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Chris Evans: Taking on Captain America Was the Best Decision of My Life

Chris Evans: Taking on Captain America Was the Best Decision of My Life

Chris Evans rocks a “Natural Addiction” cap as he arrives at LAX with lots of luggage on Sunday evening (August 3) in Los Angeles.

The 33-year-old actor recently attended 2014 Comic-Con, where he discussed taking on the role of Captain America.

“It’s personal, emotional … I was apprehensive jumping on board but in retrospect it was the best decision of my life,” Chris told “It’s afforded me a lot of creative opportunities outside of the Marvel franchise and it’s afforded me a lot of opportunities to learn and grow as an actor and as a person and it’s endless, really.”

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  • GerardButthole

    Chris seems like a good guy. Not a great actor by an means, but he stays out of trouble and the typical Hollywood poop-nonsenes. Nice body. Face is meh, but you could probably bounce a quarter off his butt, so that makes up for it.

  • bae got back

    He looks exhausted. I guess they finally wrapped filming on AoU.

  • Amy

    Chris must really really like this jacket…. Idk what’s up with his face but he hasn’t looked good since he got rid of his beard.

  • Jules

    @GerardButthole: You’d be surprised. Never heard about his blind items? About his addictions, the gifts that keep on giving he received from his famewhore exes, his friendship with Simon Rex, his visits to The Playboy Mansion, his drunken fights all over LA and his brother’s arrest?

  • Carly

    @Jules ….Do tell! Please! I’m at work and bored to tears. I need some juice!

  • Judy

    Shame really as you’d of thought a good woman would of kept him on the straight and narrow. Not much was reported about him in England he seemed to keep things on the down low. Although I am sure he had a few women.

  • MHC

    If he’s looking for a new girlfriend, I am available.
    Call me.

  • Judy

    Well he may get back with Minka they are both single. They seem to suit each other.

  • guest

    I don’t like Chris Evans that much, to me he just seems like a giant whiny baby, always b!tching and complaining about his fame…and his looks have gone downhill since 2011.

  • allison

    Of course it was because he had no career without it. Just like that bald actor who stars in Fast and Furious.

  • Dandy

    @Judy: Are you being serious?

  • lilo

    @Jules: deets please !

  • Tina

    If he takes Minka Kelly back a third time, I swear I’ll be done with him.
    That talentless plastic doll is so shady, dull and fake! Just think about it did you hear anything about Minka in the media since Chris dumped her? No one is checking for her, not even the paps she has on speed dial. If he knows what’s good for him he better stay far far away from that well-known social climber.

  • Judy

    Well you know Minka she wanted Chris back last time after she saw him in captain America 1. Chris is big news again and Minka can get him back all she has to do is ask!
    I don’t know about the herpes rumours as he does full mouth kisses on films. And he did get with Minka with those rumours flying around. So seems to me he was not using protective measures if she has got it. I searched the internet for Jeter all those rumours about him infecting all those girls don’t you think they’d of thought twice about going with him! I looked up online and no one knows where the rumours came from. Someone suggested it may of been the white sox fans! No one knows
    Now about those other STD ( the “clap” rumours) went round because a doctor claimed she filled out a prescription for him.

  • Judy

    Oh by the way the English newspapers full of minka Kelly articles and put minka Kelly in the search engine about 3 in the last week alone. She has slim down and is going to the gym

  • Queeney

    Just think of it once Aaron Johnson divorces that bag of wrinkles he’ll be playboyin’ it up with Chris. They’d be a couple of bad boys and every females wet dreams.

  • Matt

    natural addictions? that’s priceless considering all i’ve heard and read about him having a problem with cocaine.

  • Gigi

    Chris Evans dumped Minka Kelly not once but TWICE. That tells you all you need to know about this broad. She slept with half of Hollywood just to stay relevant and get sh-t parts. She obviously has zero self-esteem.

  • Judy

    I thought Minka dumped Chris for Derek Jeter. And that the second time they broke up it was mutual because they were spending too much time apart. I was wrong then sorry about that. But I still think that since Chris’ mum tweeted her and she tweeted back there is still something there with Chris. I would not be surprised if they did get back to together.
    I read somewhere on this site someone posted he was seeing some Emmanuelle dark haired actress he did an awards ceremony with last year. He kept that quiet.

  • Stacyxx

    @Judy: Please Minka, stop Googling yourself ! Last time I checked you’re still completely irrelevant & untalented !
    I thought letting John Mayer pee on you was pretty bad but you’ve just reached a new low. Chris don’t want you so you can crawl right back into your hole, lol.

  • http://@LouiseSmith3000 Louise Smith

    Chris Evans is a sweet and wonderful man; inside and outside. I’m only in my forties, about to undergo a hysterectomy, and I’m very scared about it. I just hope I survive the surgery so that I can meet Chris Evans in person, because he is a very spectacular human being. I love you, Chris Evans!

  • please

    @Judy: Don’t start. Emmanuelle Chriqui and Chris Evans are just old friends. She has a long-term boyfriend.

