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Orlando Bloom Continues His Vacation as Rumors Spread About Miranda Kerr's Views on the Justin Bieber Feud

Orlando Bloom Continues His Vacation as Rumors Spread About Miranda Kerr's Views on the Justin Bieber Feud

Orlando Bloom walks the sandy beach while hanging out on his vacation on Friday (August 1) in Formentera, Spain.

The 37-year-old was surrounded by a group of pals including Erica Packer.

After all the controversy surrounding Justin Bieber and Orlando, many are wondering how Miranda Kerr, Orly‘s ex, feels about all of the fighting.

“[Miranda] is in Spain and Europe now and is vacationing with the family and relaxing,” a source told E! News. “Miranda wants all of this behind her and she just wants to move on from this and go about her life. She is very embarrassed about everything that has gone on.”

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  • Dan

    news flash orlando. leo has slept with your ex. he’s lying to your face.

  • @1

    How dumb do you have to be to believe every rumor out there?
    Delphi dumb? Yeah, I think so.

  • Yes!

    He looks so handsome! Love that beautiful man!

  • jdjdj

    he’s so dumb
    he’s just a tabloidwhore now, doesn’t have any relevant films.

  • moi

    She didnt do the deed with Bieber! what a load of tosh and Orlando is turning into a desperate media ho,behaving like a teenage boy. Grow up the lot of you. Idiots!

  • Danelle

    Whatever happened most people don’t expect much from Bieber, but Orlando should have been the mature one and not become part of the Bieber tabloid fodder.

  • Anon

    Orlando looks gorgeous and can’t wait to hear about more movie projects from him.

  • PoorOrly

    @Dan: Half of Hollywood has slept with his wife. Is he going to throw sissy punches at all of them? If you don’t want men sleeping with your woman and throwing it in your face, you should marry a lady, not a high class prostitut3

  • Pay Back

    Miranda is embarrassed? About this? Really? Was she embarrassed about the two Australian businessmen who decked each other a while back while supposedly fighting over her? I rather think she enjoys the attention.

    Bloom also seems to be enjoying the attention. His entourage and Bieber’s entourage came together and clashed. Bieber’s behavior can be excused partly due to his youth, immaturity and early career success. Bloom is approaching forty and is lowering himself to Bieber’s level. Pity.

    As I said in another post, it’s too bad Jay (Miranda’s exboyfriend and “love of my life”) never had the chance to encounter Bloom and throw a punch at him. Bloom simply got a taste of what he and Miranda were rumored to have been doing in early ’07, while she was still with Jay.

    Bloom should have known what he was getting into when he got involved with Miranda while she was still involved with someone else.

    Celebrities who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Or punches.

  • ?

    Uhmmm, Orlando came out of this as a hero.
    Except for very few Bieber fans and Orlando haters, everybody loves this.
    And for those who say Orlando shouldn’t have acted that way, consider this. Orlando is not only a Buddhist, but he has never been aggressive or physical before. He always brushed off insults. Bieber must have said something really disgusting about a friend/family member or yes, Miranda, for him to have acted so out of character.
    Some things can’t be ignored. Evidently this was one of those times.
    My favorite comment came from Jimmy Fallon. He said that Orlando’s hand was sore after hitting Justin. Sore from all of the high fives that he received. Lol!

  • traders

    Orlando has never done this before?? Really? You obviously missed the fist fight he had with Dominic Monaghan when he was at a club with him during the filming of LOTR’S, and Dom is his friend!! maybe he gets violent when he has had a drink? Just think when he had his fight with Dom he was 21- now he is 37 and still immature. I don’t give two fuqs if everybody is loving Orlando for this, it shows how sad and pathetic the world is for praising violence, I cannot STAND Bieber, but Leo did the right thing and just ignored him. orlando is not a buddhist because all his actions show he isn’t, he is a wannabe buddhist and SGI buddhism isnt recognised by real, true buddhists as it is everything buddhism is not, if you look that up you will see I am right.
    I kinda have my doubts this was to do with Kerr, sure she prob fuqued Bieber, but Bloom knew what a slut she was, that was the attraction to her for him, an easy lay, he just didn’t count on her using the hell out of him, she was too smart for him. He is an idiot.

  • @11

    Funny that.
    I guess that the whole world missed the fist fight with Dom. But maybe we missed it because it didn’t happen?
    The only thing I remember is that Dom said that they got into a bit of a shoving match, NOT a fistfight, but apologized and made up almost immediately. Friends get into tiffs once in a while. Nothing earth shattering there. Dom even tweeted his support for Orlando after this Bieber thing. They are still great friends.
    Bieber has no friends. And a lot of people would like to punch him. He just brings out the worst in people.
    I’m not condoning violence. But sometimes it’s an understandable reaction. Especially when testosterone is involved. Well, in Orlando’s case anyway.

  • Anna

    Does anyone here think that Orlando is dating Erica Packer? The Daily Mail and TMZ are reporting that they are a couple and the Daily Mail has pics of Orlando and Erica getting close. It looks like he is having a great time and it’s great how Orlando dealt with Bieber. Bieber needs to show people respect. Orlando is gorgeous and Erica is beautiful.

  • @Anna

    They probably are hooking up, seeking comfort in each other, for love? Maybe…for revenge? Possibly…….its not uncommon for this to happen. May be they’re rekindling an old flame from ten years ago becausr they apparently had something going on back then as well. Time and photos will tell…….

  • Nancy

    Erica and Orlando would make a gorgeous couple. It’s great if Orlando has found someone to make him happy. They clearly look like they are more than just friends from the photos.

  • Franck

    @@11: what a horrible thing to say; “And a lot of people would like to punch him. He just brings out the worst in people.” this means that people make other people violent for being what they are? that they need to put their violence on other people’s bodies? like they deserve that because you feel violent towards someone? wow, bravo mf! bravo! you are pathetic. what if someone came up to you and hey ” i don’t like you, when i see you, i just wanna hit you. there’s something in you that brings the worst in me” the problem is you! you’re the one who becomes violent! do people who get beaten up and get raped deserve violence? no! it’s the people who did this who have a problem. wake up and grow up. this society is nuts!!!!!

  • @17

    Really? You’re comparing this little twit getting what he deserves to rape?
    How dare you.
    You must be a belieber, because no one else could possibly be that stupid.
    “… this means that people make other people violent for being what they are?”
    It they are juvenile idiots who intentionally stir things up by saying the worst things imaginable about someone’s family then runs to hide behind his bodyguard, then yes. He causes people to be violent. Do you know that it is against the law to incite a riot? To stir the pot to incite people to become violent? The law knows that people can be affected by the words of others, to the point of acting completely out of character. That’s exactly what Bieber did. He intentionally incited anger in Orlando. Belieb all you want, but Justin has deserved a beat down for a looooong time.

  • Sloppy seconds for everyone!!
  • British Latin American

    @Pay Back: You are right, as much as I admire Orlando. I’ve always felt sorry for Jay.

  • Not him

    @Pay Back: i dont totally agree. The situations were different. Am not blooms fan. The JBs punch was supposedly due to disrespect of Miranda. I gathered that it was an open courtship of bloom for miranda then. If she was still in a relationship with somebody, then the issue was with her and not bloom. If somebody deserves a punch, it is miranda.

  • Jayne

    orlando looking good

  • what?

    orlando and miranda were friends back in 2007 and when orlando knew she had a boyfriend he said lets be friends. So u cant say that when u dont know what happened. If its any one in the wrong its miranda.

  • Confused

    Wait. First of all could Someone tell me what happened with jay and orlando? Second of all , is Miranda really a bit**?