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Orlando Bloom & Justin Bieber Fight in Ibiza - Video (Report)

Orlando Bloom & Justin Bieber Fight in Ibiza - Video (Report)

Orlando Bloom reportedly got into a fight with Justin Bieber on early Wednesday morning (July 30) in Ibiza, Spain.

According to TMZ, the 37-year-old actor threw a punch at the 20-year-old entertainer while inside Cipriani restaurant.

The video doesn’t show any physical fighting, but you can hear Justin yelling at Orlando, before Orlando approaches him and they seemingly talk it out.

In case you didn’t know, Justin allegedly got very close to Orly‘s ex Miranda Kerr during the 2012 Victoria Secret Fashion Show.

Meanwhile, Orlando was spotted hanging out with Justin‘s ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez back in April.

Also pictured below: Justin talking to fans outside of his car on Monday (July 28) in Los Angeles.

Justin Bieber & Orlando Bloom Fight Video
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justin bieber orlando bloom fight punch video 01
justin bieber orlando bloom fight punch video 02
justin bieber orlando bloom fight punch video 03
justin bieber orlando bloom fight punch video 04
justin bieber orlando bloom fight punch video 05

Photos: AKM-GSI, Getty
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  • omg lol

    Orlando it’s no ok to abuse teenage girls

  • sx

    “Orly”?? are you for real

  • sheyenne

    Lol … really!

  • Julie

    I hope Orlando beat the shit out of this little prick, piece of shit, asshole who call himself as Justin Beiber.

  • hehe

    If this is true then Orlando just became my new hero! lol

  • Hannah

    So Miranda Kerr hooked up with Bieber? No wonder Orlando got mad, lol.

  • commonsense

    When you fu4k someone’s wife you should expect to get your a$$ beat and knowing Beiber’s personality he opened his big fat mouth about it.

  • Orlando

    I’m a fan of anyone who tries to beat up Justin Bieber so I’m Team Bloom. :)

  • vivendi

    My opinion of Orlando just skyrocketed. Team Bloom.

  • corea

    How disappointing. Orlando needs to hang out with a better class of people. To let a little bug like Justin Beiber upset him? How ridiculous. Why are they even in the same place?

  • Sunshine

    So it really is true then . She did sleep with Beiber. I hope Orlando’s punch connected!

  • Maddy

    Why would a woman like Miranda Kerr be interested in a little punk like Justin Bieber? And also, I think Orlando is a bit too old to still be having fights like this.

  • nyob

    Someone should put us all out of our misery and shoot bieber. I have no doubt he deserved to be punched and, on the one hand, say kudos to orlando if true. On the other hand, Orlando is pushing 40. Why stoop to fighting with a 20 year old ugly, punk as/s, talentless brat?

  • Elena

    Today on Keeping Up With The Kerrdashians: Orlando is fighting with children. Stay classy, Orlando!!

  • corea

    I read about Miranda getting “close” with several guys not just some little 17 yr old. I think that’s how old Beiber was at the time. He was hanging out with models and acting obnoxious. But I don’t like Miranda anyway. I bet Beiber was angry because he didn’t like Orlando being around Selena. Orlando is too old for this nonsense, this is high school foolishness.

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    Try thinking, and visually picturing things that are as wild as you can when you are around Asians, it works when you try enough!!!
    Also look for Asians who give people dirty/particular looks for what appears to be for completely no reason.

  • Lee

    So this confirms that both Miranda and Orlando had sex with those kids.

  • http://N/A Kelly

    I don’t understand Justin. Only yesterday he received an award for granting the most wishes to the Make-a-Wish foundation and gave it to one of his young fans (which I thought was wonderful by the way), then he goes and does this!

  • Hmmm

    It was more likely Justin being jealous of Selena flirting with Orlando than Orlando being jealous of the link between Miranda and that fetus.
    Note how it was Justine being obnoxious and Orlando being the bigger man.

  • dame betch

    @Kelly: Because Justins whole sympathy for his fans and the world is as fake as Angelina Jolies little acts.

  • Lol

    Orlando is a much larger person than Justin. I would’ve said that he is a larger man, but since he is the ONLY man in this equation, that point was obvious. And Orlando is ripped. Justin better be glad that he’s a Buddhist, and not prone to violence.
    Btw, I didn’t see a fight in that video. Just some angry words from Orlando while Justin cowered behind his bodyguards. Hilarious.

  • Ha

    Just look at Bieber’s face in that too picture.
    Wouldn’t you punch that if you had the chance? Come on, admit it. Wouldn’t you like to slap that smug expression off that prepubescent face?

  • tre

    @Elena: shut up dumbass

  • P

    @Hmmm: Agree

  • reeven

    Team Bloom!

  • steph

    @dame betch:

  • corea


    I totally agree. Justn is the jealous one. LOL @ “that fetus”

  • jemimaswitness

    That’s what happens went you don’t cook for yo man.

  • bob

    @omg lol:

    she’s legal. Eat a dick. The people that insist guys are “abusing young girls” are private pedos trying to place their guilty conscience on others.

  • bob


    Are you high you stupid cunt? Have you not read about Bieber in the news for the past 3 years? All he’s done is horrible, pathetic shit. The “good” shit he does is what he’s told/forced to do by his reps! Use your head.

