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Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev Make a Stop at Comic-Con for 'The Vampire Diaries' Panel!

Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev Make a Stop at Comic-Con for 'The Vampire Diaries' Panel!

Nina Dobrev rocks white and blue at the press line before The Vampire Diaries panel during the 2014 San Diego Comic Con held at the San Diego Convention Center on Saturday afternoon (July 26).

The 25-year-old actress was joined by some of her cast members including Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley, Kat Graham and Matt Davis.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Nina Dobrev

The day before the panel, Ian tweeted about his excitement to head back to Comic-Con.

“I’m en route San Diego-watch out… I can’t wait to give you a kiss #ComicCon2014 or #ComicCon Pucker up,” he tweeted.

FYI: Nina is wearing a Naeem Khan top and shorts with Kurt Geiger shoes. Kat is wearing a Cut 25/Yigal Azrouel look, Jerome C. Rousseau shoes, a Jimmy Choo clutch, and Jennifer Fisher jewelry.

15+ pictures inside of the cast of The Vampire Diaries in San Diego…

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  • Val

    The cast has clearly changed. They are not close anymore. I only believe Ian and Kat are true Friends. The Rest is just Show :(

  • Pete

    Why is Nina always wearing her green contacts lately? She just tries too hard

  • A fan


  • A fan

    Nina and Paul are definitely close. He’s always less grumpy towards Nina

  • Mel

    Ian is so handsome! His eyes are just wow <3 Kat is stunning but what is that wet suit?

  • http://justjared Ana

    Paul looks so hot. Nina looks so gorgeous and Ian looks so ugly

  • Vessy

    Actually, Nina and Kat spend a lot of time together. Ian and Kat way less. Except that what you see on the pictures here. The cast is still close but some of them pursue other careers too and are more busy. Its not just the cast working, there is lots of crew members and from what i have read quite a lot they seem to be great still, after all these years. Things cant be absolutely the same always.

  • http://justjared Sarah

    Nina and Paul are so beautiful <333 and the others are trash

  • Gina

    Sorry, but what about Paul Wesley in the title too? There was always the main trio since the first episode.

  • Hot Dumb Italian Mike!

    The cast was great at Comic Con panel, Con is more crowded than last year..awesome!!

  • Annabelle

    Love Ian, he’s so gorgeous! <3

  • Momo83

    Ian and kat looks like they are trying to hard. Everyone else looks great! Where is Candice at?

  • Vessy

    @Pete: Becasue she has a contract with the company that makes them, she has to wear them at certain events. No, she is not trying hard at all. Check your facts before making repulsive comments about people. At least bother to do a little research.

  • TVD cast

    Nina is trashy. Almost everything on her is Fake. Hair ( she doesn’t have straight hair) her eyes ( she wears contacts), the make up is way too Heavy and I’m pretty sure she got a nose Job done. And what is Kat wearing? WTF. Ian and Paul look good tho. They rocked it this Year. Great Interview on MTV, great Panel.

  • Maya

    ILLARIA said she would style Ian and Nina. Guess she was lying AGAIN. Anyway the cast looks lovely. Love Ian’s style the most and Matt’s <3

  • Close

    This cast had zero chemistry today. Both Ian and Paul hate their respective stanning groups. Kat and Ian seem close and paul and Ian but Nina just looks so out of it. She will definetly be gone at the end of the season, she has no chemistry with any of them anymore. It is really sad to see what has become of this group. She looked so lost today when signing etc. if I was exec producer I would write her out for at least 6episods and let her get her mind and body back on tracks she also seems to have gained some weight which is also a sign that she is emotionally eating. I hated that comicon, where was Candice when u needed her. These lot especially Ian were boring as hell. Paul was the only funny one there.

  • R

    I love nina with straight hair, she looked the best I have ever seen her look today. Straight hair stay. Lols.

  • Rita


  • Nina

    Nina sorry but you need to take time off, you were like a lost puppy today. Julie write her out for a couple months send her to a spa, then make her come back and she can do flashbacks of what she’s been doing. Also how obvious is the hate between Ian and Nina, brrrrrrr it’s very cold in here.

  • Paule

    @Close: I agree with the Nina Part, but Ian was Super funny and happy today. I don’t find Paul funny at all Sorry.. Very lame jokes over and over again. I think TVD has to end soon. It’s the best for all of them AND the Show.

  • Elena

    Elena should end up alone, no one is wanting to be with her, so let her go Effiin gay. Now that I would watch. Elena and some chick. Hot. Please Julie.

  • Nina

    Nina has the cutest little baby face, and her eyes are her eyes are stunning feature. Ps kat is one sexy minx.

  • Ian

    Ian bugs me, straight up 2nd hand embarrassment for him in that interview with Paul, and his hand actions. Gosh he needs to shut up more. Paul was the only saving grace from today. We’ll done paul.

  • Jen

    Love this cast! :)

  • No delena

    Please no delena and please no nian. Nina is way better than Ian, he should stay with nikki, she needs a hot girlfriend, like Cara delveigne.

