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Zac Efron & Michelle Rodriguez Look Like They're Having a Blast on Vacation with Tons of Celebs - See the Photos!

Zac Efron & Michelle Rodriguez Look Like They're Having a Blast on Vacation with Tons of Celebs - See the Photos!

New couple Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez look like they’re having a blast in these brand new Instagram photos from their fun-filled vacation, posted to producer pal Mohammed Al Turki‘s account.

Also featured in the photos from the yacht vacation in Ibiza, Spain are Justin Bieber, model Shanina Shaik, Jared Leto, Paris Hilton, and socialites Harry Brant and Peter Brant Jr.

Zac went shirtless for some jet-ski fun in the sun this past weekend with Michelle. Check out the photos in case you missed them!

15+ pictures inside of Zac Efron, Michelle Rodriguez, and more on vacation…

Just Jared on Facebook
zac efron michelle rodriguezs vacation photos 01
zac efron michelle rodriguezs vacation photos 02
zac efron michelle rodriguezs vacation photos 03
zac efron michelle rodriguezs vacation photos 04
zac efron michelle rodriguezs vacation photos 05
zac efron michelle rodriguezs vacation photos 06
zac efron michelle rodriguezs vacation photos 07
zac efron michelle rodriguezs vacation photos 08
zac efron michelle rodriguezs vacation photos 09
zac efron michelle rodriguezs vacation photos 10
zac efron michelle rodriguezs vacation photos 11
zac efron michelle rodriguezs vacation photos 12
zac efron michelle rodriguezs vacation photos 13
zac efron michelle rodriguezs vacation photos 14
zac efron michelle rodriguezs vacation photos 15
zac efron michelle rodriguezs vacation photos 16
zac efron michelle rodriguezs vacation photos 17
zac efron michelle rodriguezs vacation photos 18
zac efron michelle rodriguezs vacation photos 19

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  • lauren901

    i don know if zac and mcihelle look happy in spain, but i do know you took these pics from instagrams to make a post based of mo’s instagram. great work jared.

  • xvlmxx

    Jared and Zac in the same photo is all it matters. Now they need to hang out and make a movie.

  • sillyme

    Something about her looks kind of manly to me. Interesting couple, though.

  • vanessa

    Beard alert.

  • way

    cute couple. hope thy are the real deal.

  • kami

    at one time i thought zac was a smart guy. but obviously he’s not smart enough to realize that gianluca vacchi and mohammed al turki are using him (zac is more famous than they are) to elevate their own status. these wealthy men who are supplying drugs to zac are not his friends.

  • hope

    Man, Zac Efron is one hell of a good looking lad.Wow

  • LOL

    Oh to be a young rich celebrity that can spend their summer weeks in Ibiza and party on yachts and jet ski all day and post endless instagrams so that the rest of us little people who have to work 9 to 5 …can drool with envy …

  • She’s

    She doesn’t fit my idea of attractiveness at all. And he seems so weenie and weird. Just odd!

  • a disconcerting couple

    Michelle looks like Zachary Quinto’s boyfriend Miles McMillan

  • Daisy

    When in the hell di American celebs start going to Ibiza? I thought it was only Brits who vacationed there and some other Europeans.

  • In that picture he looks so young. And good. And more importantly – happy. So I’m guessing he’s clean. You don’t look like that when you do something you shouldn’t do.

  • Hmmh

    @… Thank you finally someone who have faith in him.

  • lauren901

    but he’ also hanging out with michelle who is a known partier and drug user? u still think he’s clean???? girl open your eyes and see the big picture here.

  • WTH

    @: You think he looks clean? Are you blind? They all look wasted, including Zac…….don’t be so stupid. He ain’t drinking water with Paris Hilton. Or Justin Bieber. He is a total idiot.

  • @lauren901: And? I know who Michelle is. But that’s her life. Not Zac’s. And people can’t be influenced if they don’t want to be. Zac always seemed like a nice and smart guy. Mistakes doesn’t make him a lost case. Last summer I was in his place. I was hanging out with wild party people, couple of them were addicts (no drugs tho). and in one moment I lost myself in all that too. But then I got my sh$t together. I still hang out with them from time to time, but I control myself. So do they. We have grown and now we know that that’s not the people who we wanna be.
    trust me, eyes never lie. And Zac looks great. he’s not drinking or doing all that stuff. He held something suspicious once. And that was Michelle’s bottle. That was a gentleman’s move, not an addict’s one. He drinks water. You, people are not seeing him fall, you want him to fall. There’s a difference.

  • @WTH: he looks tired not wasted.
    But I’m not gonna fight you on this one. I’m not there. In all these pictures he looks normal. There was a time when his face was bloated and he looked f-up. Here he looks good. So whatever he does, he’s not out of control.

  • ross

    Look at their eyes !!! They are all drugged , Jared included.

  • Fruitfly

    Unless you’re going to a Sisters of Mercy show, sunglasses at night are always suspicious.

    I’d like to think he’s clean/sober, but there’s an AA saying: Hang out in a bar long enough and you’re gonna get a drink.

    And he’s in Babylon.

  • Leto + Efron

    Two Hotties!

