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Pregnant Christina Aguilera Poses Completely Naked, Bares Her Nude Baby Bump for 'V' Magazine!

Pregnant Christina Aguilera Poses Completely Naked, Bares Her Nude Baby Bump for 'V' Magazine!

Christina Aguilera holds onto her totally bare baby bump as she poses completely nude for V magazine’s latest issue.

The 33-year-old entertainer chatted with the magazine about being comfortable with her body in all stages of life.

“As a woman, I’m proud to embrace my body through all stages of life, staying fearless and confident in surrendering to the unknowns the future has in store,” Christina said.

In another image from the magazine, Christina wore a completely see through dress to display her entire breast. See the censored image below!

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pregnant christina aguilera poses completely naked reveals bare baby bump in v 01
pregnant christina aguilera poses completely naked reveals bare baby bump in v 02

Credit: Brian Bowen Smith/ V magazine
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  • GerardButthole

    People still posting preg photos? What year is it, 1991? This is what you do when your career is in toilet.

  • GerardButthole

    People still posting preg photos? What year is it, 1991? This is what you do when your career is in toilet.

  • no
  • sophia

    she looks beautiful

  • GGGive

    Love her! Go Xtina

  • No

    This makes her look So desperate to stay relevant. Her fans should have bought her album and supported the music. She has nothing to promote except her pregnancy. Same old lies about loving her body.. then when she got fat she near killed herself to get skinny again.

    Gwen is going to make her obsolete.

  • go go

    Ewwwww pls all you preggo celebs need to stop the madness, share this stuff with babydaddy and thats it. So desperate for EVERYONE’S attention, just sad

  • Five Star

    Christina is so amazing! She did a photo shoot when she was pregnant with Max. She will have these photos as a keepsake to show her daughter. It’s such a beautiful time in a woman’s life and I’m glad she’s embracing it and being proud to be a mother.

  • zulema

    I dont know but when celebs pose hyper pregnant looks weird. It’s like watching your father walking nude at home.

  • Not that I’m judging, but I find this weird. I mean, yeah, pregnancy is nothing you should hide. But why would you wanna get money from it? It’s not anymore those times when pictures like this made a statment. I would never do this. No matter how normal thing is pregnancy, it’s still
    intimate time between mother and her child.

  • Sheila

    Haha, I was thinking the same, is this the 90s again, do any of these gals think they are original??? Christina is likely worried that youngsters with the big voices are getting the hits (Ariana Grande) while she fades from memory. Her last album tanked..AGAIN. If not for The Voice and this pregnancy, her career would be on life support looking for a mirable right about now. But both of those are a diversion from how much she is taking a beating on the charts in the past few years. The only hits she had lately weren’t even her own, duets with others, So yeah, naked brings “pay attention to me!!” of a different kind I guess.

  • Najah

    Wow, she’s stunning. Good for her, knock em dead Xtina.

  • courtney

    oh grow up people its the same as having to appear at an award show when heavily pregnant as either a performer or a nominee or both for example when Faith Hill was nominated CMA award for female Vocalist of the Year in 2001 she was 7 months pregnant at the ceremony and her thin black maternity blouse went sheer when the flashbulbs hit it. nobody said anything about that then yet you guys nitpick at Christina for doing a nude photo shoot when it was the magazine that asked her to pose naked and Demi Moore wasn’t the first celebrity to do so Melissa Gilbert was in 1989

  • Regis

    Memo to all pregnant women, your belly is not beautiful! Please stop!

  • Martha Willington

    Her belly is huge, but great that she has the confidence to put it out there for the world to see.

    She is brave! very inspirational!

  • Stanley

    Just one word – beautiful :)

  • Julio

    She looks so beautiful! what a sexy mom!

  • Angelina J

    STUNNING is the only thing i can think of.

    it makes me sad that people now days view the human body as disgusting. GROW UP

  • yuck

    Please cover up, no one wants to see your pregnant stomach.
    For your children’s sake, have some decency. Yuck yuck yuck!!

  • yeah

    Déjà vu.

  • laura from France

    A beautiful time in a woman’s life, She is beautiful !!!!

  • http://@britneyspears Britney


    Come on Sheila. You know a lof about Xtina for not liking her. Or you are just jealous, posting sad things behind a keyboard while Xtina takes a pic while naked and gets everyone’s attention.

    Well, at least you got my attention LOL

  • Illyria

    @yuck: I totally agree!

  • Joelle

    They can stop doing these. It’s just been done to death. No one but there significant others want to see this.

  • Nahh

    So in order to feel powerful, embrace your body, confident about yourself beign pregnant you need to pose naked for a magazine? Does that make you more confident by doing so? Thanks but no thanks I dont buy that cr^#&#&#p

  • booth

    She did the exact same thing when Shakira was starting the Voice. She came out all skinny..look at my body. I don’t get it. She is very talented and famous. But she has the need to be the center of attention. She has nothing to promote. Showing your baby pump and boyfriend in a mag is desperate.

  • Tgif

    @Joelle: Agree. Do these people keep anything private? What exactly is the point of nude pregnancy photos I will never understand. Are they trying to shove it in faces of women who can’t have kids? Education is an accomplishment, so is career..pregnancy is all God’s work. But arrogant celebs want to take all the credit for merely pulling down their pants.

  • Aguismellera

    @booth: totally..she’s insecure. She needs approval from others ” youre skinny, youre beautiful” these celebs grow up around “yes” people so without their approval they feel like nothing..the more naked you get the more insecure you are. A confident woman has no need to prove anything to the public.

  • Oompaloompa

    In reality she’s a fat ho with stretch marks, cellulite, fake tits, and pubes all over.. Photoshop aint fooling me.

  • Guest

    She looks flawless. Both pregnancy shoots that she has done are stunning.

  • Gloret

    Go to hell suckers.
    You are LOSERS.

    If she’s fat, you mock her and say nasty things.
    If she’s skinny you say “desperate for attention”.
    Now she’s posing pregnant and you come here to say this ridiculous things.

    You should know that almost 100% of pregnant celebrities do the same.

    Christina is an ICON.

    And… Her career is amazing. She just got huge hits last years. And you still saying crap.

  • cindy

    The picture of Christina Aguilera in sheer white is gorgeous and iconic. I love how fierce and fun she is even in the pics u can tell she could be a model. I can’t wait to see how her baby girl name will be and when she will arrive soon.

  • http://N/a Iceandfire

    Love it!she’s beautiful pregnancy suits her.pressed trolls are pressed trolls!

  • Lucy

    Wow! Stunning!

  • sweetness

    enough with these naked preggo pics. Demi Moore was the originator of this trend..first these celebs cry and moan about not having privacy and then they want to expose themselves in the raw ..don’t complain when the media keep prying in your lives.

  • aceg

    Is this really necessary? If my mom did this when she was pregnant with me and showed it to me now, I’d be mortified.

  • jimmy

    @No: You’re definitely a hater. Lol.

  • Eider Downs
  • jimmy

    Christina looks beautiful!!! For those who say that she wants attention, I just want to remind you that she has been in the music business for more than 15 years and She still be famous and on the spot light. So haters go Fu#$@ urself. Lol

  • pukes up

    IT wood bee the truth hurts

  • Funny

    Air brushed completely. Floptina….

  • karen

    I’m a little confused about the nude pregnancy pictures. I mean if you wouldn’t pose nude while not pregnant, what makes it alright to pose nude pregnant? Do women think they are more beautiful pregnant or do they think it gives them a reason to pose nude? it’s like using the baby as an excuse to take nude pictures. Like someone else quoted, that should be private between husband and wife. Otherwise a woman should just go ahead and post her nude body at any time.