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Ian Somerhalder & Nikki Reed Get Cleaned Up at Her House After Sweaty Workout

Ian Somerhalder & Nikki Reed Get Cleaned Up at Her House After Sweaty Workout

Ian Somerhalder keeps his head down while walking out of his rumored new girlfriend Nikki Reed‘s home on Friday (July 25) in Los Angeles.

The 35-year-old actor was seen walking only a few paces behind the 26-year-old actress.

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Earlier in the day, Ian and Nikki got their hearts pumping at a gym workout in L.A.

“[Nikki and Ian are] smitten with each other and love spending time together,” a close source recently shared to E! News.

10+ pictures inside of Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed leaving her home…

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ian somerhalder nikki reed get cleaned up at her house 01
ian somerhalder nikki reed get cleaned up at her house 02
ian somerhalder nikki reed get cleaned up at her house 03
ian somerhalder nikki reed get cleaned up at her house 04
ian somerhalder nikki reed get cleaned up at her house 05
ian somerhalder nikki reed get cleaned up at her house 06
ian somerhalder nikki reed get cleaned up at her house 07
ian somerhalder nikki reed get cleaned up at her house 08
ian somerhalder nikki reed get cleaned up at her house 09
ian somerhalder nikki reed get cleaned up at her house 10
ian somerhalder nikki reed get cleaned up at her house 11
ian somerhalder nikki reed get cleaned up at her house 12
ian somerhalder nikki reed get cleaned up at her house 13
ian somerhalder nikki reed get cleaned up at her house 14

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    omg they are going to San Diego together, yesssssss. I hope he takes her to the playboy party tonight.
    I can’t wait to see more pics of them together, they are a beautiful couple. I’m so excited Ian is trying to be happy again, for all the good work he does and the good person he is, he deserve it.

  • Lucy

    Nikki has amazing legs. I wish I could wear short shorts like this

  • Alice

    I bet Nikki has some influence in Ian’s choice of clothes. Bless you Nikki, he looks so hot

  • Levito



  • lorena muñoz

    Leave them alone,, A little respect this is nikki’s home. Ian isdating with nikki STOP BULLYING!

  • G

    I think these two are not a couple cause they don’t act like it at all I’m just saying he has not held her hand and I don’t belive the media bullshit

  • kayc

    Long distance relationships suck…..

  • Ashley

    Beauties both of them. Love that they are working out together a lot, Ian looks so much buffer the last few weeks. And for those who are calling this relationship PR, hahahahahaha, nothing was more PR than Nian. It’s easy to appear private in ATL because there are no paps there. Oh, wait, except for those that wait in a Christmas tree lot…;) lol What some don’t seem to want to acknowledge is that Nikki and Ian have known each other way before either of them ever met Nina. They have a history together as friends but the timing was never right for it to be anything more. Now they are both single, Ian is likely in his final season of TVD and the timing is right. This has been coming for awhile. Get used to it and move on with your lives as Ian and Nina obviously have.

  • Camila

    It’s the year 2049. They found a sex tape of Ian and his current girlfriend. They are have hardcore sex.
    The Nian shippers take over the social media screaming: “It’s PR, they are only trying to take the attention of Nian because Nian is the real thing”
    Go home nian shippers, you’re embarrassing yourselves.
    I already saw death threats in Nikkis’s mentions on twitter. It’s far beyond the point to let it go and seek some help. You guys have a disease. After all what Ian did for his fans he didn’t deserve this lack of respect from you guys.



  • R

    I hope nina doesn’t read the comments on the gym page from this morning, they say Ian is in love with nikki and that he hates nina or something like that. Now back to this couple, I hated him being with her at first, but she is very hot and has an incredible slim, figure, great legs. I can see what he sees in her.

  • Greckio


  • R

    Organic watermelons, lean back lean back, we get it Ian, well I do anyway. Drunk in love, I read between the lines, the sex is great Ian lol. You look happier than you have ever looked and I can see this being the girl who gets you down that aisle. Lucky nikki imagine how cute their kids will look. His eyes, her face. Gorg. This is one hot couple.

