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Model Andreja Pejic Comes Out as Transgender Woman

Model Andreja Pejic Comes Out as Transgender Woman

Andreja Pejic, the model formerly known as Andrej Pejic, has come out as a transgender woman after undergoing gender reassignment surgery and will only model women’s fashion moving forward.

“To all trans youth out there, I would like to say respect yourself and be proud of who you are,” the 22-year-old model told GLAAD. “All human beings deserve equal treatment no matter their gender identity or sexuality. To be perceived as what you say you are is a basic human right.”

On Facebook, Andreja added: “I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for the love and support throughout the years. You’ve all helped me through this journey and I have learned a lot and really come into my own and the response to today’s announcement truly overwhelmed me and reminds me of why I chose to do this publicly. I think we all evolve as we get older and that’s normal but I like to think that my recent transition hasn’t made me into a different individual. Same person, no difference at all just a different sex I hope you can all understand that. I would also like to to reach out to all young gender non-conforming youth out there: I know it’s hard, I’ve been there, but remember it’s your right to be accepted as what you identify with—you deserve the same respect as any other human being on this planet. As a transgender woman I hope to show that after transition (a life-saving process) one can be happy and successful in their new chapter without having to alienate their past. Most importantly differences should not equal divisions, let’s all stand together in union. #betruebeyou.”

10+ pictures inside of Andreja Pejic over the past couple years…

Just Jared on Facebook
model andreja pejic comes out as transgender woman 01
model andreja pejic comes out as transgender woman 02
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model andreja pejic comes out as transgender woman 04
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  • assman


  • good on her

    well she does do great modeling women’s fashion so she will become even more in demand after she strictly only works for women’s fashion. she may actually look even better if she grows out breasts or does implants cause i always found it weird seeing her look so feminine in the face when she would pose shirtless but having no breasts at all. i can only see things being better for her career-wise since she has a very feminine face for originally being a man so good for her for being honest.

  • ugh

    @good on her: He* not “she”. Surgery to transform yourself into a “woman” does not make you one. It’s in the DNA and you cannot change your DNA no matter how hard you try.
    I wonder which acceptance movement will come next…

  • NITS

    What a disgrace

  • fallingdown


    lol necrophilia, zoophiles, beastiality, pedophilia, incest.

  • zewrok

    Good for you, Andreja. I’m glad you are in peace with who you really are.

    P.S.: so much ignorant people out here.

  • Nat

    wow people are harsh… good for her! it’s a basic human right to be proud of who you are and be who you want to be. glad to see another positive trans role model in the media :) their stories deserve to be heard! BTW it doesn’t matter if you agree with her decision or not, if it doesn’t affect you personally then keep your negative thoughts to yourselves :) @ugh @fallingdown

  • Jess

    @Nat: Will you use the same argument for incest? Or beastiality? Or pedophiles even? If everyone is consenting, legal age or human or not doesn’t matter, because everyone is being proud of who they are and should be whatever they want to be. Why not let people f*ck dead bodies? Thats who they are, so let them! Geez, Americans and their pseudo-liberlism UGH!

  • good on her

    @ugh: stfu if he identifies as a she, then she is a SHE. I’m well aware of that she was born with an XY chromosome, no need to remind us tolerant and accepting people unlike yourselves. You’re the same jacka$$es that think it’s ok to bully someone that finally feels comfortable in their skin. You must have been a bully back in your school days, I would never be friends with somebody as hateful as yourself and I’m a hetero female that lives in a community that accepts and embraces the lgbtq community with open arms. Andreja is more than welcome to come to miami beach :)

  • ugh

    @fallingdown: I can see incest coming next and then necro with the same type of ‘approvement’ you make if you opt/or opt out of/to donate your organs after you die.
    After that? God knows but I hope I’m not here to witness it.

  • ella

    Congratulations Andreja!
    I must disagree with comments comparing those who hurt others with Andreja who did a change on her own body. She owns her body and should do with it whatever she pleases! You are beautiful Andreja!

  • haha

    @ugh: can you f*** off you ignorant little b!tch, nobody cares about your hateful opinion. So you’re cool with regular gays but not transgenders or are u just homophobic all around? You reek of a$$hole regardless

  • freechoice

    It is everyone right to be what they want to be as long as they aren’t hurting another . he looked as woman and good for him / her :)

  • sx

    @Jess: you dimwit, this has nothing to do with having sex with animals, your damn sister or some dead body, learn to differentiate.

