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Penelope Cruz Clarifies Statements Made About Israel: 'I'm Not an Expert'

Penelope Cruz Clarifies Statements Made About Israel: 'I'm Not an Expert'

Penelope Cruz has clarified her statements on Israel after using the word “genocide” to describe her views in a statement provided to Just Jared.

“I don’t want to be misunderstood on this important subject. I’m not an expert on the situation and I’m aware of the complexity of it,” the 40-year-old actress said in a statement to “My only wish and intention in signing that group letter is the hope that there will be peace in both Israel and Gaza. I am hopeful all parties can agree to a cease fire and there are no more innocent victims on either side of the border. I wish for unity, and peace… I believe in a civilization that can be capable of bringing the courage to have a world where humans can live side by side.”

If you missed it, read what Penelope and her husband Javier Bardem wrote in their open letter about the situation back East.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Penelope Cruz’s clarified statements?

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  • dieter

    She is so right !!! She probably has an IQ of 140 !!!! Somebody needs to stand up !!!

  • Hedley

    Then shut your yap! Actors should act, not inflict their ill conceived thoughts on current events on us.

  • Sarah

    She shouldn’t have to justify or explain her comments. People should be allowed to say the truth of the situation without being labeled as anti-seem tic or a supporter of terrorists.

  • Randal


  • rasel

    Some celebs have huge egocentrism

  • Lauren

    Where are all these celebrities when Israeli civilians are constantly slaughtered & deliberately targeted on a daily basis by cowards that don’t wear uniforms? They’ve always been silent when it comes to Israeli women & children & the calls for their annihilation!

  • One who knows

    She shouldn’t have made that statement at first place if she’s not an expert.. It’s very easy to side with the ones with more deaths but if you check your facts you realize the reality is entirely different. I will not go into details on this matter because it’s not relevant, I will just say that I was personally disappointed in her, as a person who lives in the Middle East and knows what is really going on here, without the media’s partial truth and so called statements. If you are not here or from here, you don’t know what’s going on, period. Don’t make a fool of yourself.

  • gloria

    Oh girl, you are living in Spain now I think. Not in the Olympus.

  • heidi

    If it wasn’t for Woody Allen, who happens to be Jewish, she wouldn’t have been cast in his movie and won the Oscar for her part in it. She needs to shut her stupid mouth and be grateful she was even hired by him. And maybe if she studies this situation she’ll learn that the charter of Hamas calls for the total and complete destruction of Israel. Anyone who supports such a terrorist organization is beyond moronic.

  • Dan

    If she isn’t an expert so she sould SHUT UP

  • rasel

    I dont know why she gives her opinion when mostly everyone knows/thinks the same as her and why the hell she got many comments here about that. Sometimes the egocentrism is understandable but please, we still watch the news everyday or read the newspaper probably more than you so keep your feet on the ground.

  • csa

    FU CKING Israel! They are killing little children!!!

  • yulie

    you are SO stupid. an idiot. just like selena. just like rihanna. you girls represent everything idiotic in this world. that’s right. you’re not an expert. you never will be nor none of you who doesn’t live here. i’m not saying she should pick israel’s side (which would be the right thing to do), i’m saying she doesn’t need to pick any side. you have no clue what’s going on in israel or gaza. you want peace???? oh! well okay let’s just do it the easy way!
    ugh. i swear all these girls are embarrassing to women kind. to human kind, even.

  • chad

    she has the right to her opinion, but the use of “genocide” is absurd and frankly ignorant, and an insult to real genocides. like 1200 people have died in a population of 1.8 mil. the Armenian genocide over 1.5 mil were killed out of a population of 3 million.the population of gaza has gone up like almost 800,000 people from 1990 if thats genocide the Israeli government is really bad at it

  • adam

    she shouldn’t have to apologize for saying the truth israel committed war crimes in gaza and everyone knows that, but it seem every time someone speaks against nazi israel the jewish lobby aipac pressures them to the keep them quiet

  • veronica

    no one needs to be an expert to see that israel did genocide in gaza.shame she backtracked but aipac is so powerful .and hollywood is basically run by jews, in the end of the day these people need to work. i guess its on us normal people to stand for palestinians


    one word free palestine and F.U.C.K ISRAEL

  • CTH

    man the jews controls america when did we become israel b,i,tch .this evil country needs to be destroyed for the sake of our national security

  • Lily

    @yulie: you and your words are an embarrassment not only for women but for mankind. No matter how complex the problems are, nothing can justify death of civilians, this goes for both sides.

  • David Mathers

    Israel is not committing genocide, just ethnic cleansing and mass murder. And reducing the living standards of millions of Palestinians to one of starvation, deprivation and a ghetto-like existence where they can be controlled (no access or egress, or commerce, even medicine unless the fascist zionists agree), or leave to become stateless wanderers in the bordering lands to which Israel does not yet lay claim, And where millions of their brothers and sisters have been driven since 1948. Interesting how much you hear about Israel’s right to ‘defend’ itself, and NOTHING about that of the Palestinians. Look at the numbers of dead, homeless and stateless and decide who has the greater need and right!

  • Paulie

    “Where are all these celebrities when Israeli civilians are constantly slaughtered”

    Huh? Link to back up this statement. The death toll is very lopsided.

