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Vanessa Hudgens To Receive Trendsetter Award at Young Hollywood Awards 2014 Tonight

Vanessa Hudgens To Receive Trendsetter Award at Young Hollywood Awards 2014 Tonight

Vanessa Hudgens shows off her toned abs in a crop top at the 2014 Young Hollywood Awards held at The Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles on Sunday night (July 27).

The 25-year-old actress’s stylist, Natalie Saidi, dished to JJ about her look for tonight where she’ll be receiving the Trendsetter Award: “I designed this custom Bongo top specifically for Vanessa to wear to the Young Hollywood Awards. It’s young, fresh, sexy and effortless. Also a great way to show off her rock hard abs which she should definitely show off!”

She added, “I kept it simple with these chic high-waisted white flowy Badgley
pants, so we could have fun piling on all the accessories… there’s never enough!”

Hosted by Kelly Osbourne, the 2014 Young Hollywood Awards will air Monday, July 28th @ 8PM ET/PT on the CW.

FYI: Vanessa is wearing a Bongo top, Badgley Mischka pants, a Jenny Packham clutch, and a Sylva & Cie ring.

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Credit: Frederick M. Brown; Photos: Getty
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  • Anto Hudgens

    Gorgeous as always

  • Haters Suck!

    She really is a beauty.

  • BOJI

    She looks absolutely gorgeous. Love her in this ensemble. White is so her.

  • Cate

    I was wondering precisely what trend she was setting (most staged paparazzi shots? nastiest fake nails?) and why she would win an award for it but according to the signs behind her this event appears to be sponsored by Bongo so no wonder she ‘won’ this award considering she is their spokesperson.

    Never heard of these awards either but she does look very pretty and the outfit is really nice.

  • Whatever!!!

    @Cate: DEAD ON comment!! And smart to put it all together with a Bongo sponsorship! BOOM!!

  • MT

    @Cate: @Whatever!!!: This award show has been going on for a long time now. Vanessa even won an award from it back in 2007 for Best Performance in a TV Movie if I’m remembering correctly. Such a shame that there’s still hate on this young woman when she’s literally done nothing. The poor woman breathes & she’ll get hate for it. God forbid she blinks.

  • maria

    @Cate: Well, that was a back-assed compliment. Yes, she looks lovely, yes, she is their spokesperson. Staged paparazzi shots? Geez, I can think of dozens of celebs who are far more quilty of that. Keep in mind celebs careers are based on staying in the public eye. They all have to do it to some degree. At least she’s not known for partying, sleeping around, or faking relationships.

  • Sara

    Ive always liked her style. Shes so cute! I especially like her bohemian style. I do wish she would ditch the ombré hair and horrible long nails though.

  • Javita

    I love her ♡ she’s so beautiful ♡

  • Javita

    I love her ♡ she’s so beautiful <3

  • zacfan

    @Cate: are they giving the most rehabbed award? or coke head award sponsored by drug dealers? i guess not coz that’s a disgrace to be known as such.

  • mags

    Congrats vanessa, i’m so happy finally got the dvd of “gimmeshelter” u r sooo good, keep acting dont give up :)

  • Shame

    How about an award for most money paid to PR firm to make ridiculous fawning comments?

  • ish

    @Shame: this comment so much. thank you for speaking the truth.

  • Jr

    Amazing all trolls know “the truth” and no one else knows anything. Well at least Vanessa’s having a nice night at this event while the trolls are stuck behind their computers.

  • Sassypants

    Never knew who she was and why she was in the media until I happened to come across a thriller she was in… she’s quite the actress for someone her age. I like what she’s wearing here too!

  • http://Shanice15Xo Amoore

    Congratulations Vanessa :) She looks amazing but I’m not a fan of the ombre hair especially for her skin ton. Rumor has it that Vanessa will be playing Gigi on broadway now that she done the workshop of it. Vanessa is daily in the recording studio working on new music :) so excited!

  • Ethan.tang

    Vanessa could make torn up rags look good. Always the most beautiful
    Girl in the room.

  • Kylie

    @Cate: She is considered a trendsetter because she is always on trend before the trend even happens. Her boho chic Coachella looks are always highlighted. She takes a lot of risks but she isn’t a follower. I guess it doesn’t hurt that she is drop dead gorgeous. She is a pretty young woman inside and out. I don’t like some of the trends like the nails but I admire her willingness to try things.

