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Miranda Kerr Goes Topless for 7 For All Mankind Campaign!

Miranda Kerr Goes Topless for 7 For All Mankind Campaign!

Miranda Kerr looks absolutely amazing while posing topless in the new 7 For All Mankind campaign.

The campaign was released right after she made headlines for being at the center of a fight that brewed between her ex-husband Orlando Bloom and her one-time rumored fling Justin Bieber.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

In a 30-second commercial for the brand, which will air on August 11th to officially launch the campaign, Miranda addresses her obsession with the jeans. “I love them. I love the way they fit. They feel so good,” she says.

Miranda Kerr Goes Topless for 7 For All Mankind Campaign!
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miranda kerr goes topless in new 7 for all mankind campaign 02
miranda kerr goes topless in new 7 for all mankind campaign 03
miranda kerr goes topless in new 7 for all mankind campaign 04

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  • billion

    It looks more like a porn campaign


    wow so sexy

  • sarah

    I used to think she was ok. Not anymore. The FACT she had xes with that little freak Justin speaks volumes what a freak she must be. Won’t buy anything she’s connected with. PERIOD!

  • Surf

    Cheap ho who broke up her marriage because of Biebs LOL…what a dummy

  • Elena

    Today on Keeping Up With The Kerrdashians: Here is Miranda Kerrdashian naked again but more importantly: This next level sk@nk boned an 18 year old man child while she was still, for all intents and purposes, a married woman.

  • dieter

    TIGHT BUNS !!!!

  • Living in a box

    She must truly enjoy her fame now.

  • vera

    Now that we know that she f*cked The Biebs anyone getting as close to her chacha as the man in that pic really should don protective gear. I hope the poor model showered in nonoxynol-9 and bleach and even then he might want to look at getting tested for all of the crawling crud that is surely all over her.

  • Do They
  • Twinkle

    She’s so cheesy. I was never a fan but I had neutral feelings about her. Other than the fact that her voice is more annoying that metal grinding against metal. But she has shown herself to be an exhibitionist fame@hore. Skin and bones with fake boobs. Orlando deserves better. Why she wanted to have sex with that little twerp when she had a man at home?

  • assman

    what a hottie

  • Nope

    I was never impressed with this woman. she seems fake and the fact that she’s allergic to clothes always made me roll my eyes but now that I know where’s she’s been she will always make me throw up in my mouth a little. Digusting.

  • What

    Hahahahaha! This woman wants to be an actress? It’s horrible.

  • Disgrace

    Cheap cheap cheap. You are a disgrace for models spleeping with the biebs really when you have orlando bloom as a husband . I Will never look at her the same now

    Everything about her is so cheap now, supermodel my a.s.s, orlando bloom is getting humiliated because of her

  • PuppyLove

    Not anymore.

  • scarlett

    The ppic with JOn looks like she’s in a complete different shot to him. He’s smiling/laughing, shes just got a vacant stare, not reaction at all to him being near her. Too busy starting at the camera. Which about sums Miranda up perfectly. Always camera aware.

  • Kath

    Give me a break….you hater w*nkers NEVER believe anything she says or does but when it suits you then decide to believe certain bullsh*t. WTF…Your all bigger w*nkers than she can be sometimes. I love her….shes keeping all you w*nkers constantly guessing and guess what….you hater w*nkers just cant keep away. Your always here……always….. She looks mega HOT!

  • Ursula

    Another campaign- good for her. I think she’s so stylish and feminine.

  • Austin

    I love to tap that!

  • Sassypants

    I highly doubt she slept with Justin Beiber, but I still think she’s an attention/fame whore.

  • Orlando

    The timing must be so convenient for her, since she’s such a fame h o e.

  • becca

    From now on, no matter what she does, she will always be the nasty a** that banged Beiber.

  • LOL!

    You know she’s in absolute heaven right now because the only thing that makes her happier than spreading her legs for two men is having them fight over her.

  • PuppyLove

    Four. Packer and the journalist a short time back.
    Give the woman credit: when she was dumped by four major clients plus her husband last year, you might think she’d be well and truly over. But she has landed on her feet.
    Alright, maybe not her FEET, but she’s landed, and it looks pretty soft and cushy.

  • Kath

    Right, mate! W@nkers! Pfffffffffft….pfffffft…w@nkers! Right! Pfffffffft! Pffffffft…I want to suck Miranda’s titty….right! Pfffffft! W@nkers…pfffffft! W@nkers….pfffffffft…pfffffft…pffffft! Right! W@nkers!! Pffffffft! Pffffffffft! Right! W@nkers….mega HOT…pffffft…wanna scissor her….pfffffft….w@nkers…PFFFFFFFFT!!!!

  • PuppyLove

    Kath, perhaps you ought to take a very cold shower. And be fitted for prescription lenses before you go blind altogether.

  • Kath

    @PuppyLove: W@nker! Pffffffffft!!! Miranda’s mega HOT! Pfffffffft! W@nker!!! I love her!!!! Pffffffft! Stoopid hater!!! Pfffffffft! W@nker…pffffft…pfffft…pfffffft!!!! W@nker!! Pfffffft…

  • Nene

    Flynn is going to grow up to very proud of his parents. (That was sarcasm, in case you missed it.)

  • Zach

    Beiber’s B*tch is naked again! Can she ever keep her clothes on? This is a question that will be asked through the ages, folks.

  • h8e

    Must be giving up that Zachole if she’s got dogs fighting for her constantly.

