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Leonardo DiCaprio Will Finally Get His Autographed Gift From Nelson Mandela

Leonardo DiCaprio Will Finally Get His Autographed Gift From Nelson Mandela

Leonardo DiCaprio hides his face while touching down at LAX Airport on Friday (August 1) in Los Angeles.

Last weekend, the 39-year-old actor showed off his shirtless body while taking a dip in the ocean in Ibiza, Spain.

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It was recently announced that Leo will receive an autographed personalized photo of himself with Nelson Mandela.

Memorabilia dealer Gary Zimet was auctioning the photograph and got offers over $25,000, but decided to give it to Leo.

“I’m doing it because it’s the right thing to do,” Gary shared to Page Six. “Life has taught me, what comes around, goes around.”

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  • also…

    Good that he decided to give Leo what originally belonged to me. But it feels like he could’ve just done this in the first place but the guy just wanted the attention

  • also…

    Sorry I meant *him. LOL! Although I would like the picture for myself.

  • allison

    Why is he hiding his face when he knows the paps have big taking picture of his fat belly for weeks.

  • allison

    *paps have been taking pictures of his fat belly for weeks.

  • Irene

    How childish.

  • L

    this man-child.. Embarrassing.

  • Blacksharpie
    This story is a couple of days but there are a couple of pics I hadn’t seen before. If his shorts had gotten any lower, they would have fallen down. Lol

  • ####


    Wolves hoodie!!!LOL

  • -F

    @####: says it all. that’s what he identifies with. he’s like the wolf of wall street and we know that this doesn’t mean he’s a nice guy. leo is like the little twit who thinks he’s above everyone else, like a bully controlling a group.


    He is hiding his face cause it’s ugly as hell after that time in his private jet.


    his body guard looks like a real mad man by the way; the guy must be nuts. usually bodyguards have the best inside stories about celebrities. I bet he has a lot of leo stories to tell.

  • I’m right

    Leo is putting a phony face in public as the “serious” cough cough actor, but underneath, the guy has no moral compass. he does shady stuff but keeps it a secret……

  • -O-

    Leo the homewrecker, hiding his face. he’s worst than whorlie.
    It’s not because you’re a frat boy that you need to get in between people’s relationship, leo.
    We know you’re selfish but leave the good people alone, and keep doing whatever it is you’re doing with escorts/prostitutes , it will be better for others….

  • also…

    Do the trolls just show up to fill up the first page of a new thread?

  • Amy


    Leo has to represent!

    #wolves #killing #westcoast

  • Amy


    Actually I think he and his friends got it from The Hangover aka The Wolf Pack.

  • Vinnyel35

    the other lapdog, one of the many…

  • Zzzzzz

    @Blacksharpie: Hi! Thanks for the new pictures! What’s funny is that he’s actually wearing a belt and his shorts are still falling down! Man needs to learn how to belt his pants properly! I will be happy to give him lessons! ;)

  • poor leo

    still have a kiddie mentality with his wolf pack sweater…member of the pack…cant live without the pack..

  • also…

    Lainey mentioned Leo 3 times again today and in two of those posts had nothing to do with Leo. In one she linked to some post from Star magazine. She makes fun of star magazine all the time and the sh*t they come up with but she believes that because it trashes Leo. JFC is it personal for her. Leo f*cking reject her for an interview because she’ll drop his name anytime she can just to diss him. Is so personal for her now.

  • also…

    New game. Let’s all take a shot whenever Lainey mentions Leo on her site. LOL!

  • +.+

    rumor has it she tried to interview Leo at some award show after party or something recently but he said no so she’s been bitter since. i mean lol WTF does leo have to do with Vin Diesel of all people? lmaooo. its kind of entertaining tho.

    “Vin Diesel in the era of Groot should be on it. Because, suddenly, instead of being muscle head douchebag, Vin wants to play. He wore his I Am Groot t-shirt with bionic legs last week – see here – and now he’s singing…

    Sam Smith.

