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Javier Bardem Clarifies His Open Letter on Gaza & Israel

Javier Bardem Clarifies His Open Letter on Gaza & Israel

Javier Bardem made headlines when he and his wife Penelope Cruz released an open letter slamming Israel’s attack on the Gaza strip and now he is clarifying his comments in a new note.

“This week, along with a number of artists in my home country of Spain, I spoke out about the conflict in Gaza urging all governments to intervene in this escalating crisis. My signature was solely meant as a plea for peace. Destruction and hatred only generate more hatred and destruction,” the 45-year-old actor said in his new letter released to

“While I was critical of the Israeli military response, I have great respect for the people of Israel and deep compassion for their losses. I am now being labeled by some as anti-Semitic, as is my wife – which is the antithesis of who we are as human beings. We detest anti-Semitism as much as we detest the horrible and painful consequences of war,” Javier continued. “I was raised to be against any act of violence, and the consequent suffering of humanity for it, regardless of religions, ethnicities and borders. Too many innocent Palestinian mothers have lost their children to this conflict. Too many innocent Israeli mothers share the same grief. There should not be any political reason that can justify such enormous pain on both sides. It’s my hope that leaders involved in this complicated struggle will heed the call of United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, ‘In the name of humanity, the violence must stop.’”

“Palestinians and Israelis in the region deserve to have their safety and human rights recognized and respected so in the near future they may find peace and co-existence, for themselves and their innocent children. So generations to come could bring hope, forgiveness and compassion for each other. This is the most basic and necessary way to peace for all of us,” he concluded the letter.

Penelope also released another letter to clarify her comments in the original note.

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  • Dee

    Israel is a bully through and through

  • mike

    Israel tried a cease fire then was attacked. They tried a temporary cease fire for humanitarian reasons and again were attacked. This is what the Palestinians get for electing Hamas. Hamas runs the country and will not stop and will continue to hide behind mothers and children. This is what happens when you pick on someone way bigger than you. Let’s not forget who sent the first missile.

  • suzy wong

    let’s not forget who supported the rise of Hamas and put Hamas in charge in the first place. If you wanna tell the truth tell it all…

  • team Israel

    too late azzwipe, you should’ve kept your mouth shut, we won’t see your movies again or your dumb wife’s. remember Mel Gibson! LOL!

    lots of us Jews feel the same. we are keeping track of those who pick the wrong side.

    live with it, goodbye career, from lots of studios and agencies you use to work with.

  • team Israel

    before you open your mouths and criticize Israel, if thousands of rockets fell everyday in downtown LA or Madrid would you shake hands with the devil and say , yes sir what else can i do for you.

    you are hypocrites. and have no idea what its is like for Israel and our people.

    you annihilated Iraq because of 9/11 and Bin Ladin was hiding in Pakistan, and then point fingers we are the bad guys. Hahaha!!!!

  • Roberta

    Why people who speak against Israel are labelled anti-semitic? People have their own opinions and I totally agree with Javier when it comes to this conflict. Being against this war and being a pro-Palestine, does not make an anti-semitic, it just makes you human.

  • Fedup

    Whatever! Europe is rampant with anti-Semitisim…since before WWII. They all sat back and watched Jews murdered and persecuted and now when the Israelis are trying to defend themselves, it is a problem. I guess they believe that the only good Jew is a dead one.

  • Roberta

    @team Israel: Go educate yourself first.

  • Fedup

    @Dee: And Hamas is a “humanitarian organization”. Go read your history….Islamic extremism will soon be in our own backyards.

  • sx

    @team Israel: the resentment is big on this one

  • corea

    I love Javier and Penelope and I applaud them for speaking out. I also happen to agree with them in their original statement and in this one as well. People ought to understand that it is possible to criticize a government’s policies and not be antisemitic. Just because you think the violence is horrible doesn’t mean you think the people of Israel are horrible. But people do have to understand that this is not equal. Israel has much more sophisticated weapons, and is richer and more powerful and they have controlled the lives of the Palestinians for years. They control their water and food supplies and they control their jobs and housing. The Palestinians are penned up like Indians on a reservation. Their lives are hell. I don’t support violence. But I have to say in this conflict I think Israel is the bully. They are shameful.

  • Jentheho

    @team Israel:

    Why is it too late? If he meant it, it’s never too late.

  • Stop To Think…

    Oh come on. Don’t back out of your statement now. What Israel is doing IS terrorism and a genocide. That’s indisputable. Innocent women and children are dying. No ifs, ands or buts. People’s hatred for Muslims is disturbing. It clouds their judgement. You call them animals and avenge their death and then wonder why they hate you? Fools. That’s what HYPOCRITES are. Especially ones who are oblivious to their own hypocrisy. Don’t point fingers and preach cleanliness when you have s.h.i.t on your hands.

