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'Big Bang Theory' Stars Close Huge Deals for Seasons 8-10

'Big Bang Theory' Stars Close Huge Deals for Seasons 8-10

Kaley Cuoco holds all her yoga gear as she heads to her class on Sunday morning (August 3) in Los Angeles.

The 28-year-old Big Bang Theory actress and her co-stars Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki have closed after weeks of negotiations.

The three actors will reportedly be making $1 million per episode for the next 72 episodes and there is also the chance an 11th season could happen. The deals also “include larger ownership pieces, signing bonuses, production deals and advances towards the back-end,” according to Deadline.

Each of their deals will net them $90 million each over the next three years and there is a chance it could go up to $100 million if the success for the show continues.

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big bang theory start date pushed to wednesday as contracts still being negotiated 01
big bang theory start date pushed to wednesday as contracts still being negotiated 02
big bang theory start date pushed to wednesday as contracts still being negotiated 03
big bang theory start date pushed to wednesday as contracts still being negotiated 04

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  • GerardButthole

    Seriously. who cares?

  • Jo

    That’s ridiculous. That show is not even funny.

  • Maddy

    Goodness gracious! I need to rethink my career choices.

  • Susan

    Just guessing the bulk of the watchers are between 45 & 65. We have 4 kids in their 20′s, none of them watch “regular” TV (except ESPN). If they want to watch anything, they either stream it, or record it, but watch little on the main TV stations. I predict this show has peaked, and if it weren’t for the lack of technological know how of this age group, the show wouldn’t have survived this long.

  • Lennox

    This show is the unfunniest show I’ve ever seen. I don’t understand what idiots are making it popular.

  • leila

    The only one who deserves that money is Parsons. He’s the best. He kills in that character. Kaley gets worse with every episode. And I’m speaking about her acting , she has killed that beautiul girl, Penny could be.

  • Gina

    Damn, good for them.

  • Dank

    Well that was much ado about nothing. Thry knew thry had no choice but to give them what they wanted. I just lost a ton of respect for those three being so greedy. No one needs that much money

  • Jamie

    @Dank: Kaley might need the cash. She has to support her unsuccessful husband in the style he’s become accustomed. LOL

  • hm

    @leila: I agree on all counts, parsons should be getting the million per episode, they really shouldn’t b!tch if they (the supporting cast) get a pay raise to $750,000 per episode. I mean how long do those things take to film, getting 1.5m biweekly for 2 episodes (hypothetically speaking if it takes a week to film an episode) really should be fair compared to parsons talent. But celebs get money hungry once these opportunities happen but they all shouldn’t get equal pay in this case tbh. The writing better be better than last season, that’s all I gotta say if they think they’re really worth the $$$.

  • blah

    @Jamie: I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they split for that exact reason. Why the hell did he have to retire just for the sake of being with her all the time, she should be with someone that is able to support her at least. She must be hanging on a thread with all the financial burden and these ppl love keeping up with their lifestyle.

  • leila

    I don’t know anybody who watches this show. Did they buy the ratings like Beyonce buy’s her own albums? Something fishy is up.

  • Carly

    I hope they make Kaley wear a long wig for filming. I don’t want to see Penny with a boy haircut.

  • B

    @Susan: I’m sorry, but are you really claiming to be an expert on this show because your 4 20-something children don’t watch “regular” TV except some sports channel and because they stream their TV shows, you can’t understand how this show is popular. I can’t help but Sheldon eye twitch at the weirdness that is this comment. I also find it hilarious that you think the age group of those watching a tech/geek filled show is 45-65. Ummm, no. I believe their demo is 18-45 or 49. And I honestly believe that to find this show funny, you have to be either a tech lover, a comic nerd or a dork in general and if you aren’t those, the dry humor and silliness of the show is going to go right over your head. And I’m sorry, the show has peaked? Again, W.T.F. You don’t have the most watched season finale and be considered a show that has already “peaked”.

    – I’m saddened that Warner Bros. thinks that only Jim, Johnny and Kaley keep the show running. No way. Kunal and Simon are just as important to the show. All 5 of them should be earning $1M per episode. It’s the #1 rated show on CBS. The money is just pouring in at WB, so yeah, they can definitely afford to pay these guys this kind of money.

  • totalobvi

    Don’t get me wrong I love this show a lot, but I do think it is ridiculous for them to be making that much money. The show is only twenty minutes long, once they cut out commercials, and its not like they have a lot of dialogue or range they have to perform as actors. But I guess good for them.

  • Hollywood writer

    You all know what this means don’t you? There will be more commercials in between to foot the bill for their pay raises. The show’s going to head downhill and suck. All that money for nothing when you’ll start to see the ratings go down in the next few episodes because they are going to push out exaggerated plot twists to try and keep the ratings.

    Audiences will revolt in the masses and not watch the show. They’ve already begun since we’re all tired of the same boring plots. Not even having the characters get married and someone get pregnant on the show will revive it.

  • Effy

    I tried watching this show and it was definitely not funny, especially with their constant laugh track. I don’t understand how this show and Two and A Half Men stay on air, nobody I know even watches them.

  • What about Simon?

    Simon Hedberg is absolutely hilarious on the show! After Parsons, he’s the one who deserves a raise the most in my opinion. The show would be nowhere near as funny and popular without him as Howard. Plus, he’s got two small kids to provide for which none of the others do. Totally unfair if he was left out of this deal!

  • LaĆ­s

    nobody on this cast deserve 1 milion!!!!!except Jim!!!!

  • andrew

    ok. use that thing in your head. Do u know how much money this show makes??? Why wouldnt they want more money. Your telling me if you were in their shoes you wouldnt do the same? If the answer is no, then you are a dumbass!

  • Drey

    I like the show but this is ridiculous. Their acting is not worth this amount of money !!!

  • itstrue

    I’m older than dirt and I love this show. They deserve whatever anyone is willing to pay for them. Wish someone felt that way about me :)

  • Razorsfury

    @B: you have to be a tech lover or a comic geek??? In both cases they use the most basic knowledge and even then it’s not very accurate. Try again.