    Come on. I can’t be on my own here. Don’t you like this side of Vin Diesel? At this point, I think I might this side of Vin Diesel more than most of the sides of Leonardo DiCaprio.”

  • also…

    @+.+: She’s trying so HARD…. It’s obvious how personal this has become for her because Leo has NOTHING to do with Vin Diesel or Guardians of the Galaxy. Seriously, she mentions him anytime she can in any post. I’m 100% convinced that Leo rejected her for an interview. He said no and she took it so personal that now it’s her life mission to diss him on her site all the time.

  • Movie

    How many more Jobs he’s going to find to keep his lapdog busy?

  • +.+

    its kinda hilarious. she’s always so OTT and does the most in her writing but i hate read her. like i cannot stand her writing but i still check her site every day. she will criticize every single thing about random celebs she doesn’t like leo, robert pattinson, jessica biel, etc but if she likes a celeb she will praise them to the high heavens and ignore anything bad about them like ryan gosling, brangelina, kristen stewart, gwyneth paltrow, etc. apparently she also tried to get an interview with robert pattinson but he also said no so now she goes batsh*t cray anytime she writes about him while she praises kstew to the high heavens. its so transparent.

  • Amy


    LOL. I read about that on BZ. That must have been the deal they made after Katie Cleary’s husband died. Toni continues to act like Leo’s girlfriend and he produces a movie for her.

  • lolz

    At least he left Ibiza before the Kardashians arrived.

  • also…

    @+.+: I remember like about 1.5 year ago or 2 years ago Leo used to be in her Top 5 so something clearly changed because Leo is still Leo. I think the last time she might have written something nice about him was when she thought Leo and JLaw were flirting at a party. She was clearly stalking him that night watching his every move. Probably during awards season she thought she could get an interview with him and he clearly said NO. LOL! Just like she used to worship Johnny Depp until he left his wife for Amber Heard then she turned on him too. Now she makes fun of how he dresses even though Johnny Depp has always dressed weird. LOL! She clearly worships celebrities that reveal enough details in interviews but are still respected in hollywood like Clooney and Julia Roberts. I find it hilarious she calls herself a feminist but look at the way she talks about other women on her site. What a hypocrite.

  • well

    Plan B have Lupita Nyong’o , Appian way have Toni Garrn.

  • +.+

    after he skipped the gatsby premiere in sydney last year she just completely flipped on him. i mean i understand why for that particular reason but like you said hes always been the same person so im unsure why she never intensely hated him back then when she had him in her top 5 as you mentioned. she even stanned hard for him and blake lively and she HATES blake lively too. and your right, during last year’s oscar after party she tweeted the whole night and she kept tweeting about leo and about how much better he looked in person, she was really complementary and was watching him the whole night. and yes she kisses people like brangelina and clooney’s asses because of how ‘perfect’ they come across. rme. and she sl*t shames constantly on her site. shes done it with leo’s gfs too. i dont get how people can love her. she can be accurate on many things and her blinds turn out to be right usually but her writing is just awful and shes extremely biased.

  • +.+

    and Appian Way just received an Oscar nom this year for one of their movies so..

  • @Amy

    She was jealous that Leo could find jobs for her brother and not for her.

  • Prediction

    Toni Garrn will win an Oscar before Leo

  • .

    Hannah New and Toni Garrn Look “Under the Bed”July 31, 2014
    by: Donna Whitehead

    Hannah New and Toni Garrn will appear in writer-director Daniel Myrick’s UNDER THE BED. The thriller follows a woman who, in the aftermath of a turbulent break-up, unknowingly befriends an online stalker–who, it transpires, is living under her bed. Radar Pictures is producing, with Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appian Way banner also coming on board. New will star as the woman being stalked.

