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Nicole Kidman Says Emotional & Physical Health Is Basis of Everything

Nicole Kidman Says Emotional & Physical Health Is Basis of Everything

Nicole Kidman changes it up while walking on the set of her upcoming film The Family Fang on Monday (August 4) in West Hollywood, Calif.

Earlier in the day, the 47-year-old actress donned a different outfit while arriving on set.

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Nicole recently chatted to the Los Angeles Times about what lessons she wanted to pass on to her kids about staying fit and healthy.

“Get out with your family, have some fun, don’t take it too seriously and make health, fitness and nutrition an important part of your life. Ultimately your health, both physical and emotional, is the basis for everything,” Nicole said.

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  • Aisaiko5

    I wonder if she will ever let her hair go back to the way it was in Far & Away. Her natural curly strawberry blonde hair is gorgeous.

  • Victoria

    She’s still getting movie roles?

  • Sorry

    Kidman’s hair is completely gray, coarse and thinning. She wears an odd assortment of wigs and hair pieces on movie sets and in everyday life.

  • Give us a break

    So tired of Kidman lecturing others on how they should live their lives. Her children are left with nannies while she exercises alone. Her children are left with nannies while she and Keith constantly work. Kidman is a high maintenance, self absorbed narcissist.

  • Carolyn

    She looks cute in this get-up. Answering a few questions about her own fitness regime doesn’t strike me as lecturing others how to live their lives.
    Because she has help doing things at home, she can spend quality time with her family when she’s done wirh work at the end of the day. Bet there’s no washing or ironing or cooking or cleaning awaiting her. I’d love to have that free time with my kids at night.

  • Time to retire

    Nobody is interested in what Nicole has to say anymore.

  • Irene

    Why would anyone have a boob job when their mother had breast cancer, and then lecture others on healthy living. As far as their children—–I believe they are more than well taken care of by their parents and loved immensely.

  • Heliotrope

    @Time to retire: Why are you commenting on her every interview then? Somebody’s definitely interested. lol

    Nothing wrong with sharing things that can only better your life. She was asked “What lessons have your learned that you try to teach your children so they will stay healthy and fit?”

  • dd

    she got keith urban by the balls

  • Kim

    I love her new hair color and style. Is it a wig? Doesn’t look like it. Love her outfit and she looks amazing for 47. Her life must be awesome. I am jealous.

  • kary

    @Time to retire: That’s why you’re commenting every article about her LOL get a life!!!

  • Way to go Nickers

    “I’m sure all working mothers can relate to how easy it is to neglect a family while working constantly. That’s why I’m a fan of all types of personal training,” Nicole said. “I run with my personal trainer, ride my bike with my personal trainer, do yoga with my personal trainer, whatever I can do and wherever I am in the world. We NEVER exercise as a family, which makes it much easier to concentrate on myself and, of course, much more enjoyable.”

  • Burt

    this hair color looks great on her. this suits her perfectly. keep it please!

  • Philberto

    Her pregnancies were apparently staged

  • Rennie


    Apparently? How’s that? Because she looks amazing? It is possible with some effort to look good after giving birth. Put that cookie down and go for a run.

  • Cinesnatch

    According to Just Jared, she was filming in NYC earlier today, and now she’s in L.A.?

    Did she teleport?

  • TC

    @Cinesnatch: she jumped on her broomstick.

  • Keith has no balls

    @dd: Keith is a eunuch

  • Sam

    Wow she looks hot..

  • Sorry

    Kidman is batshlt crazy and shouldn’t be giving advice to anyone.

  • Way to go Nickers

    “Get out for a photo op with your fake family, have some fake fun, don’t take the truth seriously and make Swisse Vitamins (health, fitness and nutrition) an important part of your life. Ultimately your health, made up of endless Botox injections and silicone implants, is the basis for everything,” Nicole said.

  • From

    Kelly ripa uses botox. It is incredibly common among women and men today who can afford it. Get with the times people! This isn’t 1950. People use things to look good and from the looks of it, it’s working! Save your money and try it!

  • Victoria

    When one can afford full-time nannies to raise their children, they can do what they please. Nicole’s (and Keith’s) full-time emphases is to take care of themselves….and they really do not do that very well. They both have assistants, minders, and as Keith said last week “my team” to keep them on track, informed, and working.

  • From


    You don’t think they are doing well??? Hahaha! In your dreams! Though I don’t know what type of person wishes ill will on another. What does that say about you? Jealousy eat you alive? All that is left is a green monster? Maybe if you bettered yourself, you wouldn’t have such negative thoughts.

  • reality

    @Victoria: Well The Crazy One you are very clueless. Every artist has a team…at the record label and on the road. Do you think he just shows up into town at the arena or whatever venue it is, sets up the house. lights, sound, concessions himself? The photos over the years, long before Nicole gave this interview show in fact that do enjoy physical activities as a family. There’s also photos from when Bella and Connor were kids and they were walking in the park, playing on playgrounds and at the beach. They took part in the on set activities of Nicole’s movies like riding horses. You just can’t stand that Keith is happy without your approval. Too bad. And just because you don’t need any assistance because you don’t have a thriving busy career that takes you all over the world with your kids that’s your problem.

  • Time for KUNK to retire

    She keeps making Box office bomb after box office bomb. He can’t sell his albums. Nobody believes the fake marriage.

  • reality

    @Time for KUNK to retire: That”s why you feel compelled to post over and over under different names. Nobody buys you and your bs!

  • Create

    They are both very successful in their own right. And together, they are doing incredibly well as a very high earning couple. If it fills some void in you to bash them, keep at it. But just know that no matter how many times you type it, it doesn’t make it true. :—).

  • Not buying it

    Ironic isn’t it. A woman, pumped full of Botox and silicone, giving out health advice.

  • duh

    Ironic isn’t it Crazy One that you’ve destroyed your own life in trying and failing to destroy the object of your obsession and his family.

  • http://Yahoo Lizzie


    OK, you’re saying that a reputable hospital in Nashville allowed a celebrity to stage the birth of a baby? That hospital would have lost their accreditation in a minute. Perhaps you should go back to your Scientology Group and come up with another myth to discredit Nicole.

  • truth

    @Lizzie: A former skeptic who left the group told them Nicole really did give birth. They know she did. it’s another lie they created and put out there every chance they get even though they know it’s completely false.

  • http://comcast Joni

    WOW, THE CRAZY. ONE gets crazier with every article written about Nicole and Keith. Someday I hope the crazy one is stopped and sued for making these outrageous claims about The Urbans. This nut bag seems almost dangerous. People like The Crazy One is why Keith and Nicole have to hire tight security, lot of crazy people out there.