harvey W is married to Georgina Chapman and she is a British dress designer and always well dressed, groomed, in great shape, beautiful woman, etc. She reminds me of a woman that is disciplined like Victoria Beckman when she goes out in public, appears on a red carpet, premieres, etc. There are just some women that know what looks good on them.;_ylt=A0SO8xv3_tFTZAIAMEpXNyoA?p=georgina+chapman&fr=yfp-t-901-s&fr2=piv-web

  • NITS

    Marriage to Cruise destroyed her career.


    She should jump into the pool dressed like that and swim around and then crawl out and rip her dress and underwear off. THAT WOULD BE SO AWESOMELY HAWT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 KH

  • annie

    I prefer her in longer slimline clothes or jeans and high heels.
    That red wine coloured off the shoulder dress, minus the pockets was beautiful on her. I also like her hair very long, that suits her the best. Being a rooftop event, it probably was windy, but I personally like hair a bit messy, anyway. Love her but she needs to put on weight, and the dress it’s too fussy for me, but she is the prettiest in the group pic . Altho I do like the one shoulder dress on the other girl!

  • Mary

    Oh, Katie. For someone who claims to love clothes and who had a brief stint as a “designer,” you sure can’t pick flattering clothes. While I agree that her legs are far from fat, she has a small upper body compared to her muscular legs, and she should not wear clothes that cut her off across the thigh like that. And the dress looks cheap. It bums me out that she dresses so consistently lousy when she could do so much better.

    And I wish folks would lay off the smirk comment. She DID have facial paralysis, people. Not a stroke, but Bell’s Palsy, I believe, which has stroke-like symptoms. She can’t help that. The posture on the other hand…

  • Leslie Sloane too

    Weinstein, Holmes … and Sloane (PR) all at the event –

    -2nd pic, blonde hair, strip dress.

  • Leslie Sloane too

    @Leslie Sloane too:

    pics of Weinstein, Sloane and Holmes laughing it up –

  • Given lemons…

    @NITS: Gave her a reason/excuse to rebound not so quickly. I HOPE she is working on fine tuning her acting skills. (Coaches out the ying yang) 6 yrs. married, 4-5 yrs. to recover.

  • Gangs of New York

    The Wrap’s Sharon Waxman passed along an anecdote leaked to her about the insufferable Harvey Weinstein’s performance on a panel. Apparently, he saved “The Gangs of New York” and director Martin Scorsese is too ashamed to admit it:
    Weinstein told a story about working with Martin Scorsese to cut “Gangs of New York” down from three-and-a-half to two-and-a-half hours. The person in attendance paraphrased Weinstein as saying: “Then I had the idea to put out a 3 ½ hour directors cut. But Marty would never agree to that because then people would say what a genius I was in getting the cut down.”
    There’s nothing worse than a powerful man with massive insecurities. And I’m talking about Harvey, not Marty.

  • Betty

    No he doesn’t and that is probably another reason he doesn’t like Cruise because he used him to make his character Les Grosman.
    The man might be “powerful” but he is still insecure and fickle.
    He probably wants to make Holmes happen just to be able to say he did it. Men like that have huge ego. Good Luck Harvey, you will need it

  • Betty

    How exactly did her marriage do that?
    Sounds like an excuse. She has been in the business for almost 20 years.
    Hollywood is filled with people with much more worse issues than a bad/weird marriage and that hasn’t stopped them IF THEY HAVE REAL ACTING SKILLS.
    If KH really had the skills and charisma to make it she would have.
    It’s been 2 years since the split and still not doing much.

  • Given lemons…

    Too bad the hairdresser on her set from women n gold didn’t do her hair. Hair extensions, etc. I agree about the drinking, her skin color reveals it, that and the puffy, dark circles. Where’s hair and makeup people when need them:(?

  • jo

    You mean from the blind item? I tend to believe that one too. It was said it was a delivery person who goes to her building that the gossip came from. He talked about her place being a mess and having bottles all around. That part seemed right since she is an admitted slob and she hides her smoking so why not the drinking?
    I didn’t see the blind about the married man. If anyone knows where that is written please link it up.

  • DTBH

    Can’t help but to wonder what she has over Tom

  • Roberta

    @NITS: Marriage to Tom put her on the map. She was a nobody when she married him.

