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Joan Rivers Gives Candid Opinion on Selena Gomez's Israel/Palestine Tweet

Joan Rivers Gives Candid Opinion on Selena Gomez's Israel/Palestine Tweet

Selena Gomez rocks a trendy pair of ripped jeans and top while exiting Quality Cafe after grabbing breakfast on Saturday (July 26) in Los Angeles.

The 22-year-old actress was accompanied for the breakfast by a close gal pal.

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Earlier in the week, Selena held a rose while arriving at LAX Airport with her new BFF Cara Delevingne.

Joan Rivers voiced her opinion on Selena‘s recent tweet on Israel/Palestine conflict. Watch the video below!

Joan Rivers on Selena Gomez

10+ pictures inside of Selena Gomez stepping out for breakfast…

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  • tick

    I wish those dumb twits would stop holding demonstrations in front of our city hall. Leave your sh*t at home. Don’t bring it here. The police should arrest every single one of them. Then they would stop being such a nuisance.

  • Scott

    Joan Rivers is all talk. All Selena Gomez posted was that she wasn’t siding on neither side and yearned for world peace. Is she an idiot for doing so? Wanting world peace and NOT taking sides? I say Joan Rivers is the idiot in this scenario, thinking she’s God placed on Earth to speak poorly about everyone but herself. Thinking she hasn’t made any big mistakes in the past. HAH. I laugh. What a joke.

  • Roberta

    @Scott: I agree with you. People should be able to tweet whatever they want to tweet, regardless. And here, Joan just shows she has no idea what goes on in the middle east. The information given on American media is a biased one, they will not report the truth because it will make the jews look bad. Israel is not bombing Palestine because they are being attacked, they are bombing them because they want to wipe them out and take the rest of the land they stole in the first place.

  • lurker

    god forbid if any one showes a slight sympathy to Palastine people like Joan shoot them down just becuses she is jewish herself , well what else is expected. Shame people can’t be able to look beyond their belives and help inocent humans.

  • lurker

    Message to Joan , Selena has every right to express her opinions , like you are doing so to TMZ.

  • Greg

    The Media should stop talking to Joan. It is obvious she is at the first stage of dementia. LOL

  • Akari

    @tick: they have the right to protect.

  • Alaia

    Crazy, ill-informed woman. Nothing to see here.

  • Me

    That stupid old *unt should shut the f*ck up and di* already! Who in the world would take this d*mb old senile b*tch serious?! She can’t even move her mouth because of all the surgeries…. DISGUSTING!

  • offtheproperty

    That college graduate (NOT) is just as intelligent as every irresponsible hypocrite crying over the deaths of the absolute worst, most dangerous, antagonistic and reprehensible people on Earth — the muslims.
    Keep your stupid mouths shut Selena Gomez, Barack Obama, Anderson Cooper, etc, etc, etc
    All you lunatic loser liberals.
    Its a war — declared and perpetrated by muslims.
    They LOSE.

  • lil

    For anyone who is interested read Israel and the many violations of International Laws. If Americans only knew what was going on in the Middle East they would be appalled & not so quick to judge the Palestinian people. As an American, I decided to do research on the topic. I wanted the truth, and what I found was very disturbing. Why “we” continue to support Israel, while the world condemns them for their evil actions, goes beyond reason. And, because Israel is the only “democracy” in the Middle East is not a good excuse to murder innocent women & children, the elderly, for their land!

  • offtheproperty

    @lurker: Like all whiney muslims, you’re completely full of sh*t and you don’t even understand how or why, like we can and do.
    We see right through you and your self-serving lies.

  • me

    Joan Rivers you rock … love you


    Joan you are SO WRONG. Celebrities like Gomez are allowed to have opinions like everyone else. FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

  • offtheproperty

    @lil: You’re not an American — you’re a sleeper cell.
    If you people could only stop lying for one second you would understand how lowly and irresponsible you are and maybe stop blaming everyone else for all your own problems that begin with female genital mutilation and end with suicide bombing. You’re whole culture and that so-called “religion” is a disease that you’re infecting the rest of humanity with.
    For you war and genocide is a way of life and your sole raison d’être and if anyone lifts a finger to stop you from perpetrating it you scream that you’re being victimized again and again and again. Evil hamas — your elected leaders in gaza — force women and children back into the line of fire at weapons caches and rocket lancers so they can use their dead bodies as publicity. The same propaganda you are vomiting on JJ.
    Israel is a civilized society and manifold worth as a nation and a people than you rabid dogs.