  • thenendisnear

    If I painted a car like an apple, would it be an apple?

  • Mark

    @ugh: You are so ignorant and arrogant!A complicated c*nt like you would have a miserable life because the world is changing against what you believe in.

  • Hello

    I love her. She is a good model.

  • margot

    I’m not agree with his try to agitate this! He looks very feminine. He can do surgery and feel happy and in peace with himself. But what about others? They don’t look feminine, they beautiful their own way. But they look very manly. What about them?? How many times one of them would do surgery with a negative result and try to end his life with suicide, because people can’t accept it. People can’t understand why someone want to make himself a freak. Why don’t we try to agitate the love? To love and accept yourself the way you are. You were born this way. No need to do transition. Just need to pray for some brain!

  • BethM


    Oh Margot, what insight. “pray for some brain”. Excellent advice!
    When my niece was born with spina bifida this is what we all did as a family…prayed for some brain. We’re still waiting but I’m sure it’s going to be fine!

  • BethM


    “If I painted a car like an apple, would it be an apple?”

    Have you written a book? If so, please tell me the title so I can buy it.
    Your endeavor into the ethical realm must be deep and wide to spawn such profundity.

  • BethM


    Me too!

  • BethM


    needs ‘I’m a’ and a comma after ‘ass’ and you’re good to go!

  • margot

    Are you REALLY comparing a life threatening spina bifida with plastic surgery for sex change?

  • Import

    You people preach about tolerance, but how tolerant are you towards people who aren’t comfortable with transsexuals? Not everyone has to accept them and you can’t force others to feel okay with transsexuals, especially when you try doing it with name calling and in general this superior attitude. There are always going to be people who think different than you, the world is never going to be perfect with everyone loving transsexuals. It will never be that way. You are not more progressed, don’t lie to yourselves.
    And why are you so okay with people mutilating their bodies?
    There are so many more important things in this world to focus our energies on and quite frankly I find the whole things quite superficial. If you feel like you’re a woman trapped in a man’s body than what do you have to prove? you’re a woman but why are you completely changing your appearance. Who are you trying to convince, us or yourself?
    Also, if you think you are such a nice compassionate person, then wouldn’t you prefer these women trapped in male bodies use the money they save for things more important in the world than something so superficial?
    Our bodies are only temporary and to me the whole idea of transsexuals is so superficial, they end up spending their whole lives, so much time and money trying to perfect, imitate the female form (I’m talking about M to F transsexuals). Why do they need so bad to show themselves as females when they already feel like that inside. What is there to prove? Have they ever thought that perhaps there is a reason they were born in a male body, a whole reason that has nothing to do with having to change it.
    Maybe all of you who think you’re so advanced in your thinking but are pretty much repeating everything you’ve been fed can think about something different. All of you think you’re so cool and accepting but you’re just followers.

  • mimiencore

    is it me or what…although transgenders go into surgery i can always tell they are men..there is something about their facial feature, hands that is somewhat manly

  • Stanley

    Good for her :)…As long as she is happy

  • Hmm

    @ugh: Yeah met too,I am wondering if it will be incest.i’ve already seen some places where people that practice incest are using LGBT movement as an excuse for incest to be accepted as well lol. That and probably beastiality

  • IA

    @Import: I agree that most of these people are followers who don’t always think for themselves,they don’t necessarily question things,they just follow it cause it’s the current trend. But having said that,there is nothing wrong with fully accepting and embracing a fellow human being and to treat them as equals and human,no matter what they look like. If we can be so kind and compassionate towards animals then why can’t we be that way towards our own species.

  • amy

    @margot what you dont undestand is that a pro transgender movement will help families to accept transgender children at a younger age and promote a family environment where one can ‘come out’ while young, preventing the development of secondary sex characteristics and prevent the onset of the features that you describe as ‘freaky’. If only these “freaks” as you call them, had grown up in a more loving and accepting family and had the opportunity to transition at a young age and a more successful transition. Margot, i will pray for your brain, because yours is clearly foggy and confused

    And to the people who are arguing the fact that Andreja has xy chromosomes…who is disputing that. Most transgender people recognise the fact that they will never be BIOLOGICAL females, i.e. genetically female, however it is a disparity between body and mind that is being corrected. A move to reduce the barrier between the gender identiy i..e the gender you associate yourself with, and the body you were born into.

