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Jennifer Aniston Gets Her Hair Braided & Looks So Pretty in New Pic

Jennifer Aniston Gets Her Hair Braided & Looks So Pretty in New Pic

Jennifer Aniston looks cute and lovely in this brand new picture posted to hair stylist Chris McMillan‘s Instagram account.

“#jenniferaniston #braid #fishtail #summer-hair #unplugged @livingproofinc #lovethisgirl” Chris captioned the pic of his 45-year-old friend and actress.

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When we last spotted Jennifer, she was out grabbing dinner with her former Friends co-stars Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow. We’d love to see these ladies collaborate on another project together!

Bigger picture inside of Jennifer Aniston’s cute hairstyle…

Just Jared on Facebook
jennifer aniston gets her hair done all pretty 01

Credit: Instagram
Posted to: Jennifer Aniston

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  • LOL


  • Stacy

    Still looking FUGG

  • Hair Extensions

    Attention seeker, I thought she liked short hair, this woman can never live without her hair extensions, what a Fake shilling hair products whilst she herself waers fake hair LOL

  • Hair Extensions


  • Dp

    So Pretty!!! I love her

  • lURKER

    ohhhhhhhhhhhh she does not have a face for a close up does she LOL

  • Question

    Is living proof aimed at fake hair?

  • Ewww

    She has always loked like a man… This close up is hideous!!

  • chris

    Every time i see someone drooling on a park bench. I wonder do they work for JustJared?

  • hmmm

    It is not her hair. She went in with shoulder length hair and now it is a long braid. If you are going to promote a produce then be honest about it. She has not been highlighting her hair. but weaves and extensions. How is that telling the public that LP is a good product.

    And she should not do close ups like that. JLo yes. She is the same age and gorgeous. Jen is average looking. Which is why average looking women applaud her looks so much. This is not a Gorgeous or beautiful woman. I won’t say she is ugly because that would not be true. but she is not beautiful. And all these selfies just shows how much she needs attention.

  • S.O.S

    Please stop telling us she is pretty and gorgeous!

  • How Ugly is she

    Dame that face can sink ships

  • GerardButthole

    Mediocre actress at best who plays herself in every film she does. A-Lister only because she married Brad Pitt. Super annoying, too.

  • Living Fake

    Fake Hair , Fake product endorsser , Living proof should be ashamed of themselves.

  • kelli

    she looks awful.

  • Question

    Is this all in aid of her new movie going staright to VOD?

  • allison

    #Big Nose #Thinning hair

  • Why’s everyone hating on her? She’s a great actress.

  • Jewel


    Those hateful comments are all from the BrangeLoons who infest this site and roost on the Jolie-Pitt threads day and night.

  • quit being silly


    No she is not a great actress, she is not even a good actress…

    And in this pix she is quite supremely fugly, that nose and chin on her are hideous in this pix LOL. Chris her allegedly BFF is laughing at her while he rakes in some of her cash..

    Living Proof is all a fake ya’ll, she only takes pixs with her bought hair on her head. Boycott this crap as there is no truth in its claims!!!!!!

  • christina

    she looks sooooo cuteee. God Justin u r so lucky! Love u Jen

  • Ivermom

    Ya’ll act like she is the only person on the planet who likes to play with her hair. Short, long, who cares? Is there a rule out there that says she has to keep it short? People get extensions all the time. Give it up, you sound like a broken record. The hate comes from the Jolie fans who seem to forget that she never cuts her hair and obviously prefers long hair.

  • benji

    damn, shes still got it

  • ….

    yup, she’s hot

  • jeanie


    You’re ridiculous. Just because people don’t like Aniston does not mean they are so-called BrangeLoons (whatever that is) as you so nastily put it.

  • ann

    Would kill to have this hair

  • anonymous

    brangeloons … hahahahaha I love it

  • quit being silly


    The truth is what it is. Try showing this pix to people on the street, they will all shout fugly is as fugly is. Reality you know.

    And try living in 2014, I don’t know anyone who cares as to whom this fugly was with like over 10 years ago. I was only 8 then and 10 years is ancient times to me. Guess you are an older poorly educated lady who is endlessly stuck in a long ago tabloid created past.

  • anonymous

    haters … suck it, she’s gorgeous

  • howdy


    Go buy some of your own, ChrisM has plenty of the same fake hair to sell. Probably pricy as that is how he makes his $$$$$$$$.

  • archangelmichael


  • Look at that nose!

