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Orlando Bloom & Nina Dobrev Pair Up at Playboy Comic-Con Party

Orlando Bloom & Nina Dobrev Pair Up at Playboy Comic-Con Party

Orlando Bloom keeps it cool while posing with Nina Dobrev at the Playboy and A&E “Bates Motel” Event during the 2014 Comic-Con International on Friday (July 25) in San Diego, Calif.

At the Patron XO Cafe and Triumph Motorcycles sponsored party, the 37-year-old English actor, Norman Reedus, and Vera Farmiga, all won a donation from Triumph to their fave charities for being able to start the bike.

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Nina was also spotted posing with Seth Meyers at the party and also hit up the CraveOnline Presents: Crave Conquers The Con party with Mirrored Media founder Justin Lefkovitch.

FYI: Nina is wearing a Naeem Khan dress, Oscar Tiye shoes, and Jacob & Co safety pin earrings.

10+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom and Nina Dobrev at a Comic-Con party…

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orlando bloom nina dobrev pair up at playboy comic con party 05
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Photos: Getty, Wenn
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  • Katya

    Radiant**Charming**Swet*** love her ❤

  • offtheproperty

    The Hollywood STD Merry-Go-Round goes on.
    Unless they’re constantly putting on condoms and taking condoms off.

  • Amy

    Orlando looks like he’s wasted. He might want to think about going to rehab.

  • kate

    @Amy: you might want to think about getting a hobby.

  • Alisoo

    Nina looks so pretty!!!

  • Texti

    Perky hour-glass dress is stripey.

  • http://justjared T

    Nina looks so gorgeous , love the outfit

  • http://justjared Sam

    Nina is a beauty queen. I love her so much. She’s my idol

  • lol

    @Sam: so just cause she’s beautiful, she’s your idol? You sound so dumb child

  • Nina

    Don’t get me wrong nina is very pretty and I love her hair brown , but I really miss her with dark hair like when she started on v/d. I loved that colour on her with her skin and eye color. I hop one day soon we may see it again. Still so gorg.

  • Weight

    She seems to gained some weight since comic con about two years ago,. Good for her though, just thought I noticed something different about her and I think her face is a bit fuller, but not pregnant looking like I heard some people say on some otter board.

  • Elena

    Today on Keeping Up With The Kerrdashians: Everyone at Comic-Con is laughing behind that loser Bloom’s back and wondering why he bothered to show up at an event where he has no real business being.

  • PuppyLove

    See other story. He missed his original flight, so he’s probably more jet-lagged than usual. He might be drinking very lightly or not at all, and he would still be pretty drained. Don’t know how celebrities do it, because I haven’t traveled that much, and it always takes me days to adjust to time change, both when I get there and again when I come back.

    E-loon-ah: A) He was certainly invited; and B) nobody’s going to laugh at an actor who’s been in two major franchises. There are actors who’ve done nothing much since original Star Trek, and they are icons at Cons. Obviously you know as much about the industry as you know about Nanotechnology.

  • tick

    I still have no idea why Nina was cast as Elena. She is so average looking. I know a dozen girls who look like her. Elena was supposed to be blonde like the author LJ Smith. I always knew Ian would dump that girl. She is just the idiotic twit from Degrassi. She’s no beauty queen.

  • IDLTrolls

    @PuppyLove: She doesn’t know even how much her profile fits into a few mental study cases. Good one on “E-loon-ah,” LOL.

  • reba

    Orlando got off the plane and must have gone straight to the event. He must smell awful:( Can you give a bit of effort? You make enough money to at least look decent.

  • Jamie

    @tick: What’s your point about how Elena was supposed to be blonde? There are a million more blonde girls that all look the same than there are brunettes who look like Nina. LOL

  • Elena

    @PuppyLove: I know plenty about Comic-Con (I’ve been to a few myself) and plenty about how Orlando is a geek laughing stock. Trust. The geeks there to see those Trek has-been think those Trek has-beens are way cooler than Orlando ever was or ever will be. Let’s also not over look the fact that he has been invited to Cons before because of LOTR but he turned his nose up at the events because he thought he was going to be some sort of A-lister and the Con scene was all beneath him. Now that he can’t get a job, well, he’s showing up at SDCC. All the geeks there can smell a loser. He’s a loser.

  • PuppyLove

    Are you one of the women who complained to the Daily Mail that they’ve been sexually harassed by male geeks at Cons, or are you upset because NOBODY’s harassing you?

  • Vessy

    @lol: Hey she is my idol as well, for many reasons….why attack others like this? She is beutifull and this person is admiring her beauty but it does not mean its just b/c of her beauty. Read the posts carefully before insulting. If you guys are not of fans of someone why come here and start fifths for no reason?? Now that sounds like a dumb child more!

    Wow, some Orlando negativity, hey the guy is a cool actor, although he had his ups and downs in his career – who hasn’t? I used to have a crush on him, still like him though.
    Love Nina’s dress, better then yesterday. She really is awesome.

  • Tricia

    Does she really have to pose with every movie star?? As if they would date her. Nina is looking pathetic right now.

  • Nancy

    Can’t wait to see Orlando in the next Hobbit film. Nina looks beautiful in her dress and Orlando looks gorgeous.