    @import, you talk about people mutilating their bodies. Does that mean that a baby with a cleft palate should be left to suffer because they are born into such circumstances and should simply endure it? No.

    you also talk about superficiality. Is not anything that anyone does, transgender or not, of a superficial nature. What is so superficial about rectifying something wrong with yourself. Im sure you dont live in a cave, devoid of any personal posessions, heck im sure youre typing your comment out on your latest iphone, Dont you want to put that money into something less superficial?

  • Lena

    No….no…no…no……no…no…this is NOT right! I don’t give a dam/n whether this person defines themself as man, woman, or neutral.  They are FREE to live as who they want, love as they wish, and live their personal lives as they see fit.

    But what I will NOT accept is taking MEN, with innate male bone structure from birth (strong jaws and brows etc)  and male HIPS, and male chiseled jaws, and muscle tone, and male HEIGHT, and inset eyes, face blueprint, 0% body fat, etc, and shoving that in the female faces of this world with the message. “THIS is a female MODEL.”. And “THIS is the MODEL and ideal female, young girls, so get on with it and aspire to look like THAT!”. Women are naturally shorter, softer, and curvier than the human male. The body fat percentage is different.  That is a huge issue… Gender reassignment surgery doesn’t change that.
    A transgender male into female, no matter what you do, will never have the softness of a real female. Women have more body fat than men naturally. ALL women have cellulite. Men don’t. Men can have virtually NO body fat. Whereas this is impossible for women unless they are in later stage starvation like a concentration camp victim.  No young girl can make her round hips straight like a ruler like a man’s hips.  And six pack abs?  Very difficult for most women.  Not as hard for men.  
    But the fashion industry is still trying to push this lanky androgynous look down our female throats as women, and I say ENOUGH! It’s the same thing with some of these celebrity guys dating women exclusively who have had surgery to look the way they are. Botox to make women have swollen lips. Guppy faces….Huge Bo/obs on annorexic frames like a Barbie doll. Implants in the rear. Nose jobs. Surgery to remove all the fat. Coke habits to stop eating?

    So, now MODELS are people crafted by surgeons. These folks are going too far. Our young girls are losing the identity battle already without crap like this.  God Bless Always for this ad campaign…they have MY business as a result.

    Even greater that it’s a feminine menstruation pad company.  Enough of this being ashamed by young girls about getting their periods, and being DIFFERENT than guys, which doesn’t mean WEAKER. Vive la difference!
     I agree with the incest and beastiality comment. I think Hollywood, the entertainment and fashion industry does everything it can to morph culture into negativity and negative human values and behavior. Incest, beastiality are taboo over the millennium for a reason. It is not healthy.  Transgender is different. Those folks want to be who they feel they truly are. But, I don’t want them pushing unobtainable ideals on young people (ie, 6’1 new females with a chiseled jaw and 0% body fat, and 6 pack abs)…
     And, the other big disgusting trend is yacht girls at Cannes, glamorizing that female p/ussy selling, and pushing women as escorts and prostitutes to be used as some sort of high class exclusive career choice.  
    I was watching the Game of Thrones series in the last two days. Love the series. But, you can tell with the vile full frontal nudity of the women, and the porn maneuvering that is depicted, the shows management, is pushing an agenda which degrades women.  it’s ridiculous and unnecessary.
    It’s sickening. Are any other women here sick of the violence against women on the internet, in movies, in print, in show business? And I’m not talking pictures showing physical violence. I’m talking the subtle violence of the type here. That is, pushing males reassigned to females on us females as the epitome of “female beauty,” the Hollywood trend of famous guys dating women with minimal body fat and surgeon crafted. These guys going lower and lower in ages dating young women (18 yr olds, 21 yr old to 40 yr old men) because when you do that, there’s less chance of body fat on a woman, or a woman with experience to know the difference at the hand of her much older suitor who bosses her around. And other efforts to undermine female strength, beauty, aging gracefully, as mothers, daughters, sisters, etc.

