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Reese Witherspoon Gets Around Santa Monica Beach By Rollerblading

Reese Witherspoon Gets Around Santa Monica Beach By Rollerblading

Reese Witherspoon shows off her toned legs while doing some fun rollerblading at the beach on Friday (August 1) in Santa Monica, Calif.

“one. big. kid. #yum,” the 38-year-old actress wrote on Instagram on the same day with a pic of herself eating ice cream. Check out the cute pic below!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Reese Witherspoon

Earlier in the week, Reese looked like character Elle Wood from her 2001 hit film Legally Blonde while stepping out for lunch at Sky Bar in West Hollywood.

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reese witherspoon gets around beach by rollerblading 01
reese witherspoon gets around beach by rollerblading 02
reese witherspoon gets around beach by rollerblading 03
reese witherspoon gets around beach by rollerblading 04
reese witherspoon gets around beach by rollerblading 05

Photos: PacificCoastNews, Instagram
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  • Mean

    Stay home and be a f mom to your kid for once. Give your husband a break from babysitting the kid. Hope you fall on your face.

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    I´m so happy to see you so lucky again, Reese !
    It´s sounds like I can receive your thoughts, Reese. Somehow like telepathy. Although I cannot prove it, I wanna tell it and it really happened:
    Neither yesterday nor 2 days ago I was on Jared or Instagram. And yesterday, at the 02.08.2014 first remembered when waking up in the morning a fragment of a dream: I was together with a blond woman, that looked like Reese. And I showed her a bipyramidale crystal (chemical formula: SiO2) It was surrounded be a conglomerate of other crystals of the same type. That was the dream-fragment.
    Later at the same day (still the 02.08.2014) I decided to make a walk in the city and – for the first time of this year!!! – I decided to buy an icecream at a well known ice-café/restaurant of my city. And I wanted 2 orbs of Ice: Amarena and lemon. And I sit down and ate it. And the morphology of the structure of the wafer was the same like Reese´s icecream. And there was a big cherry in the Amarena-orb.
    And within the next 15-20 minutes, 2 different waiters came to me and asked me what I want to eat. And I said: Ahh, I´m eating this icecream !
    And I was a bit angry, that a second waiter came. Whilst eating that icecream I was looking at a tree, that had blooms, that are similar to the blooms of Reese´s latest Instagram-foto !
    After eating that icecream, I went to the next big CD-store and searched for the Jenny Lewis CD “The Voyager”. But it was not available.
    That was the plan for that day. First eating an icecream and then looking for that CD. No doubt, that Reese was spinning in my head all the time, too. (Good for a telepathic transmission or receiving).
    Isn´t that the same icecream, that Reese ate ? Amarena and lemon.
    And isn´t it nearly the same day ? Reese posted her icecream-picture at the 02.08.2014. But when did she ate it ?
    Did I receive her thoughts or did she receive my thoughts ?
    And that fit to the dream with the bipyramidale crystal at the beginning of the 02.08.2014.
    Of course, that all sounds unlikely. But it really happend. What a pity, that I cannot prove, that I bought that Amarena-lemon-icecream at that day. What I pity, that dreams cannot be monitored by a technology.
    But of course, there cannot be made a Truman-show out of everybodies life.
    Reese, therefore your Icecream-foto is really magical, yep !
    Maybe I bought my icecream before you bought yours (if you bought your icecream at the 02.08.2014) But if you bought your icecream at the 01.08.2014, then you bought it before I bought mine.
    Nevertheless, even for those who don´t believe in telepathy, it was a great coincident, I think. And I swear to god, that I´m telling the truth, yep !
    With 2 fingers on my heart !!!
    Reese, your “friends-picture” with Jennifer Aniston is fantastic, too.
    And the blooms of the foto “Soak up that summer” are magic, too.
    Are these cherrie-blooms ? Would fit to the Amarena, yep !
    I soak up this summer, too, Reese. But a summer without thinking of you would be a boring summer ! Thus, a real good summer has to be “reesyfied” for my heart, whatelse !
    1000-SUNS-POWER-FOREVERRRRRRReese´sThoughtsAreMagicalLikeTelepathy, yep !
    Love you, honey-moon-leopard !