  • Diedre

    She needs to dye her hair back dark and get ride of those Fu-Manchu nails. Gross.

  • maria

    @Kylie: Perfectly said!

    @Shame: Do you even have any idea what fawning means?? Just who has she been fawning over?? Please. Don’t try to use words that you don’t understand.

  • Nightwish

    Guys, if your girl is so hot, why is her career in the dumps? There are tons of attractive women and hudgens just doesnt rate. Bongo has to throw her a bone labeling her a so called ‘trendsetter’ while nobody follows a damn thing she does. How many women say they want to look just like vanessa hudgens? Try telling your friends that and expect a very strange look, like they think youre a friggin loosier or something lol gelauf!

  • http://justjared Charlie

    The dress is beautiful and I am so happy for her , but I was hoping a nomination in the category favorite female actress

  • Shame

    @maria: Learn to read.

  • Mean

    Hopefully she won’t trip over that skirt. It is so long. Why do she wear so many ring?

  • Mean

    She always blows kisses in front oF everyone.

  • http://justjared Charlie

    Excellent. Vanessa is working, at the same time, at three projects. Model for Bongo, Actress for the theatrical comedy Gigi and singer for her new music. Besides She has a movie in upcoming release The Kitchen Sink and we don’t forget Journey 3 and The Great Migration. She has also received positive reviews for her movies SB,TFG and GS. Nightwish now you can finally shut up.

  • Shame

    @Charlie: Straight to DVD muck.

  • http://justjared Charlie

    Oh please. Vanessa has acted in many independents movies but had a release directly in the cinemas. Thirteen was released in the cinemas, Spring breakers was released in the cinemas,The Frozen Ground was released in the cinemas in Europe and Gimme Shelter in the cinemas. Th Kitchen Sink is set to come out in theatres in January 2015. The Journey series was a super success that is impossible that the third movie will release in DVD. You are so pathetic

  • maria

    @Mean: You do know the paps ask her to do that, right?? And we do know who you are, kelly. @Shame: I asked you a question. What or who is she fawning over? I can read just fine, thank you. And please, nightwish, stop with the aliases. Last I looked:
    Fawning means,to flatter someone or attend to someone excessively; to curry favor with someone.

  • Shame

    @maria: Have your mom explain my post to you. Then consider remedial education.

  • Shame

    @Charlie: D-lister tumbling towards obscurity, grasping last shreds of fame while sacrificing dignity = box office poison. Next step: Candies ads.

  • maria

    @Shame: Aswer my question. You won’t because you can’t. So quit your whining, nightwish, and take a hike.


    Hahaha! @maria: Nightwish is a big joke!

  • Nightwish

    @BOHJI: Cut the crap with the aliases accusations. Those commenters are other people. Why cant you clowns grasp the notion that many others find hudgens irking as hell? Shame nailed it in describing your idol. Knowing hudgens incredible desire for attention and stardom, she leaves no stone unturned and will take any role thrown her way, ala the kitchen sink. To fill in, she posts youtube vids that make her look cheap and desperate. Why is she trying to get a broadway gig? No work, plus she wants so badly to say that she did a broadway play. It will all
    depend on the acting classes shes taking. Maybe her overseas third world fandom can fly in to support her stage career, you know, the same ones who supposedly voted her best trendsetter in that self serving bongo sponsored award. Time to get lives ladies and let hudgens career go where it belongs instead of fighting reality tooth and nail

  • Nightwish

    @maria: You realize youre forcing me to answer your question meant for another person, dont you? Sometimes you are so dumb and unintuitive maria. I worry about some of the patients in your little clinic, that youll hook up that big bag of potassium chloride instead of sodium chloride by accident. “but theyre basically the same thing, right?” DUH

  • Nightwish

    Btw, hudgens hair makes her look like a girl who is desperate to make people look at her under any circumstances, as is her “i need to show off my abs at all costs or my starvation diet wont pay off” cut shirt. Her hands look terrifying, like something you would observe while touring the galapagos island chain, or a sanctuary for large predatory birds. Definitely non-mamillian in appearance. I have seen pictures of great apes with more attractive hands than that; rings, bracelets and nailpolish notwithstanding.

  • Bohji

    @Nightwish: the gentleman doth protest too much. Your obsession is telling.