  • kolhl

    Michelle and Zac very hot

  • Unknown

    @: ”You, people are not seeing him fall, you want him to fall. There’s a difference.” That’s so , so true it’s sad. People don’t really have the faith in him. I’m still positive though and think he’s sober.

  • Jay

    @WTH: How do you know what hes drinking? Were u there w/them? Nope! So ur guess is as good as anyone elses.
    @Unknown: Ppl are unhappy in their own lives and want to take it out on easy targets like celebs. Its easier to trash a stranger then to make changes in their own lives to make themselves happier.

  • Jane

    Zack can do a lot better than this ugly masculine Dominican!

  • Rachel

    Zac doesn’t look wasted.

    And most of the people here want him to fall it seems as someone pointed out. Unbelievable.

    I don’t like this couple one bit. I don’t understand myself why he’d associate himself with the ‘party-going’ crowd. But it’s his life and we can’t tell him who to hang out with, who to date etc etc. But I hope he stays out of trouble.

    That picture of Jared and Zac! Love them both.

  • Marina

    Too much drugs and alcohol

  • tick

    Zack is destroying his career dating this foule ugly Dominican monkey.

  • Kylie

    @Unknown: People don’t to see him fall..not his true fans. They are scared for him. People have lost faith in him because he has had so many mishaps like the bridge fight and the broken jaw thing. Now he’s hanging with Ebola Paris Hilton and Anthrax Justin Bieber. It’s his life to do what he wants and date who he wants. But if he does fall, I hope he hits a soft landing. MIchelle gives me terrible vibes. If she really cared about him she would protect him or at least be discreet about her partying lifestyle. It’s obvious to me that she doesn’t give two sh its. He is taking a beating in the press. The latest TMZ story is just awful. I think fans need to accept that you can’t change things. Sometimes it’s just easier to walk away rather than follow someone who is so self-destructive and lost. This has to be a nightmare for his parents and brother.

  • Kylie

    As a fan, I can walk away but unfortunately his parents and family can’t.

  • Jules

    @Kylie: I wonder what his parents think of this? Years ago zac took his mom to a premier in germany and she looked so proud of him…also his dad went with him to peru to -what i think it was- do a healing process and now I feel like he wasted all that help that his family and his close friends gave him, hanging out with the same crowd that put him into his troubles.

  • Kylie

    @Jules: It must be horrible for them to the point that they dread going online or fear getting a phone call that something has happened to him. I think deep inside he doesn’t feel worthy of success or finding a good woman like the one he once had. I hope he stays in therapy because he needs it.

  • Fruitfly

    @Kylie: **Now he’s hanging with Ebola Paris Hilton and Anthrax Justin Bieber.**

    Snort – so funny. Gotta steal these from you.

    And what you said – I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • Just curious

    I have news for you people…Like someone aptly mentioned above, sunglasses in the dark is a solid sign you are ROLLING- either on ecstasy or Molly. Hence the drinking WATER to keep yourself hydrated. Are you people really that naive. No one goes to IBIZA to just get some extra sun on a yacht, unless your name rhymes with Deonardo Licaprio. You go there to f@$king party. Which is what they are doing. All day and night.

  • WTH

    @: Sorry, but he does not look normal in the least. Stop giving him a pass. The bottom line is, he has NO business hanging with these people, where money and booze is flowing, and morals are non-existant. Be a fan, but don’t be blind.

  • leila

    @WTH: Why do you care so much what he does? if he’s so stupid that some cheap sex makes him go back to drinking then it’s his problem. Eveyone is all up in his business. Well… take a look around. How many people do you know who has this problem? Probably a lot. Because this is our generations problem, not just Efron’s. Go say to someone you know this. Zac won’t hear you. But someone you actually care about will. Zac has his family and friends. And if even they can’t save him from himself then neither can you. I’m not a fan of his, but he doesn’t look so bad. But he hangs out with Bieber. Maybe that means he actually is of the rails. I doubt that normal person would wanna be involved with that one.

  • Kylie

    @Fruitfly: “Ebola Paris Hilton and Anthrax Justin Bieber”.

    I know right? Those two destroy anyone or anything that gets in their path: Selena, Orlando, Miranda, that guy who got thrown under the bus by JB in that egging incident. Don’t get me started on PH. She has Valtrex on auto refill and no respectable guy will come within 50 miles of her. Sociopaths of a feather stick together (Bieber and PH).

    And to those who suggested Molly use, you’re right. Pure not synthetic MDMA is a sure sign for sunglasses at night. Well it’s Zac’s choice. Useless to handwring over this stuff.

  • WTH

    @leila: And why do you NOT care? Don’t you know what a dangerous path he’s on??? Someone better knock some sense into him. Saying everyone does it, does not make it ok.

  • caroline

    seriously, i think she’s a bit ugly for him :/
    but well, you know…if he’s happy as long as she doesn’t get him on trouble.

    I just can’t see them together, she’s so…masculine….

    but ok ok…

  • WTH

    Notice how many have died of drug overdoses; somebody better care. He obviously doesn’t.

  • emily.d

    Sad to remind you people of this, but he doesn’t give a f*** if we care or not. :/

  • Jamie

    LOL Anyone seriously thinking Zac is sober is delusional, wake up.

  • Jamie

    @35, What kind of people do you hang with that you assume people know ‘a lot’ of these kinds of people. I certainly don’t.