  • http://Scully&Moulder Dirk_Reese-Fan

    That sounds like an X-file! Congrats!
    Moulder: A clear sign for lelepathy.
    Scully: Just a coincidnence.
    Moulder: A clear sign for telepathy! This has been too unlikely as it would usually appear.
    Scully: And there´s no evidence for the dream-content. And where is the evidence, that Dirk bought his icecream? He was alone there and he even did not get a bill for his icecream.
    Moulder: He has a trustfulll heart.
    Scully: Oh Moulder! Go out and search some aliens in the next mice-field.
    But don´t interpret cows as aliens this time!

  • Scully & Moulder

    Sorry, but it was my intention to post comment # 4 under this moniker (Scully & Moulder).
    Scully & Moulder is an alias of mine.
    Suddenly the blue “Dirk_Reese-Fan” appeared.
    Well, that´s another coincidence.
    By now I know what to do for posting under a blue moniker.
    If it´s true, that blue monikers can´t be stolen, then it´s better to use a blue moniker.

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    To avoid any misunderstandings:
    Scully & Moulder is and alias of mine (=Dirk_Reese-Fan).
    And it was not my intention to create a blue moniker.
    That really happened coincidentally.

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    Additional interesting information about the 02.08.2014 (Saturday):
    Before I made my walk to the city, where I bought the icecream, I heard – also for the first time – the album
    “Ghost Stories” of the group “Coldplay”. That very emotional album (including the singly “A Sky Full Of Stars”) made me think and feel with me heart of Reese all the time, too. Perhaps it helped me to create these telepathic brainwaves for sending or receiving the information about the icecream. (Of course, that´s just a theory).
    Really, the album “Ghost Stories” is similar magical like the album “Moon Landing” of James Blunt! They both make me think and feel of Reese.

  • Laura Jeanne Reese Witherspoon

    Look at me! LOOK AT ME!!! I SAID LOOK! AT! ME!!

  • http://alessandraconte alex

    My dear reese but you sure that your body is perfect? your daughter is beautiful thanks her dad, ava she’s proud to be the ryan perfect of her father! and she’s and her brother loved very much jake gyllenhaal! with jim don’t exist complycity, and the two boys they don’t want take his hands never,in every situation!THINK ,REESE,THINK, because when ava grow up and deacon grow up, they leave you all your castle and your man with your little tennessee………..the money CAN’T BUY EVERYTHING!

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    @Laura Jeanne Reese Witherspoon:
    Would the real Reese Witherspoon make this post ? (post # 8).
    There´s just a very little possibility, that this post (post # 8) could have been made by the real Reese Witherspoon.
    But – as I´ve an overview about all possibilities -, of course, I won´t ignore this little possibility.
    That post (post # 8) sounds hysterical and thus, it represents negativity and aggressivity. I think it´s not a post of the real Reese Witherspoon.
    Reese would not post something negative about herself.
    But what I can say: I did not make post # 8.
    Finally we cannot be sure, who really made post # 8. There are several possibilities.
    I trust the fotos of Reese on Instagram. These fotos are authentic, because Reese has made them. And the fotos of Jared are interesting, too. If Reese had SOMETHING to say, she´d let speak her fotos on Instagram or even the fotos on Jared. Or there are even other ways to communicate.
    Reese, I´ll always wish you the best for your heart !

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    After philosophying for about 45 minutes on a walk, I think I now know the intention of the one, who made post # 8:
    This person simply tried to demonize me. This person tried to make Reese think, that I would talk to her and say this dominating order (Look at me!).
    And this person wants to know how a) I react to this post and b) how Reese reacts on this post.
    Thus, there are only a few possibilities, who could have made post # 8.
    But, of course, I don´t wanna´ say any names, yep !
    I am a very friendly and civilized fan. I will never ever tend to set Reese under pressure. I hate aggressivity. I am a softful empathic human being.
    So I did not not made that post (post # 8).
    Finally, there are still some other intentions and possible persons, who could have made post # 8.
    There is one method, who can give answer (at least more useful information) to the question about who the writer of that post is
    (post # 8). Contact Jared and simply ask them, who made that post. They will check the IP-Addresses and then they will answer that question, yep ! And then they will see, that is has not been my IP-Address, yep !