  • NYC

    @team Israel:

  • Christina

    @team Israel: U.S. Americans as well as the majority members of the U.S. Congress supported invading Iraq due to supposed evidence stating that Saddam Hussein had WMDs. The United States was not looking for Bin Laden in Iraq.


    The nice thing about clean N-bombs is that they kill all of the crazy people who deserve to die without wrecking their nice cars.

  • team Israel

    Americans, pfffft, you think you are the world’s police force , yet you have plenty of unjust blood on your hands,

    i am not owned by stupid replies …and i am well educated.

  • RME

    @team Israel: Soooo you’re keeping track of names that dare to voice their opinions and because they don’t appease YOU, you threaten to destroy their career/life? I don’t know why Palestinians and Muslims view Jews and Americans as bullies and terrorist. They don’t manipulate people or bully them into submission. Oh no. THEY WERE VICTIMS OF THE NAZI HOLOCAUST! Don’t you remember?! You MUST remember! Never forget that so they can justify their genocide of Muslims and continue BUTCHERING innocent people all under the disguise of “Either you’re with us, or you support terrorism/anti-Semitism”. Yes, lets continue using what Hitler, a GERMAN, did to the Jews to steal land, displace families and slaughter innocent civilians because otherwise the Jews will threaten to ruin your career and your life. Such lenient, reasonable victims, those Jews…


    @team Israel: If thousands of rockets were dropped on my land and innocent civilians were being killed by the hundreds and thousands, I’d be doing EXACTLY what HAMAS is doing. Firing back and protecting my land/people. See that goes? Both ways.


    ***See how that works. Both ways***

  • Living in a box

    You cannot criticise Israel without been label as anti-Semite. Israel is the terrorist state.

  • Lola

    I don’t understand why they are getting so much heat. It is as if because the US does not know of the other people that signed the letter they are the only ones responsible. I don’t see anything wrong with the original comment or with this one. We all have a right to voice our opinion and hopefully that opinion is based on true research and analytical thinking. It is not black and white, and the history of that side of the world started before 1948 and before the Mandate.

    PS. Hitler was born in Austria.

  • luscious

    Another dumb F..k… Spain is such a tolerant place.. remember Isabella… no comment on all the Syrians being killed.. iISIS beheadings.. not a word from this genius… Israel.. well of course.. they should just suck it us and take those rockets.. cease to exist.. that’s what the world wants…
    Such astounding ignorance..

  • JMO

    @Lola: I think the point about Hilter was that whether he was born in Germany or Austria, he’s not a Muslim, therefore, Muslims shouldn’t have to be paying a price for the Holocaust. Yet, somehow they are. Land is being stolen away from Palestinians and they’re being beaten and slaughtered by Jews as if *they* were the ones responsible for what happened to them. It really is unfathomable. Muslims are having to pay for what happened to the Jews. THEY are the ones that are actually being bullied and terrorist.

  • Nataly

    Israelis don’t want this war either but the nonstop bombing giving them no choice- they must to destroy missile launch facilities that deliberately were placed in schools, hospitals- Hamas is using their own people as human shield.
    All that israelis want is Gasa be free from this terrorist organization that is called Hamas.

  • xyzc

    So many apologizes for nothing, so much humility for nothing proves once again what kind of ppl Zio Jews are. Sorry, they arent ppl, they are less than monsters.

  • phony

    You have no idea what you are talking about.
    Go live there and see how it is. See what Israel has to deal with.
    All you big mouths have no idea about history or reality.

  • ooops!

    I will never see a movie with these 2 freaks again.
    They should think before they speak. This is a very complicated issue.
    Lots of bloodshed and pain for all involved.
    They made a huge mistake and will never work in Hollywood again.

  • Jews r ver n alwys wil b Sh*it

    Hitler should have lived longer.

  • PuppyLove

    Oh, for heaven’s sake, are actors supposed to be some kind of political experts? I see their movies if I like them, avoid them if I don’t, and I couldn’t care less about their politics or position on saving the whales.

  • Cris

    @Fedup: oh, and americans were sitting and watching while selling guns to germans. You are so brainwashed. American hypocricy.

