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Kristen Stewart Gets Some Hot New Co-Stars in 'Equals'

Kristen Stewart Gets Some Hot New Co-Stars in 'Equals'

Kristen Stewart has her hair do the talking as she arrives for a departing flight at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon (July 24).

The 24-year-old actress chatted kept her head down as she headed straight for the security gates.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kristen Stewart

In case you missed it, two new actresses have just joined Kristen‘s upcoming movie, Equals.

Aurora Perrineau and Kate Lyn Sheil have joined the project, which also stars Nicholas Hoult.

Set in a future society where emotions have been eradicated and one man, Silas finds himself suffering from “Switched-On Syndrome.” Nia is another of the “infected” who is able to hide her condition.

Kate will play a co-worker of the two, also named Kate. Aurora will play Iris, a new mother whose baby is born crying – a sign the tyke can feel those dreaded emotions.

10+ pictures inside of Kristen Stewart at the airport…

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kristen stewart orange lax departure 01
kristen stewart orange lax departure 02
kristen stewart orange lax departure 03
kristen stewart orange lax departure 04
kristen stewart orange lax departure 05
kristen stewart orange lax departure 06
kristen stewart orange lax departure 07
kristen stewart orange lax departure 08
kristen stewart orange lax departure 09
kristen stewart orange lax departure 10
kristen stewart orange lax departure 11
kristen stewart orange lax departure 12

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  • Shelby

    Everytime I see her body I am aware I haven’t been to the gym in a while.

  • Cate

    She is so gross and greasy looking. Has she not washed her hair since she cut it? It looks filthy!

  • Devon

    Horrible looking hair, horrible sounding movie.

  • Grant

    Even with messy hair I find this girl so hot. I also really dig Doremus so this movie looks like it going to be good.

  • Jen

    I heard alot of actresses try to not wash their hair so often to obtain natural oils and some even add extra oils to their hair because of all the chemicals and styling their hair has to go through.

  • @Jen

    @Jen: LOL…So how come we don’t see any other actress with such a dirty,oily hair.

  • F

    So disgusting.
    I can almost smell her… ew

  • Yn

    So gross.
    Is she ever coming out of the closet?

  • gross!

    she’s disgusting… WHEN IS SHE GOINT TO COME OUT AS A LESBIAN?? so she can disappear…

  • mia

    I hope there are many paps in Japan and they finally catch her and Alicia when Alicia goes to visit her baby love! Also, come on KStew fans, how can you even PRETEND her unwashed hair is sth sexy?? Sure she looks good when made up but so does my grandma!
    I want her to get caught making out with Alicia but I doubt it :/

  • Why

    If she’s so disgusting why take the trouble to read about her and comment? jealous? She’s not going to disappear to please you.

  • des

    Who is the guy with her? This is Nicholas Hoult with Kristen?

  • @des

    This is not Hoult, but what kind of a guy with her to Japan, I do not know. I think he was with her ​​in France, but I’m not sure that’s him.

  • ???

    Who bears the guitar Kristen a flying with to Japan for her new film Equals? Does anyone know?

  • lena

    Love this girl. No matter what she is wearing and please do not start with the hair. Whether she is wearing anything, we all now know that the hair will be completely different for movie Equals. She is working very hard on all the new movies. Camp X Ray in Sundance, Clouds of Sils Maria in Cannes, Still Alice will be Toronto Film Festival. Now she has with Equals with Hoult and in october Big Shoe with Sturgess. Incredibly great scripts, so excited for these films. Good luck to you Kristen Stewart.

  • @mia

    You have to go check to see if your pills are the right ones, seem to need to add some medicines. Go worry about the model ZacEf & Patts. Such a nice pair.

  • @mia

    Kissing guys are the best.

  • Sim

    @F: I still say that Rob fans are the worst, can not do anything else than to criticize but they are saints hahah, if you do not like kristen, ignore it, you feel it? It does not mean that when it comes out must have Umit hair and have elegant clothes, for God’s sake, people are seriously idiots

  • leoCh

    Who wants to see good movies, of course, will see Stewart movies. She has fantastic choice of roles and films. And what here says haters, do not care. It’s her privacy, she guarded.

