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Adrienne Bailon Defends Her Comments About Rob Kardashian

Adrienne Bailon Defends Her Comments About Rob Kardashian

Adrienne Bailon has taken to her Instagram page to defend the comments she made about her ex-boyfriend Rob Kardashian.

“Fame and career are two different things. I’ve always had a career. I have been working hard since I was 15 years old. Being someone’s ‘girlfriend’ was never what I wanted to be famous for,” Adrienne, 30, said. “What makes you ‘famous’ isn’t always what you want to be ‘labeled’ as, or known for. If anyone should understand that… It should be you.”

“I also stated in the article that none of this would have stopped me from being in love and being in that relationship. I just would have gone about it differently. You can love someone just as much in private. We all learn from our first loves,” Adrienne added.

In the original comments that she made, Adrienne said that having the Kardashian label associated with her hurt her career. She also talked about being cheated on by Rob.

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  • Xoxo

    Hey Adrienne, that talk show of yours needs this much publicity?
    Cuz you keep reminding us of a family you do not want to be associated with…liar liar pants on fire

  • Lisa

    I do not blame her one bit. I think recently someone reached out to her to get in touch with Rob because, obviously, he is dealing with “issues”. They were hoping she would take care of it because it doesn’t seem like they want to. Also, I remember thinking it was strange she was dropped as a cheetah girl over personal photos she sent to Rob, this move screamed like an idea Kris gave her to further her career and backfired.

  • Karen

    This is the most publicity Adrienne has received in years and it’s all because of the people she says ruined her career. I honestly forgot all about her until this story came out. I had no idea there was a magazine called Latina. Adrienne needs to move on with her life!

  • AnneG

    Adrienne is so ugly and looks like a blonde Snooki.

  • Angelina

    She’s a nice girl. He blew it.
    Let’s move on.

  • Blah

    One side wants to call her a famewh*re while the other side doesn’t blame her for getting this off her chest. She’s a grown woman, she can do what she wants, and I also don’t blame her for getting out of the relationship. If someone cheats on you-buh-bye. She’s free to say whatever the heck she wants as much as anyone else is free to respond to her in whatever way they want. That all being said… Kim and Khloe were not in their relationship. I understand that Rob is their brother and they will stick up for him regardless, but he cheated on Adrienne and however she wants to deal with that betrayal is her right so Kim and Khloe should stay out of it. It’s not their fight. Khloe was d*cked over by Lamar, and if she wanted to express how she felt publicly that would be her right and I’m sure she wouldn’t want anyone telling her to stifle herself when she was the one hurt. Same with Kim and Reggie Bush. Adrienne was the one hurt and she doesn’t need to stifle herself or get a “FDB” from Khloe. But I should save my breath because, who am I kidding? The entire Kardashian/Jenner clan thrive off publicity for doing absolutely nothing..

  • Michelle

    OMG….move on Adrienne. She’s been getting Rob’s cheating off her chest for years now. She had a reality show with this other unknown spanish girl and all she did was complain about rob cheating and how everyone keep associating her the Kardashians. Girl bye, no one knows who the hell you are, stop trying to make yourself relevant.

  • jennn

    please. beyonce doesn’t even want to be associated with them. It doesn’t matter the extent of how famous someone is. She’s saying she was known more for dating a kardashian and thats all that was focused on for many years. Robs girlfriend or robs ex. It doesn’t mean she would’ve been highly successful or had that level of fame without him, no one knows what couldve been. All she’s saying is that the association with the kardashians affected her career. and IT DID. no one should say otherwise.

  • Janette

    “What makes you ‘famous’ isn’t always what you want to be ‘labeled’ as, or known for. If anyone should understand that… It should be you.”

    Yet she continues to speak of her infamous breakup. What she should have said to the magazine was “I am a different person than when I was with that person, lets talk about me and my career.” Instead of apologizing she continues to speak of it and gives us more details of her personal life. This chick is desperate for publicity.

  • Tanisha

    Give Adrienne a break, she shouldn’t be lanes for Rob’s problems. If anything he blamed that on Rita Ora by saying she was after his money and the fake that came with dating a Kardashian and he gained all that weight and became depressed because she was cheating on him. I love the way Adrienne points out that not everyone wants to become known as what they became famous for and that Kim should understand that of all people. In Kim’s case she would be known as a open star and acts like she doesn’t want to discuss the sex take but that’s the only reason she became famous was sleeping with a celebrity on film. On too of that she just laid there in the video and didn’t do much, I hate to think what she would he like in bed if it wasn’t being filmed.

  • lol

    Go adrienne

  • Morena

    Gah what is this celebrity fight week? First Orlando and Justin, now this? All i hope is Adrienne beats the sh!te out of both sl u ts! She’s boricua you don’t mess with a girl from the hoods of NY. It isn’t the hamptons ladies.

  • Michelle

    Omg, I can’t believe people can’t see how full of sh!t Adrienne is. She is her own worse enemy just ask Neyo who signed her to his label but she never listened to him. He tried to mentor this stubborn chick but her issues always got in the way. This girl just wants to run her mouth about the kardashian’s and blame them for the end of the world because she wants publicity, and people listen because they hate them. Guess what, when you talk about the kardashian’s you just give them more power. It’s actually everyone who brings them up people should hate, there’s actual articles on the internet that has nothing to do with them and people still bring them up. I just can’t wait for the day when the Kardashian’s status in the media reaches Adrienne’s : IRRELEVANT!!!!

  • Rocky

    YOU GO GIRL GIRL!! She was asked a question and she answered it. Why is Kim so protective now when on her show she didn’t show any emotion when her mom was crying about how she worries about all her children. Kim doesn’t give a sh.. about anyone but herself and what will make HER happy.

  • letchye

    She was asked a question and asnwered it properly .She didnt even say anything bad. I dont understand all the people who are agianst her. These Kardashians whores are losers. What she said in her reply is right. Adreienne has been working hard for her career and was famous before any of the Kardahsians were. I personally never heard of Kim Kardashian until 2011. I only know most about them reading from others people comments and they aall say Kim is mostly famous for a sex tape with Ray J. So for her to say that Adreinne became famous from dating their brother is a lie. I did not even know she dated him. If anything , the Kardashians are all INfamous for using more famous people to make them stay in the spotlight.