  • Sal

    I’ve never loved Orlando more than I do right now.

  • kal

    I’m sorry, but Orlando bloom is in his 30s. He should not be laying hands on anyone! I don’t care what the reason is, the way he handled things were very irresponsible and the situation could’ve been handled better. Celebrities try to influence there fans to do the right thing. What kind of influence is punching a 20 year old? It seems he has some maturing to do!

  • Manda

    @Hmmm: I agree. I think it’s the other way around. I mean its pretty ironic the guy Bieber has a problem with is the same guy who was hanging with his ex a couple of months ago, which to me is very random since I didn’t think Selena and Orlando were even acquaintances. lol

  • Effy

    @kal: I don’t support violence, but there is no doubt that Bieber ran his mouth like the piece of dirt he is. He’s ignorant, spoiled and thinks he can get away with anything because he can. The United States can legally do something about all the crap he’s pulled but the police and court dismiss him cause he’s a princess with a big paycheck. So yeah, I hope he gets punched in the face one day.

  • @34

    There’s no proof that he laid his hands on anyone. That isn’t his style, anyway. Not only is he extremely laid back by nature, but he is also a Buddhist.
    Considering the temperaments of the two guys involved….I think that you are blaming the wrong person.

  • Anonymous

    Orlando Bloom is a 37 year old man… he should be home looking after his kid, not throwing punches at 21 year olds. Im not surprised that Justin Bieber is in another scandal, but Orlando Bloom comes across as an equally immature man going through a mid-life crisis. Both of them need to grow up and stop embarrassing themselves.

  • Rich R.

    Ohhh what a shame all the PR work little Eddie Haskell did at the Make aWish circling the drain.

  • anonymous

    Orlando Bloom is not aging well… he used to be attractive but not anymore. And his behavior just makes him look like a man-child. I don’t support Justin either, but both come across as immature.

  • hm

    I doubt Justin Bieber was jealous about Selena hanging out with Orlando months ago… there was no flirting evident in that picture and if anything Selena just looked uncomfortable next to Orlando. Selena and Orlando worked on the same charity campaign before so they already met and were acquaintances. If Justin was jealous, wouldn’t he be jealous of the male model Selena was pictured hanging out with recently? Somehow I doubt Justin would be jealous either way, especially when he’s probably got the opportunity to date another girl anyway. Justin and Selena have an on-off relationship and both have a lot of growing up to do. On the other hand Orlando is coming off as really sleazy and immature these days. Neuther one of these guys is acting like a real man so I don’t support either one…

  • lol

    After the ‘almost fight’, Justin posted a picture of Miranda Kerr (which he then deleted), so I’m guessing he was using it to poke fun at Orlando… so maybe that’s what the incident really was about.

  • Anonymouseeee

    I never had much respect for Justin Bieber, but I also just lost a lot of respect for Orlando Bloom. Orlando’s gone downhill in so many ways… he just doesn’t come across as genuine and seems to be immature and sleazy. Why is he even hanging around 21 year olds? He’s almost 40, he should be mature enough to be sensible and not throw punches by now. And to all those saying Orlando can’t be violent because he’s a Buddhist, just because someone follows a particular faith that doesn’t mean they always do what is stated in that faith. Ive had Buddhist friends who could get violent or aggressive when angry… Orlando needs to act his age with people his age and not get into fights with someone in their 20s. Justin’s lack of maturity is not surprising at this point but Orlando doesn’t seem to be mature either.

  • Danielle

    Orlando should have kicked that little punks ass !

  • What?!?

    @Lol: read on here that one commenter said that Orlando is “ripped” lol.. I met him in person, twice. He isn’t ripped.. He’s lean.. BIG difference ,

  • Tina

    Is it gross that I’m almost 33 and would rather sleep with Justin than Orlando?

  • kal

    Justin bieber was 17 years old when the whole Miranda Kerr thing happened. Now, why are people blaming him for the divorce? Do you honestly think a great marriage would be broken from a 17 year old flirting with a model? No. There had to of been more problems there than the media knows about. Justin Bieber has a big heart. For all you calling him a spoiled brat, think again. He earned the money he made. As for the people calling him a punk, you only know what they put in magazines and on the Internet. So you don’t know what goes on when he doesn’t have cameras around him! These photographers and websites need to stop spreading so much negativity into the world. Half the thing you read aren’t true to begin with, they’re filing people’s heads with non sense.

  • Meh

    @Tina: To answer you question: It is gross. You both are.

    And to the Bieb-fan who claims that this little spoiled uneducated brat has “a big heart” – you really should learn to know people better. You really might get hurt in life with such a low level of awareness on a Human nature. But then again – it’s your choice to make.

    On the subject: That’s what happens when the kids with the bad up-bringing decide to play in adult environment. Bieber should know that and take his rattle toys to his sandbox and play there.
    Now, let’s be serious: if Bloom really wanted to hit that little warg…well, that little warg could be in ER already. Considering we don’t have the actual “punch” recorded it’s safe to assume that Bloom just scared that kid away by taking the well-controlled action. I hope this thing didn’t ruin Orlando’s vacation.

  • Meh

    I know who you are. Please, don’t speak about respect. It doesn’t sound convincing coming from your mouth.

  • http://@bizzle560 Kelsey

    Orlando Bloom is the WORST actor! He has a f***ing ugly face.