  • offtheproperty

    @Alaia: Gomez IS ill-informed. She foolishly thinks there’s a moral equivalency in the unending antagonism of jihad against Israel — a civilized society.

  • nat


  • Rosenberg

    Selena is an ignorant self hating Mexican even though she is half Mexican herself. She never does or says anything to help the hoards of illegal alien Mexicans pouring over the border.

  • Religion doesn’t matter

    Joan Rivers is a cold hearted snake that does not care about innocent children being blown up, legs blown off, heads blown open.
    Twitter has so many pictures of those innocent babies AND animals dead or without limbs. How could she be so heartless?

  • winter

    a civilized society who killed more than 800 civilians in less than a month!

  • Carlos

    Joan Rivers is a racist she would never say that about a white girl making anti-Israel comments.

  • Yael

    Gotta love Joan Rivers for speaking the truth. For those who crtisis I would suggest you educate yourselves on the topic. #standwithisraek

  • inbal

    OMG, people are so dumb. come live in israel for a week, ok?
    just come and learn everything. Hamas is bombing israel from scools and hospitals, all THEY wish is to wipe Israel. we just want to leave here in peace, WE GAVE THEM THIER LAND. WE DONT WANT IT BACK. WE WANT PEACE, THEY WANT TO KILL US.

    P.S – THEY CAN’T.

  • Someone


    u kill their family and they want to revenge #theEnd

    u will never live in peace if u stole other ppl
    u said urself thier land

  • lurker

    Thats a racist remark what makes you think i’m a muslim ?ust because i pointed out selena showed sympathy to Plastine and joan feal strongly due to her jewish belifes. Unfortunatly you missed the whole context of my post but what else is expected by ignorant , bigots like you…

  • LOL

    LOL offtheproperty poster really has lost the plot LOL, they say Loons exist every where , we got one in offtheproperty LOL

  • Jen

    Honestly, there’s so much history when it comes to this ongoing conflict that if celebrities don’t know the history, they shouldn’t take a stance on it. And that goes for really anybody, famous or not.

  • Paul

    Joan Rivers is the best example why all the world have a problem with Jews.. complain constantly and blame are always other

  • GTFO

    Then give them back Jerusalem. And even better make all the Jews go back to Poland.

  • jon bon jovi

    Enough with the “they have the right to defend themselves” argument. When you have one of the best trained armies in the world, targeting one or two Hamas members should not result in 30 or more casualties, most of them being children. It seems like the Israel government is trying to wipe out the Gaza population the same way Hitler did it to them a few decades ago, and the whole world is watching and not doing anything about it.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with Selena Gomez’s tweet. You don’t have to take sides to stand for the Gaza civilians, you just need to be human. This Rivers person got it wrong on all levels

  • offtheproperty

    @winter: You’re a moron.

  • offtheproperty

    @LOL: You can’t wait to bring suicide bombers, public stonings and female genital mutilation to our country, can you?
    You voted for obama, didn’t you?
    There’s no “plot” in our life and future.

  • yara

    @inbal, apparently you don’t live in Israel neither. Israel did NOT give them “their land”. Israel is in violation of a number of UN Resolutions because they refuse to give back the lands, continue the illegal settlements, build the wall of shame etc… get educated

  • offtheproperty

    @jon bon jovi: Israel is fighting FOR YOU.
    And not only do you fail to say thank you or offer the most incidental support, you literally jump in on the side of Israel’s and your own enemies.
    Nothing could be more disgraceful.

  • Lydia

    I laughed when she said, “Let’s see if Selena can spell ‘Palestinian,’” because you know she probably CAN’T. lmao

  • Kimberly

    Well Selena Gomez has 100x the class that nasty old bat Joan Rivers ever will.
    Selena was merely trying to promote humanitarian efforts, whereas Joan has been known to make:

    -Rape Jokes
    -Weight Jokes
    -Crude comments on appearances.
    -Racist Comments
    -Derogatory Insults to almost everyone but herself.
    -and so much worse for pathetic “TMZ” tabloid attention, we’ve honestly lost count.

    So, well gee… whose opinion do you think sane people will actually regard? I’m sorry (not sorry) Joan, but your generation’s bigoted times are over.

    It’s time for a new generation to rise above, for humanity.