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    Reese, you´re looking beautiful on your latest instagram-fotos !
    It´s good, that you support women´s rights and education for all girls (the dinner with Malala Yousafzia).
    The book “Big Little Lies” (The husbands secrets) sounds interesting, yep ! If I´ll find the time, I´ll read it one day.
    There a 2 cathegories of secrets of the hubbies:
    The 1. are the secrets that even the wife should not be involved. Otherwise the hubby hadn´t had the chance to become what he is – a hubby. That means that – most (of course, not all!) – men tend to show themselves from the best way in order to impress the adored women the most effective way.
    The 2. are the secrets of the hubbies, that are secrets, because these secrets are only shared with there women. These secrets are the core of intimacy. And no one else outside the couple should ever know them.
    Finally, these 2 cathegories of secrets are hidden information. Of course, hidden information (of reality) can be interpret as lies, too – somehow.
    Of course, and there are lies (3. cathegory), that represent desinformation, in order to impress the woman, too.
    Of course, a potentional hidden information can be transformed into a lie of the 3. cathegory: The wife could simply asked questions about potentianal hidden information. For example: How many relationships did you have before meeting me ? (Probably the most interesting question of all women!!!) If the men says 3 althought it has been 7, then he lied, basta.
    I think the book is about the 1. cathegory of secrets (the hidden information of hubbies, that even the wife should not know). It´s logic, cuz´ the curiosity of all wifes is focused authomaticly onto this kind of secrets. And on the other hand, the curiosity of all men is focused on the hidden information of their wifes.
    BUT THERE IS A DANGER ABOUT THIS CURIOSITY: This kind of curiosity represents mistrusting and too much mistrusting is the poison for every relationship. If mistrusting is an interactional pattern on each side of the couple, then it will increase and will destroy the relationship – and love, too. Wifes that investigated time into espionaging behind the back of their hubbies, would seed a lot of mistrusting by their hubbies, if the hubbies would find out what going on.
    No wonder, why a lot of women (of course, not all) tend to talk about facts, that can be checked. They love to “factify” their life. The more they spend time alone outside their house, the more problems they´d get to prove what they did outside the house. And that´s why they always meet a girlfriend when they leave there house. Then they have a witness. (But what if both women lie about the time they spend ? No one will know the truth, as long as they´d share ´their´ little lie). At best they meet 2 girlfriends. The greater the group, the more witnesses, the better the information can be “factified”.
    Statistically, men have less friends than women. That´s a big difference between men and woman. And they spend more time alone – or with another woman when cheating. No wonder why wifes think, that men have to hide some secrets. But wifes should not see “ghosts”, where no “ghosts” are. That means, they should not believe in pure speculations about secrets, that are finally not a part of reality. I hope, that this book does not try to demonize hubbies. Like I´ve said, wifes can have (it´s not a “must”!!!) some secrets, too.
    1000-SUNS-POWER-FOREVERRRAllInspirationThatComesFromReeseIsInteresting, yep !

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    Of course, even the too much mistrusting of only one person of a couple can damage the relationship a lot (if it´s not justified!).
    Mistrusting of person A leads to mistrusting of person B. And that´s a beginning of a negative spiral, cuz´ person B begins to mistrust person A, because of the initiating mistrusting of person A (if the mistrusting is not justified!).
    Mistrusting is only justified, if there are relative clear – and a lot of – hints for the mistrusting. These hints has got to be facts, that can support a theory. However, these hints are not evidences. But it´s a justified base for the mistrusting and for the assuming of a certain sectret.
    In a good relationship, there has got to be meta-rules. And one of these meta-rules are the answer to these questions: What hints are justified for assuming a hidden secret ? What conditions are necessary to create a trustfull atmosphere of the relationship ?

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    And one further meta-rule is:
    What kind of own conception about justice has the wife ?
    And what kind of own concetion about justice has the hubby ?
    The more similar the conception about justice of the wife is to the conception about justice of the man, the better it is.
    The maximum would be, if they both had the same conception about justice ! But that´s idealistic, isn´t it ?
    But both, the hubby and the wife can have the goal to reach a common conception about justice.
    Thus, they have to excemplify justice. It´s all about excemplification, cuz´ it´s about situavity. And situavitiy is always a specific sum of conditions, that has to be considered before judging too fast.
    Wifes and hubbies have to make conversations about their conceptions of justice.
    There are 2 kinds of justice:
    The justice of the law and the conception about justice of a private person. And these 2 kinds of justice are not the same, because the conception about justice of the private person tries to judge about every littly thing very individually, whereas the justice of the law has not this kind of “judging about every little thing indivdually”. The justice of the law is for punishing criminals. But the conception about justice of the private person is about judging about “things”, that even do not fullfill the conditions for being a criminal in the eye of the law. The conception about justice of the private person is an individual moral-system, but not a universal one. Thus, different people have different opinions !

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    I wanted to write “situativiy” – not situavity !