  • Well

    @Ian: What did Ian said that you are mentioning that Ian needs to shup up more’ By any chance Ian wants to be the center of the attention and do not let other people talk?

  • Is that it?

    @Nina: So Ian talked more and did not el other people speak?

  • I believe

    that Nina is feeling uncomfrtable now standing next to Ian even for photos, knowing about Ian current dating rumors with Nikki, her best friend. I mean I know they are actors, but as a person maybe Nina was not feling good and that is why she acted in a certain way today at Comic Con like some of u mention, she was lost and like not paying atetntion

  • A fan

    @Nina: well he’s banging her friend so I would imagine there’s a little bitterness there

  • Amy


    I’m pretty sure this is the last season. The cast only signed on for 6.

  • I believe

    @A fan: That is what I also was saying I be feeling uncomfortable as well knwing that him is dating my best friend cause I was also his ex at some point and now he is dating my best friend. How would all you feel?

  • june

    @Amy: Julie said it’s not the last season….if Ian thinks he’s too good then see ya latter smoldy

  • tick

    Number one reason why you should never date a costar/coworker. After the break up, it’s just plain awkward. Can you say UNCOMFORTABLE?

  • Be a man

    Ian you are very handomse indeed but pliz get rid of that hat. and get rid of that smirk that is getting outdated and you are adult to keep doing that for the fans. Act more mature and less childish for the ravid teenager fans. Cause there are also adults that like Ian like me, but I dont like the attiutude of him he acts like a kid when he is with teenagers, be a man!!

  • swiftie

    Kat Graham is an arrogant annoying bitch. In the books Bonnie was a white girl with red hair.

  • Lee

    Paul and Nina are literally the cutest thing I have ever seen <3

  • Nina

    Plain and simple nina should never have dated Ian, she was young and fell for an older man and she broke her heart. She wasn’t mature enough yet and she hasn’t lived enough yet to be able to know how to deal with this in front of the public. No matter how together we think we are, we all fall apart and act like children when we are hurt. I seriously don’t see how nina is going to get through 22episodes. Who knows maybe she will get over it and meet the love of her life soon, and then all will go back to normal and we might even get a season 7.

  • Lee

    It’s so unfortunate, Nina and Ian used to be such good friends. They won’t even sit next to each other anymore unless it’s in the script.

  • Kat

    Hate what kat is wearing , Ian seems very close with Kat I think he wants bamon to happen. Calm down tiger u said there was only 1season left so I don’t see u and Bonnie happening.

  • What the hell

    @Is that it?: hello? Don’t make up stuff you Crazy People. The Interview with Ian and Paul was awesome. They both were super cute. Called eachother bros and hugged and all. Seriously this fandom is so ridiculous. And Paul talked just as much as Ian so STFU. Jesus

  • Norman

    Anyone see the crossover of my 2fav shows. The walking dead Norman reed us and Nina had the cutest photo together. I ship that lol. I love me some Darryl.

  • JL

    See ian & nina is starting to show their awkward, uncomfortable,bitterness side. they used to be a friendly ex. congratulations ian & nikki you just lost your friends.

  • Danny

    @june: maybe it is maybe not. But for all the actors it would be the best to move on. It’s the best move they can make tbh. I think Ian and Nina will definitely leave After this Season…..

  • Danny

    @JL: they didn’t lose anyone. Ian and Nina were never Friends…..

  • G

    Ian hasn’t lost any friends, everyone loves Ian. Ps I agree no matter who else stays or goes, Nina will 100%leave after this season. Could u imagine if nikki and Ian got engaged between now and next year. Wow, that would be real fun times. Ian is The most loved in the show so he stays, everyone else pecan be replaced, but not Damon. They could write any other character out and just give their screen time to someone new, but not Damon. And Julie would know this. In my opinion their will be a season 7 I believe hear the nding of filming the producers will go up to the cast and ask them to stay on, I believe nina is the one who will opt out and they will prefer her to leave over Ian. I believe he and paul will stay on, and look away but I believe they will make it a really emotional ending for her where she either died and is reunited happily with her parents. Or she will leave the stare or country and tell them she needs to leave this all behind and then the audience will be left watching waiting for her to come back. But she never will.

  • Amy


    LOL. JP isn’t going to announce that it’s the last season now. She wants people to watch. This is a young cast like the GG cast; they want to do movies.

  • Nadia

    I still love TVD & Ian to death. I’m sad the cast doesn’t seem as close anymore, but I still believe they like each other & get on well.
    Ian looks gorgeous, so do they all but I really don’t like Kat’s outfit.

  • Sandra

    the most gorgeous cast! I love them all, such lovely, inspiring, talented people!

  • Lena

    Nikki never was Nina’s best friend, wow, this people like to make things up.
    And the cast looked amazing together, just because they are not sitting side by side, it does not mean they don’t like each other.
    It was an awesome panel! Everybody looked gorgeous too.

  • Daniela

    @Ana: loL, Ian is the most hottest and most beautiful, Paul is okay , I like Him ,but He has thin Lips, a huge oversized head whit a stick body.. and is not hot.. IMO.