  • Juicy

    @lena. FYI Transitioning creates the development of female characteristics, and if you have done any research, you would have read that Andreja has actualy taken puberty blockers since 13, and so, has little if any male bone structure.

    Taking estrogen creates female body fat distribution in a transgender woman.

  • Lena

    By the way, I’m sick of hearing “TOLERANCE.” Tolerance for what, exactly? 3.5 billion females with cellulite and little fat pockets around their waists (instead of a six pack) BECAUSE they are a human female and that happens with women after the age of 30?

    Ugh…yeah, well, it’s been a while since I’ve seen tolerance in the media, Hollywood or the entertainment industry which has 24/7/12/365 round the clock access to our brains to convince us of what is acceptable and what is not..

  • Juicy

    I dont think that having a transgender model promotes the ideals of their body type either. If you look at the magazines the shoots and spreads that feature transgender models are always in the edgier and avant garde magazines, like LOVE etc not seventeen magazine. The only people who are going to be viewing these magazines are the fashion set who are open minded and have an understanding of alternative fashion/living.

    The girls you talk of are most likely reading elle or seventeen, and have greater body issue problems from looking at people like kylie jenner and barbie than a transgender model. And obviously these magazines would be careful with how they present transgender stories. I hope that by having transgender models, it only creates more acceptance of transgender women/men in what they do.

  • Lena


    I am looking STRAIGHT at HER ding dong. Don’t tell me what research I have or have not done. You don’t know. How presumptuous of you.
    She still LOOKS masculine to me. There’s a reason why men and transgender males/females are gravitating to the modeling profession. Because, the fashion industry has been trying to decrease female normal characteristics as the female IDEAL for years.
    No hips. No body fat. Inset eyes. Chiseled jaw. Really tall. Well defined muscle tone. These are masculine traits. NOT female traits. When was the last time we saw a “pretty” supermodel or runway model (female)? Because if you line up one androgynous looking female (from birth) in a lineup with 10 pretty and thin girls, the fashion industry will choose the more male looking model and call her “exotic.”
    It’s just more FRAUD to me. Folks selling an image of natural beauty which was created through surgery, or Photoshop and in this instance, hormones.
    And, I don’t agree with beauty pageants as they also stick it to most women who don’t have the genetics or time or money to look that way. But, I’m not as disturbed by them as I think they are regulated. But can women win Miss America after being crafted under a surgeon’s knife? If so, that’s fraud to me as well. The rules should disallow that. But, that nonsense aside, perhaps we need them (dumb beauty pageants) nowadays just for the LIMITED defense against the push to make women look MALE.
    And, honestly, you are arguing against yourself….”so and so had to take hormones since the age of blah blah blah….to get this ideal look of female beauty.”. That’s even worse than saying ,”girls, to look like this all you have to do is mortgage your house or prostitute yourself to a rich guy to pay for the $150,000 surgery.”
    You argue against yourself. If you had done ANY research you would know the DEFINITION of “MODEL” which is “a system or thing used as an example to follow or imitate.”
    So, listen up girls, all you have to do to “follow” or “imitate” the look of this model is 1) be born male 2) take drugs and hormones starting in puberty and 3) go get your sex organs ripped out and “reassigned.”. If you do those 3 small things, you too can look like a “model.”
    Yeah, your argument doesn’t work for me. Sawwwwwwwreeee…

  • Wt

    @Lena: Violence against women??? I see more violence against men in movies than I see it against women

  • well

    But who would go out with her,a straight man(but he would want a straight woman) or a gay man(who would prefer a another gay man) or a gay woman(but then Andreja herself is not gay is she). So who would she date?