    Myrick is well known as the writer and director of “The Blair Witch Project,” but New has done little by way of horror. She appeared in this year’s Angelina Jolie blockbuster “Maleficent,” and is currently a series regular on the Starz pirate drama “Black Sails.” New has also appeared in a number of Spanish-language productions, including a role in the Spanish period drama miniseries “El tiempo entre costuras” (“The Time In Between”). Garrn is a German model who has worked for Calvin Klein and Victoria’s Secret; “Under the Bed” is her acting debut.

  • Casting couch

    She must be good in bed since not even Blake could convince him to get her movie role. lol

  • Amy


    LMAO… More likely a Golden Raspberry. ;)

  • +.+

    some of you guys are kinda reaching. i dont care about toni one way or another, but most models try acting at some point, or get offered movie roles. look at kate upton recently in the other woman, or erin with grown ups 2, did you guys credit leo for getting her that role too? just because leo’s company is one of the multiple producers for this movie doesn’t mean he’s the reason she got that role. she said herself she had been getting offers for movie roles recently and she’s a model so its not surprising. plus she’s white and a blonde, not exactly hard for her to get offers. most models try acting or take acting lessons because modeling is all about expressing different emotions on your face which is like acting.

  • +.+

    and then there’s cara delevingne too, she’s also going to be in an upcoming movie i read.

  • poor leo

    Now he has returned to his boring life in LA.

  • lolz

    @+.+: “just because leo’s company is one of the multiple producers for this movie doesn’t mean he’s the reason she got that role”

    It’s just coincidence? lmao

  • +.+

    this is a small indie movie that legit no one will watch. if he really used his powers to get her role dont you think he’d surely get her a role in a higher profile movie, no? leo’s company is not the only one producing this movie fyi, and toni has said she had been offered many waitress roles and similar to that in a german interview before this movie news came out. but keep making tired jokes about this all you want.

  • +.+

    i mean leo used his powers to get lukas a tiny part in Inception and vinny in a TV series on HBO that Scorsese is directing. and your telling me he went out of his way to ensure Toni, his gf, a waitress role in an indie by a director most people haven’t heard of? lol please. if he really did seek a role for her he would’ve given her a part in a much high profile movie.

  • toni is an industry icon

    How the Industry Icons list works

    The fashion business is no cakewalk. For a model to gain the respect of designers, photographers, editors, and casting directors is no small feat; and when a girl is not only respected but also revered, she becomes a legend in her own right. The industry icons are models who have built stellar careers, they’ve snagged every cover, walked every show, booked every campaign, and lived to tell the tale. Before you can be a true supermodel, you have to become one of the industry’s preferred stars and these girls are all bonafide favorites.

    With at least 8+ years at blue chip level under their belts, and still currently working, they bring experience and professionalism to every job and never fail to elevate the image into the realm of art. These are the true model’s models and their endless stream of power bookings reflects that.

    she placed in the Next Generation section, take that jj haters!

  • Amy

    @toni is an industry icon:

    Toni, is that you?

    Seriously ask a stranger tomorrow if they know who Toni Garrn is. I bet they don’t.

  • yuck

    big dong, don’t last long

  • @toni is an industry icon

    is it me or do they ALL look replicas of each other? pick one beautiful but yet different out of the whole bunch?

  • @14

    YOU should know

  • Look

    Pitt’s fan come here to brag again
    why so insecure @Well?

  • archangelmichael

    @also At 6:03pm I ANNOUNCED LEO left IBIZA on the last THREAD , yet no one gives me credit for my INFO. @also stop taking my info and passing it off as YOURS. YOU HAVE DONE THIS BEFORE.
    ABOUT THAT MOVIE : its an INDIE film, which means it won’t be seen in many theaters here in the USA. So why is everyone still talking about her part, which is small. She’s not even the STAR.
    My next prediction : PDA PICS OF LEO & TONI. lol

  • archangelmichael

    @Vinnyel35: vinny’s a major moocher. Must he follow leo everywhere. When I first noticed VINNY , I thought he was leo’s BODYGUARD. DOES HE LIVE IN LA TOO. Poor leo, back to teach TONI how to play a waiter. I wonder if she makes him use CONDOMS.