  • @ the troll

    So a man who plays one of the most popular characters in the LOTR universe, a character that is so popular that they wrote him into The Hobbit, shouldn’t be there?
    Do you not hear how insane that sounds?
    And no one is laughing at Orlando. Except for Ian, he’s the most successful actor to come out of LOTR. And fanboys think that Legolas is the most kick-@ss character of the trilogy.
    Elena, you’re delusional, as always.
    People are laughing at you, not Orlando.

  • Vessy

    @Tricia: UR so dumb. i watch Comic Con in details, Nina is probably the person who posed with least people and they are all her old friends she has known for a long time. Do you research before making such horrible comments. What is it with some people?

  • J

    @Tricia: Do you realize how pathetic you are? Talking shit about people who have achieved more than you will ever dream of? Do you feel better about yourself now? It’s unlikely. The sad reality of it is that you will never be happy with yourself. I feel bad for you. Nina and her fans wish you well.

  • ninya

    Nothing but Neens love <3

  • Sara

    Beautiful Orlando had two big advantages for willing that money for his charity.
    He is not only an avid motorcycle rider, but he has a Triumph of his own. Starting one? Easy peasy.

  • PuppyLove

    @@ the troll:
    Why, shame on you! Most people are NOT laughing at E-loon-ah–they’ve never heard of her.

  • Sunshine

    @Elena, so Legolas is laughed at at a Comic Con. I don’t think so…..What planet are you on?

  • PuppyLove

    1, If Comic Con is full of loser actors, why is Benedict Cumberbatch there? He’s got plenty of work both in film and TV.

    2. If Comic Con is full of loser fans, why have you been to it several times?

    Oh, right.

  • Unfortunately

    @Tricia: Posing with any celebrity is done by any celebrity. It will help generate publicity; therefore, helping their career. Nina is not like us confined to our homes and offices. It’s like SOP in Hollywood. And, tell me, who doesn’t do any selfie these days? Don’t fans also love being photographed with their fave stars?

  • Texti

    a new form of autographs. fans have their articles signed by stars. not to incur a fee tho.

  • matty

    Woah! I just found out that Orlando Bloom lives with a man, and no I aint bullshitting here, the guy is his health coach but why live with him?? Don’t believe me? Look up the instagram Sinclair Fischer Gray- Orlando Bloom is gay after all, cry girlies!

  • PuppyLove

    This would be terribly upsetting if we intended to have a real-life relationship with him, but most of us just like him as a fantasy, or even, you know, enjoy his acting? (He can, you know.)
    Maybe it’s true, and maybe it isn’t. Anyone give a toss?

  • Nah

    @matty: No Lee Pace is gay and has a boyfriend, not Orlando.

  • Sunshine

    What makes you think he lives with him? Although he does seem to follow him around but I guess if he is his chef then thats his job right? Either way who cares, its his business not ours. Orlando’s still pretty to look at no matter what his sexuality. This guy looks like he is a really good cook, thats for sure.

  • Matty

    Because the guy says he lives with him and has for three years now. Since when do you get a 26 year old guy from Sydney to live in your house cuz he is your chef- nah they are in a relationship! Seriously? I will tell you why this grinds my gears? Because the guy is living a LIE! You know, people who wanna stay in the closet, whatevs you know? But this guy is having fake relationships with women to hide the truth, like now he is playing stupid games getting pictured with women and getting their publicists to say they were canoodling and flirting just so it keeps it out there that Orlando Bloom is straight. Orlando Bloom is not straight and it seems this Sinny guy wants them to be out as a couple in the open. Jesus look at Sinny he looks like a twink for an older guy like Bloom!! But then maybe Bloom doesn’t think it counts when its just this blond totally gay guy sucking him off, maybe that doesn’t count in his mind and it is just his health coach servicing the master?

  • Matty

    Oh, and you know what I suggest? ASK Sinclair! Ask him about their real relationship, the guy can’t shut the fuq up about him living with Orlando!

  • sunshine

    @Matty: Why would I ask him? It is none of my business. They are all adults, they can do what they like. Its really no big deal. Relax, you seem awfully invested in this. Who are you anyway Matty, not Miranda’s gay brother by any chance? You do realise this would mean she is living a lie as well!
    If they are living together and happy, all power to them. If he wants to keep it quiet he is allowed to. You dont think the actresses he is photographed with arent totally in with the PR arrangement, If Oralndo wanted this Sinclair person to shut up about living with him I am sure he could get him to easily enough.
    Leave them alone.

  • @matty

    He refers to Orlando as “boss”. Not something that you would call a lover.
    He also said that he lives in the back of Orlando’s house, not in his house. And he isn’t just his chef, he’s his trainer, too. Orlando bulked up for Zulu, so the guy probably started working for him then. He probably liked his results, and the guy’s healthy food, so why not keep him employed? Rich people have live employees all the time.
    Basically, not that it’s any of our business, there has never been any evidence that Orlando is gay. Get over yourself.
    As others have asked….why are you so invested in this idea?

  • ???

    Matty? As in Matty Kerr?
    What’s the matter? Trying to discredit Orlando before he sues Miranda for full custody on the basis that your sis is a tramp?
    Not gonna work, dearie.

  • Hmmm

    Just watched a video on YouTube that shows Orlando and Nina leaving in the same vehicle. They weren’t alone, but it’s still interesting that they left together.

  • Anon

    Nina is beautiful. They would make a gorgeous couple if the rumours turn out to be true. Orlando still looks gorgeous.

  • igger

    Nina is a social climber you blind buffoons!