  • Poppy

    I don’t think she has anything over him as much as whatever she talked about would incriminate her too.
    She pulled all the same stunts as him while married.
    Other then that everyone knows about the scientology crapola already.

  • Roberta

    @NG: Just to clarify, he appeared twice on the Oprah show that year. The fisrt time was at his house in Telluride (without the audience), and the next day, he was at the studio with Oprah (with the audience).

  • meiii

    Love that dress……she’s so pretty…..

  • NG

    #40 the interview at telluride with oprah specifically addressed the viral videos with Matt Lauer, Scientology, jumping on oprah’s couch, etc I brt all those videos make Cruise cringe today.

  • NG

    We live in an age of information and the Internet. What you say and do doesn’t go away.

  • Sheila

    Why does she always stand pigeon-toed and head tilted with weird side smirk. She looks odd because of the way she poses.

    That said, wonder if Scientology makes you lose your cuteness or makes them mega-insecure. She’s never looked cute again since she’s left it, like maybe her mind is messed up from it and that translates to her looks?! Leah Remini same thing, looking odd lately with all the botox, insecure. Nicole Kidman the same. Whatever they do it must make the women feel down on themselves and why they mess with their looks.

  • @JO

    20. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/02 **#8**
    Everyone wants to know why this B list mostly movie actress with A+ list name recognition has not found a new boyfriend yet. She has one, but he is married and she is very good at keeping secrets. Katie Holmes

    CDAN hasn’t revealed the “correct” answer yet. Based pm tje
    very good at keeping secrets” phrase–and the A+ name recognition clues–she is the top guess.

  • @44

    Actually I was looking at pics of Leah the other day and was thinking how good she looks for 45(or about??).
    I think she looks better then Katie in terns of lines. I don’t know what it is- its not so much lines on her face maybe its just that it looks old and saggy for her age.
    I don’t think its anything to do with the cult/church/religon/beliefsytem it’s just that Katie isn’t the type to age well and from the years of 26 to 36 you change a lot.
    If you were lucky as a teen to have a fresh faced glow that looked young for your age- about min-20′s is when that starts to fade.
    So Tom and his cult can be blamed for a few things but I think Katie’s saggy face is just her not aging well.

  • DTBH

    @@44: ETOH abuse

  • @47

    I can TOTALLY see it now. I wonder if true how long she can hide it.
    Things like that always come out eventually.
    wonder what her drink of choice is?

  • NG

    Not to compare apples and oranges but I agree that Katie must be hitting the sauce because your skin reveals a lot about your intake: booze, drugs, not getting enough sleep, do you execise, do you get facials regularly,etc. Interesing how Harvey Weinstein’ wife Georgina Chapman is OLDER than Katie 2-3 years and has had 2 children (1 year ago) and she looks GREAT. She is also a dress designer so you would think she would have a lot in common with Katie. Georgina Chapman dresses and looks like a person that loves fashion because she begins with how she dresses herself. The same goes for Victoria Beckman, you can tell she loves fashion and keeps her appearance top notch. That is why I think the Holmes and Yang fashion line was financed by Cruise and other investors. I think Cruise wanted his wife to be another Georgina Chapman or Victoria Beckman, successful with her own career and that would make them look like a successful power couple who were Scientologists. I knew the Holmes and Yang fashion line would fade away. The year they split up (June 2012), that fall Katie and Jeanne Yang had to come up with a fashion line for the fall and you could tell Katie had to be dragged there. She had a private showing of the clothing line but I bet she knew the following year it would shut down so it didn’t all end the same year (the marriage, the apt move, the fashion line, etc).

    Its not enough to go to the gym, you have to have DISCIPLINE be well groomed, in great shape, great skin, etc. Georgina Chapman reminds me of a woman that is disciplined like Victoria Beckman when she goes out in public she looks good even if she is casually dressed. There are just some women that just know what looks good on them. This lady Georgina Chapman is OLDER than KATIE by 2-3 years and looks nicer and well groomed all the time.;_ylt=A0SO8xv3_tFTZAIAMEpXNyoA?p=georgina+chapman&fr=yfp-t-901-s&fr2=piv-web

  • NG

    Katie is 35 going on 36. Georgina Chapman is 38 years old. Both with access to private trainers, cooks, professional people. The latter looks and acts like she has it together.