    Too bad they can’t photoshop candids and now we have to suffer looking at that ugly face!


    This is the BEFORE picture right? Cause that hair looks terrible. Messy, weird crimping, no shine, and unwashed. That cannot be a hairdo.

  • Yuck

    She looks like a horse. What makes her beautiful? Ewwwww

  • Jentheho

    Her nose is huge and the joker jawline. Still ugly though.

  • lol

    May all of you sub- human JP fans get in a head on with a drunk illegal alien….: )

  • Awwww

    Her wrinkles are from smoking…STOP SMOKING – you are supposed to be the poster girl for health and wellness. xo

  • Sheila

    Not a very good pic of her. Actually makes her look downright unnatractive here and she is not ugly. I’m actually surpirised how ordinatry she looks. The braid is awful and messy looking and you can tell where the extensions end. Likely the braid is just a clipon or at least it looks that way.

  • Jessica

    I think she looks cute.

  • truth

    Looks like big nose Heidi.

  • Joya

    LOL!!! Is this the “photoshoot” she was doing the other day for the PR stunt when Theroux “surpised her”. GMAFB!

  • Yikes!!

    That photo is not becoming of her at ALL! She should never take close up because she is not beautiful just average. She is the type that needs a cake load of make up, a far away camera angle and lots of photoshop for a good pic.

  • Cranny

    I’m so SICK of this color correcting nonsense. She’s a pretty lady but this color makes her look sickly. I can’t believe the latest cameras have been making people take awful pictures.

  • Tina

    Chealsea Handler is MUCH MORE Uglier…

  • lol



    What Dame Angelina really does all day
    12:15 pm Awakes from her postprandial nap
    12:30 pm Dresses up in her mantle, etc. as Dame Commander of the Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George and poses in front of the mirror over and over
    1:15 pm Gets completely naked and admires her scary figure and bony ass in the mirror
    1:16 pm Practises her director’s gestures in the mirror
    1:32 pm Practises her UNHCR / Global Elite ‘Look of Concern’ in the mirror
    1:50 pm Shoots up some China White
    1:52 pm Throws up on the oriental antique rug
    1:55 pm Gargles with Cristal champagne
    2:00 Drinks a bottle of Chateau Miraval Rose and throws up on the carpet
    2:30 Opens a new bottle of Grey Goose
    3:45 pm Orders more enema equipment and black rubber sheets
    1:50 pm Shoots up some more China White and nods off
    3:15 pm Wakes up and throws up
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    3:22 pm Sends fax to order 25 pairs of Christian Louboutin nude patent leather wedges
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    4:30 pm Puts a tube of Preparation H on Veinzilla & The Gills; tries on new clothes.
    5:05 pm Grabs her laptop and posts gushing comments about herself at JustJared
    5:30 pm Lurks at FemaleFirst for a few minutes, hurls the computer across the room
    5:45 pm Summons her personal physician and her resident nurses for immediate intravenous Valium
    6:00 pm Nods off
    8:05 pm Wakes up, throws up and gargles with Cristal champagne
    8:15 pm Shoots up more China White and calls Brad to get his ass down to the Sex Grotto get naked and be ready for her arrival.
    8:30 pm Hoovers up 3 lines of the finest Bolivian marching powder
    8:50 pm Disrobes and takes the elevator down to the Sex Grotto…
    / to be continued.
    What Dame Angelina really does all day
    (Continued from Afternoon)
    8:51 pm Arrives in the Sex Grotto and tells Brad to take a shower and to make sure he washes everything, except his crack of course
    8:52 pm Starts her session with Jenny Shihtzu and three large tattooed biker women
    9:25 pm Moves over to the Gondola of Love, where Brad awaits
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    10:25 pm Gets into bed and nods out…
    / to be continued.

  • Stacy

    Wow how crazy are Jennifers fans sham on them .

  • Mary

    @Ivermom: yes, there are many more like her but the thing is she is the onlyone who makes such a big woppidoo about The HAIR. I think this is embarrassing, Sorry jennie..

  • anch1977

    How much drugs did Brad Pitt actually do while he was with maniston. Is the only logical explanation why Brad got with maniston. What did Brad see in her.

  • anch1977

    @JENLOONS: What Maniston does all day
    8:00am to 12:00pm Her hair
    12:00pm to 4:00pm talk about ”Friends” reunion
    4:00pm to 10:00 Pity Party
    10:00pm to 12:00 shave facial hair
    12:00am to 8:00 Lets Justin have some real fun