  • Lola

    Thank you for clearing what @RME wrote, but for me it still remains, if you are going to write where a person was born look it up first.
    And about Muslims paying for what Hitler did, I don’t want to be rude but I don’t get the comment. Palestinian can be Muslim as well as Christian, and both, regardless of their religion are treated with no rights by the Israeli. Both are having their homes bulldozed in order to have the Israeli military and settlement occupations.
    I think Sharon was the one – and you can correct me if I am wrong – that said something along the lines of forgetting the past and history and start to build a new history, I always thought that was a back handed comment for some reason. The Jews and the Palestinians have NOT been fighting for ages, but 1915, 1917, 1948 and 1967 are very important dates for a reason.
    Take care,

  • Zoee

    Zionist are the new NAZIS

  • Rose

    I wish there was (Someone) who can wipe out all the cowards who keep attacking the innocent people in Gaza …..Not only u took their land now u want to to kill all the innocent people who never did anything wrong to u in history in the first place .. Monsters,Monsters,Monsters ….. May u all burn in hell to all Zionists ……. And Palestine will be free no matter what ur filthy mouths say ….

  • Zoee

    ISRAEL are killing innocent people, they are bombing house, hospital, school, those are the targets of ISRAEL which make them all criminal they are worse than NAZIS, ISRAEL is a infanticide state people from ISRAEL are full of hate has empty hearth no soul just hate THE ONLY THING MAKES A JEWISH happy or people from ISRAEL happy is to see many Palestinians newborn death, tell me what kind of person are those PEOPLE from ISRAEL how come that the global Jewish community haven’t call to stop the killing of innocent , did you see what that disgusting women JOAN RIVERS SAYS, THAT SHE DOESN’T CARE about the death of innocent

  • Rose

    All these monsters should’ve been wiped out by Hitler in the first place …. Killing mothers and children and acting as if they were innocent and targeted by hamas ….. Muslims have never done anything wrong to jews from the past … Yet they stole their land and killed thousands and thousands of their innocent people …. Now being a true human who is THE REAL INNOCENT here ….

  • S.O.S

    Thumbs UP to Javier !!!!

  • bleeding heart

    What did the Palestinian children done that they deserve this kind atrocities ? Or is it only the American and Israel children have the right to live in this world ?

  • @28

    never work again? Lol there are pics of him today on the daily mail filming with sean penn and charlize. Two other people (ct and sp) who said dumb things but guess what? they all still have good careers.

  • Jules

    Technology is to better aid man and the rest of the world and anything else should be only for peace.

  • Domino

    @Roberta: Exactly! I love Jewish people but I hate Israel’s goverment and what they keep doing to Palestinians. Israel doesn’t equate to Judaism. Not all Israelis are Jewish. Judaism has nothing to do with it!

  • Tah

    One look at the vile comments here and it is clear why people are accusing JB of being anti-Semitic. If this is the side he wants to align himself with, he and his wife can go right ahead. But their true colors are shining through. I will never support anything of theirs again.

  • Lucy

    What is missing from Javier’s and Penelope’s message is the word HAMAS! If the Hamas terrorists would cease propelling thousands of rockets at Israel and using children as human shields,the killing would end! What is Israel to do? Sing songs,pray for peace as they get slaughtered by Hamas since the world does not allow Israel to defend herself?

    This is all about Muslim Extremists wishing to wipe out all infidels…look at Syria….look at Iraq. What happens when Israel gets wiped off the map…do you honestly think the terrorists will not advance their terror upon European countries like Spain?!

  • Lucy

    @@28: Sean Penn whose father was a card carrying Communist and Sean who supported the Chavez regime in Venezuala…….that speaks VOLUMES!

  • Lola
  • Lola

    The world does not allow Israel to defend themselves? I respectfully disagree. What the world is seeing is that Israel through their military and settlement occupation of the West Bank and Gaza have been treating the Palestinians (Muslim or Christian) as second hand citizens with no rights what so ever because they are not Israeli.
    Yes, there are Muslim extremist and they do not represent the Muslim community as a whole, the same way that not all Jews agree with what the Israeli government does. And terrorist are already terrorizing Europe, and terrorist are not only Muslim extremists.

  • Lucy

    @Lola: so Lola why doesn’t HAMAS stop firing rockets at Israel? If Hamas stopped their attacks this would end!!

  • Rocky



  • Rachael

    @team Israel:

    GET OVER YOURSELF!!!! Like Mel Gibson gives a crap what you think. Why do Jews feel they own the world and can do whatever they want to do. Didn’t you people learn anything from WW2? Israel is treating the
    Palestinians the same way the Nazis treated the jews. Jews like to bringing up what happened during WW2, always forgetting they were NOT the only ones that suffered.

  • Lola

    I saw a news special ages ago, where Israeli kids were writing their names at the rockets directed at the Gaza and West Bank. The conflict is not new. This has been happening prior to Hamas. My question for you is, would this end if the Israeli military and settlement occupation leave the West Bank and Gaza?