  • Kath

    @Kath: Real Kath here…..hahahhhaahaahhahah more like f*ckwit you tosser

  • JealousGirls

    so many awful jealous women post here.
    she has everything you will never have .
    how sad

  • me


    jealous of what ?

    I am envious of joan smalls, kate moss, Daria Werbowy, claudia schiffer, gisele bundchen, christy turlington surely NOT Miranda kerr. supermodels with an actually a respectable career.

    you need to get over yourself, Miranda is not the center of the universe and surely NOT the best or the successful models out her.

    Especially not with all the stories of her sleeping with a a barely legal brat and dating one of her ex husband closest friend.

    Orlando’s freud with Justin Bieber and him getting close with Erica Packer pretty much confirm all theses rumors about her.

    She is fake with no morals values, Orlando Bloom is really a cool guy for not calling her her out in public

  • Kath

    Right, mate…pffffffft….w@nkers!! Pfffft! Pffffft! Tosser…pfffft…wanna muff dive Miranda Kerr…pfffffft! W@nkers!!! Pffffffft! Losers! Pffffffft! Pfffffft!!!! W@nkers! Wanna lick Miranda Kerr’s @rse hole!!! W@nker!! Tosser!!! Pffffffft…pfffft…pfffffft…w@nker! She’s mega HOT and I love her and her cl*t!! Pffffffft!!! W@nkers! Tossers!!! Pfffffffft…pffffffft…pffffffft!!!!! F*ckwit….tosser!!! W@nker!!!! Pfffffft! HAHAHA!!!

  • zzzz

    @Kath: Ksth impersonator please eff off

  • Elle

    She’s pretty on the outside, but ugly on the inside. What a mess of a hoe. And she wrote an inspirational book for young girls? LOL. More like a hooka how-to.

  • Elle

    @JealousGirls: Jealous of being a hoe? You’re using that excuse to back her up HAHA!!!!

    Dude, there’s better ways to get fame besides sleeping around with people in the industry. It’s known all over town here that she’s been using men for bigger and better fame. Feel more sorry for the kid she has, but then again, she only brings him out for publicity purposes and then hand him back to his nanny.

  • Kath

    @zzzz: You f*ck off, w@nker tosser!! Pfffffft…pffffft…tosser!!! W@nker!!! I wanna lick Miranda’s cl*t….pffffffft…pffffft…tosser…w@nker…pffffft! She’s mega HOT and I love her…pffffft….pffffffft…w@nkers! Pfffffffft! Pffffffffft! Pfffffffffft!!!

  • Kath


  • Haters are dumb

    Lol at all the jealous women on here. It’s really sad. First of all, Miranda did not hook up with bieber. Her lawyer denied it. I honeslty feel sorry for you guys. Do you really think Miranda cares what you think? You guys are sitting here hating on someone you don’t even know while Miranda is still a hot bad ass model while still taking care of her son. Pretty hard working mother if you ask me. I feel like some of you seem to forget that Miranda’s a model. Being a model means shooting racy, seductive photoshoots. I’m embaressed. I’m embaressed for you guys. Of the human race! I never thought we could be so much capable of hate. Second of all, some of you know that Miranda didn’t sleep with that punk and still hate on her. That’s wrong on so many levels. Only reason behind that is: jealousy Specifically to girls, you hate on Miranda because you feel bad about yourself. I’m a girl and I don’t hate on her. You wanna know why? Cause I don’t waste my time hating other people. Especially over the Internet. You guys don’t even have the balls to say this crap if it were in real life. And we can all agree that most of you don’t look like models. Some of you probably look like you’ve been hit by a bus. Before you hate on someone look at your life and reevaluate. Miranda is QUEEN and my favorite model. People love her whether you like it or not. She ain’t going no where. Haters figure your life out and stop bitching and hating on people just because your insecure about your own damn self. Ugh annoying pieces of shit 😒 Grow up and get a life

  • Effy

    I use to really like her too. I would read her blog and I liked her book a lot. However, why does a 30-something year old mom feel the need to post topless pictures of herself all the time? It’s not classy.

  • @Effy

    You know what else isn’t classy? Shtupping an 18 year old kid just because he’s famous.

  • @40


  • Dee

    I was always neutral about her, but she really is gross now. Boinking Beiber, and Packer, just beyond gross, she seems so desperate all the time.

  • LOL!

    @Dee: Boinking Bieber and Pegging Packer can be the name of her next book!!

  • kaybear

    Miranda Kerr goes topless…every other day and then often in between.

  • darren

    C’mon, people, we all knew that she slept with the kid way back in 2012 so why is this grossing everyone out now? Her lawyer denied it because that is what celebrity lawyers are paid to do: lie when their clients do something skeevy like sleep with an 18 year old slimeball brat. We know have the confirmation and she will forever be the disgusting h o that sucked off The Biebs. She prolly took his little winky up her a**, too. Looking at you when I say that, #40. She has prolly taken quite a few guys up there.

  • Kath

    @Kath: Hahahahahahahahahaha…..hhahahahaaaa

  • To 38

    @Kath: Elena you sock puppet give up we all know what your up to.

  • Megs

    She didn’t just bang Bieber but also DiCaprio, a few weeks before. There were rumors of her stepping out on Bloom with numerous people. Her vagina has seen more traction that a set of Goodyear tires. I used to think she was one of the most beautiful models in the industry. Now I just see a promiscuous ho bag. Biebs is the male version of Ebola Paris Hilton. He destroys anyone he comes in contact with.