  • Tm

    I wish for peace for all, unfortunately Muslims are the root of much of the worlds conflict. Why isn’t Selena taking a stand against isis edict that woman and girls have to be circumcised or that thousands of Christians were forced out of their homes? What about Nigeria, Kenya the Philippines, Somalia where they wants Islamic states and will kidnap and kill non Muslims? Or Syria, Libya, where they are killing each other? Fact is Muslims kill more Muslims than Israel ever will. I expect Europe will be under Sharia law in 20-30 years if not sooner.

  • Fair

    When Joan Rivers’s husband off himself, she said, not one person sent her a sympathy card, and she could not understand why, if Liz Taylor stub her toe she got tons of support from the public.
    The beginning stages of senility is hitting Joan, no amount of plastic surgery can turn the internal clock back.
    Her face can be used at Halloween to scare away trick or treaters.
    I say arm the Palestinians and make it a level playing field, then there would peace there, now here is another generation,if Israel don’t kill them all, will be looking to avenge their relatives deaths.

  • stopthemassacre

    Israel have violated many UN resolutions by continuing to build illegal settlements and imposing a blockade on Gaza this is oppression and also massacaring hundreds of innocent civilians mainly children so if Israel don’t like the rockets the can lift the siege, stop the occupation and give back Jerusalem!

  • kev

    History has shown that Netanyahu’s government is not too keen on a political settlement with the palestinians. They are as fond of a military response as the Hamas. If the latter are deemed a “terrorist” organization, the Israeli government is no less a terrorist than Hamas, the difference being the death toll on the palestinian side, for which the Israeli should be punished for, violating international military laws and all…This conflict will likely result in another failure for the Israeli the same way it happened to them with the Hezbollah in Lebanon back in 2006.

    Both Hamas and the Israeli need to realize that a military action – instead of active political negotiations – will go nowhere in terms of finding a solution. Obama needs to grow a pair and do something about it instead of kissing ass. The killing of defenseless children and women would stop then.

  • oh please

    @offtheproperty You sound so stupid so shut up! Joan Rivers is a Zionist pig and is a negative piece of crap. She should stop and take a look at herself and stop judging others. Selena has a right to freedom to speech and can say whatever she wants. Seriously do your research before you open your idiotic unintelligent uneducated biased mouth!

  • oh please

    @inbal Israel are glorified thieves, stole a land that isn’t there’s and feel the right to kill innocent palestinian civilians to take there land. I pray for the Zionists day of judgement with God and hope they get what they really deserve; HELL!

  • X MAS

    selena doesn’t know crap about those conflicts and politics. her pr team tell her what to say. put her in a real conversation and debate the girl won’t stand on her own.

  • Emmilly

    I completely agree with Joan. That paparazzo is a joke for using Selena as a defense, lol – “that college grad”.

  • Living in a box

    @offtheproperty: You must be PURE ZIONIST! Israel steal the land from Palestine. Every year American give Israel over 1 Billion dollar, the U.S taxpayer money. While American are suffering, Most America have more than 1 job just to paid the bills, GO EDUCATE YOURSELF! And now you blaming the Muslim? First a proud Zionist and now Xenophobia! Fox News must love you!!!

  • offtheproperty

    One Billion to Israel is well spent compared to the wasted Billions obama has funneled to his vile muslim brothers. The only worthwhile investment is to Egypt, which has rounded up and jailed all the criminal lunatics from the muslim brotherhood, the founding gang of the hamas sub-humans.
    And put the filthy pig morsi in prison where he belongs and where obama is going to be within a very short period of time — the jihadist traitor.
    Good on al-Sisi.
    Good on Netanyahu.
    F*ck jihad lunatics.

  • Martinez

    Israel is filled with modern day Nazi’s they are no better than the 1930′s storm troopers.

  • kl;kl;’popkkp

    joan rivers is a dumb cunt. Israel should have never existed in the first place. Palestinians should go after their land. Done.

  • offtheproperty

    @Martinez: You’re a sub-human.

  • stopthemassacre

    i definetly agree with @kev and can i just say screw all of the countries that are just sitting there and worse backing the killings of innocents it’s disgusting i can’t believe America and the UK (where Im from btw, so embarassed ) call themselves models of “civilization” when they have both taken part in killings of innocent people in countries like iraq and afghanistan…etc “War on terror” my Ass!! they’re the real terrorists imperialist cunts…define TERORRISM! define it! you scumbags!! and @offtheproperty i suggest u get ur facts mate, ur full of bullshit and Israeli propaganda!