  • please

    @Judy: His name is Adrian Bellani. Look it up.

  • geez

    dear me! Half the crap i just read here sounds like the exact same stuff that came out about British DJ Chris Evans. Maybe we should distinguish between which Chris Evans we are on about before posting it as fact here shall we…..

  • judy

    No I am not Minka although I wish I was as pretty as her! Just saying I read something about Emmanuelle on just jared somewhere. Anyway Chris won’t stay single for long now he’s back in LA. He needs a good woman. Hope he gets one soon.

  • Donna
  • gonorrhea

    @lol: i always thought he couldn’t keep a woman because his mom act like Make-A-Wish Foundation groupie that wants to be effed by captain america

  • rofl

    @gonorrhea: I agree! She seems clingy and too invested in his life. Like she’d wrestle to death any girl that could take her spot in his heart.

  • Nessa

    I absolutely love chris, but he has the worst taste in women. That’s why he can’t hold a girlfriend. Now that he is back in LA, it’s only a matter of time before he starts dating a hot, young c-list actress/model…

  • Cara

    @Nessa: His girlfriends always have the same profile: terrible acting chops & struggling career, looks enhanced with surgery, long brown hair, big butt/fake tits, dull/boring personality. He should date an ordinary girl without an agenda for a change.

  • Bella

    I love you Chris ! Minka just stay away from chris.i hate you bitch.

  • Jennifer

    I absolutely adore Chris but i really found him little bit immature.he really need a girl who take care of him & love chris not his fame.I can’t stand Plastic doll Minka.sandra is perfect Woman for chris she’s beautiful & Mature.

  • Dee

    He looks so cute in Denim & Jacket <3 <3

  • V


    Any new girl is better than that ho herpes infected Minka that surely wanted to get back with him for third time and probably trying to trap him with baby now that she has no career.

  • Wanda

    I hate minka kelly.

  • k

    Uhh, why does everyone suggests that he NEEDS a girl? He is young, insanely rich, has access- I´m pretty sure he is enjoying himself very much without a girlfriend. For his sake tough, I really hope that he does not go down the DiCaprio road (ordering girlfriends out of the VS catalogue), because thats pathetic and gross at 40.
    And if he is looking for a girlfriend, why would he look for someone that has to take care of him? 1950s much? He is 33yrs old- I´m pretty sure he can take care of himself and rather wants an equal partner than someone who is babying him.

  • Judy

    Chris says he would like to a girl who is not in the industry. So maybe like Matt Damon and George Clooney he will settle with a type of girl like that.
    Ask for Minka if she got pregnant then I am sure Chris would be happy he loves babies! I would not be surprise if he goes into directing into full time way after Marvel has been and gone will any of the girls he normally goes for still be interested in Chris?

  • Hey


    What downhill? I’m sure many would agree that hee’s getting hotter by years.
    He looks positively handsome and glowing in SDCC’14

    And you can try to NOT purposely overlook the parts where he said he was grateful with his fame and career.

  • Mini

    Chris evans ! my baby why don’t you understand Minka is not good for you ? minka just spare chris.Spoil the life of someone else

  • Sandra

    I love Chris evans & Sandra bullock.Sandra is 1000000000x beautiful & elegant than minka kelly.

  • Tina

    I think she means when there is no more fame and he is just a director.

  • Keruan

    Chris evans is my platonic love since i’m 13 year old.i just love him so much ♥♥

  • Ben

    Ew. I hope he’s not seriously planning on taking back Minka $lutty. Major side-eye, dude. She’s playing you. Any other chick would be a massive upgrade at this point.

  • jones

    @Judy: Minka is the kind of girl who’d happily poke holes in condoms while you’re brushing your teeth. You got that right.
    If this moron goes back to her, it’s on him.

  • K.

    Lol there’s nothing to indicate that they’re gonna be back together. But if they do, then he’s an idiot, because everybody knows Minka is a famewhore. And by everybody, I mean his team too. The way his mother patrols every story/ comment about him on the internet, there’s no way she hasn’t read about Minka’s famewhore behavior.

  • Venus

    I feel like his mom is trying to get them back together somehow. Why the hell would you randomly tweet your son’s ex that something made you think of her? She shouldn’t interfere in his personal life. She’s been twice his ex for a reason. Just move on or wait for the right one to come around. There’s plenty of fish in the sea, don’t be trippin’ over a guppy.
    “If you repeat chapters, the ending will never change.”

  • Not

    I am a fan of Chris E. especially Snowpeiercer.

  • Cody P.

    There is just something innately trashy about him.. And he can make nice in interviews all he likes, he’s a dick to fans in person.

  • Bey

    I’ve hated that dumb Minka Kelly since Friday Night Lights. For some reason, she gets on my nerves really fast. How did Chris put up with that whiny baby voice of hers? He probably never had a deep conversation with her. Ugh, he seems like a nice guy but I feel like his d!ck is forever tainted now.

  • Lois

    The dude dated Minka Kelly. Twice. Do I even need to say anything else? He’s diseased, dumb and a d-bag. Twice over.