  • Nina

    I always shipped stelena or elaric so I am one happy vd fan, I love that delena fans aren’t happy, at least we might hopefully get her without Damon on screen more after all this. Put Damon with Bonnie and Elena with Alaric or Stefan or even that other hottie on the show.

  • Nina

    Awwww matching hats it must be luuuuuuuvvvvvvvvvv

  • HJ

    PR? It’s her home. They went to the gym, like normal people do.
    They clearly don’t want the paparazzi there.
    Just let them be.

  • yara

    This is a joke ahah

  • konfused

    What is the correlation between organic watermelons and great sex? Seed? Size? Season???

  • konfused

    Is he bangin a watermelon? Does the watermelon have a say in this??

  • Fiona

    They are a couple ( a very cute one btw) so accept it and move on! All the best for them <3

  • Robert

    @konfused: you have clearly a fixation to have sex with fruit. Go feed your kink and leave Ian and Nikki alone.
    Nian shippers, don’t be sad but I’m sure they had hot wild sex in the shower after their workout session.

  • Lorena

    Wow they are moving fast, he is already sleeping at her house, obviously sex is already a factor. But they are young and hot and single, they should totally enjoy themselves.

  • konfused

    I hope he bought the watermelon dinner first….

  • Venus

    I don’t understand this obsession, people demanding that he must leave Nikki and get back to Nina, but Nina doesn’t want Ian, she left him 15 months ago. Ian can’t make Nina want him, he waited for over a year for her and when she didn’t give him hope he moved on.
    I don’t know what you guys expect from him, somebody explain please?

  • Vessy

    I’m so happy for them. I hope they have some beautiful babies soon, with his eyes, of course.

  • Paula

    I probably showered together. Wowww hahah <3 I love them. They are a very hot Couple

  • Sara

    For the last time he dumped nina, truth, she spun it the other way with her friends because she was hurt, he was too nice to stop her and he knew she was sad about it.

  • Sara

    That is why she tries to make him jealous with all these guys she is not even dating, nina stop he don’t care. Sorry girl but it’s the truth he doesn’t say nice things about you anymore.

  • Sara

    Ps I also get the Facebook watermelon reference. Au natural….

  • konfused

    @Sara: Sara you need some watermelon

  • Vessy

    @Sara: You’re wrong. Everybody knows how shocked Ian was when he come back to Atlanta and she ended it with him. He didn’t see it coming and was shocked for days. She wanted to have more fun and enjoy her life because she thought she was too young to keep their relationship at that status. They weren’t married but they also were serious, Ian didn’t ask to marry her but he also wanted to keep her. She got tired and decided 24 is too young to settle down and dumped his ass.
    There’s nothing Ian can do to get her get, he needed to move on, it took him over a year to let his feelings for her fade away but he got there now and he is trying to be happy. Nina doesn’t want Ian.

  • Sara

    I am not going to tell the whole thing, but basically she wanted more, he didn’t, he wanted to play around more which he already was, he didn’t want babies and marriage then. You think you know, but sorry you don’t, you see what the mags have been told by certain people. Stop embarrassing yourself. Nina needs to stop being obsessed with him and find a new steAdy relationship, with someone who will give her what she wants. Which Is tru love. Ps Ian is very happy, she just needs to find her own happiness. Just because one door closes doesn’t mean it is the end it means there is another door waiting to be opened.

  • Sara

    Ps nikki is a great humanitarian and that is why this will last, a lot in common, combined with feelings and passion =forever. I may sound harsh on nina and I don’t mean to be because I know of her and I understand when u love someone it hurts to see them love another, but she hopefully will take this as the push she needs to move on for good. He has and very openly he has, so she should do the same.

  • Vessy

    @Sara: hahahaha omg you’re so hilarious I can’t even get mad with the ridiculous things you’re saying, thank you for the laugh. I hope you have somebody at home with you while you’re tripping high like this. It was alcohol, pills, what did you take? Anyway, stay safe.

