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Ian Somerhalder & Nikki Reed Get Hot & Sweaty at Los Angeles Gym

Ian Somerhalder & Nikki Reed Get Hot & Sweaty at Los Angeles Gym

Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed match in black tops while stepping out of a gym together on Friday (July 25) in Los Angeles.

The night before, the 35-year-old actor stood out in the crowd with a red scarf after touching down at LAX Airport.

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“Black of night.When the work is done&the mind wont stop-where would one be w/out The National…His lyrics,that beautiful symphony w/him…” Ian tweeted on the same day.

10+ pictures inside of Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed hitting the gym together…

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ian somerhalder nikki reed get hot sweaty at gym 01
ian somerhalder nikki reed get hot sweaty at gym 02
ian somerhalder nikki reed get hot sweaty at gym 03
ian somerhalder nikki reed get hot sweaty at gym 04
ian somerhalder nikki reed get hot sweaty at gym 05
ian somerhalder nikki reed get hot sweaty at gym 06
ian somerhalder nikki reed get hot sweaty at gym 07
ian somerhalder nikki reed get hot sweaty at gym 08
ian somerhalder nikki reed get hot sweaty at gym 09
ian somerhalder nikki reed get hot sweaty at gym 10

Photos: FameFlynet
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  • stacy

    this two are soooooooooooooo thirstyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Val

    she looks like a guy ,it is awful

  • daniela

    AGAIN ????????????? The PR is on point

  • Maria

    Nina is very beautiful ,but Nikki it’s sucks. Poor Ian

  • jamee

    I miss pre 2012 Ian :/

  • 1and4

    Ian cant handle yoga so he does cardio instead ;))

  • Levito


  • Kimmmmmm

    No relevant D-listers. blaaaaaaaah!


    THEY ARE SO DAMN HOT. Oh and haters stay pressed! Lmao

  • lisa

    again? clear PR

  • dissapointed

    this two again?????????????lololololoo

  • Tina

    This is LA you ignorant People. Do they look like they wanna sell something? no. And btw, all these “PR comments” are 100% coming from ONE Person changing names here. Gosh dude get a Life.

  • Vessy

    Well, it is a bit strange when he said that dating in Hollywood is ghastly… though.

  • Does’t make sense.

    This is what I don’t get. 3 weeks prior to claiming her and her husband were separating or have been separated for several months she post a pic on her instagram hugging her husband with the caption.

    “Hey McD, happy 3 year anniversary! Here’s to many more of those awkward hugs and butterflies. I am endlessly amazed by your spirit, kindness, and talent. Your soul is one of a kind. Love ya babe.”

    Around the same time she filed for the divorce she was dating Derek Hough. Now she is with Ian. And from what it sounds like her divorce isn’t final. How can you go from a 3 yr marriage and jump into two other relationships? I hope this guy doesn’t get to comfortable cause she’ll be done with him soon. Besides the body language is way different from last weekend.

  • Isabella

    They are adorable <3

    @Vessy: he never said that. Don’t twist his words please!

  • lena

    haters are so pathetic. Nina doesn’t want Ian anymore, let him be happy with Nikki, he does such amazing things for our planet, he deserves to have something for himself too.

  • Isabella

    @Does’t make sense.: You don’t know what is going on in other people’s Life. That’s all I have to say. Bye!

  • Beatrice

    I’m sure that even if a sex tape from Ian and Nikki shows up. the nian shippers will say that is PR to take attention off the real romance Nina and Ian lololololol. It’s laughable how this shippers are being so rude with ian and thinking that can tell him what to do and who to love

  • LOLI


  • CMc

    I see all the usual Nian shippers here. Your desperation is showing, but it means nothing they don’t give two hoots about your opinion on THEIR life.
    Funny thing is, if Ian was currently in SD with Nina, holding her hand, he’d be such a wonderful guy. Shows what true fans you are ‘for a non existent dream relationship only’.

  • Does’t make sense.

    @Isabella:First off I wasn’t being rude or calling name so no need to be nasty or showing hatred.. And second of all neither do you know what going on. You would think she would give her self time to heal. This just seems like a rebound. I am a fan of Ian and I support him just would hate to see him get hurt.

  • Jen

    You know they might just be buddies who like to work out together….that’s all you ever see them doing. They might motivate each other.

  • Bell

    It’s just funny. Two weekends in a row, the paparazzi wait for them at the street to take pics. Too fishy IMO.

  • Chris

    Y’all idiots. Even if Ian wasn’t with Nikki, he would still NOT be with Nina. They haven’t even tried to spend any time together in 15 months. Not interested. They had chances and opportunities to sort their relationship out, but didn’t. It’s over. They have plenty of time to spend with others though, both of them. Get the message and move on.

  • Selena

    they look amazing together, but they are clearly uncomfortable with the papparazzi. After last week when they relaxed and showed affection in public all hell broke loose and they got so much hate. Now you can see they didn’t go running on the street, they went to a gym, to be more quite and they are not touching or holding hands, but anyway, as soon as Ian landed in LA they must be following him to know if he was with Nikki and they found evidence. I wish people would let them be and get to know each other so they can make this beautiful relationship work.
    But the press and the false fans are so rabid for this, I can’t understand. Post about them got so many comments in all media, of course they’d be following them around.