  • Lena


    How exactly do you know where the young girls got their identity issues from? The same way you know what I know and have researched? You have no clue what all girls think about. Do you? But, as that Always commercial showed, there is a problem in society. You seem male to me. Your comments are not reflective of an understanding about young girls.
    There is a permeating culture of androgynizing females. You disrespect young girls by suggesting they are so dumb, and out of touch that they don’t see what the fashion industry pushes on us as the epitome of female beauty. What???, Are they ostriches with their heads buried in the sand? Oh this person influences but not THAT person. You sound like the boy who was insulting girls but not his sister from the Always video.
    And again you argue against yourself. Don’t you think a teen or two reads Just Jared to see this article.
    I am NOT attacking the soul attached to Andrej or Andreja. I wish that person well in their psyche and life. BUT, life is life. And this person could have done anything besides put himself/herself in front of others and offer themselves as human GENDER specific perfection. There is arrogance in that move to me. As well as narcissism.
    You are just not going to get a guy blind from birth being a neurosurgeon. Or a man to menstruate, give birth to conceive, and make milk for that child. It’s sad for some but that’s life. Transgender males do not need to be models of the ideal female beauty or form. It’s not hateful or mean to so state. It’s life….

  • archangelmichael

    @Jess: lol. What’s up changed your name. Which one is @also and ####.
    this tranny got legs like TONI GARRN.

  • Observer

    A man changes his gender because of some shitty reason and everyone talks about tolerance by threatening and bullying others into being more tolerant? Oh the irony!

    Meanwhile, hundreds of innocent people die in Gaza because OUR President sucks Israel’s balls, and no one bats an eye? Well, that shows our priorities doesn’t it. I’m embarrassed to be a part of such an ignorant country.

  • Alys B. Cohen

    So many bigots in these comments. This person may biologically be male, but gender is a social construction. She identifies as a woman, therefore this person is a woman. Her gender identity doesn’t hurt you, so get over yourselves.

  • margot

    “If only these “freaks” as you call them, had grown up in a more loving and accepting family and had the opportunity to transition at a young age and a more successful transition” – WTF??! you’re serious?! First one – I don’t call them freaks. I think you fried your brain completely way too much thinking about it. Freaks are people who purposely mutilate themself trying to be accepted by society. There is no need to do transition. Just need to accept yourself the way you were born. And second, you are insane and accusing bitch if you thinking about “the opportunity to transition at a young age”. Like children can decide what good for them and what not! Advise for you: just get your head out of your ass! And think about whether or not to endanger their health and lives for this!

  • Alys B. Cohen

    @Import: You want people who are tolerant of transexual people to also tolerate your intolerance. Tell me something. Who are YOU showing tolerance toward? You don’t have to be comfortable with it, but you don’t have the right to shame other people for not living their lives the way you want them to.

  • Alys B. Cohen

    @Jess: Children and animals can’t consent. The concern about incest is when one person uses a position of authority to manipulate someone else to say yes, which isn’t technically consent.

  • Alys B. Cohen


    “No hips. No body fat. Inset eyes. Chiseled jaw. Really tall. Well defined muscle tone. These are masculine traits. NOT female traits.”

    Hm. So I guess Calista Flockhart and Cameron Diaz really have, or had, “ding dongs.”

    Since you don’t seem to understand the modeling, what people are supposed to “follow” is the clothing the models wear. We aren’t expected to go have surgery, but rather to buy the clothes.

    I think you need to spend some time with a therapist to work through your self-esteem issues. You are so intent on hating that model and claiming she’s what’s wrong with the world and what makes girls feel bad. I can tell you feel really insecure with yourself. If you were secure, Andreja’s gender and profession wouldn’t threaten you.

  • xyzc

    Cutting ur weenie is not turning u into a woman. One of the biggest mistakes male to females trannies do is to get rid of their genitals. Totally wrong. Sooner or later, Andrej will regret it.

  • xyzc


    Great post, thanks

  • xyzc

    @Alys B. Cohen:

    Gender is not a social construction, moron. keep educating urself.

  • xyzc

    @Alys B. Cohen:

    And u understand modeling? U understand nada, zero, zilch, u simply jump up the band wagon and thats it.

  • lykeyou

    …And still 100% more attractive than Fat Americans.

  • Joelle

    i didn’t know this person but I thought the picture looked strange before I read the heading. Now I know. Pretty, but he looks like a male in drag. I agree he can do whatever he wants as long as it’s not illegal or infringe on the rights of others. But that doesn’t mean everyone has to feel that this is normal or will treat him as if it is. Tolerance works both ways, but tolerance doesn’t include the word acceptance except in the sense that you accept the differences, not that you agree with it. So the name calling really isn’t necessary if someone doesn’t agree with you.
    noun: tolerance

    the ability or willingness to tolerate something, in particular the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with.