  • Sara you fake

    U fake u need to write fanfic.

  • Janet

    They are incredibly gorgeous together. I want her clothes and her legs and her boyfriend. LUCKY GIRL

  • Beautiful

    Hot couple, love them, she is naturally stunning and they fit well. I see a future here.

  • OMG

    OMG GUYS….who do you think you are? VESSY? Do you really think you know the truth about them? Who broke up with whom? I don’t think so….! No one knows and that is a fact. From what I have seen on Twitter and witnessed in Atlanta I think Ian broke up with her but that is MY OPINION. So i’m not stating it as a fact. You guys need to stop talking as if you know whats going on in their lifes. Like Seriously?!

  • Amy


    IA. This seems really fake to me. I thought Ian had a blond gf in Atlanta.

  • hehe

    Wow Nikki is the one who calls paps for sure. Girl, you ain’t gonna happen.
    Tho she’s like a woman version of Ian. They could actually last.

  • Ian

    Nina should be happy for Ian, she dumped him and he has now found happiness. Besides weren’t they over like 2years ago now. All you fans need to move in as well.

  • WOW

    First off Sara you need to get some serious counseling. And second no one has yet to mention her poor soon to be ex husband. Ian called him a friend and now he is doing this. Makes me wonder if he really is the person he claims to be. He talks about having compassion but where is the compassion in this? I may not know Paul but I really feel bad for him.
    For those who think this is going to last think again. First off she is getting out of a 3 year marriage and has been two different guys that we know of. This will end and probably badly. I hate to see all he worked hard from crumble but in IMO this doesn’t look good for him.

  • Noele

    @WOW: wake up, Paul cheated on Nikki during his tours with his fans.
    He is a grow man that has his share of responsibilities for the divorce. Nikki has the right to enjoy her life and find love. Stop trying to find excuses to cover up how much you are all bitter nian shippers that will fight with all the lies and delusions in the world to invalidate Ian+Nikki relationship.

  • Amy


    Well I don’t consider bearding for Derek Hough a relationship.

  • Peta

    @WOW: oh please, you’d have another set of excuses for everyone if it wasn’t “all the exes” know each other and they must feel bad. All the relationships had ended. Ian and Nina’s and Paul and Nikki’s. You don’t get a divorce for fun, it means the relationship was over. I’m so proud of them not hiding from bitter, bullies like the ones on Nikki’s Instagram and now we apparently have “this could look bad for ISF”. Give it up. You have no control.

  • Kyle

    @hehe: they clearly don’t want the Paps there. You guys are all ridiculous. They are a New Couple and it’s LA…Paps love that! They bow their heads and they don’t even walk together….so believe what you want but they are a Couple.

  • WOW

    @Noele: Ummm correction I am not nor was I ever a Nian shipper. Not everyone who is doesn’t agree with this relationship likes Nina or shipped Nian. I don’t believe in shipping real life couples. Plus did I even mention anything about Nina or Ian in my first post NO!!! I am amazed how many girls are justifying her actions. Wake up ladies if it was anyone of who was in the middle of a divorce and were with 2 different guys you be labeled a whore and trashy. Let’s not sugar coat this cause she is banging Ian. And another thing I hardly think he sat around for 15 months and wasn’t involved with other women. He has been hushed about it till now. I must agree this is pretty odd that the paps know their every move.

  • WOW

    @Peta: Do post something like this 3 weeks before filing for a divorce and claiming it’s not working?

  • Ashley


    Oh it was a real relationship, a very short one but REAL nonetheless. Derek Hough isn’t gay so bearding for him isn’t necessary. But of course the Nian shippers will continue to chant that he was so they don’t have to face the fact that their precious Nina was indeed dating him so soon after she and Ian were donzo.

  • Amy


    LOL. He was with Cheryl Cole in a contracted relationship too. They’re both gay.