  • Bell

    Why ppl drag Nina into this?? In the past, Ian protected his private life. We wouldn’t see so many paparazzi pics when he was in LA. Now all of a sudden, two weeks in a row, he’s got pap. Those paparazzi must tip by some “insider”.

  • Mandy

    C’mon Ian. The Shippers said you need to drop the PR and focus on Nina. Lololol poor delusional obsessed freaks don’t realise it’s not 2012.

  • Stela

    Sorry ,but Nina and Ian it was epic, Nikki and Ian this is trash

  • West

    Nina very happy without Ian :) he is a womanizer

  • Vessy

    @Isabella: No, i do not mean you, but i remember him saying it in an interview. i remember him saying ghastly. Just remembered that. lets see where things go….

  • It is a New Day for Ian

    Nikki Reed is a natural beauty. She is definitely into a healthy lifestyle. No hard partying, drinking, smoking or drugs for this gorgeous lady. Nothing superficial about her either. Ian is a lucky man and, of course, Nikki is a lucky lady. Love these two together.

  • It is a New Day for Ian

    @Vessy: Ian said dating in Hollywood could get gnarly, which means it could be difficult or challenging due to the exposure and lack of privacy. Obviously Ian believes Nikki is worth it, which is why he spends as much time with her as he can.

  • jl

    not cool guys. you don’t do that to your “good friends”. You’re gonna lose more than you’re bargain for..

  • Does’t make sense.

    @Vessy: I agree with you 100% about seeing where this goes which in my opinion it will lead to Ian being heartbroken. I have read your comments in a forum and it seems they are quite rude to you there.

  • CaliGirl

    IMO, this is obviously a PR ploy. Ian has never been one to put his relationships out there for public display. He’s always been a pretty private person when it comes to his dating life, especially when he has dated actresses. Case in point, he dated Maggie Grace for two years during and after LOST and no one really knew about it until he mentioned it in an interview just recently. I also don’t think Nikki is going to jump into a hot and heavy romance after 8 months of being separated, especially when she is still very close with her soon-to-be ex. I think they’re simply two friends helping each other out playing the Hollywood game.

  • HelenS


  • Sara

    He is in love with nikki, follow his Facebook posts, the lyrics to drunk love we be all night. He wants the photos out with nikki and him, he hates nina and is always bagging her. All I can say is this better last because nikki lost friends.

  • Bell

    We will see pictures of them working out every weekend from now on. Pap know their whereabouts so well.

  • Sara

    Reasons why this will last, guys love to chase and he is the one chasing nikki, he dumped nina (sorry but fact) if you don’t know then don’t even bother asking, Nina tried to make him want her and make him jealous with all these other guys but he didn’t want her and he is in love with nikki I have been told. “Guys always love the ones who ignore them, and they ignore the ones who adore them”.

  • Bell

    @Sara: not many relationships last more than a few months in Hollywood nowadays.

  • Does’t make sense.

    @Sara: @Sara: I am not a Nian or Nina fan but you are so wrong about him hating her. He has always said nice things about her even after the break-up. I don’t think he has an ounce of hate for anyone. He is always very kind and loving to anyone he meets. And if Nikki was so worried about loosing friends then she should have thought this through. Her actions over the past few months show she is more worried about being in the spotlight then anything else. Don’t ever insult Ian by saying he hates anyone. If you believe that then you are not a true fan,

  • Julia

    It’s clear that they are uncomfortable with the paparazzi. I wish they would be left alone. The hate they are both getting is ridiculous. Thay are both single and free to date whoever they want. After all that Ian has done for his fans over the years, he deserves more than this. I wish them the best.

  • Sara

    Sorry but I know someone and he is an actor, and of course he will always say nice things about her to the press and be friendly publically, but behind close doors u know nothing about him, u think u do but sorry u don’t. He HATES nina and bangs her out all the time, I can only imagine what he says to nikki about her. Read between the lines people. I only lie organic watermelons was also a dig, I know these things.

  • Sara

    Ps they are not at all pr, they are in love, that is why he doesn’t care and in fact loves this being public PS he hates Delana and hates being linked with nina. He says it all the time behind closed doors he wants a new love interest on the show. Ps he cheated on nina all the time, will never cheat on nikki because he jumps on planes and can’t wat to see her and loves the fact he has to wait to see her and it just makes him want her more.

  • Sara

    Sorry misspell, word was bags her out.

  • Camila

    @Sara: Sara my dear you need to stop with the drugs, I don’t know what you took but you’re embarrassing yourself. You claim we don’t know who ian truly is behind closed door, but how can you know him then and say what you’re saying about him?
    Got sleep or take a cup of coffee and calm down, you’re sounding like a crazy person.
    Leave Ian alone, these nian shippers are so delusional. After all Ian did for his fans he didn’t deserve this. This fandom is getting each day more disgusting, a bunch of brats that throw a tantrum when they don’t get their way.

  • Does’t make sense.

    @Sara: And that is why at the Paley Fest he was caught looking at her breast. Oh and her family joined him for Mardi Gras and her mother tweets about his work. Yeah that sounds like he hates. But if it helps who to sleep at night to believes those little fantasies then dream on.

  • Does’t make sense.

    @Camila: I am not a Nian shipper just thought by her saying he hates Nina was wrong

  • Greckio

    So if Ian is all about LA now can we give Paul his screen time? It’s definitely his time to run that shit