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Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki Greet Fans at Comic-Con!

Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki Greet Fans at Comic-Con!

Jensen Ackles gazes out into the crowd during 2014 San Diego Comic-Con held at the San Diego Convention Center on Sunday afternoon (July 27).

The 36-year-old actor was joined by his Supernatural co-stars Jared Padalecki and Mischa Collins.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jensen Ackles

At the panel, Executive Producer Jeremy Carver revealed how Demon Dean will affect the entire season.

“It has an enormous effect on the season and the brothers,” Zap2It reports Jeremy said. “The boys, Sam in particular, will really dig into how to rescue his brother from being a demon while Dean struggles with what it means to be a demon. We’re really excited, most of all, with the brothers questioning who’s the real monster. It’s exciting, moving, very emotional and fun.”

10+ pictures inside of Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles

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  • Nani

    I wish Jared would stop wearing those silly hats in public. We already know he’s going bald. Have some dignity man. Everyone sees that you’re hair has been thinning since mid season 8

  • Big head people

    The hat is a good thing. Saw a photo of him on People magazine and first thought was dude needs a hat.

  • Natalia

    The show stars ARE Jensen and Jared. Collins is only a series regular (and a bad one at that). But Jensen is just looking delicious. Mmmmmm. The man just keeps getting better with age.

  • Vendetta Chronicles

    Looking forward to season ten.

  • jealous is as jealous does


    It must be tough to be you and so alone in your world. Go kiss a puppy – you’ll feel better.

  • Nani needs to get laid


    You’re an idiot. He wears the hat because he wants to. He’s not balding either he just has a big forehead. Of course your breasts have already hit the floor so should you be judging someone else’s aging process?

  • alksdjdf

    beautiful people.

  • Jules

    Supernatural is the closest thing in a series to ‘Night Stalker’ that I can think of. now there’s a guy that can outrun a situation !

  • Casey

    It’s spelt Misha

  • Steven

    @Nani needs to get laid:

    You need to grow up! The dude is losing his hair; we can all see that, so why the attitude? He has male pattern baldness, not cancer. Chill!

  • Ellenor

    Holy Botox, Batman, Jensen look sooooo much older!!!! It makes me so sad. He used to be so beautiful. :(

  • Michael

    I saw Jared at the LaGuardia airport in New York up close and personal about three months ago. I was SHOCKED at the amount of hair he’s lost. Those hair and makeup people on SPN deserve an award. He has major major recession at the temples. I’m 32 and have the same thing so I notice stuff like that. I’m having a transplant in December. Jared ought to do the same thing before it gets any worse. He has more than enough donor hair. Bradley Cooper did it and his hairline looks great.

  • Quo

    Jensen looks extremely good! He every year more beautiful, naturally beautiful, worthy of getting older!

  • Quo

    Jensen looks extremely good! He every year more beautiful, naturally beautiful, worthy of getting older!!!

  • Tracy

    Jared should get a hair transplant! Those hats look silly! Jensen is still unbelievably hot! I think Jensen Ackles is the hottest man on television! Misha looks good too! Can’t wait for next season!

  • Vibrating Purple Ox

    Jensen look awful! No kidding, he looks REALLY old! All that homophobia must be aging him.

  • Nancy M.


    “Worthy of getting older???”

    What the hell does that mean, Quo? I guess only people you think look good deserve to get older.

    Misha is beautiful inside AND out! Then on the other hand, there’s Jensen. No thanks.

  • shallow much?


    He just had major shoulder surgery back off. Who’s “we” anyways?

  • Kenny

    @shallow much?:

    And just how would major surgery relate to his hair loss? And the “we,” you moron, is anyone with eyes. Almost every comment on here is someone talking about the fact THAT WE SEE THAT JARED PADALECKI IS LOOSING HIS HAIR.

  • UCMassComm94

    I actually saw this panel. I’m a graduate student in mass comm and and had an extra curricular to fill and this was the only panel I could get into at the last minute. I was just now searching online to see if anyone was commenting on Jensen Ackles’s grammar. All throughout the panel he kept making these glaringly huge grammatical errors in speech! It was so weird and distracting. He would say things like, “I and the cast and writers,” and “between you and I,” and “supposably.” At one point I thought it was a gag! The dark haired guy, the one not wearing a hat, would sometimes repeat what Jensen had said but using the correct grammar. You could tell it was driving that dude crazy! I’m not the Grammar Police–and I don’t know a damn thing about this tv show or the actors–but you would think that someone who has to speak in public as part of their livelihood would at least know 7th grade grammar!

  • shallow much?


    You can’t even spell “LOSING”.

  • rape kenny

    It will be funny.

  • Mimi


    Yeah well, most actors have nothing more than a high school education.

  • Now

    Jensen is very handsome! Jensen Ackles is the hottest man on TV! Great actor!

  • sarah

    Love Jared’s cute hat ! He looks great and happy as always .
    hope his shoulder gets better soon

  • Mindy Blue

    omg jared is losing his hair so bad!!!! i love him no matter what but i am soooooooo surprised! i googled it and the pics online show it really clear. i don’t care for jensen anymore since i heard he was a repub. sorry but if you have a gay person in ur family like he does and ur cool w/ them then you aren’t going to be a repub!!!! i know people were upset w/ jensen b/c he said at another con he didn’t think that Dean could ever be sexually attracted to cas, but i’m cool with that. it’s just his opinion, ya know? but when u have gay people in ur family ur close to and u vote against them that says alot about who u are as a person to me! jensen is losing his looks as he gets older. he isn’t nearly as good looking anymore.

  • Skylar

    @shallow much?:

    “You can’t even spell ‘LOSING.’”

    Maybe not, but we can all sure SEE that JARED PADALECKI’S HAIR IS FALLING THE HELL OUT!

    Miserable actor + receding hair line = future Starbucks employee.

    Hope he saved dem SPN pennies!

  • May Ellen Smith

    Jared is pretty cool. I didn’t like what he said about Phillip Seymour Hoffman and addiction, but I think overall Jared is decent dude.

    I DON’T care for Jensen tho.

  • Kill yourself skylar


    I’m going to rape you eve!!ryday for the rest of your life. I already know where you life. WhORE!

  • Sad mulitiple people

    When you say “we” it’s pretty apparent one person is trolling the board.

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