  • adam

    @Lily: hamas killed israeli soldiers only soldiers israel killed 1348 civilians therese big frigin difference

  • CTH

    @Paulie: stop spreading lies you piece of israele shit

  • Valerie

    Why shouldn’t she be allowed to have an opinion. As every other citizen we have a right to vote and a right to voice an opinion. To bad she retracted her statement.

  • corea

    You don’t need to be an “expert” to be against the violence and the killing that is going on. I love Penelope and Javier for what they said and I don’t think she needs to walk it back. I am tired of being bullied and told I am antisemitic just because I think Israel is going way overboard with all of this bombing.

  • Emme


    Exactly! Did she get scared of the Israel supporters? Quite cowardly…

  • Rose

    If you aren’t an expert, then please refrain from making a statement on the subject. Stick to what you know.

  • SU

    Damage control. You should know all the facts before giving an opinion.

  • Paula

    Read this and you will understand what’s happening in Gaza:

  • Living in a box

    I’m also not an expert but military action against civilians. Do you thinks it’s a fair fight? Taking someone land and try to annihilate the people, what you call that? Genocide!

  • Mike

    So many people are so ill informed about what is going on. The Palestinians voted in a terrorist organization. Israel tried to have a 40 minute cease fire for humanitarian reasons and they just kept on getting bombers. Let’s not forget Israel was the one bombed first then tried to have a cease fire. Palestine is picking on the bigger guy so they will get crushed.

  • Susie#1

    @Paula: Thanks for the link to Sam Harris. I just read his article on the conflict between Israel and Hamas and he’s made some very valid points regarding the Israeli soldiers’ actions, both for and against. I’m so opposed to all the anti-Semitic and anti-Jewish rants on this site; and those who accuse “the Jews” of running the country are just plain ridiculous. Maybe they should just go to the Middle East and see what it’s really like. Then let them talk.

    Really Jared, this site shouldn’t be political nor anti-Semitic.

  • Peace


  • Zayn Malik

    Free Palestine

  • lisa

    Oh, FFS, there is a difference between hating what Israel is doing and being an Anti-semite. You Americans really need to pull your thumb out your ass and figure that out. Zionism and what is going on in Israel, the slaughter of Palestinian women, children and disabled people, is wrong on every level. That has nothing to do with being a jew and everything to do with wanting to imprison and anaihalate a whole segment of population all squeezed into the gaza strip. Frikken do a little more research before you go spouting bullshit. At least she is willing to open her mouth and speak out, what the hell are all you haters doing about the situation??? About the injustice? Nothing!

  • Kohen

    I am disgust reading all the anti-semitic comments post by jew haters. Israel have the right to defend itself from it’s enemies. I blame hamas for palestinians civilian deaths. Israel military send warning messages for airstrikes for gaza military campaign. Hamas hides among civilians and hamas fire so many rockets at Israel. So please stop claiming to be anti-zionist, the truth is your just a jew hater. Look at France pro-palestinians protest turn into violent attacks at jews and still today jew haters burning down jewish businesses and worship places.

  • xyzc

    Everyone is afraid of the Zio hydra, everyone must bow down to it and apologizes to the chosenites. Shittest world we could live in….

  • xyzc


    Who paid u to write this bullshit? Its GENOCIDE, they deliberately target civilians, especially women and children, its not about Hamas anymore. The proof is under ur very blind eyes, u moron. Google how ur beloved chosenites chant “There will be no school left in Gaza, no children left” among other things. Rot in hell

  • xyzc

    Today in Palestine, tomorrow everywhere….

  • xyzc


    The moron is u, Heidi. Go to hell and educate urself. Ur beloved Zios call unborn Palestinian babies “baby snakes”, not to mention other horrors. Hamas are terrorists and Zio’s arent? Stick ur love for them up ur pooper.

  • xyzc

    @One who knows:

    Really? Please enlighten us. Are u an expert then? Share with us, if u have guts. U seem like another IsraHELL ass kisser. Go ahead and tell us instead of playing the mysterious guy. Reality is entirely different? Maybe ur Zio reality. I have Palestinian friends and all I can say is that u eat dung. Ur chosenites deliberately target civilians, which word u didnt understand?

  • xyzc



  • xyzc


    Woody, the pedophile? Wow, how cool! She had a career long before being cast by him, u moron

  • xyzc


    Oy vey. Oy vey…..

  • Steve T

    @Valerie: she is entitled to her opinion, but so do jewish people in Hollywood who may be offended by her politics.

  • Akari

    @heidi: It is because Israel stole the land from Palestine. Most of Israeli people are originated from Europe. You need to take several seats. You don’t acknowledge that many civilians are getting killed by the Israeli army. There is a instragram post of Israeli solider indicating that these civilians deserve to die. I don’t human behavior. It is not about religion, but humanity.

  • Donnald


    She’s probably as smart as Adolph Hitler.

  • Donnald


    You are so correct. She should be allowed to make all the anti-semitic comments she desires.

  • Donnald

    @Sarah: It’s anti-semitic you moron.

  • Donnald

    @One who knows: Exactly. Thanks for your comment.