  • nxt


    That’s her assistant Scott with guitar.

  • Kevin

    Woah. WTF happened to her?

  • Terri

    Sorry, but she holds zero appeal to me or my friends. Turned out to be so… Ugh

  • Sim

    @Terri: Another crazy rob fans? It says sometimes when rob is overgrown But still sexy, haha, rob fans go away, no one is in the mood for your stupid crap

  • Crisk

    She is above all a great actress, I am eager to his films. Wish you success! She is very sweet and a beautiful soul, deserves the best!

  • Aa

    She has this impression of herself that she is famous and beautiful!LOL!

  • Sheila

    She thinks she is so beautiful she can get away with the messy, dont-care look. She can’t. She desperately needs to take a shower, learn good posture and learn to smile and maybe then her greasy hair-don’t care look would work. Maybe. But when I see her I want to wash.

  • Justme

    Why so miserabl?? She should try real life, a real shitty job and see what that is like. But this gal is one heckuv a sourpuss. He face is like she is on her way to the death chamber, so miserable looking all the time. Never seen such a miserable celeb. No wonder she got along with Charlize who is a class a miserable B.

  • Hellan

    Hey you all rob’s fans that only say everyday about kris and Alicia, only because she is hers friend and only for the clothea that kris wear and always kris has dressed like that even when she was with Michael, you should worry about ROB and forget kris and all the shit if she has to out to the closet, worry about if that pics come out for zac and ROB making out, let kristen alone and keep your eyes in the ROB god

  • anonymous

    I wonder if KW is annoyed at life and miserable because she feels she can’t come out. Or because her career is less than lukewarm. Or combo of both those things.

  • troll rob fans

    @anonymous: Her career is small?? where on earth you live in Antarctica or something, seriously rob fans are really crazy here, go worship your God Rob, who does not look it would take a bath,

  • troll rob fans

    @Sheila: Honey, if you were not so stupid, careful or before you write something stupid again, find information, kristen never claimed to be beautiful, you’re like one, sometimes the most beautiful, you know what it smells like, how much you walk, etc. .. fans Rob is seriously funny and crazy, for God’s sake,

  • LULY

    DIOS te bendiga bebe hermosa

  • lykeyou

    GEEEZUS ,it’s 2014 not 1991 ..
    the Grunge era was over when kurt cobain died ….20 years ago .

  • Chris

    it is so funny that kstew obsessed fans (cauz them, are not normal!) are not able to accept that there are a lot of people who dislike Kristen and the way she looks and at the same time they are NOT Rob’s fans.. it is not always her or him.. get a life… hahahahaha. I find her unattractive, but that doesn’t make me Rob’s fan. That is just stupid.

  • KRIS


  • candy

    You rock Kristen!!

  • Anonymous

    @lykeyou: First off you got the date wrong! Kurt died in 1994 NOT 1991! Also who cares what year it is? if she wants to dress like she lives in another decade, so what? Who are you to judge someone else?

  • Maggiemae

    Kristen is a real beauty. Shailene W. does not shampoo her hair regularly, neither does Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz, and others so stop slandering KS. She is one of the few actresses who looks great without makeup and she is a natural down to earth young woman. You rob fans are really full of hate for her. What has she done to you? I love her short hair, matter of fact, I love everything about her! I wish her the best and hope that she finds a guy that is not a part of the loony Hollywood culture. I wish only the very best for kristen.’

  • Maggiemae

    I think kristen is a beautiful authentic actress. There are lots of actresses that have very poor hygiene and do not shampoo their hair regularly: shailene Woodley, Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz, for example. KS is so down to earth and natural. She’s beautiful without make up. The reason you rob fans can’t say anything nice about her is because you hate her so much. What has she done to you? Rob is not perfect or a victim so see him as he really is. I hope that Kristen finds a new guy soon and he is not part of the looney Hollywood culture. I wish you the very best ms. Stewart.