  • maria

    @Nightwish: unintuitive? Ha. Instead, it is very easy to spot your brand of verbal diarrhea. Puhleeze. Your incessant ranting is a far more concerning form of attention seeking than an actress, doing what she is paid to do for Bongo, or what all celebs have to do these days to stay in the public eye. Get over it. As far as Broadway, when are you going to admit she IS multi talented and earned this role? I am certain your dear KStew could not walk across a Broadway stage without tripping on her chucks and scowling at the audience.

  • zacfan

    @nightwish: i’m sure if they gave out biggest trainwreck and basketcase it would be your idol. and your just jealous your fatfinger is no match with m’s dildo.

  • zacfan

    “biggest trainwreck award or basketcase award”

  • lol

    I thought this is a VH thread. What’s the need to bring Zac here?

    @Charlie quite the delusional fan, huh. Just for the record, J3 is an imaginary project that’s been happening for 3yrs. And having to ‘return’ to broadway when no film roles are offered is quite upsetting. About her music, well we know how much it sells ,like the last one sold much lesz than the initial.

  • http://justjared Charlie

    Oh please .
    1 Journey 3 is not an imaginary project. Vanessa Hudgens has confirmed during an interview in January 2014 that she will appear in Journey 3. Last Year Josh Hutcherson has confirmed the project and the movie is in phase of writing the script. Besides between Journey 1 and Journey 2 have passed 4 years. So i think that Journey 3 will be release during 2016.
    2 Identified was a flop because there was a promotion equal to zero and was released one single. An album that hasn’t promotion and only one single is logic that doesn’t sell. Her fist album had a decent promotion and three single. The album was certified gold in USA and Say Ok has now 150 million of views on youtube.
    3 But is it possible? When Vanessa spends time with his family or makes charity you haters say that she never works but when she works you always have something to say. She is a great actress she has received positive reviews for every movie.
    You are so stupids. You Throw shit on Vanessa even when he is working on many projects and also saying that his films all have an exit directly to a DVD, when they all had a release in the cinemas.

  • maria

    Tweet from a Tony winning producer regarding Vanessa:
    Jhett Tolentino (@JhettTolentino)
    7/25/14, 1:11 AM
    @VanessaHudgens My 1st time to see you perform. You’re a perfect Gigi in #GigiTheMusical. I’m glad I went. I’m impressed. See you in DC!

    Reviews for the read were very positive, and is moving forward to the next step in production. She may not be your taste, but she CAN act, sing, and dance. For example, I can’t stand Nikki Minaj or her music, but obviously someone does or she would not be selling music. I’ve said this many times before; she would never have been chosen by Disney, gotten roles in movies, performed in the Hollywood Bowl for NPH, or sold a single record, if she had no talent. She was not handed any of those roles, like some in Hollywood. She has worked in theatre since she was very little. Time to acknowledge she has some nice accomplishments. It is her career, and she is making it her own. Next up: Broadway.

  • maria

    @Charlie: I was not aware any actors were confirmed for Journey 3. Where did you read that?

  • http://justjared Charlie

    This January I have read an interview for Gimme Shelter and she has say that she will appear in Journey 3. But i don’t remember the site of interview because this wast at the beginning of this years. Josh Hutcherson and The Rock are confirmed for the third movie.You find this notice also on journey 2 wikipedia.

  • lol

    @Charlie: Yeah let’s wait for it to happen just like you’ve been waiting for The great migration to happen for 2 years now. Why are you so intent on making her act in a kiddies action movie. If it was me, I’d never want my babe acting in one at this stage. Both her albums were flops and only golf certified. Quit giving excuses. The main reason why Say Ok got that much views as because of Zac.

  • maria

    @lol: She’s still more successful than you’ll ever be, in Hollywood. Success is measured differently by everyone. It’s hysterical that SOME people think we Vanessa fans “are jealous” of the exes “success”. Good Lord. That is beyond asinine. Vanessa has not made as many movies, yet she is far more successful at LIFE. She has a career that she does on her own time, and that she loves. She has a very stable adult life, amazing loyal friends, and a fabulous guy. That is JUST as successful, and in many ways, more so. Having a happy life AND a nice career IS success. Not every actor who has financial success is happy. And for the record, getting a starring role on Broadway is not easy. I can imagine the competition was very stiff for the role of Gigi. I think she is perfect for it.

  • Nightwish

    @maria: Nobody cares. Hudgens could quit acting today and nobody would notice. Only you, tina, bowj and your doofus friend hatersuck, that is.

  • dag